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3 - 10 Mechanical properties of metastable alloys with novel atomic configurations obtained by use of stabilization of supercooled liquid
Inoue A, Kimura H, Takeuchi A
11 - 18 Mechanical property - Microstructure relations in iron-carbon alloys from 1.0 to 5.2% carbon
Sherby OD, Carsi M, Kim WJ, Lesuer DR, Ruano OA, Syn CK, Taleff EM, Wadsworth J
19 - 26 Microstructure and mechanical property of ultra-fine (ferrite plus cementite) duplex structure in high carbon steel
Maki T, Furuhara T
27 - 34 Hybrid modelling methodology applied to microstructural evolution during hot deformation of aluminium alloys
Sellars CM, Abbod MF, Zhu Q, Linkens DA
35 - 42 Advances in the kinetic theory of carbide precipitation
Bhadeshia HKDH
43 - 48 Control of microstructure in TRIP steels by niobium
Bleck W, Frehn A, Kechagias E, Ohlert J, Hulka K
49 - 56 New challenges in the thermomechanical processing of HSLA steels
DeArdo AJ
57 - 66 The critical strain for dynamic recrystallization in rolling mills
Jonas JJ, Poliak EI
67 - 74 Strength and fracture of aluminium alloys
Kobayashi T
75 - 81 Properties and microstructures of a high-performance thermoelectric intermetallic compound - beta-Zn4Sb3
Zhang LT, Tsutsui M, Ito K, Inui H, Yamaguchi M
83 - 90 Recrystallization texture of (123)[-6-3 4] copper single crystal cold rolled up to 99.5%
Lee DN, Shin H
91 - 98 Recent developments in the design and processing of gamma-based titanium aluminide alloys
Appel F
99 - 106 Texture, microstructure and forming of aluminum alloy sheets
Barlat F, Gracio J, Yoon JW, Rauch EF
107 - 114 Alloy development and associated dimensional changes of aluminium alloys during liquid phase sintering
Martin JM, Castro F
115 - 122 New material systems and manufacturing techniques for high strength sintered precision parts
Danninger H
123 - 130 Functionally graded materials produced with high power lasers
De Hosson JTM, Ocelik V
131 - 136 Solid state joining as a method for producing large scale billets from microcrystalline materials
Kaibyshev OA
137 - 144 Multifunctional coating design for high-temperature materials
Lee WY, Li H, Su YF
145 - 152 Some recent work on alloy and process development of Ti and TiAl-based alloys
Wu XH, Hu D, Mei J, Loretto MH
153 - 160 New development in magnesium technology for light weight structures in transportation industries
Goken J, Bohlen J, Hort N, Letzig D, Kainer KU
161 - 169 High nitrogen steel and interstitial alloying
Foct J, Domain C, Becquart C
171 - 178 Composites on the way to structural automotive applications
Friedrich H, Kopp J, Stieg J
179 - 184 Third-generation gene-activating biomaterials
Hench LL, Boccaccini AR, Day RM, Gabe SM
185 - 194 Thermomechanical control in aluminium sheet production
Hirsch J
195 - 200 Life cycle assessment of coating treatments for automotive magnesium parts
Angelini E, De Benedetti B, Grassini S, Marino M
201 - 208 The developing prospect of air-cooled bainitic steels
Fang HS, Li Q, Bai BZ, Yang ZG, Liu DY, Yang FB
209 - 214 Pt and Hf additions to NiAl bond coats and their effect on the lifetime of thermal barrier coatings
Nesbitt JA, Gleeson B, Sordelet D, Barrett CA
215 - 222 Limit of dislocation density and ultra-grain-refining on severe deformation in iron
Takaki S
223 - 228 Mechanical properties of IF steel produced by thin slab casting and direct hot rolling process
Takechi H, Hashimoto S, Imagunbai M
229 - 236 Friction stir welding - Recent developments
Thomas WM
237 - 244 Recent developments of SPD processing for fabrication of bulk nanostructured materials
Valiev RZ
245 - 250 Phase formation sequence map for Al-Ni-Gd glass-forming system devitrified at 250 degrees C
Gao MC, Shiflet GJ
251 - 258 Ti-Ni-based shape memory alloys as smart materials
Otsuka K, Xu Y, Ren X
261 - 266 Creep data prediction for aluminium airframe alloys
Wilshire B, Burt H
267 - 272 Forging studies with severe plastic deformation processed aluminum alloy 6061
Srinivasan R, Chaudhury P
273 - 278 An EBSD study of sub-grain structure development in hot deformed Al-1%Mn crystals
Glez JC, Driver J
279 - 284 The characterization of the plastic potential of aluminum alloys using internal variables of strain rate sensitivity, mean slip distance and mean slip velocity
Saimoto S
285 - 290 Effects of strain rate on deformation behavior of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Masuda T, Kobayashi T, Wang L, Toda H
291 - 296 The interaction between precipitation and recrystallization during annealing of cold rolled AA6111
Go J, Poole WJ, Militzer M, Wells MA
297 - 302 Removal of porosity in cast aluminium alloys by equal channel angular extrusion
McKenzie PWJ, Lapovok R, Wells P, Raviprasad K
303 - 308 Development of properties during secondary ageing of aluminium alloys
Lumley RN, Polmear IJ, Morton AJ
309 - 314 The strengthening and microstructure of precipitation hardened Al-Li-Cu alloys
Fragomeni JM, Wheeler R
315 - 320 Ultrasonic welding of aluminum-magnesium alloy
Makoto H, Takehiko W
321 - 326 Temperature effect on microstucture development in 7475 aluminum alloy during ECAP
Goloborodko A, Sitdikov O, Sakai T, Miura H, Kaibyshev R
327 - 332 Improved material properties for cast aluminium alloys : from the processes to life prediction modelling.
