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1 - 4 Electrochemical characteristics of silicon-doped tin oxide thin films for application of lithium secondary micro-battery anode
Park CH, Son YG, Ko TH
5 - 8 Sol-gel derived TiO2 coating for chemical protection of stainless steel
Shin DY, Kim KN, Han SM
9 - 12 Gas sensing characteristics of ZnO-doped SnO2 sensors for simulants of the chemical agents
Yun KH, Yun KY, Cha GY, Lee BH, Kim JC, Lee DD, Huh JS
13 - 16 Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the photocatalytic decomposition of 4-nitrophenol over TiO2/Cr-Ti-MCM-41 catalysts in visible light
Lee GD, Do YJ, Park SS, Hong SS
17 - 20 A rainwater harvesting technology by roof coating using TiO2
Kim RH, Lee S, Lee JH, Kim YM
21 - 24 Structure and photoluminescence properties of ZnO : Al/porous silicon thin films
Park H, Prabakar K, Yoo YC, Hwang SK, Lee C
25 - 28 Morphology and microstructure of graphitic nanofibers synthesized by the CVD method using nickel-copper as a catalyst
Cho KK, Lee BK, Ahn JP
29 - 32 Sensitivity and thermal property of polyaniline sensor
Kim JS, Cho JH, Yu JB, Sohn SO, Huh JS
33 - 36 Characteristic of titania photocatalyst fine particles added zirconia
Watanabe E, Takagi M, Fukaya M, Taoda H
37 - 40 The preparation of rutile TiO2 nanopowders, phase transformation and their photocatalysed properties
Sun J, Gao L
41 - 44 Decomposition of dioxins in gas and water using photocatalytic silica-gel
Taoda H
45 - 48 Bond cleavage of nitrogen-bearing organics with "Molecular Scissors" of titania for aquatic remediation
Hidaka H, Miksutsuka Y, Calza P, Pelizzetti E
49 - 52 Photocatalytic activities of plasma sprayed TiO2-based coatings
Chen H, Lee SW, Kim HS, Lee EA, Kim TH, Shin JH, Aum HS, Hur BY
53 - 56 The preparation of rutile TiO2 doped with rare earth metal ions, sulfur and their photocatalytic properties
Gao L, Liu HY, Sun J
57 - 60 Photocatalytic behavior of Na2ZrTi5O13 sol-gel.
Garza-Tovar LL, Torres-Martinez LM, Ramos-Garza JS, Castillo-Torres LG
61 - 64 Semiconductor-mediated photocatalysed degradation of various pesticide derivatives and other priority organic pollutants in aqueous suspensions
Bahnemann D, Muneer M, Qamar M, Rahman MA, Singh HK
65 - 68 Correlation of thickness with the photocatalytic characteristic of TiO2 thin films
Lee S, Jung HS, Kim DW, Hong KS
69 - 72 Photocatalytic performance of plasma sprayed TiO2-ZnFe2O4 coatings
Liu JT, Zeng Y, Zhao XB, Ding CX
73 - 76 Effect of H-2 on microstructure and property of nano-titania coatings
Zhao XB, Liu XY, Ding CX
77 - 80 Preparation and antibacterial effect of doped tetra-needle like ZnO whiskers
Zhou ZW, Liu JJ, Chu LS
81 - 84 Preparation and characterization of the visible light responsive TiO2 thin film photocatalysts prepared by magnetron sputtering method and their photocatalytic activities for the water splitting reactions
Matsuoka M, Kitano M, Takeuchi M, Anpo M, Thomas JM
85 - 88 Sol-gel synthesis and photocatalitic properties of Bi2MNbO7 (M = Al, Fe, In y Sm).
