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3 - 7 Silicon carbide crystal and substrate technology: A survey of recent advances
Hobgood HM, Brady MF, Calus MR, Jenny JR, Leonard RT, Malta DP, Muller SG, Powell AR, Tsvetkov VF, Glass RC, Carter CH
9 - 14 SiC crystal growth by HTCVD
Ellison A, Magnusson B, Sundqvist B, Pozina G, Bergman JP, Janzen E, Vehanen A
15 - 20 Effects of ionicity on defect physics of wide-band-gap semiconductors
Van de Walle CG
21 - 26 Possibility of power electronics paradigm shift with wide band gap semiconductors
Ohashi H
29 - 34 High-quality SiC bulk single crystal growth based on simulation and experiment
Nishizawa SI, Kato T, Kitou Y, Oyanagi N, Hirose F, Yamaguchi H, Bahng W, Arai K
35 - 40 Development of large diameter high-purity semi-insulating 4H-SiC wafers for microwave devices
Jenny JR, Malta DP, Calus MR, Muller SG, Powell AR, Tsvetkov VF, Hobgood HM, Glass RC, Carter CH
41 - 46 Large diameter 4H-SiC substrates for commercial power applications
Powell AR, Leonard RT, Brady MF, Muller SG, Tsvetkov VF, Trussell R, Sumakeris JJ, Hobgood HM, Burk AA, Glass RC, Carter CH
47 - 50 Investigation of graphite particle inclusions in 6H-SIC single crystals grown by sublimation boule growth technique
Nishiguchi T, Nakamura M, Isshiki T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
51 - 54 Study of polytype switching vs. micropipes in PVT grown SiC single crystals
Wang S, Sanchez E, Kopec A, Zhang M, Hernandez O
55 - 58 Analysis of graphitization during physical vapor transport growth of silicon carbide
Wellmann PJ, Herro Z, Sakwe SA, Masri P, Bogdanov M, Karpov S, Kulik A, Ramm M, Makarov Y
59 - 62 Thermodynamic analysis of the production of silicon carbide via silicon dioxide and carbon
Sevast'yanov VG, Ezhov YS, Simonenko EP, Kuznetsov NT
63 - 66 Faceted growth of SiC bulk crystals
Matukov ID, Kalinin DS, Bogdanov MV, Karpov SY, Ofengeim DK, Ramm MS, Barash JS, Mokhov EN, Roenkov AD, Vodakov YA, Ramm MG, Helava H, Makarov YN
67 - 70 Theoretical analysis of the mass transport in the powder charge in long-term bulk SiC growth
Kulik A, Bogdanov MV, Karpov SY, Ramm MS, Makarov YN
71 - 74 Free growth of 4H-SiC by sublimation method
Dedulle JM, Anikin M, Pons M, Blanquet E, Pisch A, Madar R, Bernard C
75 - 78 Advanced PVT growth of 2 & 3-inch diameter 6H SiC crystals
Anderson TA, Barrett DL, Chen J, Elkington WT, Emorhokpor E, Gupta A, Johnson CJ, Hopkins RH, Martin C, Kerr T, Semenas E, Souzis AE, Tanner CD, Yoganathan M, Zwieback I
79 - 82 Radial expansion growth of SiC single crystals with higher crystal quality
Fujimoto T, Tsuge H, Katsuno M, Ohtani N, Yashiro H, Nakabayashi M
83 - 86 Growth and characterization of SiC bulk crystals grown on an off-oriented (1120) seed crystal
Katsuno M, Ohtani N, Fujimoto T, Yashiro H
87 - 90 Growth of bulk SiC by halide chemical vapor deposition
Fanton M, Skowronski M, Snyder D, Chung HJ, Nigam S, Weiland B, Huh SW
91 - 94 Characterization of thick 2-inch 4H-SiC layers grown by the Continuous Feed - Physical Vapor Transport method
Chaussende D, Balloud C, Auvray L, Baillet F, Zielinski M, Juillaguet S, Mermoux M, Pernot E, Camassel J, Pons M, Madar R
95 - 98 Effect of thermal field on interface step structures during PVT growth of (0001)Si 6H-SiC
Herro ZG, Epelbaum BM, Bickermann M, Masri P, Winnacker A
99 - 102 Large diameter and long length growth of SiC single crystal
Kato T, Ohno T, Hirose F, Oyanagi N, Nishizawa S, Arai K
103 - 106 Effect of crucible design on the shape and the quality in 6H-SiC crystals grown by physical vapor transport
Um MY, Song HK, Na HJ, Kim DH, Song IB, Jung SY, Jeong JK, Lee JB, Kim HJ
107 - 110 Sublimation growth of SiC crystal using modified crucible design on 4H-SiC {03-38} substrate and defect analysis
Furusho T, Takagi H, Ota S, Shiomi H, Nishino S
111 - 114 Natural crystal habit and preferential growth directions during PVT of silicon carbide
Herro ZG, Epelbaum BM, Bickermann M, Masri P, Seitz C, Magerl A, Winnacker A
115 - 118 High quality SiC bulk growth by sublimation method using elemental silicon and carbon powder as SiC source materials
Ota S, Furusho T, Takagi H, Oshima S, Nishino S
119 - 122 Flux growth of SiC crystals from eutectic melt SIC-B4C
Epelbaum BM, Gurzhiyants PA, Herro Z, Bickermann M, Winnacker A
123 - 126 Solution growth of self-standing 6H-SiC single crystal using metal solvent
Kusunoki K, Munetoh S, Kamei K, Hasebe M, Ujihara T, Nakajima K
127 - 130 The effect of a periodic movement on the die of the bottom line of the melt/gas meniscus in the case of silicon filaments grown from the melt in a vacuum by edge-defined film-fed growth method
Braescu L, Balint AM, Balint S
131 - 134 Continuous growth of SiC single crystal by the spray dried powder made of ultra-fine particle precursors
Yamada Y, Nishizawa S, Nakashima S, Arai K
135 - 138 Comparison between various chemical systems for the CVD step in the CF-PVT crystal growth method
Auvray L, Chaussende D, Baillet F, Charpentier L, Pons M, Madar R
139 - 142 In situ SiC feeding by chemical vapor deposition for bulk growth
Charpentier L, Baillet F, Chaussende D, Auvray L, Pons M, Pernot E, Madar R
143 - 146 Stable parameter range for 3C-SiC sublimation growth on graphite
Wollweber J, Mantzari A, Polychroniadis EK, Balloud C, Freudenberg A, Nitschke R, Camassel J
147 - 150 Microstructure of cubic SiC grown by the modified Lely-method
Nerding M, Semmelroth K, Pensl G, Nagasawa H, Strunk HP
151 - 154 Growth of 3C-SiC bulk material by the modified Lely method
Semmelroth K, Krieger M, Pensl G, Nagasawa H, Pusche R, Hundhausen M, Ley L, Nerding M, Strunk HP
157 - 162 Characterization of SiC epitaxial structures using high-resolution X-ray diffraction techniques
Huang XR, Dudley M, Cho W, Okojie RS, Neudeck PG
163 - 168 Surface mechanisms in homoepitaxial growth on alpha-SiC {0001}-vicinal faces
Nakamura S, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
169 - 174 Step free surface heteroepitaxy of 3C-SiC layers on patterned 4H/6H-SiC mesas and cantilevers
Neudeck PG, Powell JA, Trunek AJ, Spry DJ
175 - 180 Flash Lamp Supported Deposition of 3C-SiC (FLASiC) - a promising technique to produce high quality cubic SiC layers
Skorupa W, Panknin D, Anwand W, Voelskow M, Ferro G, Monteil Y, Leycuras A, Pezoldt J, McMahon R, Smith M, Camassel J, Stoemenos J, Polychroniadis E, Godignon P, Mestres N, Turover D, Rushworth S, Friedberger A
181 - 184 Properties and suitability of 4H-SIC epitaxial layers grown at different CVD systems for hijh voltage applications
Thomas B, Bartsch W, Stein R, Schorner R, Stephani D
185 - 188 Selective growth of 4H-SIC on 4H-SiC substrates using a high temperature mask
Li C, Seiler J, Bhat I, Chow TP
189 - 192 Homoepitaxial growth of 4H-SiC on trenched substrates by chemical vapor deposition
Chen Y, Kimoto T, Takeuchi Y, Malhan RK, Matsunami H
193 - 196 Homoepitaxial on-axis growth of 4H-and 6H-SIC by CVD
Hallin C, Wahab Q, Ivanov I, Bergman P, Janzen E
197 - 200 High-speed growth of high-purity epitaxial layers with specular surface on 4H-SiC(000-1) face
Danno K, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
201 - 204 Growth of device quality 4H-SiC by high velocity epitaxy
Yakimova R, Syvajarvi M, Ciechonski RR, Wahab Q
205 - 208 Fast epitaxial growth of thick 4H-SiC with specular surface by chimney-type vertical hot-wall chemical vapor deposition
Fujiwara H, Danno K, Kimoto T, Tojo T, Matsunami H
209 - 212 4H-SiC carbon-face epitaxial layers grown by low-pressure hot-wall chemical vapor deposition
Kojima K, Takahashi T, Ishida Y, Kuroda S, Okumura H, Arai K
213 - 216 Influence of C/Si ratio on the 4H-SiC (0001) epitaxial growth and a keynote for high-rate growth
Ishida Y, Takahashi T, Kojima K, Okumura H, Arai K, Yoshida S
217 - 220 Comparative studies of (0001) 4H-SiC layers grown with either Silane or HexaMethylDiSilane Propane precursor systems.
