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3 - 8 Progress and limits of the numerical simulation of SiC bulk and epitaxy growth processes
Pons M, Blanquet E, Dedulle JM, Ucar M, Wellmann P, Danielsson O, Ferret P, Di Cioccio L, Baillet F, Chaussende D, Madar R
9 - 12 Growth of large diameter SiC crystals by advanced physical vapor transport
Anderson T, Barrett D, Chen J, Emorhokpor E, Gupta A, Hopkins R, Souzis A, Tanner C, Yoganathan M, Zwieback I, Choyke WJ, Devaty RP, Yan F
13 - 16 Crystalline quality evaluation of 6H-SiC bulk crystals grown from Si-Ti-C ternary solution
Kusunoki K, Kamei K, Ueda Y, Naga S, Ito Y, Hasebe M, Ujihara T, Nakajima K
17 - 20 Growth of 2 inches 6H-SIC single crystals by sublimation method: the comparison of alpha- and beta-SiC powders
Seo SH, Song JS, Oh MH, Wang YZ
21 - 24 A study of 6H-seeded 4H-SIC bulk growth by PVT
Tupitsyn EY, Arjunan A, Bondokov RT, Kennedy RM, Sudarshan TS
25 - 30 Modified physical vapor transport growth of SiC - Control of gas phase composition for improved process conditions
Wellmann PJ, Straubinger TL, Desperrier P, Muller R, Kunecke U, Sakwe SA, Schmitt H, Winnacker A, Blanquet E, Dedulle JM, Pons M
31 - 34 High Al-doping of SiC using a modified PVT (M-PVT) growth set-up
Muller R, Kunecke U, Weingartner R, Schmitt H, Desperrier P, Wellmann P
35 - 38 Growth of undoped (vanadium-Free) semi-insulating 6H-SiC single crystals
Anderson TA, Barrett DL, Chen J, Emorhokpor E, Gupta A, Hopkins RH, Souzis AE, Tanner CD, Yoganathan M, Zwieback I
39 - 42 Effect of nitrogen doping on the formation of planar defects in 4H-SiC
Siche D, Albrecht M, Doerschel J, Irmscher K, Rost RJ, Rossberg M, Schulz D
43 - 46 Evolution roots of growth-induced polytype domains in 6H-SiC single crystals
Seo SH, Song JS, Oh RH, Wang YZ
47 - 50 SiC crystal growth by sublimation method with modification of crucible and insulation felt design
Kim JG, Ku KR, Kim DJ, Kim SP, Lee WJ, Shin YP, Lee GH, Kim IS
53 - 56 Numerical analysis of growth condition on SiC-CVD in the horizontal hot-wall reactor
Nishizawa SI, Pons M
57 - 60 Epitaxial deposition of silicon carbide films in a horizontal hotwall CVD reactor
Veneroni A, Omarini F, Masi M, Leone S, Mauceri M, Pistone G, Abbondanza G
61 - 66 SiC and ill-nitride growth in a hot-wall CVD reactor
Janzen E, Bergman JP, Danielsson O, Forsberg U, Hallin C, Ul Hassan J, Henry A, Ivanov IG, Kakanakova-Georgieva A, Persson P, ul Wahab Q
67 - 71 New achievements on CVD based methods for SIC epitaxial growth
Crippa D, Valente GL, Ruggiero A, Neri L, Reitano R, Calcagno L, Foti G, Mauceri M, Leone S, Pistone G, Abbondanza G, Abbagnale G, Veneroni A, Omarini F, Zamolo L, Masi M, Roccaforte F, Giannazzo F, Di Franco S, La Via F
73 - 76 Increased growth rate in a SiCCVD reactor using HCl as a growth additive
Myers R, Kordina O, Shishkin Z, Rao S, Everly R, Saddow SE
77 - 80 High growth rate (up to 20 mu m/h) SiC epitaxy in a horizontal hot-wall reactor
Zhang J, Mazzola J, Hoff C, Koshka Y, Casady J
81 - 84 Homoepitaxial growth of 4H-SiC using CH3Cl carbon precursor
Koshka Y, Lin HD, Melnychuk G, Mazzola MS, Wyatt JL
85 - 88 Improved surface morphology and background doping concentration in 4H-SiC(000-1) epitaxial growth by hot-wall CVD
Wada A, Kimoto T, Nishikawa K, Matsunami H
89 - 92 4H-SiC epitaxial growth on SiC substrates with various off-angles
Saitoh H, Kimoto T
93 - 96 2-inch 4H-SIC homoepitaxial layer grown on on-axis C-face substrate by CVD method
Kojima K, Okumura H, Kuroda S, Arai D, Ohi A, Akinaga H
97 - 100 Investigation of basal plane dislocations in the 4H-SiC epilayers grown on {0001} substrates
Tsuchida A, Miyanagi T, Kamata I, Nakamura T, Izumi K, Nakayama K, Ishii R, Asano K, Sugawara Y
101 - 104 Epitaxial growth and characterisation of phosphorus doped SiC using TBP as precursor
Henry A, Janzen E
105 - 108 Experimental investigation and simulation of silicon droplets formation during SiCCVD epitaxial growth
Melnychuk G, Koshka Y, Mazzola MS, Wyatt JL
109 - 112 Structural improvement of seeds for bulk crystal growth by using hot-wall CVD of 4H-SiC
Wagner A, Schulz D, Doerschel J
113 - 116 CVD growth and characterization of 4H-SiC epitaxial film on (1120) as-cut substrates
Zhang ZH, Gao Y, Arjunan AC, Toupitsyn EY, Sadagopan P, Kennedy R, Sudarshan TS
117 - 120 Evaluation of p-type doping for (1,1,-2,0) epitaxial layers grown on alpha-cut (1,1,-2,0) 4H-SiC substrates
Blanc C, Zielinski M, Souliere V, Sartel C, Juillaguet S, Contreras S, Camassel J, Monteil Y
121 - 124 Aluminium doping of 4H-SiC grown with HexaMethylDiSilane
Sartel C, Souliere V, Zielinski M, Monteil Y, Camassel J, Rushworth S
125 - 128 Is the Al solubility limit in SiC temperature dependent or not?