Garza-Tovar LL, Torres-Martinez LM, Bernal-Rodriguez D, Trevino NN
89 - 92 Influence of spraying power and distance on porosity and microhardness of plasma sprayed TiO2 coatings
Du H, Chen H, Moon BK, Shin JH
93 - 96 Preparation of nano-sized TiO(2) photocatalysts by a multi-gelation method and their application to the degradation of 2-propanol diluted in water
Neppolian B, Yamashita H, Okada Y, Nishijima H, Anpo M
97 - 100 High temperature oxidation behavior of Ti3SiC2 in air
Ko JH, Hwang SS, Park SW, Lee DB
101 - 104 Fabrication of zirconia-hydroxyapatite composites for biological materials
Moon BK, Choi DH, Sung RJ, Kim SH, Niihara K
105 - 108 Thermal and leaching behaviors of EAF dust-clay systems
Kim JH, Lee KG, Kim YT, Kang SK
109 - 112 Increased high temperature oxidation resistance of Ni20Cr20Fe5Nb1Y(2)O(3)alloy with nano-sized grains
Kim IH, Kwun SI
113 - 116 Changes in mechanical properties of the wide-gap region brazed with various brazing temperatures and times
Kim YH, Kwun SI
117 - 120 Preparation of porous hydroxyapatite/TCP composite block using a hydrothermal hot pressing method
Kim Y, Kim SR, Song H, Yoon H
121 - 124 Life cycle improvement assessment of Al and Mg diecasting processes
Kim SK, Kim YJ
125 - 128 Effects of the duration of potentiostatic anodizing on the corrosion resistance and surface morphology of films formed on Mg-Al alloys
Kim SJ, Jang SK, Kim JI
129 - 132 Surface morphology characteristics and improvements on corrosion resistance in anodized Mg-Al alloys as a result of sealing treatments
Kim SJ, Kim JI, Okido M
133 - 136 Effects of post-weld heat treatment on optimum cathodic protection potential of high-strength steel in marine environment conditions
Kim SJ, Jang SK, Kim JI
137 - 140 Sliding wear behavior of steam generator tube materials in nuclear power plants
Kim GG, Kim JH, Lee KY, Kim SJ, Lee DH, Hur DH, Choi MS, Han JH
141 - 144 Characterization of long-term oxidized nickel aluminide coating by photoluminescence spectroscopy
Byeon JW, Mu N, Liu J, Sohn YH
145 - 148 Characterization of isothermally oxidized ZrO2-8wt.%Y2O3 thermal barrier coatings by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Byeon JW, Jayaraj B, Sohn YH
149 - 152 Transmission electron microscopy of isothermally oxidized EB-PVD thermal barrier coating on (Ni,Pt)Al bondcoat
Byeon JW, Laxman S, Sohn YH
153 - 156 Surface characteristics of Ni-diamond composite powders by electroless plating method
Ahn JG, Kim DJ, Hai HT, Lee J, Chung HS, Kim CO
157 - 160 Self-lubricating composite coating on air foil bearing shaft by Hollow Cathode Plasma Jet
Yang MK, Yang HS, Park JK, Ryu K, Lee YB, Lee JK
161 - 164 Surface coating of reactive layer with inner nano-pores on lantanium gallium based oxide
Lee KS, Shin TH, Lee S, Woo SK, Yang JK, Choa YH
165 - 168 Oxidation of SiOC composite having dispersoids of Mo4.8Si3C0.6 and MoSi2
Lee DB, Woo SW
169 - 172 Corrosion of Ni-W coatings in SO2 atmosphere between 500 and 700 degrees C
Lee DB, Kob JH
173 - 176 Fluxless brazing of Al6061 alloys using Ag-28Cu insert
Lee YS, Lee CH, Lim CH, Cho DC, Shin SY, Lee CH
177 - 180 Phosphate recovery from water as hydroxyapatite with activated oystershell
Lee CW, Kwon HB, Jeon HP, Koopman B
181 - 184 Mechanical and thermal properties of silicon nitride hot pressed with adding rare-earth oxides.