Sartel C, Balloud C, Souliere V, Juillaguet S, Dazord J, Monteil Y, Camassel J, Rushworth S
221 - 224 Growth of homoepitaxial films on 4H-SiC(1120) and 8 degrees off-axis 4H-SiC(0001) substrates and their characterization
Bishop SM, Preble EA, Hallin C, Henry A, Storasta L, Jacobson H, Wagner BP, Reitmeier Z, Janzen E, Davis RF
225 - 228 Uniformity improvement in SiC epitaxial growth by using Si-condensation
Harada S, Nakayama K, Sasaki M, Shiomi H
229 - 232 Growth and characterization of the 4H-SiC epilayers on substrates with different off-cut directions
Tsuchida H, Kamata I, Izumi S, Tawara T, Izumi K
233 - 236 Homoepitaxial growth of Al-doped 4H-SiC using bis-trimethylsilylmethane precursor
Song HK, Um MY, Na HJ, Kim DH, Song IB, Jung SY, Jeong JK, Lee JB, Kim HJ
237 - 240 Investigation of < 1,1,-2,0 > epitaxial layers grown on a-cut 4H-SiC substrates.
Blanc C, Sartel C, Souliere V, Juillaguet S, Monteil Y, Camassel J
241 - 244 Vapour-Liquid-Solid induced localised growth of heavily Al doped 4H-SiC on patterned substrate
Jacquier C, Ferro G, Godignon P, Montserrat J, Dezellus O, Monteil Y
245 - 248 Comparison of different metal additives to Si for the homoepitaxial growth of 4H-SiC layers by Vapour-Liquid-Solid mechanism
Abdou F, Jacquier C, Ferro G, Cauwet F, Monteil Y
249 - 252 Simple model for calculation of SiC epitaxial layers growth rate in vacuum.
Davydov SY, Savkina NS, Lebedev AA, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R
253 - 256 Modelling of SiC-matrix composite formation by thermal gradient chemical vapour infiltration
Kulik VI, Kulik AV, Ramm MS, Makarov YN
257 - 260 Pendeo epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on Si substrates
Shoji A, Okui Y, Nishiguchi T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
261 - 264 Comparative growth behavior of 3C-SiC mesa heterofilms with and without extended defects
Trunek AJ, Neudeck PG, Powell JA, Spry DJ
265 - 268 Checker-board carbonization for control and reduction of the mean curvature of 3C-SiC layers grown on Si(100) substrates
Chassagne T, Ferro G, Haas H, Leycuras A, Mank H, Monteil Y
269 - 272 Growth of SiC films using tetraethylsilane
Kubo N, Kawase T, Asahina S, Kanayama N, Tsuda H, Moritani A, Kitahara K
273 - 276 Investigation of 2 inch SiC layers grown in a resistively-heated LP-CVD reactor with horizontal "hot-walls"
Chassagne T, Leycuras A, Balloud C, Arcade P, Peyre H, Juillaguet S
277 - 280 Interfacial strain and defects in Si (001) carbonisation layers for 3C-SiC hetero-epitaxy
Bustarret E, Araujo D, Mendez D, Morales FM, Pacheco FJ, Molina SI, Rochat N, Ferro G, Monteil Y
281 - 284 Potential of HMDS/C3H8 precursor system for the growth of state of the art heteroepitaxial 3C-SiC layers on Si(100)
Ferro G, Camassel J, Juillaguet S, Balloud C, Polychroniadis EK, Stoimenos Y, Seigle-Ferrand P, Dazord J, Monteil Y, Rushworth SA, Smith LM
285 - 288 Structural analysis of (211) 3C-SiC on (211) Si substrates grown by chemical vapor deposition
Nishiguchi T, Mukai Y, Nakamura M, Nishio K, Isshiki T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
289 - 292 Crystal growth of 6H-SIC(01-14) on 3C-SiC(001) substrate by sublimation epitaxy
Takagi H, Nishiguchi T, Ohta S, Furusho T, Ohshima S, Nishino S
293 - 296 Structure and composition of 3C-SiC : Ge alloys grown on Si (111) substrates by SSMBE
Weih P, Cimalla V, Stauden T, Kosiba R, Spiess L, Romanus H, Gubisch M, Bock W, Freitag T, Fricke P, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
297 - 300 Influence of the Ge coverage prior to carbonization on the structure of SiC grown on Si(111)
Morales FM, Zgheib C, Molina SI, Araujo D, Garcia R, Fernandez C, Sanz-Hervas A, Masri P, Weih P, Stauden T, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
301 - 304 Stress control in 3C-SiC films grown on Si(111)
Zgheib C, Masri P, Weih P, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
305 - 308 Development of a high-throughput LPCVD process for depositing low stress poly-SiC
Fu XA, Dunning J, Zorman CA, Mehregany M
309 - 312 Low temperature ECR-PECVD microcrystalline SiC growth by pulsed gas flows
Hernandez MJ, Cervera M, Piqueras J, del Cano T, Jimenez J
313 - 316 Investigation of thick 3C-SiC films re-grown on thin 35 nm "Flash Lamp Annealed" 3C-SiC layers
Ferro G, Panknin D, Stoemenos J, Balloud C, Camassel J, Polychroniadis E, Monteil Y, Skorupa W
317 - 320 Low temperature (320 degrees C) deposition of hydrogenated microcrystalline cubic silicon carbide thin films
Miyajima S, Yamada A, Konagai M
321 - 324 Effect of carbonization in bias-enhanced nucleation step during highly-oriented growth of diamond films on 6H-SiC(0001) substrate
Seo SH, Lee TH, Park JS, Song JS, Oh MH
325 - 328 Formation of SiC/Si multilayer structures on Si(100) by supersonic free jets of single gas source CH3SiH3
Ikoma Y, Ohtani R, Motooka T
329 - 332 Growth of SiC nanorods and microcrystals by carbon nanotubes-confined reaction
Shajahan M, Mo YH, Nahm KS
333 - 336 Modelling and regrowth mechanisms of flashlamp processing of SiC-on-silicon heterostructures
Smith M, McMahon R, Voelskow M, Skorupa W, Stoemenos J
339 - 342 Structural defects in SiC crystals investigated by high energy x-ray diffraction
Weisser M, Seitz C, Wellmann PJ, Hock R, Magerl A
343 - 346 TEM observations of 4H-SiC deformed at room temperature and 150 degrees C
Demenet JL, Milhet X, Rabier J, Cordier P
347 - 350 TEM studies on the initial stage of seeded solution growth of 6H-SiC using metal solvent
Kamei K, Kusunoki K, Munetoh S, Ujihara T, Nakajima K
351 - 354 Structural characterization of thin 3C-SiC films annealed by the flash lamp process
Polychroniadis E, Stoemenos J, Ferro G, Monteil Y, Panknin D, Skorupa W
355 - 358 Study of dislocation mobility in 4H SiC by X-Ray transmission topography, chemical etching and transmission electron microscopy
Idrissi H, Lancin M, Regula G, Pichaud B
359 - 362 TEM of dislocations in forward-biased 4H-SiC PiN diodes
Zhang M, Lendenmann H, Pirouz P
363 - 366 X-ray imaging and TEM study of micropipes related to their propagation through porous SiC layer/SiC epilayer interface.
