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Materials Science Forum, Vol.505-507 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0255-5476 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Developing a nanowriter system: Simulation and experimental set-up of a plasmonic-based lens design
Lee CK, Lin CL, Lin DZ, Cheng TD, Chang CK, Yu LB, Yeh CS
7 - 12 Nanometrology - Nanopositioning- and nanomeasuring machine with integrated nanoprobes
Jager G, Hausotte T, Manske E, Buchner H, Mastylo R, Dorozhovets N, Fussl R, Grunwald R
13 - 18 Study of a miniature air bearing linear stage system
Fan KC, Yen RH, Ho CC
19 - 24 Development of micro metal forming manufacturing system
Lee HJ, Lee NK, Lee SM, Lee GA, Kim SS
25 - 29 Development of a drop-on-demand micro dispensing system
Feng W, Fuh JYH, Wong YS
31 - 36 Mechanisms of heat transfer in rotary shaft of rotating machine with nano-sized particles lubricant
Tzeng SC, Ma WP, Liu CH, Jywe WY, Wang YC
37 - 42 Fabrication and mechanical properties of glass fiber/epoxy nanocomposites
Tsai JL, Kuo JC, Hsu SM
43 - 48 Determination of residual resist layer thickness in e-beam lithography based on energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer
Lee YC, Chiu CY, Liu CP, Hsiao FB, Chen CH
49 - 54 Development of pressure technique of brake nanofluids from an arc spray nanoparticles synthesis system
Kao MJ, Lo CH, Tsung TT, Lin HM
55 - 60 Applications of LIGA on micro-punching process for metallic materials
Pan CT, Cheng PJ, Shen SC, Chen MF, Wang RY, Chou MC, Wu TC
61 - 66 Development of finite element analysis scheme for micro forming using grain element and grain boundary element
Ku TW, Lee JK, Kang BS
67 - 72 Fabrication and characterization of 3D aspheric microlenses with arbitrary surface profiles based on a novel excimer laser contour scanning method
Lee YC, Wu CY
73 - 78 Highly sensitive infrared temperature sensor for CMOS compatible thermopiles
Huang CA, Shen CH
79 - 84 Diamond tip cantilever for micro/nano machining based on AFM
Park JW, Lee DW, Takano N, Morita N
85 - 90 Finite element analysis of room temperature nanoimprint lithography process with rate dependent plasticity
Song JH, Huh H, Kim SH, Hahn HT
91 - 96 Transducing mechanical forces using a polymer optical grating sensor
Chuang WC, Ho CT, Lian YR, Chao CK, Shyu RF, Wang WC
97 - 102 Absorption of a micro-particle for laser
Ho CY, Wen MY
103 - 108 Using the hot embossing technology to fabricate the movable component on polymer material
Chien CH, Yu HM
109 - 114 Effect of sacrificial layer sizes and fabrication process on deformation caused by residual stress of center-anchored circular plate
Lin MJ, Chen RS
115 - 120 Micro-anode guided electroplating (MAGE) control system
Lee DL, Lin JC, Kao PF, Jiang SB
121 - 126 Fabrication and mechanical properties of MWNTs/phenolic nanocomposites
Yeh MK, Tai NH, Lin YJ
127 - 132 A valveless micro impedance pump driven by PZT actuation
Wen CY, Cheng CH, Jian CN, Nguyen TA, Hsu CY, Su YR
133 - 138 Length effect on formation of metallic patterns by nanoimprinting process - Molecular dynamics simulation
Cheng MC, Hsueh YL, Chen HY, Sung CK
139 - 144 Two-dimension three-atom removal model for (110) plane nanocutting of defectless crystals of copper, nickel and silver in [001] direction
Lin ZC, Huang WF
145 - 150 Mechanical characterization of thin films by the capacitance-voltage measurement of microstructures
Hu YC, Gau WH, Tu WH
151 - 156 Thermo-mechanical effect on nanostructure formation using atomic force microscopy
Hsu JR, Hsiao CC, Sung CK, Hsu CL
157 - 162 Dynamic characteristics in high precision non-contact machine tool spindles
Su JCT, Huang BW
163 - 168 Dynamic model based on genetic algorithms of prediction for the thermal deformation of machine tools
Chang CW, Chu MH, Chen YW, Chien SY, Kang Y