Guillot I, Massinon D, Barlas B, Ovono-Ovono D
333 - 338 Phase separation structure near the surface in Al-Ag binary alloys
Okuda H, Yoshihara T, Ochiai S
339 - 344 The effect of alloying elements on the microstructure and mechanical propertles of Al-12Si cast alloys
Cho YH, Im YR, Kwon SW, Lee HC
345 - 350 Environmental embrittlement of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys with Cr or Zr.
Satoh S, Kanno M
351 - 356 Computer-aided optimization of aluminum alloys for airframe applications
Sigli C, Dif R, Commet B, Warner T
357 - 362 Precipitation sequence of Al-Mg-Si alloys
Ikeno S, Matsuda K
363 - 368 Microstructure and plastic anisotropy in rolled Al-Mg alloys.
Eardley ES, Soulet A, Court SA, Humphreys FJ, Bate PS
369 - 374 Anomalous tensile stability for an aluminum alloy at high temperatures and high strain rates interpreted from a dislocation dynamic view point
Okazaki K, Hasegawa T
375 - 380 Effect of addition of Cu on structures of metastable phases in Al-Mg-Si alloys
Matsuda K, Kawabata T, Uetani Y, Ikeno S
381 - 386 Grain refinement in as-cast 7475 Al alloy under hot multiaxial deformation
Sitdikov O, Goloborodko A, Sakai T, Miura H, Kaibyshev R
387 - 392 The obtention of homogeneous microstructures in Al-Sn-based tribological alloys.
Schouwenaars R, Jacobo VH, Cerrud SM, Ortiz A
393 - 398 Damage behaviours of various coarse Al-Fe-Si particles in model wrought alloys
Toda H, Kobayashi T
399 - 404 Lattice rotations at large second-phase particles in polycrystalline aluminum
Clarke AP, Humphreys FJ, Bate PS
405 - 410 Quantitative analysis of structure-strength relation of commercial purity aluminium deformed by accumulative roll bonding and annealed at low temperature
Ueji R, Huang X, Hansen N, Tsuji N, Minamino Y
411 - 416 Development of high damping aluminum alloys and composites using rapidly solidified powder metallurgy process
Li PY, Yu HJ, Dai SL, Liu DB, Chai SC, Li YR
417 - 422 Processing and characterization of porous aluminum
Wen CE, Mabuchi M, Yamada Y, Shimojima K, Chino Y, Hosokawa H, Asahina T
423 - 428 Precipitation hardenable Al-Mg-Cu alloys: Mechanical properties and hardening mechanisms
Verlinden B, Zahra AM
429 - 434 Microstructures and workability of spray-formed and cast AZ91 Mg alloys
Chen CY, Tsao CYA
435 - 440 Quenching and cold-work residual stresses in aluminum hand forgings: Contour method measurement and FEM prediction
Prime MB, Newborn MA, Balog JA
441 - 446 Compressive behavior and energy absorption of constructed cellular aluminum
Yamada Y, Wen CE, Chino Y, Shimojima K, Hosokawa H, Mabuchi M, Asahina T
447 - 452 Effect of the homogenisation conditions on the extrudability and high temperature fracture resistance of AA6063 aluminium alloy
Lassance D, Dille J, Delplancke JL, Pardoen T, Ryelandt L, Delannay F, Ryckeboer M
453 - 458 Work hardening in metals: Microscopic and macroscopic behavior through a wide range of strain
Chinh NQ, Horita Z, Langdon TG
459 - 464 Light alloys innovation in Australia
Morton AJ
465 - 470 Study of the crack sensitivity of 6xxx and 7xxx aluminum alloys
Nagaumi H, Takateru U
471 - 476 The effect of Si additions on the nucleation of Omega in Al-Cu-Mg alloys
Gable BM, Shiflet GJ, Starke EA
477 - 482 Semisolid strip casting using a vertical type twin roll caster
Haga T, Takahashi K, Watari H
483 - 488 In-situ, laser-ultrasonic monitoring of the recrystallization of aluminum alloys
Kruger SE, Moreau A, Militzer M, Biggs T
489 - 494 Development of new aluminium alloys for semisolid processing
Romera R, Goni J, Coleto J, Eguizabal P, Estevan R, Sainz X, Hurtado I, Azpilgain Z, Lete I, Armendariz A, Akizu A, Wielanek L
495 - 495 Thermal behaviour of hot extruded aluminium with copper phosphorus additions
Cambronero LEG, Ruiz-Roman JM, Prieto JMR
501 - 506 The pinning of grain boundaries during the recrystallization of an Al-0.3Mn-0.15Si alloy
Huang Y, Humphreys FJ
507 - 512 Semi-solid extrusion of Al-10%Mg alloy with a non-dendritic structure
Uetani Y, Sueda H, Takagi H, Matsuda K, Ikeno S
515 - 520 Hot working microstructure map for magnesium AZ31
Barnett MR
521 - 526 Investigation of corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloy AM60B-F under pseudo-physiological conditions
Levesque J, Dube D, Fiset M, Mantovani D
527 - 532 Grain refinement of magnesium alloy AZ91D cast in permanent mold using mechanical vibrations
Maltais A, Fiset M, Dube D
533 - 538 Challenges in lost foam casting of AZ91 alloy
Bichler L, Ravindran C, Machin A
539 - 544 The infuence of procedure parameters on the characters of semi-solid AZ91 magnesium alloy
Xie SS, Zeng XS, Jiang YX, Chen GX, Shen J
545 - 550 Development of plasticity processing of magnesium alloys
Zhang SH, Jin QL, Wang ZT, Li DF, Zhou WL
551 - 556 Optimisation of mechanical properties of an AZ 91 alloy by microstructure control
Blandin JJ
557 - 562 Deformation behavior and forging of magnesium wrought alloy
Hatsukano K, Matsuzaki K
563 - 568 Microstructure and mechanical properties of hot-extruded AZ31 powders
Matsuzaki K, Hatsuakno K, Hanada K, Shimizu T, Sano T
569 - 574 Current status and manufacturing technologies of magnesium alloy parts in Japanese home electronics
Nishikawa Y, Takara A
575 - 580 Mechanical alloying of powder mixture of magnesium alloy chips and aluminum.