Jacquier C, Ferro G, Zielinski M, Polychroniadis EK, Andreadou A, Camassel J, Monteil Y
129 - 132 Homoepitaxial growth on 4H-SiC (03(3)over-bar-8) face by sublimation close space technique
Yoneda S, Furusho T, Takagi H, Ohta S, Nishino S
133 - 136 LPE of silicon carbide using diluted Si-Ge flux
Filip O, Epelbaum B, Bickermann M, Winnacker A
137 - 140 Large area SiC epitaxial layer growth in a warm-wall planetary VPE reactor
Burk AA, O'Loughlin MJ, Paisley MJ, Powell AR, Brady MF, Leonard RT, Muller S, Allen ST
141 - 146 Epitaxial growth of n-type 4H-SiC on 3" wafers for power devices
Thomas B, Hecht C
147 - 150 Epitaxial overgrowth of 4H-SiC for devices with p-buried floating junction structure
Nishio J, Ota C, Shinohe T, Kojima K, Okumura H
151 - 154 Reduction of stacking faults in fast epitaxial growth of 4H-SiC and its impacts on high-voltage Schottky diodes
Fujiwara H, Kimoto T, Tojo T, Matsunami H
155 - 158 Development of epitaxial SiC processes suitable for bipolar power devices
Sumakeris JJ, Das MK, Ha S, Hurt E, Irvine K, Paisley MJ, O'Loughlin MJ, Palmour JW, Skowronski M, Hobgood HM, Carter CH
159 - 162 Characteristics of trench-refilled 4H-SiC p-n junction diodes fabricated by selective epitaxial growth
Li C, Losee P, Seiler J, Bhat I, Chow TP
163 - 168 Molecular beam epitaxy of semiconductor nanostructures based on SiC
Fissel A
169 - 172 Computer simulation of the early stages of nano scale SiC growth on Si
Safonov KL, Trushin YV, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
173 - 176 Growth of 3C-(Si1-xC1-Y)Gex+y layers on 4H-SiC by molecular beam epitaxy
Weih P, Romanus H, Stauden T, Spiess L, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
177 - 180 Lateral epitaxial overgrowth of 3C-SiC on Si substrates by CVD method
Sugishita S, Shoji A, Mukai Y, Nishiguchi T, Michikami K, Issiki T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
181 - 184 Suppression mechanism of double positioning growth in 3C-SiC(111) crystal by using an off-axis Si(110) substrate
Nakamura M, Isshiki T, Nishiguchi T, Nishio K, Ohshima S, Nishino S
185 - 188 Influence of substrate roughness on the formation of defects in 3C-SiC grown on Si(110) substrate by hetero-epitaxial CVD method
Isshiki T, Nakamura M, Nishiguchi T, Nishio K, Ohshima S, Nishino S
189 - 192 Planar defects, voids and their relationship in 3C-SiC layers
Mendez D, Aouni A, Araujo D, Ferro G, Monteil Y, Bustarret E
193 - 196 Suppression of the twin formation in CVD growth of (111) 3C-SiC on (110) Si substrate
Nishiguchi T, Nakamura M, Nishio K, Isshiki T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
197 - 200 Regrowth of 3C-SiC on CMP treated 3C-SiC/Si epitaxial layers
Mank H, Moisson C, Turover D, Twigg M, Saddow SE
201 - 204 Low temperature chemical vapor deposition of 3C-SiC on Si substrates
Forster C, Cimalla V, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
205 - 208 Challenge to 200 mm 3C-SiC wafers using SOI
Nakao M, Iikawa H, Izumi K, Yokoyama T, Kobayashi S
209 - 212 Key radicals for hetero-epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on silicon substrates
Shimizu H, Hisada K, Aoyama Y
213 - 216 Nucleation control in FLASIC assisted short time liquid phase epitaxy by melt modification
Pezoldt J, Polychroniadis E, Stauden T, Ecke G, Chassagne T, Vennegues P, Leycuras A, Panknin D, Stoemenos J, Skorupa W
217 - 220 A thermal model for flash lamp annealing of 3C-SiC/Si multi-layer systems (i-FLASiC)
Smith M, McMahon RA, Skorupa W, Voelskow M, Stoemenos J
221 - 224 Microstructures in the pendeo epitaxial layer of 3C-SiC on Si substrate
Shoji A, Nakamura M, Mitikami K, Isshiki T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
225 - 228 Large area DPB free (111) beta-SiC thick layer grown on (0001) alpha-SIC nominal surfaces by the CF-PVT method
Chaussende D, Latu-Romain L, Auvray L, Ucar M, Pons M, Madar R
229 - 232 Comparative evaluation of free-standing 3C-SiC crystals
Polychroniadis E, Balloud C, Juillaguet S, Ferro G, Monteil Y, Camassel F, Stoemenos J
233 - 236 Epitaxial SiC formation at the SiO2/Si interface by C+ implantation into SiO2 and subsequent annealing
Voelskow M, Panknin D, Polychroniadis EK, Ferro G, Godignion P, Mestres N, Skorupa W, Monteil Y, Stoemenos J
237 - 240 Microfabrication of Si column covered with SiC film for electron emitter
Nakata T, Ohshiro Y, Shoji A, Ohshima S, Hayashi Y, Nishino S
241 - 244 Formation of ferromagnetic SiC : Mn phases
Syvajarvi A, Nasi L, Yazdi GR, Salviati G, Izadifard M, Buyanova IA, Chen WM, Yakimova R
245 - 248 Two-dimensional model of conjugate heat and mass transport in the isothermal chemical vapour infiltration of 3D-preform by SiC matrix
Kulik VI, Kulik AV, Ramm MS, Nilov AS, Bogdanov MV
251 - 256 A short synopsis of the current status of porous SiC and GaN
Shishkin Y, Ke Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