169 - 174 Effects of preload on the thermal behavior of an oil/air lubricated spindle
Wu CH, Kung YT
175 - 180 Injection molding measurement and analysis of a plastic part with changes in thickness dimensions and material types
Jou RY
181 - 186 Compensation control of cutting tool position in machining non-axisymmetric optic mirror surface
Zhang YL, Zhou ZM, Zhang X
187 - 192 Measurement of five DOF motion errors in the ultra precision feed tables
Oh YJ, Park CH, Hwang JH, Lee DW
193 - 198 Investigation of electron beam welding on AZ91D-F extrusive plates
Chi CT, Chao CG, Huang CA, Lee CH
199 - 204 Study on shrinkage of injection molding biodegradable materials
Cheng YL, Lee YW
205 - 210 Study on the predictive model for shear strength in laser welding stainless steel
Chien WT, Chang SW
211 - 216 Fabrication of light guiding plate of double-side hot-embossing
Chien CH, Chen ZP
217 - 222 Fabrication of micro components to Silicon wafer using EDM process
Weng FT, Hsu CS, Lin WF
223 - 228 A study of liquid cooling heat sink fabrication and development in notebook
Wang AC, Liang KZ, Liu CC, Yang CK
229 - 234 Study on optical properties of microstructure of lightguiding plate for micro injection molding and micro injection-compression molding
Shen YK, Chang HJ, Lin CT
235 - 240 Development of a novel micro wire-EDM mechanism for the fabricating of micro parts
Lin CS, Liao YS, Chen ST
241 - 246 Predictive modeling of scuffing performance of gear oil with MoDTC using response surface methodology
Jeng YR, Hwang SJ
247 - 252 The development of a novel optoelectronic level
Jywe W, Chen CJ
253 - 258 A fundamental modeling approach for nano-grinding of silicon wafers
Young HT, Huang HY, Yang YJ
259 - 264 A fast auto-focusing method for laser diode machine
Lee KC
265 - 270 Characterization of polycrystalline Si films produced by ArF excimer laser irradiation
Chen TT, Chang CY
271 - 276 Fabrication of rolling mold for a 200 mu m microlens array by 3D LIGA-like processes
Tsai JC, Liu K, Yang H
277 - 282 Experimental analysis for low-temperature poly-Si films produced by using the excimer laser annealing method
Chen YR, Chao LS
283 - 288 Modeling analysis of excimer laser crystallization of a-Si films with nanosecond temperature response
Chang CH, Chao LS
289 - 294 Reliability prediction for 95.5Sn3.9Ag0.6Cu solder bump and thermal design for lead free system in package with polymer-based material
Hsu HC, Hung WM
295 - 300 Study on indentation-sliding contact conditions between semiconductor terminal and electrically testing probes
Saiki H, Marumo Y, Ruan LQ, Haraguchi R, Moriyama M
301 - 305 An experimental study on the effects of abrasive particle sizes on polishing phenomena
Jeng YR, Huang PY
307 - 312 Parametric investigation of laser-assisted direct imprint (LADI) technique
Lin CY, Lee YC, Hsiao FB, Chuang CH
313 - 318 Advanced process control expert system of CVD membrane thickness based on neural network
Chang M, Chen JC, Chang JW, Heh JS
319 - 324 On the wire sweep experiments and predictions of gold wire for semiconductor wirebonding technology
Kung HK, Huang BW
325 - 330 A Monte Carlo model for analyzing the effects on radiometric temperature measurement in rapid thermal processor
Tsao JC, Su CC
331 - 336 Design and analysis of SCARA substrate transfer robot for semiconductor and FPD processing cluster tools
Yau CH, Jong WR, Wang HH
337 - 342 Nanosecond time resolution in-situ optical reflection and transmission measurements during XeF Excimer laser interaction with amorphous silicon thin films
Kuo CC, Yeh WC, Chen CB, Jeng JY
343 - 348 Three-dimensional micro-flow measurement in a capillary with a diode laser micro-particle image velocitmetry
Pan CT, Cheng PJ, Hwang YM, Chen MF, Chuang HS, Yang CT
349 - 354 A new concept of optical encoder displacement sensors: Gray encoding patterns and a curve fitting method