Ohguchi A, Oginuma H, Yuasa E, Tsuzuki R, Kondoh K
581 - 586 Microstructure of anodic films grown on magnesium-lithium-yttrium ultra light alloy
Ono S, Suzuki Y, Asoh H, Hanzawa N, Hyakutake M
587 - 592 Simulation of Mg sheet press cell materials
Shimojima K, Mabuchi M, Chino Y, Hosokawa H, Yamada Y, Wen C
593 - 598 Creep behavior and deformation substructure of Mg-Y alloys containing dilute content of zinc
Suzuki M, Kimura T, Koike J, Maruyama K
599 - 603 Atomic size effects on Al, Ca, and Sc in Mg solid solutions from first-principles calculations
Uesugi T, Kohyama M, Higashi K
605 - 610 The effect of temperature and flow stress for climb-controlled dislocation creep in magnesium alloy
Somekawa H, Watanabe H, Mukai T, Higashi K
611 - 616 Initial grain size effect of dynamic recrystallization of magnesium alloy AZ31
Yang XY, Miura H, Sakai T
617 - 622 Mechanical properties of magnesium alloy sheets produced by semi-solid roll strip casting
Watari H, Haga T, Davey K, Ona H, Izawa S, Hamano H, Iwashita T, Nakayama M
623 - 628 Expendable pattern casting of AZ91D magnesium alloy
Cho GS, Lee KW, Kim SK, Jo HH, Lim SC, Kim WY
629 - 635 Hydrostatic extrusion of magnesium: Process mechanics and performance
Sillekens WH, van Westrum JAFMS, den Bakker AJ, Vet PJ
637 - 642 Microstructural evolution during hot rolling of an AZ31 Mg alloy
del Valle JA, Perez-Prado MT, Ruano OA
643 - 648 Titanium airframe applications: Brief history, present applications and future trends
Boyer RR
649 - 654 Effect of Cu-Ni plasma coating on fretting fatigue characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V under flat-on-flat contact
Niinomi M, Hutson AL, Shell EB, Eylon D, Nicholas T
655 - 660 Dynamic recovery and recrystallization in beta-titanium alloys
Furuhara T, Toji Y, Abe H, Maki T
661 - 666 Control of mechanical properties of Ti-Fe-O-N based titanium alloys by thermomechanical processing
Fujii H
667 - 672 Effect of microstructures on mechanical properties of heat resistant titanium alloys at elevated temperatures
Suzuki A, Noda T, Okabe M
673 - 679 Ultra-fine grain refinement, superplasticity and its application of titanium alloys obtained through protium treatment
Yoshimura H, Nakahigashi J
681 - 688 Multi functional titanium alloy "GUM METAL"
Saito T, Furuta T, Hwang JH, Kuramoto S, Nishino K, Suzuki N, Chen R, Yamada A, Ito K, Seno Y, Nonaka T, Ikehata H, Nagasako N, Iwamoto C, Ikuhara Y, Sakuma T
689 - 694 High temperature deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with Widmanstaten microstructure
Kim JH, Semiatin SL, Lee CS
695 - 700 Research on microstructure and mechanical properties of laser direct deposited Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Gao SY, Zhang YZ, Shi LK, Wang DW
701 - 706 Effect of cold rolling on the annealing texture of a near-alpha titanium
Castello-Branco GA, Bacaltchuk CMB, Garmestani H
707 - 712 Study on microstructure and mechanical properties of an orthorhombic Ti-Al-Nb-Ta alloy
Li SQ, Mao Y, Zhang JW, Cheng YJ
713 - 718 A new alpha-beta alloy, Ti-4.5Al-4Cr-0.5Fe-0.2C, solution hardened by ultra high content of carbon
Oyama H, Kojima S, Ono K, Ito Y
719 - 724 Deformation behavior and microstructure evolutions in Ti-6Al-4V extrusion
Park NK, Yeom JT, Na YS, Lee JS, Shim IO, Hong SS
725 - 730 Creep behaviour at 760 degrees C of two nickel-based single crystal superalloys
Diologent F, Caron P
731 - 736 Microstructural influences on notch fatigue crack initiation and propagation in a range of nickel base superalloys
Reed PAS
737 - 742 Change in shape of creep curves of gamma single phase Ni-20mass%Cr single crystals with decreasing stress
Matsuo T, Nakamoto Y, Terada Y
743 - 748 Modeling and investigation of dynamic recrystallisation in nickel-based superalloys
Sommitsch C, Walter M, Wedl F, Kleber S
749 - 754 Microstructural changes in a Ni-based super-alloy induced by thermal treatment
Artiaga R, Varela A, Mier JL, Garcia A, Losada R, Naya S
755 - 760 Small-angle neutron scattering: a tool for microstructural investigation of high-temperature materials
Strunz P, Mukherji D, Gilles R, Rosler J, Wiedenmann A
761 - 766 The effect of cold rolling on the grain boundary character and creep rupture properties of INCONEL alloy 718
Boehlert CJ, Civelekoglu S, Eisinger N, Smith G, Crum J
767 - 772 gamma' Precipitation kinetics in P/M IN100
Wusatowska-Sarnek AM, Blackburn MJ, Aindow M
773 - 778 An investigation on electromagnetic shaping and solidification behavior of supperalloys under vacuum environment
Fu HZ, Shen J, Li SM, Li JS, Liu L
779 - 784 Micro-mechanisms involved in rafts of crept MC2 nickel-based single crystal superalloy
Benyoucef M, Legros M, Coujou A, Caron P, Calderon H, Clement N
785 - 790 Creep of [011]-oriented Ni-20mass%Cr single crystals
Terada Y, Yasui T, Matsuo T
791 - 796 Microstructural evolutions of superalloy 718 during dynamic and metadynamic recrystallizations
Thomas JP, Montheillet F, Dumont C
797 - 802 Characterisation and modelling of crystal rotations during multiaxial creep in single crystal superalloys
Ardakani MG, Basoalto H, Shollock BA, McLean M
803 - 808 Low-stress creep of Ni-20mass%Cr single crystals with [001] orientation
Tokumoto T, Terada Y, Matsuo T