Choi DH, Moon BK, Sung RJ, Kim SH, Niihara K
185 - 188 Stress concentration regions in ceramic ball heads for total hip replacement considering trauma-like loading
Aum HS, Curiel MC, Carrillo DG
189 - 192 Biodegradable porous nano-hydroxyapatite/alginate scaffold
Xu FL, Li YB, Han JM, Lv GY
193 - 196 Effect of plasma spraying gas on microstructure and properties of 95vol.%Al(2)O(3-5)vol.%SiC nanocomposite coatings
Tram PH, Min JW, Chen H, Lee SW
197 - 200 Mechanical properties of Al2O3-TiO2-SiC nanocomposites for the femoral head of hip joint replacement
Visbal S, Lira-Olivares J, Sekino T, Niihara K, Moon BK, Lee SW
201 - 204 Plasma-sprayed wollastonite coatings for biomedical application
Xue WC, Liu XY, Zheng XB, Ding CX
205 - 208 Study of corrosion resistance of anodized Ti6Al4V in SBF
Zhao Y, Xiong TY, Jin HZ, Wang LB, Li TF
209 - 212 Mechanical and wear properties of silicon nitride added with AlN
Sung RJ, Kim SH, Kusunose T, Nakayama T, Sekinoe T, Niihara K
213 - 216 Tribological behaviors of Al2O3/SiC nanocomposites during dry sliding
Kim SH, Sekino T, Niihara K
217 - 220 Contact fracture behaviors of Ti3SiC2 synthesized by hot pressing using TiCx and Si powder mixture
Hwang SS, Park SW, Cho SJ, Lee DB
221 - 224 Sintering effects of ZnO nanopowders synthesized by solution-combustion method
Park S, Lee JC, Seo JU, Lee JH
225 - 228 In-vitro Hertzian fatigue properties of glass infiltrated ceramic composites for dental crowns
Song YS, Park I, Jang JW, Lee DY, Lee SJ
229 - 232 Probabilistic assessment for failure probability of pipe lines by extreme value distribution
Lee SH, Choe BH, Kim YP, Kim WS, Ko YT, Lee JH, Paik U
233 - 236 Analysis of pipe flow during transportation of magnesium alloy melt
Lee HG, Kim DJ, Han JW, You BD, Byun JY
237 - 240 Effect of sintering atmospheres on the microstructure evolution of alumina/alumia : SiC whisker laminate composites
Park SY, Bang HG
241 - 244 Embrittlement fracture in a 17-4 PH stainless steel after aging at 400 degrees C.
You WD, Lee JH, Shin SK, Choe BH, Paik U, Lee JH
245 - 248 Hardness and wear resistance of reaction bonded SiC-B4C composite
Lee KS, Han IS, Chung YH, Woo SK, Lee SW
249 - 252 Friction stir welding of dissimilar formed Mg alloys (AZ31/AZ91)
Lee CY, Lee WB, Yeon YM, Jung SB
253 - 256 Fabrication and thermoelectric properties of N-type Bi2Te3 based compounds by spark plasma sintering
Lee DM, Lim CH, Cho DC, Shin SY, Cho WS
257 - 260 Equilibrium and metastable eutectics near the Ni3Al composition
Lu Y, Lee JS, Lee JH, Wee DM, Oh MH
261 - 264 Effect of skin pass mill elongation on characteristics of surface friction and formability
Hur BY, Cho SH, Um YS, Kim SY
265 - 268 The combustion characteristics of refuse derived fuels using coke/waste tire
Park MH, Shin DY
269 - 272 Optimum shear height for evaluation of Pb-free solder ball shear strength
Kim JW, Park SK, Jung SB
273 - 276 Growth kinetics of intermetallic compound and interfacial reactions in Pb-free flip chip solder bump during solid state isothermal aging
Kim DG, Jang HS, Kim YJ, Jung SB
277 - 280 An approach to legal and technical norms to manage hazardous materials and wastes in Latin America