Fu YF, Shyu LH, Chen YT, Jywe WY, Liu CH
355 - 360 An investigation on the application of cryogenic ball milling to Ibuprofen particle and its characteristics
Rhee KY, Cho HK, Hong JS
361 - 366 Automatic full-field 3-D profilometry using white light confocal microscopy with DMD-based fringe projection
Chen LC, Kao WC, Huang YT
367 - 372 Development of a non-contact tool setting system for precision diamond turning
Chao CL, Cheng TA, Lou DC, Chao CW
373 - 378 A genetic approach on the PID control of VCM for auto-focusing laser probe
Torng JS, Fan KC, Lu TF
379 - 384 Abbe error-free test equipment for nanometer-order measurements
Wang YC, Manske E, Jager G, Jywe WY
385 - 390 Temperature effect on tensile behavior of Helical Multi-Shell gold nanowires
Lin JS, Ju SP, Peng YL, Lee WJ
391 - 396 Experimental and numerical investigation into mixing efficiency of micromixers with different geometric barriers
Lee CY, Lin CF, Hung MF, Ma RH, Tsai CH, Lin CH, Fu LM
397 - 402 Combined TiO2/SnO2 material with adding Pt by sol-gel technology for humidity sensor
Chang WY, Lin YC, Ke WW, Hsieh YS, Kuo NH
403 - 408 Modal and stability analysis of a micro-beam structure actuated by electrostatic force
Yoo HH, Jung KS, Moon SJ
409 - 414 Experimental investigation of high-resolution injection technique in microfluidic chips
Wang YN, Lin CF, Wu ST, Chang CL, Chen HT, Tsai CH, Fu LM
415 - 420 Droplet formation studies for a piezo-actuated micro-injector
Yang AS, Cheng CH, Tsai WM, Hsu FC
421 - 426 A micropump for droplet ejection
Cheng CH, Chen SC, Lin YC
427 - 432 Valveless micropumps with one or two piezoelectric buzzers
Hong ZH, Hwang SF
433 - 438 Computational modeling of micro-fluid flow in a tubular microchannel
Lin CM, Fang TH, Chang WJ
439 - 444 A silicon oxide hard coating deposited on flexible substrate by TMS -PECVD system
Liu DS, Liao YK, Wu CY, Juang FS, Lee CT
445 - 450 Three-body microcontact model of rough surfaces and its application on polishing of wafer
Horng JH, Lee JS, Du DC
451 - 456 An improved sensing-a-string-hole device with learning mode for the frame of the racket
Jiang JJ
457 - 462 Precise riveting systems using networked PLCs for remote monitoring and control via the Internet
Lin HC
463 - 468 Research and development on control system of multicoil inside solidification combined winding machine
You B, Ding L, Xu JZ, Yu ZZ, Jia D
469 - 474 Stiffness of HSK tooling system in high speed machining
Wang GC, Wang SL, Wu WG, Shen CG
475 - 480 Development of real time monitoring system using controller area network
Huang RW, Huang HW
481 - 486 Development of an open architecture CHC system for a wire-EDM machine
Yan MT, Huang CW, Wang CJ
487 - 492 Precision positioning of piezo-actuated stages based on feedback control with GA modeling
Lin CJ, Chen SY
493 - 498 Electronic circuit simulation and digital PC-based implementation of dynamic MRR optimization
Lan TS, Hsu KS, Chu TT, Yeh LJ, Her MG
499 - 504 A time optimized process planning system for mold/die polishing
Wang JJJ, Wu BH, Hou JK
505 - 509 A model for acquisition of implicit design knowledge based on KDD
Li JM, Yao J, Liu YM
511 - 516 An immune algorithm for least cost advanced tolerance design problem
Chen TC, Hsu TC
517 - 522 Optimization for the maximum rectangular block from an arbitrary closed region using GA
Tsai JS, Cheng CC
523 - 528 The predicted model of surface roughness in resharpening end-mill for tool grinder
Lu HS, Lee BY, Chung CT, Liu YL
529 - 534 Auto-tuning digital control based on parameters identification and disturbance observer
Chen CS, Lee YR
535 - 540 A web-based embedded sequential controller with USB1-N wireless I/O modules
Sheu YH, Li WJ, Chen YC, Yang JY
541 - 546 A study on fuzzy logic theory to predict the process parameters in GMA welding process
Kim IS, Son JS, Kim HH, Kim IJ, Kang BY