257 - 260 Preparation of porous 4H-SiC by surface anodization
Chen Y, Shoji S, Sugishita S, Ohshima S, Nishino S
261 - 264 Optical spectroscopy as a tool for observation of porous SiC graphitization
Shuman VB, Savkina NS
265 - 268 X-ray diffraction analysis of epigrowth on porous 4H-SiC substrates
Shulpina IL, Savkina NS, Shuman VB, Ratnikov VV, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R
269 - 272 On current limitations in porous SiC applications
Mynbaeva M, Lavrent'ev A, Kotousova I, Volkova A, Mynbaev K, Lebedev A
273 - 276 Interface defects in n-type 3C-SiC/SiO2: An EPR study of oxidized porous silicon carbide single crystals
von Bardeleben HJ, Cantin JL, Ke L, Shishkin Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
277 - 280 Modification of the oxide/semiconductor interface by high temperature NO treatments: A combined EPR, NRA and XPS study on oxidized porous and bulk n-type 4H-SiC
von Bardeleben HJ, Cantin JL, Vickridge IC, Song YW, Dhar S, Feldman LC, Williams JR, Ke L, Shishkin Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
283 - 286 Development of a KOH defect etching furnace with absolute in-situ temperature measurement capability
Sakwe SA, Herro ZG, Wellmann PJ
287 - 290 Characterization of SiC thin film obtained by magnetron reactive sputtering : IBA, IR and Raman studies
Colder H, Morales M, Rizk R, Vickridge I
291 - 294 RBS-channeling and EPR studies of damage in 2 MeV Al2+-implanted 6H-SiC substrates
Morilla A, Lopez JG, Battistig G, Cantin JL, Cheang-Wong JC, von Bardeleben HJ, Respaldiza MA
295 - 298 Microstructural characterization of 3C-SiC thin films grown by flash lamp induced liquid phase epitaxy
Ferro G, Panknin B, Polychroniadis EK, Monteil Y, Skorupa W, Stoemenos J
299 - 302 Dynamical study of dislocations and 4H -> 3C transformation induced by stress in (11-20) 4H-SiC
Idrissi H, Lancin M, Douin J, Regula G, Pichaud B
303 - 306 Pressure effect on the elastic properties of SiC polytypes
Davydov SY
307 - 310 [01-15] grown 6H SiC bulk crystals investigated by high energy triple axis x-ray diffraction
Seitz C, Herro ZG, Epelbaum BM, Winnacker A, Hock R, Magerl A
311 - 314 XRDT study of structural defects of 6H-SiC crystals
Agrosi G, Fregola RA, Monno A, Scandale E, Tempesta G
315 - 318 Defect characterization of 4H-SiC bulk crystals grown on micropipe filled seed crystals
Kato T, Kojima K, Nishizawa SI, Arai K
319 - 322 PVT-growth and characterization of single crystalline 3C-SiC on a (0001) 6H-SiC substrate
Polychroniadis E, Mantzari A, Freudenberg A, Wollweber J, Nitschke R, Frank T, Pensl G, Schoner A
323 - 326 Structure of in-grown stacking faults in the 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Izumi S, Tsuchida H, Tawara T, Kamata I, Izumi K
327 - 330 Investigation of stacking fault formation in hydrogen bombarded 4H-SiC
Galeckas A, Nielsen HK, Linnros J, Hallen A, Svensson BG, Pirouz P
331 - 334 Intensity ratio of the doublet signature of excitons bound to 3C-SiC stacking faults in a 4H-SiC matrix
Camassel J, Juillaguet S
335 - 340 Specific aspects of type II heteropolytype stacking faults in SiC
Juillaguet S, Camassel J
341 - 346 Optical characterization of deep level defects in SiC
Magnusson B, Janzen E
347 - 350 Optical centres with local vibrational modes created by high temperature annealing of electron irradiated 4H and 6H silicon carbide
Steeds JW, Furkert SA, Sullivan W, Hayes JM, Wright NG
351 - 354 Hyperfine interaction of nitrogen donor in 4H-SiC studied by pulsed-ENDOR
Son NT, Isoya J, Yamasaki S, Janzen E
355 - 358 Midgap levels in As-grown 4H-SiC epilayers investigated by DLTS
Danno K, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
359 - 364 Electronic levels induced by irradiation in 4H-silicon carbide
Castaldini A, Cavallini A, Rigutti L, Nava F
365 - 368 Capacitance spectroscopy study of high energy electron irradiated and annealed 4H-SIC
Alfieri G, Monakhov EV, Linnarsson MK, Svensson BG
369 - 372 Recombination enhanced defect annealing in 4H-SiC
Storasta L, Carlsson FHC, Bergman JP, Janzen E
373 - 376 Room temperature steady state and time resolved PL characterization of ion irradiation induced defects in 6H-SIC
Reitano R, Zimbone M, Musumeci P, Baeri P
377 - 380 Comparative study of 4H-SiC irradiated with neutrons and heavy ions
Kalinina E, Kholuyanov G, Onushkin G, Davydov D, Strel'chuk A, Konstantinov A, Hallen A, Skuratov V, Kuznetsov A
381 - 384 Optical-capacitance-transient spectroscopy study for deep levels in 4H-SiC epilayer grown by cold wall chemical vapor deposition
Kato M, Tanaka S, Ichimura M, Arai E, Nakamura S, Kimoto T
385 - 388 Direct experimental comparison of the effects of electron irradiation on the charge carrier removal rate in n-type silicon and silicon carbide
Kozlovski VV, Bogdanova EV, Emtsev VV, Emtsev KV, Lebedev AA, Lomasov VN
389 - 392 Study of ion induced damage in 4H-SiC