809 - 814 Microstructure analysis and modeling of ingot to billet conversion in alloy 718
Thompson R, Janowski GM, Carden W, Papo J, Ning HB
815 - 820 Morphology of gamma' precipitates in experimental W- and Re- containing Ni-base superalloys
Mukherji D, Piegert S, Rosler J
821 - 826 Misfit investigations of nickel-base superalloys
Gilles R, Mukherji D, Del Genovese D, Strunz P, Barbier B, Kockelmann W, Rosler J, Fuess H
829 - 834 High strength galvanized wire for bridge cables
Tarui T, Konno S, Takahashi T
835 - 839 Microstructural elements and fracture of hardened high-carbon steels
Krauss G, Matlock DK, Reguly A
841 - 846 High strain rate - High strain response of an ultrahigh carbon steel containing 1.3% C and 3% Si
Lesuer D, Syn C, Sherby O, Kum DW
847 - 852 Fracture behavior of an ultrahigh carbon steel containing 1.3%C as influenced by microstructure and testing conditions
Fernandez-Vicente A, Carsi M, Penalba F, Jimenez JA, Ruano OA
853 - 858 Stress-strain rate relations in ultrahigh carbon steels deformed in the ferrite range of temperature
Syn CK, Lesuer DR, Sherby OD, Taleff EM
859 - 864 Mecanical properties of cementite and fabrication of artificial pearlite
Umemoto M, Todaka Y, Tsuchiya K
865 - 870 Hot deformation of hypereutectoid steels
McQueen HJ, Imbert CAC, Sherby OD
871 - 876 Mechanical properties of in-situ laminated composites based on ultrahigh carbon steels
Cheng SC, Sherby OD
877 - 882 Superplastic densification of ultrahigh carbon steel powder compacts
Caligiuri RD, Eiselstein LE
883 - 888 Innovative ultrahigh carbon steel laminates with outstanding mechanical properties
Pozuelo M, Carreno F, Ruano OA
889 - 894 Suppression of secondary ferrite formation by boron addition in high carbon steel wires
Nagao M, Yaguchi H, Ibaraki N
895 - 899 Particulate composites of white cast iron
Eiselstein LE, Caligiuri RD
901 - 906 Transformation behavior of carbon-unsaturated and super-cooled austenite in a high carbon alloy steel
Zhao ZB, Liu C, Liu YX, Northwood DO
907 - 912 Research structure forming and formation of physical-mechanical properties at thermoplastic processing of spheroidal graphite cast iron
Efimenko SP, Traino AI, Yusupov VS
913 - 918 A novel processing of Austempered Ductile Cast Iron (ADI)
Putatunda SK, Yang JH
919 - 924 Superplastic ultra-high carbon steels processed by spray forming
Zhang JG, Yan B, Zhang H, Zhou CD, Lin YJ, Shi HS, Yao JS, Sun DS
925 - 930 Influence of heat treatment on fatigue behavior of a Cu-Ni alloyed austempered ductile iron
Yazdani S, Firouzi A
931 - 936 Characterizing alloy additions to high nitrogen steels
Rawers J, Tylczak J, Blankenship D, Bullard S
937 - 942 Nitrogen-alloyed austenitic stainless steels for wire and cable applications
Colombie V, Montserrat X, Brown G, Hendry A
943 - 949 Nitrogen and carbon in austenitic and martensitic steels: Atomic interactions and structural stability
Gavriljuk V, Rawers J, Shanina B, Berns H
951 - 956 Effects of nitrogen on the deformation behavior of duplex stainless steel
Lee HJ, Chang YW
957 - 962 Thermodynamics of nitrogen absorption into solid solution in Fe-Cr-Mn ternary alloys
Tsuchiyama T, Takaki S
963 - 968 The dependence of activity coefficient on intensive thermodynamic parameters in a liquid Fe-N-V alloy
Hutny A, Siwka J
969 - 974 Thermomechanical treatment of nitrogen-containing corrosion resistant steels various structure classes
Prokoshkina VG, Kaputkina LM, Lojnikov YI
975 - 980 The effect of grain size on the mechanical and cavitation resistance of a high nitrogen and low nickel austenitic stainless steel
Di Schino A, Salvatori I, Kenny JM
981 - 986 Cycle precipitation of Fe16N2 in nitrided iron alloys
Sakamoto M
987 - 992 Thermomechanical strengthening of nitrogen -bearing austenitic stainless steels
Kodjaspirov GE, Karjalainen LP, Gloukhov VV
993 - 998 Microstructural evolution of sulfide in Fe-Cr-S alloys
Mitsui H, Oikawa K, Ohnuma I, Ishida K
999 - 1004 A finite element-based integrated process model for the prediction of thermo-mechanical and metallurgical behavior of stainless steel in cold strip rolling
Sun CG, Lee YY, Lee YD, Hwang SM
1005 - 1010 Evolution of grain boundaries and subboundaries in stainless steel during dynamic recrystallization
Belyakov A, Tsuzaki K, Miura H, Sakai T
1011 - 1016 Modelling primary recrystallization and grain growth in the AISI 316 stainless steel
Di Schino A, Kenny JM, Abbruzzese G
1017 - 1022 Influence of wire electrical discharge machining on the fatigue properties of high strength stainless steel
Velterop L
1023 - 1028 Creep properties and microstructures on thermo-mechanical and magnetic treated 9Cr ferritic steels
Muneki S, Okubo H, Okada H, Abe F
1029 - 1034 Effect of impurity sulfur on the stability of Cr oxides formed on both austenitic and ferritic steels in a high-temperature steam-atmosphere
Nakai M, Murata Y, Morinaga M, Hashizume R, Sawaragi Y
1035 - 1040 Two specimen complex thermal-mechanical fatigue tests on the austenitic stainless steel AISI 316 l
Rau K, Beck T, Lohe D
1041 - 1046 Effect of sulfur and phosphorus on ductility of as cast iron-nickel-chromium alloys, direct observations on in-situ fractured surface by AES and TEM.