Gruber N, Gerdler S, Rodriguez J, Lira-Olivares J
281 - 284 Low temperature synthesis of zeolite using ultrasonic energy
Lee SG, Kim JK, Kwon JY, Lee CH, Park HC, Son SM, Park SS
285 - 288 Ferroelectric properties of lead-free (Bi,La)(4)Ti3O12 thin film deposited on MTP cell structure for high density FeRAM device
Cho KW, Kim NK, Oh SH, Choi ES, Sun HJ, Yeom SJ, Lee KN, Lee SS, Hong SK, Choi SK, Hong TW, Kim IH, Lee JI, Ur SC, Lee YG, Ryu SL, Kweon SY
289 - 292 Interfacial reaction and shear strength of Pb-free Sn-3.5Ag/Ni BGA solder joints during reflow
Yoon JW, Kim SW, Jung SB
293 - 296 Fabrication of calcium based fine ceramic materials by recycling eggshell
Lee SJ, Chun SY
297 - 300 Nitride-related compounds preparation from waste aluminum dross by self-propagating high-temperature process
Lee J, Lee I, Shin H, Ahn J, Kim D, Chung H
301 - 304 Dual ion beam sputtering for chromium nitride as an alternative to electroplated hexavalent chromium
Shin K, Lim J, Lee C
305 - 308 The effect of pozzolanics on the recycled aggregates by surface treatment
Kim JJ, Youn SH, Cho MJ, Shin HT, Yoon JB, Hwang KH, Lee DS
309 - 312 Effect of RO components on some properties of Pb free glass frit for PDP
Hwang JH, Lim TY, Kim CY, Han SM, Park JS, Masaki T
313 - 316 Application of a cold ECAP to magnesium alloy (AZ31) by a combination of extrusion process
Song JW, Lim HT, Han JW, Kim MS, Hwang SK
317 - 320 Effect of particle size on the extraction of metallic components from oxidized PCB in high frequency induction furnace
Lee JC, Jeong JK, Kwon EH, Jang SH, Han JW
321 - 324 Optical properties of Bi2O3-ZnO-SiO2 glass system for eco transparent dielectric in PDP
Jeon JS, Cha MR, Kim HS
325 - 328 Comparison of transmittance of Pb-free transparent dielectric made by screen printer and die coater
Cha ML, Jeon JS, Kim HS
329 - 332 Alumina/aluminum composite fabricated by freeze and dry process with water-soluble polymer slurry
Nakata M, Suganuma K
333 - 337 Fabrication of tubular mullite-alumina porous ceramics by polymer-aided extrusion
Hua YA, Ke Y, Ding WR
338 - 341 Microstructural evolution of electromagnetically stirred Al alloy during isothermal reheating in solid-liquid region
Lee DY, Kim KB, Kim DH
342 - 345 Effect of ternary alloying elements on microstructure and mechanical property of Nb-Si based refractory intermetallic alloy
Kim WY, Kim HS, Kim SK, Ra TY, Kim MS
346 - 349 Influences of fiber orientation on the progressive damage in glass reinforced hybrid composite
Kim CW, Song SH, Oh DJ
350 - 353 Characteristic of the residual strength rate by variation of impact velocities for the leaf spring in ankle foot orthosis
Kim CW, Oh DJ
354 - 357 The effect of defect locations on the stress distribution and crack initiation in monolithic aluminum vs. GLARE hybrid composite
Kim CW, Song SH, Oh DJ
358 - 361 Vibration and impact noise damping properties of wood/polymer composites
Lee HJ, Lee BG, Shin DY
362 - 365 Processing and microstructural characteristics of Bi-materials composed of Al and its composite
Chang SY, Lee KS, Kang KM
366 - 369 Mechanical and electrical properties of Y-TZP containing TiNi-base intermetallic compounds