Argunova TS, Gutkin MY, Je JH, Sorokin LM, Mosina GN, Savkina NS, Shuman VB, Lebedev AA
367 - 370 Structural transformation of dislocated micropipes in silicon carbide
Gutkin MY, Sheinerman AG, Argunova TS, Mokhov EN, Je JH, Hwu Y, Tsai WL
371 - 374 Deformation of 4H-SiC single crystals oriented for prism slip
Zhang M, Hobgood HM, Pirouz P
375 - 378 Inelastic stress relaxation in single crystal SiC substrates
Okojie RS
379 - 382 Dependence of micropipe dissociation on surface orientation
Kamata I, Tsuchida H, Izumi S, Tawara T, Izumi K
383 - 386 Analysis of threading dislocations in wide-bandgap hexagonal semiconductors by energetic approach
Semennikov A, Karpov SY, Ramm MS, Romanov AE, Makarov YN
387 - 390 Electron Back Scattering Diffraction (EBSD) as a tool for the investigation of 3C-SiC nucleation and growth on 6H or 4H
Chaussende D, Chaudouet P, Auvray L, Pons M, Madar R
391 - 394 Reconstruction of cleaved 6H-SiC surfaces
Starke U, Tallarida M, Kumar A, Horn K, Seifarth O, Kipp L
395 - 398 The atomic structure of the hydrogen saturated a-planes of 4H-SiC
Seyller T, Sieber N, Emtsev KV, Graupner R, Ley L, Tadich A, James D, Riley JD, Leckey RCG, Polcik M
399 - 402 H-induced Si-rich 3C-SiC(100) 3x2 surface metallization
D'angelo M, Enriquez H, Silly MG, Decke V, Aristov VY, Soukiassian P, Ottavianni C, Pedio M, Perfetti P
403 - 406 Morphological evolution of SiC(0001) surfaces without ambient gas by high temperature annealing in high-vacuum
Yasushi A, Sano N, Kaneko T
407 - 410 SiC surface nanostructures induced by self-ordering of nano-facets
Tanaka S, Nakagawa H, Suemune I
411 - 414 Dynamics of laser ablation in SiC
Medvid A, Lytvyn P
415 - 418 Tailoring the SiC subsurface stacking by the chemical potential
Starke U, Bernhardt J, Schardt J, Seubert A, Heinz K
419 - 422 Growth of ultrathin Ag films on 4H-SiC(0001)
Soubatch S, Starke U
423 - 426 Wettability study of SiC in correlation with XPS analysis
Stambouli V, Chaussende D, Anikin M, Berthome G, Thoreau V, Joud JC
427 - 430 Interface electronic structures of transition metal(Cr, Fe) on 6H(4H)-SiC(0001)Si face by soft X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
Hirai M, Kamezawa C, Azatyan S, An Z, Shinagawa T, Fujisawa T, Kusaka M, Iwani M
431 - 434 Modification of 6H-SiC surface defect structure during hydrogen etching
Bondokov RT, Tipirneni N, Cherednichenko DI, Sudarshan TS
437 - 442 Defects in high-purity semi-insulating SiC
Son NT, Magnusson B, Zolnai Z, Ellison A, Janzen E
443 - 448 Antisites as possible origin of irradiation induced photoluminescence centers in SiC: A theoretical study on clusters of antisites and carbon interstitials in 4H-SiC
Gali A, Deak P, Rauls E, Ordejon P, Carlsson FHC, Ivanov IG, Son NT, Janzen E, Choyke WJ
449 - 452 A theoretical study of carbon clusters in SiC: a sink and a source of carbon interstitials
Mattausch A, Bockstedte M, Pankratov O
453 - 456 Density functional based modelling of 30 degrees partial dislocations in SiC
Blumenau AT, Jones R, Oberg S, Briddon PR, Frauenheim T
457 - 460 Atomic computer simulations of defect migration in 3C and 4H-SiC
Gao F, Weber WJ, Posselt M, Belko V
461 - 464 Optical and EPR signatures of intrinsic defects in ultra high purity 4H-SiC
Carlos WE, Glaser ER, Shanabrook BV
465 - 468 EPR and pulsed ENDOR study of EI6 and related defects in 4H-SiC
Umeda T, Ishitsuka Y, Isoya J, Morishita N, Ohshima T, Kamiya T
469 - 472 Investigations of possible nitrogen participation in the Z(1)/Z(2) defect in 4H-SiC
Storasta L, Henry A, Bergman JP, Janzen E
473 - 476 Annealing behaviour of vacancy- and antisite-related defects in electron-irradiated 4H-SiC
Zolnai Z, Son NT, Magnusson B, Hallin C, Janzen E
477 - 480 Spin dependent recombination at deep-level centers in 6H silicon carbide/silicon metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Meyer DJ, Bohna NA, Lenahan PM, Lelis A
481 - 484 Evidence for a deep two charge state defect in high energy electron irradiated 4H-SiC
Alfieri G, Monakhov E, Svensson BG
485 - 488 Negative-U-centers in 4H-and 6H-SiC detected by spectral light excitation
Weidner M, Pensl G, Nagasawa H, Schoner A, Ohshima T
489 - 492 Optically induced transitions among point defects in high purity and vanadium-doped semi-insulating 4H SiC
Zvanut ME, Konovalov VV, Mitchel WC, Mitchell WD
493 - 496 Defects in He+ irradiated 6H-SiC probed by DLTS and LTPL measurements
Ruggiero A, Libertino S, Mauceri M, Reitano R, Musumeci P, Roccaforte F, La Via F, Calcagno L
497 - 500 The influence of recombination-induced migration of hydrogen on the formation of V-Si-H complexes in SiC
Koshka Y, Mazzola MS
501 - 504 Photo-EPR and hall measurements on undoped high purity semi-insulating 4H-SiC substrates
Kalabukhova EN, Lukin SN, Savchenko DV, Mitchel WC, Mitchell WD
505 - 508 Excess carrier lifetime mapping for bulk SiC wafers by microwave photoconductivity decay method and its relationship with structural defect distribution
Kato M, Ichimura M, Arai E, Sumie S, Hashizume H
509 - 512 Investigations of defects introduced in 4H-SiC n-type epitaxial layers by hydrogen DC plasma
Ottaviani L, Yakimov E, Hidalgo P, Martinuzzi S
513 - 516 Midgap defects in 4H-, 6H- and 3C-SiC detected by deep level optical spectroscopy
Reshanov SA, Schneider K, Helbig R, Pensl G, Nagasawa H, Schoner A
517 - 520 Annealing study on radiation-induced defects in 6H-SiC
Pinheiro MVB, Lingner T, Caudepon F, Greulich-Weber S, Spaeth JM
521 - 524 Crystallographic defects under surface morphological defects of 4H-SiC homoepitaxial films
Okada T, Kimoto T, Yamai K, Matsunami H, Inoko F
525 - 528 Formation of stacking faults in diffused SiC p(+)/n(-)/n(+) and p(+)/p(-)/n(+) diodes
Soloviev S, Cherednichenko D, Sudarshan TS
529 - 532 Residual stresses and stacking faults in n-type 4H-SiC epilayers
Okojie RS, Zhang M, Pirouz P
533 - 536 Stacking fault formation sites and growth in thick-epi SiC PiN diodes
Stahlbush RE, Twigg ME, Irvine KG, Sumakeris JJ, Chow TP, Losee PA, Zhu L, Tang Y, Wang W
537 - 540 Partial dislocations and stacking faults in 4H-SiC PiN diodes
Twigg ME, Stahlbush RE, Fatemi M, Arthur SD, Fedison JB, Tucker JB, Wang S
543 - 548 SiC studied via LEEN and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
Brillson LJ, Tumakha S, Okojie RS, Zhang M, Pirouz P
549 - 554 Properties of the bound excitons associated to the 3838 angstrom line in 4H-SiC and the 4182 angstrom line in 6H-SiC
Henry A, Janson MS, Janzen E
555 - 560 Electrical transport properties of n-type 4H and 6H silicon carbide
Contreras S, Pernot J
561 - 564 Further investigation of silicon vacancy-related luminescence in 4H and 6H SiC
Steeds JW, Furkert S, Hayes JM, Sullivan W
565 - 568 Evaluation of free carrier lifetime and deep levels of the thick 4H-SiC epilayers
Tawara T, Tsuchida H, Izumi S, Kamata I, Izumi K
569 - 572 Photoluminescence mapping of a SiC wafer in device processing
Tajima M, Sugahara T, Hoshino N, Tanimoto S, Takahashi T, Nakashima S, Yamamoto T
573 - 576 Spontaneous polarization of 4H SiC determined from optical emissions of 4H/3C/4H-SiC quantum wells
Bai S, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ, Kaiser U, Wagner G, MacMillan MF
577 - 580 Optical investigation of stacking faults and micro-crystalline inclusions in-low-doped 4H-SiC layers
Juillaguet S, Balloud C, Pernot J, Sartel C, Souliere V, Camassel J, Monteil Y
581 - 584 Characterization of double stacking faults induced by thermal processing of heavily N-doped 4H-SiC substrates
Skromme BJ, Mikhov MK, Chen L, Samson G, Wang R, Li C, Bhat I
585 - 588 Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy on the donor-acceptor pair luminescence in 4H and 6H SiC
Ivanov IG, Janzen E
589 - 592 Photoluminescence study of C-H and C-D centers in 4H SiC
Bai S, Yan F, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ, Grotzschel R, Wagner G, MacMillan MF
593 - 596 Optical characterization of full SiC wafer
El Harrouni I, Bluet JM, Ziane D, Mermoux M, Baillet F, Guillot G
597 - 600 Electroluminescence of p-3C-SiC/n-6H-SiC heterodiodes, grown by sublimation epitaxy in vacuum
Lebedev AA, Stel'chuk AM, Kuznetsov AN, Savkina NS
601 - 604 Nondestructive defect characterization of SiC epilayers and its significance for SiC device research
Ma X, Dudley M, Sudarshan T
605 - 608 Two-photon spectroscopy of 4H-SiC by using laser pulses at below-gap frequencies
Grivickas V, Grivickas P, Linnros J, Galeckas A