Le Gall R, Dazelle G, Danylova O, Witzke S
1047 - 1052 Modelling the nitriding kinetics of iron-chromium alloys
Schacherl RE, Graat PCJ, Mittemeijer EJ
1053 - 1058 Tribological behaviour of a liquid nitrided precipitation-hardening (PH) stainless steel
Pantazopoulos G, Papazoglou T, Antoniou S, Sideris J
1059 - 1064 Computer models of phase separation dynamics in Fe-Cr-Mo ternary alloys
Iwamoto Y, Goto K, Kuwajima T, Fukuhara E, Suwa Y, Saito Y
1065 - 1070 Formation of ultra-fine grained SUS316L steels by ball-milling and their mechanical properties after neutron irradiation
Zheng YJ, Yamasaki T, Terasawa M, Mitamura T, Fukami T
1071 - 1076 Prediction of the flow stress curves in austenitic stainless steels
Kim S, Lee YD, Yoo YC
1077 - 1082 Nitride layer formation on chromium-nickel steel
Baranowska J
1083 - 1088 Claude Rossard, a french pioneer in the field of thermomechanical processing
Montheillet F
1089 - 1094 Application of the quenching and partitioning (Q&P) process to a medium-carbon, high-Si microalloyed bar steel
Matlock DK, Brautigam VE, Speer JG
1095 - 1100 Austenitic grain refinement in as cast HSLA steels by dynamic recrystallization
Fujita N, Narushima T, Iguchi Y, Ouchi C
1101 - 1106 Dilatometric measurements on the transformation behaviour of Nb-added CSiMn TRIP steels
Leysen F, Penning J, Houbaert Y
1107 - 1112 Improvement of creep rupture properties of heat resisting steels by the self-heating of creep cavities
Shinya N, Kyono J, Laha K
1113 - 1118 Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle on heat and mass transport phenomena in continuous casting mold
Yokoya S, Takagi S, Tsukaguchi Y, Iguchi M
1119 - 1126 Structure and phase transformations under quenching and tempering during heat and thermomechanical treatment of steels
Kaputkina LM, Kaputkin DE
1127 - 1132 Influence of thermomechanical processing on microstructural evolution in Si-Mn and Al-Mn TRIP steels
Manohar PA, Kunishige K, Chandra T
1133 - 1138 Effects of alloy system on spontaneous reverse transformation behavior in steel
Yokota T, Sato K, Niikura M
1139 - 1144 Static recrystallisation-precipitation interaction in microalloyed steels
Medina SF, Quispe A
1145 - 1150 Advances on the characterization of high-silicon steel for electrical applications produced by thermomechanical and dipping-annealing treatment
Houbaert Y, Colas R, Barros J, Ruiz D, Vandenberghe R, De Wulf M, Ros-Yanez T
1151 - 1156 Study of grain boundary ferrite nucleation in V microalloyed steels by EBSD
Hernandez D, Diaz-Fuentes M, Lopez B, Rodriguez-Ibabe JM
1157 - 1162 New process for high-toughness linepipe material of thin slab and direct rolling
Imagumbai M, Takechi H
1163 - 1168 Recrystallisation nucleation during annealing of Ti-Sulc steel
Van-Haaften WM, Bi Y, van Leeuwen Y, Colijn J, Howe A
1169 - 1173 Ferritic-pearlitic steel with deformation induced spheroidized cementite
Storojeva L, Kaspar R, Ponge D
1175 - 1180 Effects of carbon content on wear property in pearlitic steels
Ueda M, Uchino K, Senuma T
1181 - 1187 Regression and solute drag models for the activation energy of static recrystallisation in hot-worked steels
Karjalainen LP, Somani MC, Porter DA
1189 - 1194 CATRAN - a multi-task physical model and computer program for the prediction of the microstructure of steels according to an arbitrary cooling schedule
Samoilov A, Titovets YF, Zolotorevsky NY, Hribernig G
1195 - 1200 Hot deformation of austenite at rates encountered in the finishing stages of hot strip rolling
de Almeida JA, Barbosa R
1201 - 1206 New developments for microalloyed heat treating steels
Bleck W, Pariser G, Trute S, Klinkenberg C
1207 - 1212 Effect of grain refinement and its application to commercial steels
Seto K, Sakata K
1213 - 1218 Effects of the addition of high nitrogen contents on the microstructure of 25%Cr-5%Ni ferritic-austenitic duplex stainless steel (DIN wr. nr. 1.4460)
Machado LF, Padilha AF
1219 - 1223 The influence of Al on the mechanical properties of hot rolled steel plates
Mintz B
1225 - 1230 Heat treatments to improve weldability of new multiphase high strength steels
Cretteur L, Koruk AI
1231 - 1236 Microstructural changes of cementite and ferrite in heavily drawn pearlitic wires
Daitoh Y, Sano N, Hamada T, Hidaka H, Takaki S
1237 - 1242 Strain-induced precipitation of Nb(CN) in low carbon steels: Modelling and experimental validation
Palmiere EJ, Dutta B
1243 - 1248 How to produce super-tough structural steels
Leinonen JI
1249 - 1254 Thermomechanically processed TS-BH hot-rolled sheet steel and its strengthening mechanism
Kunishige K
1255 - 1260 Investigating precipitation in microalloyed austenite during thermomechanical processing
Poths RM, Rainforth WM, Palmiere EJ
1261 - 1266 Theoretical study on sympathetic nucleation vs ledgewise growth of bainitic ferrite in steel
Yang ZG, Yang JB, Fang HS, Bai BZ
1267 - 1272 Study of the role played by nitrogen on the deep-drawing properties of aluminium killed steel sheets obtained after a continuous annealing
Massardier V, Guetaz V, Merlin J, Soler M
1273 - 1278 Simulation of the hot rolling of TRIP-assisted multiphase steels
Godet S, Jacques PJ, Harlet P, Delannay F
1279 - 1284 Grain size effect on behaviour and microstructure of a warm deformed Ti-HF steel
Oudin A, Barnett MR, Hodgson PD
1285 - 1288 Application of focused optic irradiation for surface treatment of commercial steels
Kaputkin DE
1289 - 1294 TWICE plus HOWAQ continuous annealing line: A new facility for high strengh steels production in Arcelor Group
Laquerbe L, Lhoist V, Neutjens J, Harlet P
1295 - 1300 A study on ultrafine ferrite formation during post deformation cooling
Shokouhi A, Beladi H, Hodgson PD
1301 - 1306 Sigma-phase formation upon solidification rate in heat-resistant steels
Garin JL, Mannheim RL
1307 - 1312 Strain induced precipitation in a multi-microalloyed steel containing Nb and Ti during RPC processing
Yuan SQ, Yang SW, Shang CJ, He XL
1313 - 1318 A model for niobium carbonitride precipitation in ferrite
Maugis P, Goune M, Barges P, Dougnac D, Ravaine D, Lamberigts M, Siwecki T, Bi Y
1319 - 1324 Sigma phase precipitation in a superferritic stainless steel
Pimenta FC, Padilha AF, Plaut RL
1325 - 1330 Interest of the ThermoElectric Power measurement for the study of strain ageing in Bake Hardening Steels
Lavaire N, Soler M, Merlin J
1331 - 1336 Effect of low carbon contents on the activation energy for plastic deformation upon steels
Hernandez CA, Mancilla JE
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1361 - 1366 Microstructural characterization of multiphase steels