547 - 552 Automatic polishing of super accuracy mirror hold with free-form surface by curvature analysis
Tsai MJ, Fang JJ, Huang JF
553 - 558 Nonlinear recursive formulation for kinematic and dynamic analysis of robotic manufacturing systems
Hwang YL
559 - 564 Thermal contact residual stress analysis of elastic-plastic bilayer micro-cantilevers with platinum electrodes
Chen LW, Lee CY, Tsai CH, Chen YC
565 - 570 Analysis for repairing the cracked PVC pipe
Lee KC, Liang YC, Lin CC
571 - 576 Development of a 3D cutter compensation postprocessor system for multi-axis machining
She CH, Chang CC
577 - 582 A relative method for finite element nonlinear structural analysis
Choi J, Bae D, Cho HJ
583 - 588 Tool path planning for edge quality enhancement in planar milling of free form contours
Chu CH
589 - 594 Dynamic analysis of rigid-body mechanisms mounted on flexible support structures - Planar case
Sun HK, Chen CG, Shen YC
595 - 600 Parametric study of spherical micro-lens array
Shyu RF, Pan CT, Lin SC
601 - 606 193 excimer laser machined electromagnetic optical scanning mirror for a laser projection display
Lin CF, Hou MTK, Wen DC
607 - 611 Studies on CCD on-line detection in curve grinding
Zhang YH, Tang HQ, Bu QL, Hu DJ
613 - 618 Skew ray tracing and sensitivity analysis of paraboloidal optical boundary surfaces
Sung CK, Lin PD
619 - 624 Process reengineering of collaborative mold design and manufacturing - A system engineering evaluation approach
Trappey AJC, Lu TH
625 - 630 Development of an intelligent virtual reality system for high speed machining
Sheu JJ, Fu TC
631 - 636 Development of a virtual controller integrating virtual and physical CNC
Kao YC, Cheng HY, Chen YC
637 - 642 A micromachine-based flow cytometer chip integrated with micro-pumps/valves for multi-wavelength detection applications
Chang CM, Hsiung SK, Lee GB
643 - 648 A fully integrated system for cell/particle sorting in a microfluidic device utilizing an optical tweezing and DIP recognition approach
Chien YS, Lin CH, Kao FJ, Ko CW
649 - 654 Operation principle and simulation of loop-type microfluidic biochips
Chang YJ, Chang YP, Cheng KY
655 - 660 Synthesis of Au nanoparticles@mesoporous silica templated by neutral block copolymers: Application in CO oxidation
Yeh YQ, Yen CW, Lin HP, Lin YC, Chang TC
661 - 666 Using magnetic nanoparticles to enhance gene transfection on magneto-electroporation microchips
Li M, Lin YC, Su KC
667 - 672 Quantum dots CdSe/ZnS-loaded poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles: Physicochemical characterization and application
Yang CH, Lin KC, Chang YH, Lin YC
673 - 678 Study on thin wall injection molding formability and property of graphite-polymer composite bipolar plate for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hsu CL, Chang KM
679 - 684 Optimization of parameters affecting tool wear in titanium acetabulum cup forging
Lee RS, Jou JL
685 - 690 Application of FSQP to inverse estimation of the constitutive constants and friction coefficient in the nosing process
Lu YH, Yeh FH, Li CL
691 - 696 Influence of die material upon formability and galling of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
Lin YL, Li HS, Hwang HS
697 - 702 Application of streamline method and ANFIS for determination of anisotropic optimal blank in cylindrical cup drawing
Yeh FH, Wu MT, Lu YH
703 - 708 Computer Modeling of extrusion by the rigid-plastic hybrid element method
Guo YM
709 - 714 An elasto-plastic finite element analysis of the hat-type drawing process of sheet metal
Chen TC, Huang YM
715 - 720 A study on the effects of mass and velocity factor for the dynamic-explicit FEM in the upsetting process
Liu CH
721 - 726 Size effects on sheet-metal formability for miniature parts
Hsu QC