Lo Giudice A, Olivero P, Fizzotti F, Manfredotti C, Vittone E, Bianco S, Bertuccio G, Casiraghi R, Jaksic M
393 - 396 Micro-optical characterization study of highly p-type doped SiC : Al wafers
Wellmann PJ, Mull R, Pons M, Thuaire A, Crisci A, Mermoux M, Auvray L
397 - 400 Improved resolution of epitaxial thin film doping using FTIR reflectance spectroscopy
Mazzola MS, Sunkari SG, Mazzola JP, Das H, Melnychuk G, Koshka Y, Wyatt JL, Zhang J
401 - 404 Electrical properties of p-type in-situ doped vs. Al-implanted 4H-SiC
Pernot J, Contreras S, Camassel J, Robert JL
405 - 408 Characterization of 4H-SiC epitaxial layers by microwave photoconductivity decay
Kumar RJ, Losee PA, Li C, Seiler J, Bhat IB, Chow TP, Borrego JM, Gutmann RJ
409 - 412 Nonequilibrium carrier diffusion and recombination in heavily-doped and semi-insulating bulk HTCVD grown 4H-SiC crystals
Storasta L, Aleksiejunas R, Sudzius M, Kadys A, Malinauskas T, Jarasiunas K, Magnusson B, Janzen E
413 - 416 Optical studies of nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in highly excited 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Neimontas K, Aleksiejunas R, Sudzius M, Jarasiunas K, Bergman JP
417 - 420 Comparison of electrically and optically determined minority carrier lifetimes in 6H-SiC
Reshanov SA, Pensl G
421 - 424 Electrical characterisation of heavily Al doped 4H-SiC layer grown by vapour-liquid-solid epitaxy in Al-Si melt
Godignon P, Jacquier C, Blanque S, Montserrat J, Ferros G, Contreras S, Zielinski M, Monteil Y
425 - 428 Evaluation of on-state resistance and boron-related levels in n-type 4H-SiC
Ciechonski RR, Porro S, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R
429 - 432 Effects of epitaxial layer growth parameters on the defect density and on the electrical characteristics of Schottky diodes
La Via F, Roccaforte F, Di Franco S, Ruggiero A, Neri L, Reitano R, Calcagno L, Foti G, Mauceri M, Leone S, Pistone G, Abbondanza G, Abbagnale G, Valente GL, Crippa D
433 - 436 Infrared gratings based on SiC/Si-heterostructures
Rockstuhl C, Herzig HP, Forster C, Leycuras A, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
437 - 440 Characterisation of 4H-SiC pin diodes by micro-Raman scattering and photoemission
Thuaire A, Mermoux M, Crisci A, Camara N, Bano E, Baillet F, Pernot E
441 - 444 Hall effect in the channel of 3C-SiC MOSFETs
Krieger M, Pensl G, Bakowski M, Schoner A, Nagasawa H, Abe M
445 - 448 Photoluminescence study of in-situ rare earth doped PVT-grown SiC single crystals
Schmitt H, Muller R, Maier M, Winnacker A, Wellmann P
449 - 452 Excitation power dependence of Al-related features in the LTPL spectra of 4H-SiC
Zielinski M, Balloud C, Juillaguet S, Boyer B, Souliere V, Camassel J
453 - 456 Concentration of N and P in SIC investigated by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)
Acarturk T, Semmelroth K, Pensl G, Saddow SE, Starke U
457 - 463 Materials characterization and modeling of SiC in Europe - From the viewpoint of a theorist
Deak P
465 - 468 A new model for the D-I-luminescence in 6H-SiC
Rauls E, Gerstmann U, Pinheiro MVB, Greulich-Weber S, Spaeth JM
469 - 472 Observation of vacancy clusters in HTCVD grown SiC
Aavikko R, Saarinen K, Magnusson B, Janzen E
473 - 476 Electron irradiation induced vacancy defects detected by positron annihilation in 6H-SiC
Barthe MF, Henry L, Arpiainen S, Blondiaux G
477 - 480 The VSiCSi(SiCCSi) complex in electron-irradiated 6H-SiC
Pinheiro MVB, Rauls E, Gerstmann U, Greulich-Weber S, Spaeth JM
481 - 484 The role of nitrogen in the annealing of vacancies in 4H-SiC
Dannefaer S, Avalos V, Yakimova R
485 - 488 Defect evolution in ion irradiated 6H-SiC epitaxial layers
Ruggiero A, Zimbone M, Roccaforte F, Libertino S, La Via F, Reitano R, Calcagno L
489 - 492 High-temperature stable multi-defect clusters in neutron irradiated silicon carbide: Electron paramagnetic resonance study
Ilyin IV, Muzafarova MV, Mokhov EN, Konnikov SG, Baranov PG
493 - 496 Evolution of defect and hydrogen-related low temperature photoluminescence spectra with annealing for hydrogen or helium implanted 6H SiC
Yan F, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ, Gali A, Schmid F, Pensl G, Wagner G
497 - 500 M-center in low-dose proton implanted 4H-SiC; Bistability and change in emission rate
Nielsen HK, Hallen A, Martin DM, Svensson BG
501 - 506 Ab initio calculation of shallow defects: Results for P-related donors in SiC
Gerstmann U, Rauls E, Overhof H, Frauenheim T
507 - 510 Probing of the wave function of shallow donors and acceptors by EPR in SiC crystals with changed isotopic composition
Muzafarova MV, Ilyin IV, Mokhov EN, Baranov PG, Ber BY, Ionov A, Kop'ev PS, Kaliteevskii MA, Godisov ON, Kaliteevskii AK
511 - 514 Effective-mass theory of shallow donors in 4H-SIC
Ivanov IG, Stelmach A, Kleverman M, Janzen E
515 - 518 Electron paramagnetic resonance of shallow phosphorous Centers in 4H-and 6H-SiC