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1367 - 1372 Optimisation of hot workability and control of microstructure in AISI type 304L stainless steel using a'refined' dynamic materials model processing window
Rodriguez P, Mannan SL, Venugopal S
1373 - 1378 A new method to determine the strain and strain rate hardening characteristics from the hot torsion test
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1379 - 1384 Effect of solidification structure and thermomechanical processing on microstructure and texture of ferritic stainless steels
Salvatori I
1385 - 1391 Changes in structure and properties of ferrous substrates due to silicon surface alloying by laser
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1393 - 1398 High-temperature annealing for maximization of dissolved boron in creep-resistant martensitic 9Cr steel
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1399 - 1404 Flow stress and microstructure modelling of ferrite-pearlite steels during cold rolling
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1405 - 1412 Modelling upper and lower bainite trasformation in steels.
Azuma M, Fujita N, Takahashi M, Iung T
1413 - 1418 Suppression of surface hot shortness caused by copper in recycled steel
Shibata K
1419 - 1424 The structure variation of deformed austenite during the relaxation and the refinement of bainite in a Nb-B steel
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1425 - 1431 Hydrogen embrittlement and electrochemical corrosion behaviors of Cu-IF and microalloyed HSLA steels
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1439 - 1444 Influence of relaxation process on the microstructure and properties of low carbon bainitic steel
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1445 - 1450 Cold plasma discharge processes: An alternative technology for steel annealing
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1451 - 1456 Development of an ultra-low carbon high strength welding wire
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1457 - 1462 Effect of welding thermal cycle on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-fine grained carbon steel
Peng Y, Tian ZL, He CH, Zhang XM, Xiao HJ
1463 - 1468 High grade steel development
Bott ID
1469 - 1474 Development of high strength low alloy TRIP-aided steels with ultra fine grain
Sugimoto K, Hayakawa A, Hashimoto S, Ikeda S
1475 - 1480 A novel 1500MPa economic high strength steel
Gu JL, Wei DY, Chang KD, Liu DY, Fang HS, Bai BZ, Yang ZG, Zhang WZ
1481 - 1486 Effect of NbC distribution on mechanical properties in IF high strength steel with fine grain structure
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1487 - 1492 Development of a fire resistant high strength low alloy steel for construction
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1493 - 1498 Effects of ausforming on strength and toughness in low alloy banitic/martensitic steels
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1499 - 1504 Influence of liquid core reduction in the microstructure of steel thin slabs
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1505 - 1510 Martensitic and reverse transformation in Fe-Ni bicrystals
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1511 - 1516 Effect of Ti addition on mixed microstructure of allotriomorphic and bainitic ferrite in wrought C-Mn steels
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1517 - 1521 A quantitative study of interphase precipitation in a commercial microalloyed steel
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1523 - 1528 "High strength stainless steels manufactured by temperature controlled rolling"
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1547 - 1552 Behavioural study of a manganese steel subjected to abrasion wear and the influence of thermal treatment
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1553 - 1558 Correlation between apparent activation energy for hot working and temperature of no recrystallization in microalloyed steels
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1559 - 1564 Experimental and finite element modeling for prediction of optimum phase combinations in dual phase steels
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1565 - 1570 A physics-based transformation model for low-carbon steels: From first principles to on-line application
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1589 - 1598 Effect of the reduction assigning in two-time cold rolling IF steel sheet for drawability
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1599 - 1604 The morphology, crystallography, and formation mechanism of grain boundary proeutectoid cementite in high carbon steels
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1605 - 1610 Effect of microalloying on hot-deformation resistance during rolling
Siciliano F, Imagumbai M
1611 - 1616 Proposition of two parameters for a good characterisation of the austenitising condition of microalloyed steels
Capdevila C, Caballero FG, de Andres CG
1619 - 1624 Synthesis and characterization of Ni-Al intermetallics compounds with grain refinement emphasis
Saraiva JC, Santos DB
1625 - 1630 The investigation of superplasticity in NiAl intermetallic compounds
Guo JT, Du XH, Qi YH, Li GS
1631 - 1636 Effect of Ag alloying on microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties of NiAl intermetallic compound
Guo JT, Zhou J, Li GS, Qi YH
1637 - 1642 Superplasticity in large-grained intermetallics
Lin DL, Hu J
1643 - 1647 Interfacial reactions between gamma TiAl and CaO stabilized ZrO2 shell mould during casting
Jia Q, Cui YY, Yang R
1649 - 1654 The role of interfaces in plastic deformation of intermetallic alloys
Paidar V
1655 - 1659 The influence of microstructure and residual stress on pre-yield cracking in TiAl-based alloys
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1661 - 1666 Behaviour of ordinary dislocations in crept TiAl alloys at high temperatures
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Suzon E, Wagner F, Grosdidier T
1673 - 1678 High-temperature deformation behaviour of gas atomized TiAl alloy powder compacts
Fauvarque JP, Thomas M, Popoff F
1679 - 1684 Lamellar transformations in Ti-Al based alloys
Zghal S, Thomas M, Naka S, Couret A
1685 - 1690 Working of gamma TiAl alloys for turbine applications
Oehring M, Lorenz U, Paul JDH, Appel F
1691 - 1696 Processing of carbon containing gamma titanium aluminide alloys
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1697 - 1702 Site preference occupation of Co and Mn in Fe3Al-based alloys
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1703 - 1708 Control of lamellar arrangement in TiAl intermetallic compound by mechanical and thermal processes