727 - 732 A study of optimum blank in the deep drawing process of square cup with flange by using adaptive network fuzzy inference system
Li CL, Huang YM, Tsai YW
733 - 738 A finite element analysis for the forging process of hollow spur gear
Yang TS, Hsu YC
739 - 744 The hydroforming of micro-square tubes with non-equal section and dendritic shape
Hsu YC, Yang TS, Wu JL, Chen YX
745 - 750 Constructing the predictive models of friction coefficient using cylindrical compression testing
Hsu YC, Yang TS, Sung SY, Chang SY
751 - 756 Effect of process parameters on forming limits based on fracture energy diagram in cold forging
Wang ST, Lee RS
757 - 762 Identification of plasticity parameters of metallic coatings by means of depth-sensing micro-indentation
Hamasaki H, Yoshida F
763 - 768 Prevention of seizure in deep drawing using plastic die
Harada Y, Murao T, Mori K, Tsuchida N, Fukaura K
769 - 774 Predictions of the minimum amounts of preforming in the radial extrusion of tubular components
Lin FC, Lin SY
775 - 780 Fatigue life prolongation of carburized steel by means of shot-peening
Haga S, Harada Y, Tsubakino H
781 - 786 Springback behavior of an invar sheet and its perforated form
Lee YC, Chen FK
787 - 791 Experimental research on grind-hardening of 65Mn steel
Liu JD, Wang GC, Wang Z, Fan ST
793 - 798 Using borer-shape electrode in electrochemical smoothing of hole
Pa PS, Hocheng H
799 - 804 Surface finishing of plastic injection mold steel with ball burnishing and spherical polishing processes on a machining center
Shiou FJ, Chiu JT
805 - 810 The characteristic of abrasive particle in chemical-mechanical polishing
Tsai HJ, Chang CC, Jeng YR, Chen SL
811 - 816 The optimal cutting-parameter design of heavy cutting in side milling for SUS304 stainless steed
Chang CK, Lu HS
817 - 822 Effect of goading rate on the delamination behavior of carbon/epoxy laminated composites
Ha SR, Rhee KY, Kim HJ, Jung DH
823 - 828 Autoresonant tuning and control in ultrasonic vibration assisted drilling process
Chen YC, Liao YS, Fan JD
829 - 834 Joint design and fabrication for mechanical elastic self-deformation micro-assembly technology
Kuo CL, Huang JD
835 - 840 The use of the Taguchi-Grey based to optimize high speed end milling with multiple performance characteristics
Hwang SJ, Hwang YL, Lee BY
841 - 846 Ultrasonic welding of aluminum and silicon wafer
Shu KM, Shih HR
847 - 852 Laser cutting quality of the ceramic slabs
Wang XY, Xu WJ, Kang RK, Liang YD
853 - 858 Ultrasonic aided electrical discharge grinding of hard materials using a metal matrix composite electrode
Shih HR, Shu KM
859 - 864 The effect of spindle speed variation on chatter suppression in rotating-tool machining
Li CJ, Ulsoy AG, Endres WJ
865 - 870 A pulse DC plasma deposited resistor process
Wen FL, Lo YL, Lin CH, Mou SC
871 - 876 Finite element analysis of the hydro-mechanical punching process
Yoon JH, Huh H, Lee YS, Kim SS, Kim EJ, Park HJ, Choi TH, Lee HJ
877 - 882 Spiral-layer machining for making thin-wall structures
Yeung MK, Orban P
883 - 888 Development of manufacturing strategy-influence of technology orientation and customer orientation: An empirical study approach
Tseng ML, Chiang JH, Chiu ASF
889 - 894 A new knowledge discovery model for extracting diagnosis rules of manufacturing process
Tsai YC, Cheng CH, Chang JR
895 - 900 The optimum selection of a parting line for an injection mould using FEM database management and application techniques
Lin JC, Lin SY, Lee KS, Lu MF, Yen CM
901 - 906 Effects of human factors on performance of advanced manufacturing technology: an empirical examination
Song JB, Dai DS, Wang DB, Song YQ
907 - 912 Simulation and analysis for layout of aerospace sheet metal process with lean concept
Huang C, Chang HM, Lin CH
913 - 918 Reliability study of cutting tool based on the reliability-dependent hazard rate function
Lin WS