Son NT, Henry A, Isoya J, Janzen E
519 - 522 Theoretical investigations of complexes of p-type dopants and carbon interstitial in SiC: bistable, negative-U defects
Gali A, Hornos T, Deak P, Son NT, Janzen E, Choyke WJ
523 - 526 Ab initio study of dopant ifiterstitials in 4H-SiC
Mattausch A, Bockstedte M, Pankratov O
527 - 530 Kinetic aspects of the interstitial-mediated boron diffusion in SiC
Bockstedte M, Mattausch A, Pankratov O
531 - 534 3d-transition metals in cubic and hexagonal silicon carbide
Machado WVM, Justo JF, Assali LVC
535 - 540 Hydrogen-saturated SiC-surfaces: Model systems for studies of passivation, reconstruction, and interface formation
Seyller T
541 - 546 First principles Simulations of SiC-based interfaces
Catellani A, Cicero G, Righi MC, Pignedoli CA
547 - 550 Surface band structure studies of Si rich reconstructions on 4H-SiC (1100)
Emtsev K, Seyller T, Ley L, Tadich A, Broekman L, Huwald E, Riley JD, Leckey RGC
551 - 554 Electrical characterization of defects in p-type SiC using recombination induced conductivity inversion
Krishnan B, Koshka Y
555 - 558 Analysis of SiC islands formation during first steps of Si carbonization process
Mendez D, Aouni A, Araujo D, Bustarret E, Ferro G, Monteil Y
559 - 562 ALD deposited Al(2)O3 films on 6H-SiC(0001) after annealing in hydrogen atmosphere
Gao KY, Seyller B, Emtsev K, Ley L, Ciobanu F, Pensl G
563 - 568 SiC/SiO2 interface states: Properties and models
Afanas'ev VV, Ciobanu F, Dimitrijev S, Pensl G, Stesmans A
569 - 572 The search for near interface oxide traps - First-principles calculations on intrinsic SiO2 defects
Knaup JM, Deak P, Gali A, Hajnal Z, Frauenheim T, Choyke JW
573 - 576 Interface states at the SiO2/4H-SiC(0001) interface from first-principles: Effects of Si-Si bonds and of nitrogen atom termination
Ohnuma T, Tsuchida H, Jikimoto T, Miyashita A, Yoshikawa M
577 - 580 Structural and electronic properties of Si1-xCxO2
Justo JF, da Silva CRS, Pereyra I, Assali LVC
581 - 584 Surface and interface studies of Si-rich 4H-SiC and SiO2
Virojanadara C, Johansson LI
585 - 588 Characterization of oxide films on SIC epitaxial (000-1) faces by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy measurements using synchrotron radiation
Hijikata A, Yaguchi B, Yoshida S, Takata Y, Kobayashi K, Shin S, Nohira H, Hattori T
589 - 592 Characterization of SIC passivation using MOS capacitor ultraviolet-induced hysteresis
Matocha K, Tucker J, Kaminsky E
593 - 596 Observation of deep level centers in 4H and 6H silicon carbide metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Meyer DJ, Dautrich MS, Lenahan PM, Lelis A
599 - 604 Technological aspects of ion implantation in SiC device processes
Negoro Y, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
605 - 608 Fabrication of compact ion implanter for silicon carbide devices
Mitani S, Yamaguchi S, Furukawa S, Nakata T, Horino Y, Ono R, Hosokawa Y, Miyamoto M, Nishino S
609 - 612 Development of the novel electron bombardment anneal system (EBAS) for SiC post ion implantation anneal
Shibagaki M, Kurematsu Y, Watanabe F, Haga S, Miura K, Suzuki T, Satoh M
613 - 616 Aluminium implantation induced linear surface faults in 4H-SiC
Wright NG, Vassilevski KV, Nikitina I, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM, Bhatnagar P, Tappin P
617 - 620 Electrical behavior of implanted aluminum and boron near tall region in 4H-SiC after high-temperature annealing
Negoro Y, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
621 - 624 Annealing of aluminum implanted 4H-SiC: Comparison of furnace and lamp annealing
Rambach M, Bauer AJ, Frey L, Friedrichs P, Ryssel H
625 - 628 Ar annealing at 1600 degrees C and 1650 degrees C of Al+ implanted p(+)/n 4H-SiC diodes: Analysis of the J-V characteristics versus annealing temperature
Bergamini F, Moscatelli F, Canino M, Poggi A, Nipoti R
629 - 632 J-v characteristics of Al+ ion implanted p(+)/n 4H-SiC diodes annealed in silane ambient at 1600 degrees C
Bergamini A, Rao SP, Saddow SE, Nipoti R
633 - 636 P-type SiC layers formed by VLS induced selective epitaxial growth
Lazar M, Jacquier C, Dubois C, Raynaud C, Ferro G, Planson D, Brosselard P, Monteil Y, Chante JP
637 - 640 Ion beam analysis and computer simulation of damage accumulation in nitrogen implanted 6H-SIC: Effects of channeling
Zolnai Z, Ster A, Khanh NQ, Kotai E, Posselt MH, Battistig G, Lohner T, Gyulai J
641 - 644 Experimental evidence for an electrically neutral (N-Si)-complex formed during the annealing process of Si+-/N+-co-implanted 4H-SiC
Schmid F, Frank T, Pensl G
645 - 648 Homogeneity of nitrogen and phosphorus co-implants in 4H-SiC: Full wafer scale investigation
Blanque S, Lyonnet J, Camassel J, Perez R, Terziyska P, Contreras S, Godignon P, Mestres N, Pascual J