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1709 - 1714 Slip systems, dislocation structure and plastic deformation behavior of Nl(3)Tl single crystals with D0(24) structure
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1715 - 1720 Property enhancement of orthorhombic Ti2AlNb-based intermetallic alloys
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1721 - 1726 Semi-quantitative HRTEM for partially ordered materials: Application to Al-rich TiAl alloys
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1727 - 1732 Mechanical properties of cold-rolled NiAl thin foils
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1733 - 1738 Directional solidification of TiAl alloys for aligning lamellar microstructures and mechanical properties of directionally-solidified ingots
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1739 - 1744 Formation of FeAl in situ ODS alloy by mechanochemical reaction using mill scale powder and its properties
Isonishi K, Ameyama K, Hayashi Y
1745 - 1750 Oxidation behavior of Mo-based alloys coated with silicide using the halide-activated pack cementation method
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1751 - 1756 Effects of alpha(2) spacing on creep deformation behavior of hard oriented PST crystals of a lamellar TiAl alloy
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1757 - 1762 Effects of processing condition on properties of Ti-aluminides reinforced Ti matrix composites synthesized by pulsed current hot pressing (PCHP)
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1763 - 1769 Selectivity of anti-phase boundary introduced in Al5Ti3 superstructure
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1771 - 1776 Influence of the addition of Cr and Al elements to the Mo3Si intermetallic alloy on the phase construction and the oxidation behavior
Ochiai S
1777 - 1782 Crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of ReSi1.75 based silicides
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1807 - 1812 Improvement of the oxidation resistance of EPM gamma-TiAl alloy by Y-addition
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1813 - 1818 Microstructure control of DS NiAl/Ni3Al alloy by fabrication of columnar-grained NiAl martensite
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1819 - 1824 High temperature oxidation of Ti-(43 similar to 52%)Al-2%W-(0 similar to 0.5%)Si intermetallics
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1831 - 1836 Effects of Si and B additions on the thermal stability of lamellar microstructure of TiAl alloys
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1837 - 1842 The effect of Li, Ce and Ni additions on the microstructure and the mechanical properties in the AlFe intermetallic system.
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1843 - 1848 Properties of gamma-TiAl-M (M = Ag, Cr) sputtered films
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1867 - 1872 Crystallization behavior and the thermal properties of Zr63Al7.5Cu17.5Ni10B2 bulk amorphous alloy
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1873 - 1878 Processing intermetallic sheet materials from elemental foils using cold roll bonding and reaction annealing
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1879 - 1884 Effect of silicon on the thermal properties of the zirconium-based bulk amorphous alloys
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1891 - 1896 Transient liquid phase bonding of intermetallic compounds
Gale WF
1897 - 1901 Sintering behavior of iron aluminide powders
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1903 - 1908 Discovery of critical oxygen content for glass formation in Zr80Pt20 melt spun ribbons
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1921 - 1926 Nanocrystalline microstructures produced by twinning during superplastic deformation of a gamma-TiAl intermetallic
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1927 - 1932 Mechanosynthesis of an Fe-Ni melt-spun amorphous alloy under different milling conditions
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1933 - 1938 Processing of gamma TiAl, by ceramic crucible induction melting, and pouring in ceramic shells
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1939 - 1944 Reaction rate and mechanism in the formation of rare earth - Transition metal compounds
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1945 - 1950 Glass formation in eutectic alloys
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1951 - 1956 Liquid phase sintering of WC-FeAl and WC-Ni3Al composites with and without boron.
Ahmadian M, Wexler D, Calka A, Chandra T
1957 - 1962 Fabrication of nickel-aluminides fiber/nickel composite by reaction at narrow holes
Watanabe Y, Goto T
1965 - 1970 Synthesis of magnesium-particulate composites by thermomechanical processing
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1971 - 1978 Processing and properties of metal matrix composites synthesized by SHS
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1979 - 1984 Investigations of new oxide dispersion hardened platinum materials in laboratory tests and industrial applications
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1985 - 1990 Time-temperature dependences of fracture toughnesses of epoxy resin and silica particulate-filled epoxy composite
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1991 - 1996 In situ multilithc metal matrix composites produced by codeformation processing
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1997 - 2002 Microstructures for high precision cemented carbide micro-die machined by FIB
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2003 - 2008 Casting of composite material strip using a downward melt drag twin roll caster
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2009 - 2014 Process improvement for investment casting of SiCp/AZ91D magnesium composite
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2015 - 2019 Material mechanical properties and microstructure of magnesium alloy matrix composites fabricated by casting process
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2021 - 2026 Electromagnetic wave absorption properties of amorphous alloy-epoxy composites
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2027 - 2032 Effect of thermal treatment on thermal expansion behaviour of magnesium alloy based hybrid composites
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2033 - 2038 Synthesis of TiC/Ni cermets via mechanically activated self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.