Tanaka N, Sekino T, Nakayama T, Hayashi Y, Kosunose T, Niihara K
370 - 373 Electrical and thermal properties of carbon-coated porous ceramic fiber composites
Yu JS, Park S, Lee JC, Hahn IS, Woo SK
374 - 377 The solidification microstructure and carbide formation behaviors in the cobalt-based superalloy ECY768
Lee JS, Lee JH, Choi BG, Jo CY, Paik U, Gang SG
378 - 381 Synthesis of SiC ceramics from coal gangue
Jia SH
382 - 386 Heavy metal leaching behavior of glasses containing EAF dust
Eun HT, Kang SG, Kim YT, Lee GK, Kim JH
387 - 390 Nutrients recovery by struvite formation from wastewater in a fluidized bed reactor
Lee CW, Kwon HB, Kim YJ, Jeon HP
391 - 394 The effect of sodium tripolyphosphate on sodium silicate cement grout
Lim HM, Yang HC, Chun BS, Lee SH
395 - 398 Fabrication and properties of wall and floor tiles using waste glass
Kim YK, Joung YG, Song JB, Shin MC, Lee HS
399 - 402 Utilization of waste plastics as a fuel in the fluidized bed calciner for cement kiln process
Kwon WT, Bae SY
403 - 406 Synthesis and characterization of clay brick using coal wastes
Yoo JW, Jung JH, Kim HT
407 - 410 Preparation of K2O-CaO-P2O5 eco-glass fertilizers and effect in crops
Lee H, Hwang S, Kang W
411 - 414 Effect of warm rolling on microstructure and high temperature mechanical behavior of a nano-structured Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr alloy
Kim WY, Park JS, Kim MS
415 - 419 Effects of Si content and cold rolling condition on brazeability of Al-Mn-Zn alloy core brazing sheet
Noh SJ, Kim MS, Jung D, Han JW, You BD
420 - 423 Effect of Ti addition on the fracture toughness of Al-Ti-B alloys synthesized by high-energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering
Kim JH, Lee KY, Kim GG, Kim SJ
424 - 427 Die-casting capabilities of heat resistant Mg-Al-Ca alloys
Kim JM, Park BK, Jun JH, Kim KT, Jung WJ
428 - 431 Formation of AlN in the N added 18Cr ferritic stainless steels
Kim HC, Lee JH, Heon YG, Jo CY, Kim JW, Kim SG
432 - 435 Petroleum separation through polymer blend membranes using pervaporation
Huh H, Rhim JW, Park JS, Nam SY
436 - 439 Synthesis and characterization of nanosized ZnxMn1-xFe2O4 powders by glycothermal process
Bae DS, Kim EJ, Park SW, Han KS
440 - 443 Synthesis and characterization of nanosized ITO powders by glycothermal processing
Bae DS, Kim HK, Kim RH, Kim JW, Lee JH, Park SW, Han KS
444 - 447 Preliminary studies to develop environmentally compatible hydraulic components
Lee SY, Kim SD, Kim GS, Hong YS
448 - 451 Cellular solidification behavior of Fe-18Cr ferritic stainless steels
Kim HC, Lee JH, Kim JW, Kim SK, Liu S, Trivedi R
452 - 455 Substrate bias effects on the structure of the film by a hybrid PVD and plasma-based ion implantation process
Chun SY, Lee SJ
456 - 459 Development of strip casting process for electrolytic tough pitch copper
Kim SK, Cho H, Lee JK, Kim WY, Jo HH
460 - 463 Effect of boron on solidification microstructure in a single crystal superalloy
Jo CY, Kim DH, Yoo YS, Ye DH, Lee JH
464 - 467 Rheology characteristics of Al-Si alloy and Mg alloy for metal foam manufacturing
Park SH, Hur BY
468 - 471 Sound absorption properties of Al foam
Kim SY, Park SH, Um YS, Hur BY