609 - 612 Raman imaging characterization of structural and electrical properties in 4H SiC
Mermoux M, Crisci A, Baillet F
613 - 616 Raman scattering by coupled phonon-plasmon modes
Falkovsky LA
617 - 620 Study of the temperature induced polytype conversion in cubic CVD SiC by Raman spectroscopy
Pusche R, Hundhausen M, Ley L, Semmelroth K, Schmid F, Pensl G, Nagasawa H
621 - 624 Anisotropy of electron mobility in n-type 15R-SiC studied by Raman scattering
Kurimoto E, Hangyo M, Harima H, Kisoda K, Nishiguchi T, Nishino S, Nakashima S, Katsuno M, Ohtani N
625 - 628 Micro-Raman investigation of growth-induced defects in 6H and 4H SiC crystals grown by sublimation method
Seo SH, Park JH, Song JS, Oh MH
629 - 632 Deep UV excitation Raman spectroscopy of homoepitaxial 4H-SiC films grown by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Okamoto M, Kosugi R, Nakashima S, Fukuda K, Arai K
633 - 636 Crystal quality evaluation of 6H-SiC layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy around micropipes using micro-Raman scattering spectroscopy
Ujihara T, Munetoh S, Kusunoki K, Kamei K, Usami N, Fujiwara K, Sazaki G, Nakajima K
637 - 640 Low temperature annealing of optical centres in 4H SiC
Steeds JW, Furkert S, Hayes JM, Sullivan W
641 - 644 Isotope effects on hydrogen-related bound exciton spectra in SiC
Bai S, Choyke WJ, Devaty RP
645 - 648 On the origin of the below band-gap absorption bands in n-type (N) 4H-and 6H-SiC
Weingartner R, Wellmann PJ, Winnacker A
649 - 652 Temperature-dependence of zone-center phonon modes in 4H-SiC
Blanc C, Pernot J, Camassel J
653 - 656 Brillouin scattering studies of surface acoustic waves in SiC
Andrews GT, Clouter MJ, Mroz B, Shishkin Y, Ke Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
657 - 660 Optical investigation of the built-in strain in 3C-SiC epilayers
Galeckas A, Kuznetsov AY, Chassagne T, Ferro G, Linnros J, Grivickas V
661 - 664 Specificity of electron impact ionization in superstructure silicon carbide
Sankin VI, Shkrebiy PP, Savkina NS, Lepneva AA
665 - 668 Nonequilibrium carrier lifetime and diffusion coefficients in 6H-SiC
Tamulaitis G, Yilmaz I, Shur MS, Gaska R, Anderson T
669 - 672 Electrical characterization of semi-insulating 6H-SiC substrates
Sanchez E, Wan J, Wang S, Loboda M, Li C, Skowronski M
673 - 676 Impact ionization coefficients of 4H-SiC
Hatakeyama T, Watanabe T, Kojima K, Sano N, Shiraishi K, Kushibe M, Imai S, Shinohe T, Suzuki T, Tanaka T, Arai K
677 - 680 Temperature-dependent Hall effect measurements in low-compensated p-type 4H-SiC
Kasamakova-Kolaklieva L, Storasta L, Ivanov IG, Magnusson B, Contreras S, Consejo C, Pernot J, Zielinski M, Janzen E
681 - 684 Electrochemical C-V profiling of n-type 4H-SiC
Zekentes K, Kayambaki M, Mousset S
685 - 688 Impurity conduction observed in Al-doped 6H-SIC
Krieger M, Semmelroth K, Pensl G
689 - 692 Anomalous behavior of van der Pauw sheet resistance measurements on 4H-SiC MOS inversion layers with anisotropic mobility
Saks NS, Ancona MG, Lipkin LA
693 - 696 High phonon-drag thermoelectric efficiency of SiC at low temperatures
Velmre E, Udal A, Grivickas V
697 - 700 As-grown and process-related defects in Schottky barrier diodes fabricated on bulk off-axis n-type 6H-SiC
van Wyk E, Leitch AWR
701 - 704 Impact ionisation in alpha-SiC and avalanche photoamplifiers
Sankin VI
705 - 708 Electrical study of fast neutron irradiated devices based on 4H-SiC CVD epitaxial layers
Kalinina E, Kholuyanov G, Strel'chuk A, Davydov D, Hallen A, Konstantinov A, Nikiforov A
711 - 714 The nature of the shallow boron acceptor in SiC - localization versus effective mass theory
Gerstmann U, Gali A, Deak P, Frauenheim T, Overhof H
715 - 718 The solubility and defect equilibrium of the n-type dopants nitrogen and phosphorus in 4H-SiC: a theoretical study
Bockstedte M, Mattausch A, Pankratov O
719 - 722 Uniform axial charge carrier concentration in PVT-grown p-type 6H SiC by non-uniform distribution of boron in the powder source
Herro ZG, Bickermann M, Epelbaum BM, Weingartner R, Kunecke U, Winnacker A
723 - 726 In-situ Er-doping of SiC bulk single crystals
Muller R, Desperrier P, Seitz C, Weisser M, Magerl A, Maier M, Winnacker A, Wellmann P
727 - 730 Growth of phosphorous-doped n-type 6H-SiC crystals using a modified PVT technique and phosphine as source
Desperrier P, Muller R, Winnacker A, Wellmann PJ
731 - 734 Nitrogen doping of epitaxial SiC: Experimental evidence of the re-incorporation of etched nitrogen during growth
Meziere J, Ferret P, Blanquet E, Pons M, Di Cioccio L, Billon T
735 - 738 Growth and characterisation of heavily Al-doped 4H-SiC layers grown by VLS in an Al-Si melt
Jacquier C, Ferro G, Balloud C, Zielinski M, Camassel J, Polychroniadis E, Stoemenos J, Cauwet F, Monteil Y
739 - 742 Relationship between surface structures and aluminium incorporation behaviour of SiC in chemical vapor deposition
Hatayama T, Yano H, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
743 - 746 Formation of SiC delta-doped-layer structures by CVD
Takahashi K, Uchida M, Kusumoto O, Yamashita K, Miyanaga R, Kitabatake M
747 - 750 As-grown 4H-SiC epilayers with magnetic properties
Syvajarvi M, Stanciu V, Izadifard M, Chen WM, Buyanova IA, Svedlindh P, Yakimova R
751 - 754 Reduction in Al acceptor density by electron irradiation in Al-doped 4H-SiC
Matsuura H, Aso K, Kagamihara S, Iwata H, Ishida T, Nishikawa K
755 - 758 Non-contact doping profiling in epitaxial SiC
Savtchouk A, Oborina E, Hoff AM, Lagowski J
759 - 762 Generation of stacking faults in highly doped n-type 4H-SiC substrates
Zhang M, Hobgood HM, Treu M, Pirouz P
763 - 766 Spin-on doping of porous SiC with Er
Koshka Y, Song Y, Walker J, Saddow SE, Mynbaeva M
767 - 770 Sc impurity in silicon carbide
Yuryeva EI, Zubkov VI, Ballandovich VS, Parfenova II
771 - 774 Measurement of low level nitrogen in silicon carbide using SIMS
Wang L
775 - 778 Dilute aluminum concentration in 4H-SiC : from SIMS to LTPL measurements
Juillaguet S, Zielinski M, Balloud C, Sartel C, Consejo C, Boyer B, Souliere V, Camassel J, Monteil Y
779 - 782 Crystallinity and photoluminescence evaluation of Er-implanted n-type 4H-SiC subjected to an annealing process
Uekusa S, Maruyama H
783 - 786 Radiotracer investigation of gadolinium induced deep levels in hexagonal silicon carbide
Pasold G, Albrecht F, Hulsen C, Sielemann R, Zeitz WD, Witthuhn W
787 - 790 Analysis of different vanadium charge states in vanadium doped 6H-SiC by low temperature optical absorption and electron paramagnetic resonance
Bickermann M, Irmscher K, Epelbaum BM, Winnacker A
791 - 794 Investigation of electronic states of Pd in 4H-SiC by means of Radiotracer-DLTS
Grossner U, Grillenberger J, Albrecht F, Pasold G, Sielemann R, Svensson BG, Witthuhn W
797 - 800 Surface preparation of 6H-silicon carbide substrates for growth of high-quality SiC epilayers
Lee KS, Lee SH, Kim M, Nahm KS
801 - 804 Electro-chemical mechanical polishing of silicon carbide
Li CH, Wang RJ, Seiler J, Bhat I
805 - 808 Chemi-mechanical polishing of on-axis semi-insulating SiC substrates
Heydemann VD, Everson WJ, Gamble RD, Snyder DW, Skowronski M
809 - 812 Surface modification of 3C-SiC for good Ni ohmic contact
Noh JI, Lee SH, Nahm KS
813 - 816 Mechanisms in electrochemical etching of alpha-SiC substrates
Mikami H, Hatayama T, Yano H, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
817 - 820 Modification of the Silicon Carbide by proton irradiation
Bogdanova EV, Kozlovski VV, Rumyantsev DS, Volkova AA, Lebedev AA
821 - 824 Etching of SiC with fluorine ECR plasma
Forster C, Cimalla V, Kosiba R, Ecke G, Weih P, Ambacher O, Pezoldt J
825 - 828 Characterization of 3C-SiC monocrystals using positron annihilation spectroscopy
Kerbiriou X, Gredde A, Barthe MF, Desgardin P, Blondiaux G
829 - 832 Improvement of SiC wafer warp by annealing
Sasaki M, Harada S, Okamoto Y, Miyanagi Y, Shiomi H
833 - 836 Comparison of different surface pre-treatments to n-type 4H-SiC and their effect on the specific contact resistance of Ni ohmic contacts
Pope G, Guy O, Mawby PA
837 - 840 Structural characterization of alloyed Al/Ti and Ti contacts on SiC
Parisini A, Poggi A, Nipoti R
841 - 844 Improved AINi ohmic contacts to p-type SiC
Tsao BH, Liu S, Scofield J
845 - 848 Electrical characterization of deposited and oxidized Ta2Si as dielectric film for SiC metal-insulator-semiconductor structures.