919 - 924 A deterministic model for a manufacture system with an advance purchase discount
You PS, Su CM
925 - 930 Creative design of metal can crushers with eight links
Hsieh WH, Chang TS
931 - 936 Geometric design of the pinion with two circularly arrayed cylindrical teeth for rollar drives
Lai TS
937 - 942 Constraint-based multidisciplinary collaborative design method of gear drive
Chen L, Gao CH, Jin GD
943 - 948 A simple parameter calibration method for a novel controllable mechanial metal forming press
He K, Du R
949 - 954 The analysis and modeling for mutation drives with double circular-arc: Helical bevel gears
Gu B, Yao LG, Wei GW, Cai YJ, Dai JS
955 - 960 Nondestructive disassembly system for white board marker
Chang TS, Hsieh WH, Hsieh YA, Yang CH
961 - 966 The influence of serration on a shaving cutter with a pre-designed relief portion
Chang SL, Wu UD, Hsieh JK, Tseng CH, Cheng SD, Chang KR
967 - 972 3D model-based design for control of a mechatronic machine toole system
Chen CY, Cheng CC
973 - 978 Automatic inspection of pipe using non-contact guided-wave technique with enhanced mode-selectivity
Jhang KY, Kim HM
979 - 984 A theoretical and experimental study on precision controlling of generated path of an elastic linkage
Liu JQ, Zhang C
985 - 989 Study on eccentricity and minimum geometrical center distance of the eccentric involute gears transmission
Han JG, Wang GC
991 - 996 Geometry modeling for indexing cams based on screw theory and product of exponential formula
Chang ZY, Yang YH, Zhang C, Ding SB, Zhang B, Tan DS, Zhu CT
997 - 1002 A Kalman filter-based automatic rotor dynamic balancing scheme for electric motor mass production
Tseng CY, Shih TW, Lin JT
1003 - 1008 An algorithm for the kinematic design of gear transmissions with high reduction ratio
Hsieh LC, Lee HS, Chen TH
1009 - 1014 An intelligent tool post in a lathe
Wu CL, Wang KS
1015 - 1020 Kinematic and dynamic analysis for closed-loop flexible manufacturing systems using nonlinear recursive method
Hwang YL, Huang SJ
1021 - 1026 A novel parallel hybrid motorcycle transmission
Sheu KB, Hsu TH, Hsu YY
1027 - 1032 Developing a moving-coil actuator for nano-imprint lithography system
Renn JC, Yang YA, Chan CS
1033 - 1038 Effect of process parameters on coating quality in surface coating processes
Jou M, Lo CC
1039 - 1044 Stability analysis of the now repetitive learning controller for cutting systems
Her MG, Chen JM, Ho MI
1045 - 1050 An investigation of nanoscale tribological characteristics for different geometrical sliding systems
Jeng YR, Su CC, Tan CM
1051 - 1056 Deformation characteristics of wood structures under compression
Yamaguchi K, Otsubo M, Motomura Y, Marumo Y, Shiozaki H, Kawase T
1057 - 1062 An innovative technology for measuring the dynamic characteristics of pressure sensors
Chang H, Kao MJ, Tsung TT, Wu JL
1063 - 1068 Manufacturing of cardiac models through rapid prototyping technology for surgery planning
Cheng YL, Chen SJ
1069 - 1074 Micro fabrication design of a planar methanol sensor
Liang SH, Tsai CH, Hsu CL
1075 - 1080 Preparation and characterization of the modified carbon nanotubes enhanced epoxy resin composites
Lee KC, Yu HH, Hwang SJ, Li YS, Cheng MH, Lin CC
1081 - 1086 Elastic buckling analysis of die fins during extrusion
Hwang YM, Wu CY, Shin GL
1087 - 1092 A new class of structured light patterns for 3-D imaging systems
Hsieh YC
1093 - 1098 Molecular dynamics investigation into the cooling characteristics of Ni and Cu alloys at high pressure
Su MH, Chen HC
1099 - 1104 Approximating the minimum-bounding box of a 3D model with minimum spans for flush edges
Lin TH
1105 - 1110 The inverse prediction of the geometry of a two dimensional plate with a rectangular cavity
Su CR, Chen CK
1111 - 1116 Interactive web-based learning system for manufacturing technology education
Jou M, Zhang HW