472 - 475 Compressive properties of open cell aluminum foams
Hur BY, Park BK, Kim SY, Bae H
476 - 480 Synthesis of cordierite using high energy ball milling
Kim SJ, Bang HG, Park SY
481 - 484 Brazing Al2O3 to Kovar alloy with Ni/Ti/Ni interlayer and dramatic increasing of joint strength after thermal cycles
Qiao GJ, Wang HJ, Gao JQ, Jin ZH
485 - 488 Effect of operating temperature on characteristics of single-walled carbon nanotubes gas sensor
Quang NH, Van Trinh M, Huh JS
489 - 492 Micromechanical mean-field analysis for stress-strain curve of lotus-type porous iron
Tane M, Hyun SK, Ichitsubo T, Nakajima H
493 - 496 Preparation and properties of carbon nanofiber/polyimide composite films
Yamamoto A, Sano H, Zheng GB, Uchiyama Y
497 - 500 Thermal stability and mechanical properties of hydrogenated Zr-Ni-Nb-Co amorphous alloy
Jayalakshmi S, Fleury E, Kim YC, Kim KB
501 - 505 Fabrication of silicon nitride ceramics with electrical conductivity
Kim YH, Sekino T, Kawaoka H, Kusunose T, Nakayama T, Niihara K
506 - 509 Microwave dielectric properties of LTCC materials consisting of BaO-TiO2-SiO2-Al2O3 glass - BaNd2Ti5O14 ceramic composites
Kim YJ, Hwang SJ, Kim HS
510 - 513 Removal of Cu++ ions from aqueous Cu-EDTA solution using ZnO nanopowder
Lee JH, Kim BS, Lee JC, Park S
514 - 517 Reactive sputter deposition of WCx films for replacing hexavalent chromium
Park Y, Kang S, Kim D, Lee C
518 - 521 Characterization of iron and its nitride nanoparticles prepared by CVC process without using a chiller
Lee DW, Jang TS, Lee DH, Kim BK
522 - 525 Synthesis of heterogeneous beta-SiC nano-particles and nano-whisker from TEOS/SiO2 bead/PMMA ternary xerogel
Kim JW, Lee SS, Hur SK, Jung YG, Jo CY
526 - 529 Effect of oxidizing agent of polypyrrole layer prepared by vapor polymerization
Cho JH, Kim JS, Yu JB, Sohn SO, Huh JS
530 - 533 Various applications of silver nano-particles by ultrasonic eco-fabrication
Hayashi Y, Takizawa H, Saijo Y, Sekino T, Suganuma K, Niihara K
534 - 537 Influence of heat-treatment on the mechanical properties of lotus-type porous carbon steel fabricated by continuous zone melting method
Kujime T, Hyun SK, Nakajima H
538 - 541 Effect of oxide additives on the aspect ratio control of mullite whiskers
Park SY, Kim SW, Bang HG
542 - 545 Synthesis of calcium carbonate from calcium chlorine solution using homogeneous precipitation method
Kim KN, Shin DY, Son SG, Kim YD
546 - 549 Synthesis of calcium carbonate particles modified by coating with nickel precursor
Kim KN, Kim YD
550 - 553 Influence of the electromagnetic stirring on globularization of primary solid phase in solid-liquid region
Lee DY, Kim K, Kim DH
554 - 557 Thermoelectric properties of Co1-xNbxSb3 prepared by induction melting
Park JB, You SW, Cho KW, Lee JI, Ur SC, Kim IH
558 - 561 Electrochemical characteristics of Si/Mo multilayer anode for microbattery in MEMS
Jung JY, Kim MH, Moon HS, Park JW
562 - 565 Characteristics of SnOx-coated lithium manganese oxide thin film for MEMS power system
Lee JH, Kim YJ, Moon HS, Park JW
566 - 569 Characteristics of polymer composite electrolyte for MEMS power system
Kim JN, Park JW
570 - 573 Effect of PVP addition on microstructure of SrZrO3 thin films on Bi(2223) tapes