Perez A, Tournier D, Montserrat J, Mestres N, Sandiumenge F, Millan J
849 - 852 In-situ investigation of carbon reduction at Ni/4H-SiC interface using a silicon interlayer
Lee WY, Teng KS, Wilks SP
853 - 856 The formation of low resistance Ohmic contacts to 4H-SiC, circumventing the need for post annealing, studied by specific contact resistance measurements and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
Guy OJ, Pope G, Blackwood I, Teng KS, Lee WY, Wilks SP, Mawby PA
857 - 860 The basic parameters of diffusion welded Al Schottky contacts to p- and n-SiC
Korolkov O, Kuznetsova N, Ruut J, Rang T
861 - 864 Schottky-Ohmic transition in nickel silicide/SiC-4H system: the effect of non uniform Schottky barrier
La Via F, Roccaforte F, Raineri V, Mauceri M, Ruggiero A, Musumeci P, Calcagno L
865 - 868 Effects of thermal treatments on the structural and electrical properties of Ni/Ti bilayers Schottky contacts on 6H-SiC
Roccaforte F, La Via F, Baeri A, Raineri V, Calcagno L, Mangano F
869 - 872 Electrical characterization of inhomogeneous Ni2Si/SiC Schottky contacts
Roccaforte F, La Via F, Raineri V, Pierobon R, Zanoni E
873 - 876 Study of TiW/Au thin films as metallization stack for high temperature and harsh environment devices on 6H Silicon Carbide
Baeri A, Raineri V, Roccaforte F, La Via F, Zanetti E
877 - 880 High temperature and high power stability investigation of Al-based ohmic contacts to p-type 4H-SiC
Kakanakov R, Kasamakova-Kolaklieva L, Hristeva N, Lepoeva G, Gomes JB, Avramova I, Marinova T
881 - 884 Contact resistivity and barrier height of Al/Ti ohmic contacts on p-type ion implanted 4H-and 6H-SiC
Scorzoni A, Moscatelli F, Poggi A, Cardinali GC, Nipoti R
885 - 888 Effect of high-dose aluminium implantation on 4H-SiC oxidation
Cheng L, Casady JRB, Mazzola J, Casady JB, Koshka Y, Bondarenko V
889 - 892 Structural defects formed in Al-implanted and annealed 4H-SiC
Jones KA, Zheleva TS, Kulkarni VN, Ervin MH, Derenge MA, Vispute RD
893 - 896 Room temperature implantation and activation kinetics of nitrogen and phosphorus in 4H-SiC crystals.
Blanque S, Perez R, Godignon P, Mestres N, Morvan E, Kerlain A, Dua C, Brylinski C, Zielinski M, Camassel J
897 - 900 Effect of implantation temperature on redistribution of Al in SiC during annealing
Usov IO, Suvorova AA, Suvorov A
901 - 904 Effects of annealing conditions on resistance lowering of high-phosphorus-implanted 4H-SiC
Senzaki J, Fukuda K, Arai K
905 - 908 Characterization of electrical properties in high-dose implanted and post-implantation-annealed 4H-SiC wafers using infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Narita K, Hijikata Y, Yaguchi H, Yoshida S, Senzaki J, Nakashima S
909 - 912 Annealing process of N+-/P+-ions coimplanted along with Si+-, C+- or Ne+-ions into 4H-SiC - Governed by formation of electrically neutral complexes or by site-competition-effect?
Schmid F, Pensl G
913 - 916 Low sheet resistance of high-dose aluminum implanted 4H-SiC using (11-20) face
Negoro Y, Katsumoto K, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Schmid F, Pensl G
917 - 920 Boron diffusion in intrinsic, n-type and p-type 4H-SiC
Linnarsson MK, Janson MS, Shoner A, Konstantinov A, Svensson BG
921 - 924 Investigation of two-stage activation annealing of Al-implanted 4H-SiC layers
Merrett JN, Scofield JD, Tsao BH, Mazzola M, Seale D, Draper WA, Sankin I, Casady JB, Bondarenko V
925 - 928 Reactive ion etching of Silicon Carbide with patterned Boron implantation
Vassilevski K, Hedley J, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM, Wright NG
929 - 932 Activation of implanted Al and co-implanted Al/C or Al/Si in 4H-SiC
Jones KA, Zheleva TS, Ervin MH, Shah PB, Derenge MA, Gerardi G, Freitas JA, Vispute RD
933 - 936 Flat surface after high-temperature annealing for phosphorus-ion implanted 4H-SiC (0001) using graphite cap
Negoro Y, Katsumoto K, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
937 - 940 Contribution of X-Ray Diffraction simulations to experimental study of high energy He implantation at high dose in 4H-SiC at room temperature
Declemy A, Shiryaev A, Stepanov S, Barbot JF, Beaufort MF, Oliviero E, Ntsoenzok E, Sauvage T
941 - 944 Visible light laser irradiation: A tool for implantation damage reduction
Camassel J, Peyre H, Brink DJ, Zielinski M, Blanque S, Mestres N, Godignon P
945 - 948 SiC donor doping by 300 degrees C P implantation: Characterization of the doped layer properties in dependence of the post-implantation annealing temperature
Poggi A, Nipoti R, Moscatelli F, Cardinali GC, Canino M
951 - 956 SiC-based current limiter devices
Chante JP, Tournier D, Planson D, Raynaud C, Lazar M, Locatelli ML, Brosselard P
957 - 962 High voltage (500V-14kV) 4H-SiC unipolar-bipolar Darlington transistors for high-power and high-temperature applications
Zhao JH, Li X, Tone K, Alexandrov P, Fursin L, Carter J, Weiner M
963 - 968 SiC devices for high voltage high power applications
Sugawara Y
969 - 972 First principles derivation of carrier transport across metal - SiC barriers
B-Dimitriu C, Horsfall AB, Wright NG, Johnson CM, Vassilevski KV, O'Neill AG
973 - 976 Modeling of the influence of Schottky barrier inhomogeneities on SiC diode characteristics
Weiss R, Frey L, Ryssel H
977 - 980 Theoretical investigations of the microwave characteristics of TUNNETT diodes made of silicon carbide
Buniatyan VV, Aroutiounian VM, Zekentes K, Camara N, Soukiassian P
981 - 984 Challenges and first results of SiC Schottky diode manufacturing using a 3 inch technology
Treu M, Rupp R, Brunner H, Dahlquist F, Hecht C
985 - 988 4H-SiC Power Schottky diodes. On the way to solve size limiting issues
Syrkin A, Dmitriev V, Soukhoveev V, Mynbaeva M, Kakanakov R, Hallin C, Janzen E
989 - 992 Edge termination of SiC Schottky diodes with guard rings formed by high energy Boron implantation
Vassilevski K, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM, Wright NG
993 - 996 Extraction of the Schottky barrier height of Ti/Al contacts on 4H-SiC from I-V and C-V measurements
Moscatelli F, Scorzoni J, Poggi A, Cardinali GC, Nipoti R
997 - 1000 Origin of leakage current in SiC Schottky barrier diodes at high temperature
Saitoh HS, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
1001 - 1004 Improvements in the reverse characteristics of 4H-SiC Schottky barrier diodes by hydrogen treatments
Kim DH, Na HJ, Jung SY, Song IB, Um MY, Song HK, Jeong JK, Lee JB, Kim HJ
1005 - 1008 P-n junction periphery protection of 4H-SiC power p-i-n diodes using epitaxy and dry etching
Sarov G, Cholakova T, Kakanakov R
1009 - 1012 Fabrication of mesa-type pn diodes without forward degradation on ultara-high-quality 6H-SiC substrate
Tanaka Y, Ohno T, Oyanagi N, Nishizawa S, Suzuki T, Fukuda K, Yatsuo T, Arai K
1013 - 1016 Fabrication and characterization of 4H-SiC pn diode with field limiting ring
Bahng W, Song GH, Kim HW, Seo KS, Kim NK
1017 - 1020 Current transport mechanisms in 4H-SiC pin diodes.