649 - 652 n(+)/p diodes realized in SiC by phosphorus ion implantation: Electrical characterization as a function of temperature
Canino M, Castaldini A, Cavallini A, Moscatelli F, Nipoti R, Poggi A
653 - 656 Study of carbon in thermal oxide formed on 4H-SiC by XPS
Zhao P, Rusli, Xia JH, Tan CM, Liu Y, Tin CC, Yoon SF, Zhu WG, Ahn J
657 - 660 The role of formation and dissolution of c clusters on the oxygen incorporation during dry thermal oxidation of 6H-SiC
Radtke C, Baumvol IJR, Ferrera BC, Stedile FC
661 - 664 Effects of dislocations on reliability of thermal oxides grown on n-type 4H-SiC wafer
Senzaki J, Kojima K, Kato T, Shimozato A, Fukuda K
665 - 668 Competition between oxidation and recrystallization in ion amorphized (0001) 6H-SIC
Poggi A, Parisini A, Solmi S, Nipoti R
669 - 672 High temperature rapid thermal oxidation and nitridation of 4H-SiC in diluted N2O and NO ambient
Kosugi R, Fukuda K, Arai K
673 - 676 4H-SiC MOS structures fabricated from RTCVD Si layers oxidized in diluted N2O
Perez-Tomas A, Tournier D, Godignon P, Mestres N, Millan J
677 - 680 High-reliability ONO gate dielectric for power MOSFETs
Tanimoto S, Tanaka H, Hayashi T, Shimoida Y, Hoshi M, Mihara T
681 - 684 An in-situ post growth annealing process for the improvement of 4H-SiC/SiO2 MOS interface prepared by CVD using TEOS, and its characteristic study
Ramanujam K, Furuichi H, Taguchi K, Yukumoto S, Nishino S
685 - 688 High temperature NO annealing of deposited SiO2 and SiON films on n-type 4H-SiC
Yano H, Hatayama T, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
689 - 692 Characteristics of post-nitridation rapid-thermal annealed gate oxide grown on 4H SiC
Cheong KY, Bahng W, Kim NK
693 - 696 Low density of interface states in n-type 4H-SiC MOS capacitors achieved by nitrogen implantation
Ciobanu F, Pensl G, Afanas'ev VV, Schoner A
697 - 700 Effects of N2O anneal on channel mobility of 4H-SiC MOSFET and gate oxide reliability
Fujihira K, Tarui Y, Ohtsuka KI, Imaizumi M, Takami T
701 - 704 Characterization of aluminum and titanium oxides deposited on 4H SiC by atomic layer deposition technique
Wolborski M, Bakowski M, Pore V, Ritala M, Leskela M, Schoner A, Hallen A
705 - 708 Electrical properties of aluminum oxide films grown by atomic layer deposition on n-type 4H-SiC
Avice M, Grossner U, Monakhov EV, Grillenberger J, Nilsen O, Fjellvag H, Svensson BG
709 - 712 Characterization of 4H-SiC MOS structures with Al2O3 as gate dielectric
Paskaleva A, Ciechonski RR, Syvajarvi M, Atanassova E, Yakimova R
713 - 716 4H-SiC MOSFETs using thermal oxidized Ta2Si films as high-k gate dielectric
Perez-Tomas A, Godignon P, Mestres N, Montserrat J, Millan J
717 - 720 Characterization of polyimide dielectric layer for the passivation of high electric field and high temperature silicon carbide power devices
Zelmat S, Locatelli ML, Lebey T
721 - 724 Improvement in electrical performance of Schottky contacts for high-voltage diode
Nakamura T, Miyanagi T, Tsuchida H, Kamata I, Jikimoto T, Izumi K
725 - 728 Surface preparation of 6H-SiC substrates by electron beam annealing
Agueev OA, Avdeev SP, Svetlichnyi AM, Konakova RV, Milenin VV, Lytvyn PM, Lytvyn OS, Okhrimenko OB, Soloviev SI, Sudarshan TS
729 - 732 Ion-beam induced modifications of titanium Schottky barrier on 4H-SiC
Roccaforte F, Giannazzo F, Bongiorno C, Libertino S, La Via F, Raineri V
733 - 736 Phase formation at rapid thermal annealing of nickel contacts on C-face n-type 4H-SiC.
Ferrero S, Albonico A, Meotto UM, Rombola G, Porro S, Giorgis F, Perrone D, Scaltrito L, Bontempi E, Depero LE, Richieri G, Merlin L
737 - 740 Ni-silicide contacts to 6H-SiC: Contact resistivity and barrier height on ion implanted n-type and barrier height on p-type epilayer
Moscatelli F, Scorzoni A, Poggi A, Canino M, Nipoti R
741 - 744 Nucleation and reaction of Ag on 4H-SiC(0001)
Soubatch S, Starke U
745 - 748 Characterization of electrical contacts on polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin films
Castaldini A, Cavallini A, Rossi M, Cocuzza M, Ricciardi C
749 - 752 Effect of the metal composition on the electrical and thermal properties of Au/Pd/Ti/Pd contacts to p-type SiC
Kolaklieva L, Kakanakov R, Marinova T, Lepoeva G
753 - 756 Step structures produced by hydrogen etching of initially step-free (0001) 4H-SiC mesas
Powell JA, Neudeck PG, Trunek AJ, Abel PB
757 - 760 Reduction of fluoride species and surface roughness by H-2 gas addition in SiC dry etching
Mikami H, Horie Y, Hatayama T, Yano H, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
761 - 764 Structure and morphology of 4H-SiC wafer surfaces after H-2-Etching
Soubatch S, Saddow SE, Rao SP, Lee WY, Konuma M, Starke U
765 - 768 Reactive ion etching induced surface damage of silicon carbide
Xia JH, Rusli, Gopalakrishan R, Choy SF, Tin CC, Ahn J, Yoon SF
769 - 772 The reactive neutral beam etching of SiC and its application in p-n junction periphery protection.