Song YS, Lee DY, Lee SJ, Kim BY, Hong SN
574 - 577 Effect of solvent extraction on removal of heavy metal ions using lignocellulosic fiber
Lee BG, Lee HJ, Shin DY
578 - 581 Sound absorbing properties of foamed glasses
Cho H, Choi C, Kim J, Choi D, Lee SW
582 - 585 Hydriding/dehydriding behavior of Mg-Ni systems
Hong TW, Kim IH, Ur SC, Lee YG, Kim YJ
586 - 589 Hydrogenation properties of Mg-TiNi hydrogen storage composites materials
Hong TW
590 - 593 Electrical and electrochemical properties of poly(p-phenylene)-based carbon for lithium rechargeable batteries
Kim JS, Kim JU, Kong MZ, Gu HB
594 - 597 Electrochemical Characteristics of Li/S secondary battery with (PEO)(6)LiBF4-Al2O3 composite polymer electrolyte prepared by ball milling
Jeong SS, Lim YT, Jung BS, Kim KW
598 - 601 Effects of MWNT and GNF on the performance of Sulfur electrode for Li/S battery
Kim JH, Choi YJ, Jeong SS, Cho KK, Kim KW
602 - 605 Thermoelectric properties of Co1-xNbxSb3 prepared by induction melting
Park JB, You SW, Cho KW, Lee JI, Ur SC, Kim IH
606 - 609 Charge/discharge characteristics of SnO2 electrodes for lithium polymer batteries
Kim JU, Kim JK, Choi JW, Kim YH, Ahn JH, Kim GT, Jun DK, Gu HB
610 - 613 Effect of organic additives in electrolytes for rechargeable lithium/sulfur battery
Kim JK, Choi JW, Kim YH, Kim JU, Ahn JH
614 - 617 Synthesis and electrochemical study of Zr-doped LiNixMnyCo(1-x-y)O2 as cathode material for secondary Li-ion battery
Na SH, Kim HO, Moon CI
618 - 621 Transformation behavior and mechanical properties of an equiatomic Ti-Ni alloy with surface sulfide layers
Nam TH, Park SM, Cho GB
622 - 625 Thermal sulficlation behavior of Ti-Ni alloys
Nam TH, Park SM, Cho KK
626 - 629 Microstructure and electrical properties of RF magnetron sputtering derived PZT thin films deposited on PbO buffer layer
Park CH, Son YG
630 - 633 Self-discharge behavior of lithium/sulfur battery using aluminum current collector
Ryu HS, Ahn HJ
634 - 637 Discharge-charge property of lithium/PEO/sulfur battery with high sulfur content
Rhy HS, Park CW, Shin WC, Kim TB, Lee JY, Ahn HJ
638 - 641 Ionic conductivity of sodium ion with NaCF3SO3 salts in electrolyte for sodium batteries
Kim TB, Park CW, Ryu HS, Ahn HJ
642 - 645 Mechanical alloying and thermoelectric properties of CoSb3 skutterudite
Choi MK, Ur SC, Kwon JC, Cho KW, Kim IH, Lee YG, Ryu SL
646 - 649 Orientation distribution in Bi2Te3-based compound prepared by spark plasma sintering
Kim KT, Lim CH, Kim YH, Cho DC, Lee YS, Lee CH
650 - 653 Application of a Ti-Ni alloy as a current collector of positive electrode for lithium/sulfur batteries
Cho GB, Jeong SS, Park SM, Nam TH
654 - 657 Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 compounds by spark plasma sintering
Cho DC, Lim CH, Kim KT, Shin SY, Lee DM, Lee YS, Lee CH
658 - 661 Electrochemical properties of primary Li/FeS2 batteries
Choi JW, Kim JK, Kim YH, Kim JU, Ahn JH
662 - 665 Synthesis of Ni-YSZ cermet for an electrode of high temperature electolysis by high energy ball milling
Hong HS, Chae US, Park KM, Choo ST
666 - 669 Emissive carbon coating for energy saving
Yu JS, Sung JH, Park S, Lee JC