Camara N, Bano E, Zekentes K
1021 - 1024 On-chip temperature monitoring of a SiC current limiter
Tournier D, Godignon P, Millan J, Planson D, Chante JP, Sarrus F, de Palma JF
1025 - 1028 The role of the ion implanted emitter state on 6H-SiC power diodes behavior. A statistical study
Lazar M, Cardinali G, Raynaud C, Poggi A, Planson D, Nipoti R, Chante JP
1029 - 1032 Low voltage silicon carbide zener diode
Vassilevski KV, Zekentes K, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM, Wright NG
1033 - 1036 Design, fabrication and characterization of 5 kV 4H-SiC p(+)n planar bipolar diodes protected by junction termination extension
Raynaud C, Lazar M, Planson D, Chante JP, Sassi Z
1037 - 1040 Comparison between implanted and epitaxial pin-diodes on 4H-silicon carbide
Zimmermann U, Domeij M, Hallen A, Ostling M
1041 - 1044 4H-SiC P-N diode using internal ring(IR) termination technique
Song GH, Kim HW, Bahng W, Kim SC, Kim NK
1045 - 1048 Numerical study of current crowding phenomenon in complementary 4H-SiC JBS rectifiers
Rang T, Higelin G, Kurel R
1049 - 1052 Influence of H-2 pre-treatment on Ni/4H-SiC Schottky diode properties
Yamamoto Y, Hatayama T, Yano H, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
1053 - 1056 The role of carrier lifetime in forward bias degradation of 4H-SiC PiN diodes
Hefner A, McNutt T, Berning D, Singh R, Akuffo A
1057 - 1060 High-quality 3C-SiC pn-structures created by sublimation epitaxy on a 6H-SIC substrate
Strel'chuk AM, Lebedev AA, Kuznetsov AN, Savkina NS, Soloviev VA
1061 - 1064 High breakdown field P-type 3C-SiC Schottky diodes grown on step-free 4H-SiC mesas
Spry DJ, Trunek AJ, Neudeck PG
1065 - 1068 Electrical properties of pn diodes on 4H-SiC(000-1) C-face and (11-20) face
Tanaka Y, Kojima K, Suzuki T, Hayashi T, Fukuda K, Yatsuo T, Arai K
1069 - 1072 Avalanche multiplication and breakdown in 4H-SiC diodes
Ng BK, David JPR, Massey DJ, Tozer RC, Rees GJ, Yan F, Zhao JH, Weiner M
1073 - 1076 Investigation of rapid thermal annealed pn-junctions in SiC
Rambach M, Weiss R, Frey L, Bauer AJ, Ryssel H
1077 - 1080 Ballistic electron emission microscopy study of p-type 4H-SiC
Ding Y, Park KB, Pelz JP, Los AV, Mazzola MS
1081 - 1084 Defect influence on the electrical properties of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes
Scaltrito L, Celasco E, Porro S, Ferrero S, Giorgis F, Pirri CF, Perrone D, Meotto U, Mandracci P, Richieri G, Merlin L, Cavallini A, Castaldini A, Rossi M
1085 - 1088 Analysis for structural defects in the 4H-SiC epilayers and their influence on electrical properties
Izumi S, Kamata I, Tawara T, Fujisawa H, Tsuchida H
1089 - 1092 Simulation and prototype fabrication of microwave modulators with 4H-SiC p-i-n diodes
Bludov AV, Boltovets MS, Vassilevski KV, Zorenko AV, Zekentes K, Lebedev AA, Krivutsa VA
1093 - 1096 Bulk SiC devices for high radiation environments
Cunningham W, Cooke M, Melone J, Horn M, Kazukauskas V, Roy P, Doherty F, Glaser M, Vaitkus J, Rahman M
1097 - 1100 2.5KV-30A inductively loaded half-bridge inverter switching using 4H-SiC MPS free-wheeling diodes
Li Y, Fursin L, Wu J, Alexandrov P, Zhao JH
1101 - 1104 Design and implementation of the optimized edge termination in 1.8 W4H-SiC PiN diodes
Sankin I, Draper WA, Merrett JN, Casady JRB, Casady JB
1105 - 1108 High power 4H-SiC PiN diodes with minimal forward voltage drift
Das MK, Sumakeris JJ, Paisley MJ, Powell A
1109 - 1112 4,308V, 20.9 m Omega center dot cm(2) 4H-SiC MPS diodes based on a 30 mu m drift layer
Wu J, Fursin L, Li Y, Alexandrov P, Zhao JH
1113 - 1116 Approaches to stabilizing the forward voltage of bipolar SiC devices
Sumakeris JJ, Das M, Hobgood HM, Muller SG, Paisley MJ, Ha S, Skowronski M, Palmour JW, Carter CH
1117 - 1120 Extrinsic base design of SiC bipolar transistors
Danielsson E, Domeij M, Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Schoner A
1121 - 1124 Analysis of power dissipation and high temperature operation in 4H-SiC bipolar junction transistors with 4.9 MW/cm(2) power density handling ability.
Perez-Wurfl I, Torvik J, Van Zeghbroeck B
1125 - 1128 Simple self-aligned fabrication process for silicon carbide static induction transistors
Dynefors K, Desmaris V, Eriksson J, Nilsson PA, Rorsman N, Zirath H
1129 - 1132 Influence of different peripheral protections on the breakover voltage of a 4H-SiC GTO thyristor
Brosselard P, Zorngiebel V, Planson D, Scharnholz S, Chante JP, Spahn E, Raynaud C, Lazar M
1133 - 1136 Characteristics of 6H-SiC bipolar JTE diodes realized by sublimation epitaxy and Al implantation
Strel'chuk AM, Lebedev AA, Davydov DV, Savkina NS, Kuznetsov AN, Valakh MY, Kiselev VS, Romanyuk BN, Raynaud C, Chante JP, Locatelli ML
1137 - 1140 The first 4H-SiC BJT-based 20 kHz, 7HP PWM DC-to-AC inverter for induction motor control applications
Zhao JH, Zhang J, Luo Y, Hu X, Li Y, Yu H, Lai J, Alexandrov P, Fursin L, Li X, Carter J, Weiner M
1141 - 1144 SiCBJT technology for power switching and RF applications
Agarwal A, Ryu SH, Capell C, Richmond J, Palmour J, Bartlow H, Chow P, Scozzie S, Tipton W, Baynes T, Jones K
1145 - 1148 Base current gain of power (1800 V, 10 A) 4H-SiC npn-BJTs
Ivanov PA, Levinshtein ME, Agarwal AK, Palmour JW, Ryu SH
1149 - 1152 High power(500V-70A) and high gain(44-47) 4H-SiC bipolar junction transistors
Zhang J, Alexandrov P, Zhao JH
1153 - 1156 Assessment of "normally on" and "quasi on" SiCVJFET's in half-bridge circuits
Mazzola MS, Casady JB, Merrett N, Sankin I, Draper W, Seale D, Bondarenko V, Koshka Y, Gafford J, Kelley R
1157 - 1160 1,530V, 17.5 m Omega cm(2) normally-off 4H-SiC VJFET design, fabrication and characterization
Fursin L, Li X, Zhao JH
1161 - 1164 4,340V, 40 m Omega cm(2) normally-off 4H-SiC VJFET
Zhao JH, Fursin L, Alexandrov P, Li X, Weiner M
1165 - 1168 A 500V, very high current gain (beta=1517) 4H-SiC bipolar Darlington transistor
Zhang J, Alexandrov P, Zhao JH
1169 - 1172 A high voltage (1570V) 4H-SiC bipolar Darlington with current gain beta > 640 and tested in a half-bridge inverter up to 20A at V-Bus=900V
Zhao JH, Zhang J, Alexandrov P, Burke T
1173 - 1176 A high voltage (1,750V) and high current gain (beta=24.8) 4H-SiC bipolar junction transistor using a thin (12 mu m) drift layer
Zhao JH, Zhang J, Alexandrov P, Li X, Burke T
1177 - 1180 Effect of passivation on device stability and gate reverse characteristics on 4H-SiC MESFETs
Kerlain A, Morvan E, Dua C, Caillas N, Brylinski C
1181 - 1184 Fabrication and characterization of 4H-SiC planar MESFET using ion-implantation
Na HJ, Kim DH, Jung SY, Song IB, Um MY, Song HK, Jeong JK, Lee JB, Kim HJ
1185 - 1188 Deep level investigation by current and capacitance transient spectroscopy in 4H-SiC MESFETs on semi-insulating substrates.