1117 - 1122 Performance measurement of implementing manufacturing execution system
Chen KY
1123 - 1128 Optimization of component placement scheduling for SMT assemblies
Kuo CH, Jeng MD, Wing JJ, Wang TH
1129 - 1134 Vehicle clustering phenomenon in automatic materials handling systems in 300mm semiconductor manufacturing
Liao DY
1135 - 1140 Diagnosability of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Wen YL, Jeng MD, Huang YS
1141 - 1146 Design and implementation of emulators for a real-world automated manufacturing systems using scenario
Huang YS, Chung TH, Wen YL
1147 - 1152 A hierarchical self-organizing neural network for automatic wafer defect inspection
Chang CY, Chang CW
1153 - 1158 Prognostics for ball bearing based on neural networks and Morlet Wavelet
Huang RQ, Xi LF, Liu CR, Lee J
1159 - 1164 Coordinated motion control of large-scale transporter for conveying heavy frame components in ship-manufacturing
Li YH, Yang LM, Yang GL
1165 - 1170 Accelerated life testing under variable synthetic stresses for hydraulic pump
Wang SP, Shi J
1171 - 1176 A CAD idea of braided composite and establishment of its relation model
Jiao ZX, Wang XD, Huang GP
1177 - 1182 Performance analysis of a novel 6-DOF parallel-kinematics machine with decoupled motion characteristics
Yang GL, Li YH
1183 - 1188 Comparison study of contouring control systems
Peng CC, Chen CL
1189 - 1193 Control of micro press using magnetic actuating platform
Chen CL, Li KS
1195 - 1199 PID tuning rules for first-order plus integrator systems
Shen JC, Chiang HK, Jywe WY
1201 - 1206 Tracking control of automatic pipe cutting robot with magnetic binder
Rhim S, Lee SG
1207 - 1212 Study of hole-machining on pyren wafer by electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM)
Liao YS, Peng WY
1213 - 1218 Polishing glass-ceramic based rigid disk
Chen SY, Lin SC, Hocheng H
1219 - 1224 Study on thin diamond wire slicing with Taguchi method
Tso PL, Yan BH, Lo CH
1225 - 1230 Chemical-assisted mechanical polishing of diamond film on wafer
Hocheng H, Chen CC
1231 - 1236 Surface finish in machining of dental ceramics
Hocheng H, Lin SY, Lei WT
1237 - 1242 Combination of spray forming and metal powder productions by the internal mixing atomizer with a substrate
Wang MR, Chen PJ, Yang JR, Chiu JS, Lin TC, Lai TS
1243 - 1248 Precision-limit positioning of a linear motor nano drive system
Hsieh C, Lin JL, Huang JC, Chen CH
1249 - 1254 Design, fabrication and study of micro-electros pray chips
Leu TS, Teng CH
1255 - 1260 Model support algorithm in powder based three dimensional printer
Lai WH, Cheng CI, Huang MU, Chang HM
1261 - 1266 Geometry influence of reflectors for infrared rapid heating on micro-injection molding
Chang PC, Hwang SJ
1267 - 1272 Contour controller design for two-dimensional stage system with friction
Hsieh C, Lin KC, Chen CL
1273 - 1278 Prediction of critical blank-holding force criterion to prevent wrinkles in axi-symmetric cup drawing
Yoon H, Alexandrov B, Chung K, Dick RE, Kang TJ
1279 - 1284 A 3D slab method in cold strip rolling
Ren HB, Tieu AK, Lu C, D'Alessio G
1285 - 1290 Modelling of friction coefficient in cold strip rolling
Tieu A, Zhu HT, Lu C, You C, Jiang ZY, D'Alessio G
1291 - 1296 Modelling of the development of initial crack under hot rolling condition
Tang JN, Tieu AK, Jiang ZY
1297 - 1302 Convolute cut-edge design with a now anisotropic yield function for earless target cup in a circular cup drawing
Yoon JW, Dick RE, Barlat F
1303 - 1308 Upper bound solution for upsetting of two-layer cylinder
Tzou GY, Alexandrov S
1309 - 1314 A study on rotating compression forming of ring based on the upper bound method
Hsu HH, Tzou GY
1315 - 1320 Influence of casting speed on temperature and flow fields in molten pool during twin-roll strip casting process
Zhang XM, Jiang ZY, Liu XH, Wang GD, Yang LM, Tieu AK