Sarov G, Cholakova T, Kakanakov R
773 - 776 Forward-bias degradation in 4H-SiC p(+)nn(+) diodes: Influence of the mesa etching
Camara N, Thuaire A, Bano E, Zekentes K
777 - 780 Trench formation on ion implanted SiC surface after thermal oxidation
Bahng W, Song GH, Kim NK, Kim SC, Kim HW, Seo KS, Kim ED
781 - 784 Metal bonding in SiC based substrates
Matko I, Chenevier B, Madar R, Roussel H, Coindeau S, Letertre F, Richtarch C, Di Cioccio L
785 - 790 SiC power device packaging technologies for 300 to 350 degrees C applications
Johnson RW, Williams J
793 - 796 Numerical simulation and optimization for 900V 4H-SiC DiMOSFET fabrication
Kim SC, Bahng W, Kim NK, Kim ED, Ayalew T, Grasser T, Selberherr S
797 - 800 4H-SiC DMOSFETs for high speed switching applications
Ryu SH, Krishnaswami S, Das M, Richmond J, Agarwal A, Palmour J, Scofield J
801 - 804 Realisation of large area 3C-SiC MOSFETs
Schoner A, Bakowski M, Ericsson P, Stromberg H, Nagasawa H, Abe M
805 - 808 4H-SiC lateral RESURF MOSFETs on carbon-face substrates
Okamoto M, Suzuki S, Kato M, Yatsuo T, Fukuda K
809 - 812 Dose designing for high-voltage 4H-SiC RESURF MOSFETs - device simulation and fabrication
Kawano H, Kimoto T, Suda J, Matsunami H
813 - 816 Analysis of low on-resistance in 4H-SiC Double-Epitaxial MOSFET
Harada S, Okamoto M, Yatsuo T, Fukuda K, Arai K
817 - 820 Low on-resistance in normally-off 4H-SiC accumulation MOSFET
Okuno E, Endo T, Matsuki H, Sakakibara T, Tanaka H
821 - 824 Short-Channel Effects in 4H-SiC MOSFETs
Noborio M, Kanzaki Y, Suda J, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
825 - 828 Performance of SiC Cascode Switches with Si MOS Gate
Brezeanu G, Boianceanu C, Brezeanu M, Mihaila A, Udrea F, Amaratunga G
829 - 832 Investigation of Degradation of Inversion Channel Mobility of SiC MOSFET due to the Increase of Channel Doping
Hatakeyama T, Watanabe T, Senzaki J, Kato M, Fukuda K, Shinohe T, Arai K
833 - 836 Field Effect Mobility in n-channel Si face 4H-SiC MOSFET with Gate oxide Grown on Aluminium Ion-implanted Material
Gudjonsson G, Olafsson HO, Allerstam F, Nilsson PA, Sveinbjornsson EO, Rodle T, Jos R
837 - 840 High Field-Effect Mobility in 6H-SiC MOSFET with Gate Oxides Grown in Alumina Environment
Allerstam F, Gudjonsson G, Olafsson HO, Sveinbjornsson EO, Rodle T, Jos R
841 - 844 High Field Effect Mobility in Si Face 4H-SiC MOSFET Made on Sublimation Grown Epitaxial Material
Sveinbjornsson EO, Olafsson HO, Gudjonsson G, Allerstam F, Nilsson PA, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R, Hallin C, Rodle T, Jos R
845 - 848 Modeling of lattice site-dependent incomplete ionization in a-SiC devices
Ayalew T, Grasser T, Kosina H, Selberherr S
849 - 852 Physical simulation of drain-induced barrier lowering effect in SiC MESFETs
Zhu CL, Rusli, Almira J, Tin CC, Yoon SF, Ahn J
853 - 856 High power lateral epitaxy MESFET technology in silicon carbide
Konstantinov AO, Harris CI, Ray IC
857 - 860 Broadband RF SiC MESFET power amplifiers
Jonsson R, Rudner S
861 - 864 Important Role of Parasitic Regions in Electrical Characteristics of SiC MESFETs
Cha HY, Choi YC, Eastman LF, Spencer MG, Ardaravicius L, Matulionis A, Kiprijanovic O
865 - 868 Hole-like Defects in n-Channel 4H-SIC MESFETs Observed by Current Transient Spectroscopy
Bluet JM, Gassoumi M, Dermoul I, Chekir F, Maaref H, Guillot G, Morvan E, Dua C, Brylinski C
869 - 872 High-Purity Versus High-Defect-Density Semiinsulating Substrates for SIC MESFET: Simulation of Device Characteristics
Koshka Y, Sankin I
873 - 876 Wannier-Stark Localization Effects in 6H-SiC JFETs
Sankin VI, Shkrebiy PP, Lebedev AA
877 - 880 Effective edge termination design in SiCVJFET
Bhatnagar P, Horsfall AB, Wright NG, O'Neill AG, Vassilevski KV, Johnson CM
881 - 884 Electrical Characteristics Temperature Dependence of 600V-class Deep Implanted Gate Vertical JFET
Mizukami M, Takikawa O, Imai S, Kinoshita K, Hatakeyama T, Domon T, Shinohe T
885 - 888 Gamma and Proton Irradiation Effects on 4H-SiC Depletion-Mode Trench JFETs
Merrett JN, Williams JR, Cressler JD, Sutton A, Cheng L, Bondarenko V, Sankin I, Seale D, Mazzola MS, Krishnan B, Koshka Y, Casady JB
889 - 892 Current gain of 4H-SiC bipolar transistors including the effect of interface states
Domeij M, Danielsson E, Lee HS, Zetterling CM, Ostling M
893 - 896 BVCEO versus BVCBO for 4H and 6H Polytype SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors
Balachandran S, Chow TP, Agarwal A, Scozzie S, Jones KA
897 - 900 Electrical characteristics of 4H-SiC BJTs at elevated temperatures
Lee HS, Domeij M, Danielsson E, Zetterling CM, Ostling M
901 - 904 1000 V, 30 A SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors and Integrated Darlington Pairs
Krishnaswami S, Agarwal A, Capell C, Richmond J, Ryu SH, Palmour J, Balachandran S, Chow TP, Bayne S, Geil B, Jones KA, Scozzie C
905 - 908 A 4H-SiC BJT with an epitaxially regrown extrinsic base layer
Danielsson E, Domeij M, Lee HS, Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Schoner A, Hallin C
909 - 912 Low and high temperature performance of 600V 4H-SiC epitaxial emitter BJTs
Balachandran S, Chow TP, Agarwal A
913 - 916 Optimisation of heterostructure bipolar transistors in SiC
Chen CC, Horsfall AB, Wright NG, O'Neill AG
917 - 920 Comparison of high-voltage 4H-SiC insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and MOS-gated bipolar transistor (MGT)
Zhu L, Balachandran S, Chow TP