Gassoumi M, Sghaier N, Dermoul I, Chekir F, Maaref H, Bluet JM, Guillot G, Morvan E, Noblanc O, Dua C, Brylinski C
1189 - 1192 600V 4H-SiC RESURF-type JFET
Fujikawa K, Harada S, Ito A, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
1193 - 1196 Influence of buffer layer on DC and RF performance of 4H SiC MESFET
Los AV, Mazzola MS, Kajfez D, McDaniel BT, Smith CE, Kretchmer J, Rowland LB, Casady JB
1197 - 1200 Design of 1.7 to 14kV normally-off trenched and implanted vertical JFET in 4H-SiC
Li X, Zhao JH
1201 - 1204 Optimization of vertical silicon carbide field effect transistors towards a cost attractive SiC power switch
Friedrichs P, Elpelt R, Schomer R, Mitlehner H, Stephani D
1205 - 1208 RF performance and reliability of SiC MESFETs on high purity semi-insulating substrates
Sriram S, Ward A, Janke C, Alcorn T, Hagleitner H, Henning J, Wieber K, Jenny J, Sumakeris J, Allen S
1209 - 1212 High frequency measurements and simulations of SiC MESFETs up to 250 degrees C
Liu W, Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Eriksson J, Rorsman N, Zirath H
1213 - 1216 6A, 1kV 4H-SiC normally-off trenched-and-implanted vertical JFETs
Zhao JH, Tone K, Li X, Alexandrov P, Fursin L, Weiner M
1217 - 1220 A 600V deep-implanted gate vertical JFET
Mizukami M, Takikawa O, Murooka M, Imai S, Kinoshita K, Hatakeyama T, Tsukuda M, Saito W, Omura I, Shinohe T
1221 - 1224 Single contact-material MESFETs on 4H-SiC
Tanimoto S, Inada M, Kiritani N, Hoshi M, Okushi H, Arai K
1225 - 1228 DC and RF performance of insulating gate 4H-SiC depletion mode Field Effect Transistors
Jonsson R, Wahab Q, Rudner S
1229 - 1232 Investigation of the scalability of 4H-SiC MESFETs for high frequency applications
Rorsman N, Nilsson PA, Eriksson J, Andersson K, Zirath H
1233 - 1236 The theoretical study on total power dissipation of SiC devices in comparison with Si devices
Adachi K, Ohashi H, Arai K
1237 - 1240 Scattering probabilities for multiband hole states at high electric fields and high collision rates in 4H-SiC
Martinez A, Hjelm M, Nilsson HE, Lindefelt U
1241 - 1244 Edge termination technique for SiC power devices
Kim HW, Bahng W, Song GH, Kim SC, Kim NK, Kim ED
1245 - 1248 BIFET - a novel bipolar SiC switch for high voltage power electronics
Mitlehner H, Friedrichs P, Elpelt R, Dohnke KO, Schorner R, Stephani D
1249 - 1252 A review of SiC power switch: achievements, difficulties and perspectives
Sankin I, Merrett JN, Draper WA, Casady JRB, Casady JB
1253 - 1256 A highly effective edge termination design for SiC planar high power devices
Perez R, Mestres N, Blanque S, Tournier D, Jorda X, Godignon P, Nipoti R
1257 - 1260 Optimization of JTE edge terminations for 10kV power devices in 4H-SiC
Wang X, Cooper JA
1263 - 1268 The SiC-SiO2 interface: A unique advantage of SiC as a wide energy-gap material
Dimitrijev S
1269 - 1274 A long-term reliability of thermal oxides grown on n-type 4H-SiC wafer
Senzaki J, Goto M, Kojima K, Yamabe K, Fukuda K
1275 - 1280 Recent advances in (0001) 4H-SiC MOS device technology
Das MK
1281 - 1286 Characterizations of SiC/SiO2 interface quality toward high power MOSFETs realization
Ziane D, Bluet JM, Guillot G, Godignon P, Monserrat J, Ciechonski R, Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R, Chen L, Mawby P
1287 - 1292 Hall effect measurements in SiC buried-channel MOS devices
Saks NS, Ryu SH
1293 - 1296 First-principles study of O adsorption at SiC surface
Rurali R, Wachowicz E, Ordejon P, Godignon P, Rebollo J, Hyldgaard P
1297 - 1300 Interface states in abrupt SiO2/4H-and 6H-SiC(0001) from first-principles: Effects of Si dangling bonds, C dangling bonds and C clusters
Ohnuma T, Tsuchida H, Jikimoto T
1301 - 1304 Investigation of SiO2/SiC interface using positron annihilation technique
Maekawa M, Kawasuso A, Yoshikawa M, Ichimiya A
1305 - 1308 A comparison between SiO2/4H-SiC interface traps on (0001) and (1120) faces
Olafsson HO, Hallin C, Sveinbjornsson EO
1309 - 1312 Interface properties of 4H-SiC/SiO2 with MOS capacitors and FETs annealed in O-2, N2O, NO and CO2
Wang W, Banerjee S, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ, Issacs-Smith T, Williams J, Jones KA, Lelis A, Tipton W, Scozzie S, Agarwal A
1313 - 1316 Initial oxidation of 6H-SiC (0001) (root 3x root 3)-R30 degrees and 3x3 surfaces studied by AES and RHEED
Aoyama T, Voegeli W, Ichimiya A, Hisada Y, Mukainakano S
1317 - 1320 Initial stages of thermal oxidation of 4H-SiC(11(2)over-bar0) studied by photoelectron spectroscopy
Seyller T, Emtsev KV, Graupner R, Ley L
1321 - 1324 Oxidation studies of non-polar 4H-SiC surfaces
Virojanadara C, Johansson LI
1325 - 1328 Carbon-terminated 3C-SiC(100) surface oxidation studied by high-resolution core level photoemission spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation
Roy J, Silly MG, Enriquez H, Soukiassian P, Crotti C, Fontana S, Perfetti P
1329 - 1332 A photoemission study of polar and non-polar SiC surfaces oxidized in N2O.
Johansson LI, Virojanadara C, Eickhoff T, Drube W
1333 - 1336 Radical nitridation of ultra-thin SiO2/SiC structure
Yano H, Furumoto Y, Niwa T, Hatayama T, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
1337 - 1340 Ellipsometric study of thermal silicon oxide and sacrificial silicon oxide on 4H-SiC
Chen L, Guy OJ, Pope G, Teng KS, Maffeis T, Wilks SP, Mawby PA, Jenkins T, Brieva A, Hayton DJ
1341 - 1344 Photoemission spectroscopic studies on oxide/SiC interfaces formed by dry and pyrogenic oxidation
Hijikata Y, Yaguchi H, Ishida Y, Yoshikawa M, Kamiya T, Yoshida S
1345 - 1348 Diluted nitric oxide (NO) annealing of SiO2/4H-SiC in cold-wall oxidation furnace
Kosugi R, Fukuda K
1349 - 1352 Thermal oxidation of 4H-silicon carbide using the afterglow method
Hoff AM, Oborina E, Saddow SE, Savtchouk A
1353 - 1356 Fast oxidation of 4H-SiC at room temperature by electrochemical methods
Mikami H, Hatayama T, Yano H, Uraoka Y, Fuyuki T
1357 - 1360 Characterization of a thermal oxidation process on SiC preamorphized by Ar ion implantation
Poggi A, Nipoti R, Solmi S, Bersani M, Vanzetti L
1361 - 1364 Electronic properties of SiON/HfO2 insulating stacks on 4H-SiC (0001)
Afanas'ev VV, Campbell SA, Cheong KY, Ciobanu F, Dimitrijev S, Pensl G, Stesmans A, Zhong L
1365 - 1368 Characterization of non-equilibrium charge of MOS capacitors on p-type 4H SiC
Cheong KY, Dimitrijev S, Han J
1369 - 1372 Structural and electronic properties of the 6H-SiC(0001)/Al2O3 interface prepared by atomic layer deposition
Seyller T, Gao K, Ley L, Ciobanu F, Pensl G, Tadich A, Riley JD, Leckey RCG
1373 - 1376 Development of sol-gel MgO thin films for SiC insulation applications
Bondoux C, Prene P, Belleville P, Guillet F, Jerisian R
1377 - 1380 Effect of in-situ chemical surface treatments on AlN/SiC interfacial contamination
Stodilka DO, Gila BP, Abernathy CR, Lambers E, Ren F, Pearton SJ
1381 - 1384 Comparison of the electrical channel properties between dry- and wet-oxidized 6H-SiC MOSFETs investigated by Hall effect
Laube M, Pensl G, Lee KK, Ohshima T
1385 - 1388 Development of 10 kV 4H-SiC power DMOSFETs
Ryu SH, Agarwal A, Krishnaswami S, Richmond J, Palmour J
1389 - 1392 Static and dynamic characterization of 20A, 600V SiC MOS-enhanced JFET
Hanna E, Chang HR, Radun AV, Zhang Q, Gomez M
1393 - 1396 Self-aligned short-channel vertical power DMOSFETs in 4H-SiC
Matin M, Saha A, Cooper JA
1397 - 1400 Fabrication of double implanted (0001) 4H-SiC MOSFETs by using pyrogenic re-oxidation annealing
Kosugi R, Kiritani N, Suzuki K, Yatsuo T, Adachi K, Fukuda K
1401 - 1404 A P-channel MOSFET on 4H-SiC
Han JS, Cheong KY, Dimitrijev S, Laube M, Pensl G
1405 - 1408 Relationship between the current direction in the inversion layer and the electrical characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors on 3C-SiC
Ohshima T, Lee KK, Ishida Y, Kojima K, Tanaka Y, Takahashi T, Yoshikawa M, Okumura H, Arai K, Kamiya T
1409 - 1412 4H-SiC MOSFETs with a novel channel structure (sandwiched channel MOSFET)
Kaido J, Kimoto T, Suda J, Matsunami H
1413 - 1416 930V, 170m Omega.cm(2) lateral two-zone RESURF MOSFETs in 4H-SiC with NO annealing
Wang W, Banerjee S, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ
1417 - 1420 4H-SiC MOSFETs on C(000(-),1) face with inversion channel mobility of 127cm(2)/Vs
Fukuda K, Kato M, Senzaki J, Kojima K, Suzuki T