921 - 924 Process and Device Simulation of a SiC Floating Junction Schottky Barrier Diode (Super-SBD)
Hatakeyama T, Nishio J, Shinohe T
925 - 928 Influence of overgrown micropipes in the active area of SIC Schottky diodes on long term reliability
Rupp R, Treu M, Turkes P, Beermann H, Scherg T, Preis H, Cerva H
929 - 932 Temperature impact on high-current 1.2kV SiC Schottky rectifiers
Jorda X, Tournier D, Rebollo J, Millan J, Godignon P
933 - 936 Temperature Stability of Breakdown Voltage on SiC Power Schottky Diodes with Different Barrier Heights
Pierobon R, Meneghesso G, Zanoni E, Roccaforte F, La Via F, Raineri V
937 - 940 Planar Schottky microwave diodes on 4H-SiC
Sudow M, Rorsman N, Nilsson PA, Zirath H
941 - 944 Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of 1.5 M Omega cm(2), 800 V 4H-SiC n-type Schottky Barrier Diodes
Furno M, Bonani F, Ghione G, Ferrero S, Porro S, Mandracci P, Scaltrito L, Perrone D, Richieri G, Merlin L
945 - 948 Temperature Dependence of 4H-SiC JBS and Schottky Diodes after High Temperature Treatment of Contact Metal
Perez R, Mestres N, Tournier D, Jorda X, Vellvehi M, Godignon P
949 - 952 Numerical analysis of SiC merged PiN Schottky diodes
Ayalew T, Kim SC, Grasser T, Selberherr S
953 - 956 New high-voltage unipolar mode p(+) Si/n(-) 4H-SiC heterojunction diode
Hayashi T, Tanaka H, Shimoida Y, Tanimoto S, Hoshi M
957 - 960 SiC super junction power devices: Modeling and analysis
Shen ZJ, Cheng X, Kang B, Ko S, Hshieh I
961 - 964 Electrical characteristics and reliability of 4H-SiC pin diodes fabricated on in-house grown and commercial epitaxial films
Losee PA, Li C, Seiler J, Stahlbush RE, Chow TP, Bhat IB, Gutmann RJ
965 - 968 Drift-free, 50 A, 10 kV 4H-SiC PiN diodes with improved device yields
Das MK, Sumakeris JJ, Hull BA, Richmond J, Krishnaswami S, Powell AR
969 - 972 8.3 kV 4H-SiC pin diode on (000-1) C-face with small forward voltage degradation
Nakayama K, Sugawara Y, Tsuchida H, Miyanagi T, Kamata I, Nakamura T, Asano K, Ishii R
973 - 976 Steady-state and transient characteristics of high-voltage 4H-SiC junction diodes
Ivanov PA, Levinshtein ME, Mnatsakanov TT, Palmour JW, Singh R, Irvin KG, Das M
977 - 980 Large area, avalanche-stable 4H-SiC PIN diodes with V-BR > 4.5 kV
Peters D, Elpelt R, Schorner R, Dohnke KO, Friedrichs P, Stephani D
981 - 984 Demonstration of high-power X-band oscillation in p(+)/n(-)/n(+) 4H-SiC IMPATT diodes with guard-ring termination
Ono S, Arai M, Kimura C
985 - 988 Lifetime control of the minority carrier in PIN diodes by He+ ion implantation
Tanaka Y, Kojima K, Takao K, Okamoto M, Kawasaki M, Takatsuka A, Yatsuo T, Arai K
989 - 992 Study of forward voltage drift in diffused SiCPIN diodes doped by Al or B
Maximenko S, Soloviev S, Grekov A, Bolotnikov A, Gao Y, Sudarshan TS
993 - 996 Influence of gamma-ray and neutron irradiation on injection characteristics of 4H-SiC pn structures
Strel'chuk AM, Kalinina EV, Konstantinov AO, Hallen A
997 - 1000 Investigation of microwave switching 4HSiC p-i-n diodes in the 20 divided by 500 degrees C temperature range
Boltovets MS, Basanets VV, Camara N, Krivutsa VA, Zekentes K
1001 - 1004 Influence of irradiation on excess currents in SiC pn structures
Stre'chuk AM, Kozlovski VV, Lebedev AA, Smirnova NY
1005 - 1008 A 3.5 kV thyristor in 4H-SiC with a JTE periphery
Brosselard P, Bouchet T, Planson D, Scharnholz S, Paques G, Lazar M, Raynaud C, Chante JP, Spahn E
1009 - 1014 SiC materials and technologies for sensors development
Godignon P
1015 - 1019 Silicon carbide for alpha, beta, ion and soft X-ray high performance detectors
Bertuccio G, Binetti S, Caccia S, Casiraghi R, Castaldini A, Cavallini A, Lanzieri C, Le Donne A, Nava F, Pizzini S, Rigutti L, Verzellesi G, Vittone E
1021 - 1024 Measurements of charge collection efficiency of p(+)/n junction SiC detectors
Moscatelli F, Scorzoni A, Poggi A, Bruzzi M, Lagomarsino S, Mersi S, Sciortino S, Lazar M, Di Placido A, Nipoti R
1025 - 1028 Investigation of the SiC transistor and diode nuclear detectors at 8 MeV proton irradiation
Strokan NB, Ivanov AM, Savkina NS, Lebedev AA, Kozlovski VV, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R
1029 - 1032 High energy resolution detectors based on 4H-SiC.
Ivanov A, Kalinina E, Kholuyanov G, Strokan N, Onushkin G, Konstantinov A, Hallen A, Kuznetsov A
1033 - 1036 High temperature hydrocarbon sensing with Pt-thin Ga2O3-SiC diodes
Trinchi A, Wlodarski W, Faglia G, Ponzoni A, Comini E, Sberveglieri G
1039 - 1042 Modeling of photon recycling in GaN-devices
Velmre E, Udal A, Klopov M
1043 - 1046 Nickel-vacancy complexes in diamond: An ab-initio investigation
Assali LVC, Larico R, Machado WVM, Justo JF
1047 - 1050 Manganese impurity in boron nitride and gallium nitride
Assali LVC, Machado WVM, Justo JF
1051 - 1056 Heteroepitaxy of GaN on silicon: In situ measurements
Krost A, Dadgar A, Schulze F, Clos R, Haberland K, Zettler T
1057 - 1060 Structure and energy of the 90 degrees partial dislocations in Wurtzite-GaN
Savini G, Heggie MI, Ewels CP, Martsinovich N, Jones R, Blumenau AT
1061 - 1064 High temperature contacts to GaN and SiC based on TiBx nanostructure layers
Boltovets MS, Ivanov VN, Avksentyev AY, Belyaev AE, Borisenko AG, Fedorovitsh OA, Konakova RV, Kudryk YY, Lytvyn PM, Milenin VV, Sachenko AV, Sveschnikov YN
1065 - 1068 Microscopic spatial distribution of bound excitons in high-quality ZnO
Bertram F, Forster D, Christen J, Oleynik N, Dadgar A, Krost A