1421 - 1424 Fabrication of 4H-SiC double-epitaxial MOSFETs
Harada S, Okamoto M, Yatsuo T, Adachi K, Suzuki K, Suzuki S, Fukuda K, Arai K
1425 - 1428 Enhancement of inversion channel mobility in 4H-SiC MOSFETs using a gate oxide grown in nitrous oxide (N2O)
Gudjonsson G, Olafsson HO, Sveinbjornsson EO
1429 - 1432 High channel mobilities of MOSFETs on highly-doped 4H-SiC (11-20) face by oxidation in N2O ambient
Kanzaki Y, Kinbara H, Kosugi H, Suda J, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
1433 - 1436 Benefits of high-k dielectrics in 4H-SIC trench MOSFETs
Wright NG, Poolamai N, Vassilevski K, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM
1437 - 1440 Simulation study of 4H-SiC junction-gated MOSFETs from 300 K to 773 K
Lee HS, Koo SM, Zetterling CM, Danielsson E, Domeij M, Ostling M
1441 - 1444 Evaluation of trench oxide protection techniques on ultra high voltage (10 kV) 4H-SiC UMOSFETs
Rashid SJ, Mihaila A, Udrea F, Malhan RK, Amaratunga G
1445 - 1448 SiC JMOSFETs for high-temperature stable circuit operation
Koo SM, Zetterling CM, Lee HS, Ostling M
1451 - 1456 Advanced processing techniques for silicon carbide MEMS and NEMS
Zorman CA, Mehregany M
1457 - 1462 Microscopic structure and electrical activity of 4H-SIC/SiO2 interface defects : an EPR study of oxidized porous SiC
von Bardeleben HJ, Cantin JL, Shishkin Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
1463 - 1466 Porous silicon carbide as a membrane for implantable biosensors
Rosenbloom AJ, Shishkin Y, Sipe DM, Ke Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
1467 - 1470 Triangular pore formation in highly doped n-type 4H SIC
Shishkin Y, Choyke WJ, Devaty RP
1471 - 1474 Porous structure of anodized p-type 6H SiC
Shishkin Y, Ke Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
1475 - 1478 Vibrational and emission properties of porous 6H-SiC
Rossi AM, Ballarini V, Ferrero S, Giorgis F
1479 - 1482 Porous SiC for HT chemical sensing devices: an assessment of its thermal stability
Bai J, Dhanaraj G, Gouma P, Dudley M, Mynbaeva M
1483 - 1486 SiC base micro-probe for myocardial ischemia monitoring
Pascual J, Valvo F, Godignon P, Aguilo J, Millan J, Camassel J, Mestres N
1487 - 1490 Electrical characterisation of the gamma and UV irradiated epitaxial 1.2 kV 4H-SiC PiN diodes
Wolborski M, Bakowski M, Klamra W
1491 - 1494 Demonstration of the first 4H-SiC metal-semiconductor-metal ultraviolet photodetector
Wu Z, Xin X, Yan F, Zhao JH
1495 - 1498 Towards the fabrication and measurement of high sensitivity SiC-UV detectors with oxide ramp termination
Brezeanu G, Godignon P, Dimitrova E, Raynaud C, Planson D, Mihaila A, Udrea F, Milian J, Amaratunga G, Boianceanu C
1499 - 1502 Hydrogen gas sensors using 3C-SiC/Si epitaxial layers
Fawcett TJ, Wolan JT, Myers RL, Walker J, Saddow SE
1503 - 1506 Electrical and optical characterization of electron irradiated X rays detectors based on 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Le Donne A, Binetti S, Acciarri M, Castaldini A, Nava F, Cavallini A, Pizzini S
1507 - 1510 Substrate bias amplification of a SiC junction field effect transistor with a catalytic gate electrode
Nakagomi S, Takahashi M, Kokubun Y, Uneus L, Savage S, Wingbrant H, Andersson M, Lundstrom I, Lofdahl M, Spetz AL
1511 - 1514 Development of 3C-SiC SOI structures using Si on polycrystalline SiC wafer bonded substrates
Myers RL, Saddow SE, Rao S, Hobart KD, Fatemi M, Kub FJ
1515 - 1518 Formation of 3C-SiC films embedded in SiO2 by sacrificial oxidation
Panknin D, Godignion P, Mestres N, Polychroniadis E, Stoemenos J, Ferro G, Pezoldt J, Skorupa W
1519 - 1522 Young's modulus and residual stress of polycrystalline 3C-SiC films grown by LPCVD and measured by the load-deflection technique
Fu XA, Dunning J, Zorman CA, Mehregany M
1523 - 1526 Characterization of polycrystalline SiC thin films for MEMS applications using surface micromachined devices
Dunning J, Fu XA, Rajgopal S, Mehregany M, Zorman CA
1527 - 1530 Reaction bonding of microstructured silicon carbide using polymer and silicon thin film
Rajanna K, Tanaka S, Itoh T, Esashi M
1531 - 1534 Fabrication of suspended nanomechanical structures from bulk 6H-SiC substrates
Huang XMH, Feng XL, Prakash MK, Kumar S, Zorman CA, Mehregany M, Roukes ML
1537 - 1540 Sublimation growth of bulk AIN crystals: process temperature and growth rate
Epelbaum BM, Bickermann M, Winnacker A
1541 - 1544 Structural, optical, and electrical properties of bulk AlN crystals grown by PVT
Bickermann M, Epelbaum BM, Winnacker A
1545 - 1548 Experimental and theoretical analysis of sublimation growth of bulk AlN crystals
Mokhov E, Smirnov S, Segal A, Bazarevskiy D, Makarov Y, Ramm M, Helava H
1549 - 1552 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of nitride layer on SiC by thermal nitridation using NH3
YingShen L, Hashimoto S, Abe K, Hayashibe R, Yamagami T, Nakao M, Kamimura K
1553 - 1556 Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxial growth of AlN films on vicinal sapphire (0001) substrates
Shen XQ, Okumura H
1557 - 1560 Growth of GaN/AlN quantum dots on SiC(000(1)over-bar) by plasma-assisted MBE
Gogneau N, Fossard F, Monroy E, Monnoye S, Mank H, Daudin B
1561 - 1564 Control of the 2D/3D transition of cubic GaN/AlN nanostructures on 3C-SiC epilayers
Founta S, Gogneau N, Martinez-Guerrero E, Ferro G, Monteil Y, Daudin B, Mariette H
1565 - 1568 In-situ monitoring of AlN crystal growth on 6H-SiC by the use of a pyrometer
Suzuki T, Inushima T
1569 - 1572 Towards high-quality AlN/SiC hetero-interface by controlling initial processes in molecular-beam epitaxy
Onojima N, Kaido J, Suda J, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
1573 - 1576 Growth of n-face polarity III-nitride heterostructures on C-face 4H-SiC by plasma-assisted MBE
Monroy E, Sarigiannidou E, Fossard F, Enjalbert F, Gogneau N, Bellet-Amalric E, Brault J, Rouviere JL, Dang LS, Monnoye S, Mank H, Daudin B
1577 - 1580 Direct growth of high quality GaN by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy on 4H-SiC substrates
Fossard F, Brault J, Gogneau N, Monroy E, Enjalbert F, Dang LS, Bellet-Amalric E, Monnoye S, Mank H, Daudin B
1581 - 1584 GaN laterally overgrown on sapphire by low pressure hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Napierala J, Martin D, Buhlmann HJ, Gradecak S, Ilegems M
1585 - 1588 Growth and field emission of GaN nanowires
Kim TY, Lee SH, Mo YH, Nahm KS
1589 - 1592 Intraband transitions in GaN/AlN quantum wells grown on sapphire (0001) and 6H-SiC substrates
Helman A, Tchernycheva M, Moumanis K, Lusson A
1593 - 1596 Photoluminescence of GaN/AlN quantum dots grown on SiC substrates
Fossard F, Gogneau N, Monroy E, Dang LS, Monnoye S, Mank H, Daudin B
1597 - 1600 Growth of GaN films on porous 4H-SiC substrate by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Jeong JK, Song HK, Um MY, Kim HJ, Seo HC, Kim HJ, Yoon E, Hwang CS, Kim HJ
1601 - 1604 X-ray diffraction imaging of GaN-based heterostructures on SiC
Poust B, Feichtinger P, Sandhu R, Smorchkova I, Heying B, Block T, Wojtowicz M, Goorsky M
1605 - 1608 Effects of crystallinity on hydrogen exfoliation of GaN layers
Hayashi S, Poust B, Heying B, Goorsky MS
1609 - 1612 Radiotracer spectroscopy on group II acceptors in GaN
Albrecht F, Pasold G, Grillenberger J, Reislohner U, Dietrich M, Witthuhn W
1613 - 1616 Properties of the 3.4 eV luminescence band in GaN and its relation to stacking faults
Skromme BJ, Chen L, Mikhov MK, Yamane H, Aoki M, DiSalvo FJ
1617 - 1620 An ab initio study of intrinsic stacking faults in GaN
Iwata HP, Oberg S, Briddon PR
1621 - 1624 AlGaN/GaNHEMT structures grown on SiCOI wafers obtained by the Smart CutTM technology.
Larheche H, Faure B, Richtarch C, Letertre F, Langer R, Bove P
1625 - 1628 Thermal characterisation of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs using micro-Raman scattering spectroscopy and pulsed I-V measurements
Aubry R, Jacquet JC, Dua C, Gerard H, Dessertenne B, di Forte-Poisson MA, Cordier Y, Delage SL
1629 - 1632 High CW power 0.3 mu m gate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs grown by MBE on sapphire
Desmaris V, Eriksson J, Rorsman N, Zirath H
1633 - 1636 Self-aligned N plus polysilicon-gate GaN MOSFETs
Matocha K, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