Dubois S, Heian E, Karnatak N, Beaufort MF, Vrel D
2039 - 2044 Deformation behavior of 7075Al/SICP composite during multi- pass deformation at high temperatures
Chandra T, Cabrera JM, Prado JM
2045 - 2052 Steel reinforced thermoplastics
Dekeyser W, Lefever I
2053 - 2058 Determination of the interfacial bond strength for composite materials
2059 - 2064 Computer-assisted design of Nb-based in-situ composites and superalloys
Chan KS
2065 - 2070 Sliding wear behavior of TiB2 nanoparticle reinforced copper matrix in-situ composites under electric current
Rong W, Tu JP, Gu SY
2071 - 2075 Development of a new composite product from blast furnace slag
Francis AA, Shoeib MA
2077 - 2082 Wear and mechanical properties of reaction synthesized Ti-6Al-4V/TiC composite
Chung H, Kim YH, Yang DW, Ahn JH, Kim YJ
2083 - 2088 Study of the Coefficients of Thermal Expansion of phases embedded in multiphase materials
Freour S, Gloaguen D, Francois M, Guillen R
2089 - 2094 Internal stress reduction in filament wound composite pipes by humid conditioning: numerical simulation
Jacquemin F, Vautrin A, Guillen R
2095 - 2100 A novel high profit recycling technology for sic particle reinforced magnesium composites
Ha W, Kim SK, Jo HH, Kim MG, Kim YJ
2101 - 2106 Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatide powder/poly(Acrylamide/Itaconic acid) composite hydrogel
Chen KS, Yang MR, Ku YA, Chen TM, Lin FH
2107 - 2112 Creep model for multidirectional short fiber reinforced metal matrix composite
Wanner A, Garces G
2113 - 2118 A study on the improvement of the toughness in Al-Cu-Fe quasi-crystals
Koo JM, Hur SK, Shin K, Bae JS
2119 - 2124 Thermal cycling of Mg-MMCs
Kumar S, Ingole S, Dieringa H, Kainer KU
2125 - 2131 Combustion synthesis of copper matrix (Ti,W)C reinforced composites
Saidi A, Zarrinfar N
2133 - 2138 A multi-scale continuum for damaged fibre composites
Trovalusci P
2139 - 2144 Development of aluminium composites through P/M route: Case of nitrides
Amigo V, Busquets D, Gomez L, Ortiz JL
2145 - 2150 Characterisation of orthorhombic (Ti25Al25Nb)/SiC intermetallic composites for advanced space applications
Coleto J, Goni J, Egizabal P, de Cortazar MG, Lilly G, Sainz X, Pambaguian L
2151 - 2156 Novel electronic packages made of highly loaded SiC particle aluminium based composites for space applications
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2157 - 2161 Ventilated brake discs manufactured in aluminium matrix composites and hypereutectic aluminium alloys
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2163 - 2168 Study of a curing reaction of an epoxy resin
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2169 - 2174 Thermal conductivity estimation in continuous fiber metal matrix composites with random distributions
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2175 - 2180 New aluminium matrix composites manufactured by an in-situ process
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2181 - 2186 Pressure infiltration of silver into compacts of oxidised SiC
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2193 - 2198 Effect of plastic deformation on the microscopic residual stresses in 6061Al-15vol%SiCw composites
Fernandez R, Bruno G, Peng RL, Gonzalez-Doncel G
2199 - 2204 Processing and properties of Cu matrix composites for microelectronic application
Kim YJ, Ahn JH, Chung H
2207 - 2212 Compression and compress ion-compression cyclic deformation properties of ferromagnetic Ni2MnGa-based shape memory alloy
Kira T, Murata K, Shimada T, Jeong SJ, Inoue S, Koterazawa K, Inoue K
2213 - 2218 Deposition of Fe-Pd ferromagnetic shape memory alloy thin films by sputtering and their shape memory behavior
Inoue S, Namazu T, Fujita S, Koterazawa K, Inoue K
2219 - 2224 Martensitic transformation of partially iradiated Ni-Ti films, resulting in a new technique for designing microacuators
LaGrange T, Gotthardt R
2225 - 2230 Effect of geometric factor on characteristics in multilayer ceramic actuators
Song JS, Jeong SJ
2231 - 2236 Theoretical interpretation of adhesion phenomena and its application to micro-manipulation
Takahashi K, Onzawa T
2237 - 2242 Characteristics of electronic structures and chemical bonding in hydrogen-storage compounds
Morinaga M, Yukawa H
2243 - 2248 Molecular dynamic simulation of AFM-based nano lithography process for fabrication of MEMS components
Kim YS, Yang SH, Kim CI, Lee SS
2249 - 2254 Fabrication and development of electroactive ionic polymer-metal composites and their applications as smart materials
Kim KJ
2255 - 2260 Constitutive response of polycrystalline shape memory alloys
Saxena A, Ahluwalia R, Lockman T, Albers RC
2261 - 2266 Neutron diffraction study of shape memory effect of Ni2MnGa-type alloys
Inoue K, Yamaguchi Y, Noda Y, Ohoyama K, Kimura H, Enami K
2267 - 2272 Phase transformation of B2-PtTi with Ir
Yamabe-Mitarai Y, Hara T, Hosoda H
2273 - 2278 Training of magnetic shape memory alloys
Gharghouri MA, Elsawy A, Hyatt CV
2279 - 2283 Fabrication and thermal expansion of Al-ZrW2O8 composites by pulse current sintering process
Matsumoto A, Kobayashi K, Nishio T, Ozaki K
2285 - 2290 Recent progress of magnetically controlled shape memory materials
Jiang BH, Zhou WM, Liu Y, Qi X
2291 - 2296 Twinning and detwinning of < 011 > type II twins in NiTi shape memory alloy
Xie ZL, Liu Y
2297 - 2302 Screen printing of carbon nanotubes for display applications
Lee DG, Yi M, Jung H, Seo WS, Park JW, Chun HT, Koh NJ
2303 - 2307 Effect of pre-strain on shape memory strain and recovery stress of Ni-50ATi shape memory alloy
Jin W, Cao MZ
2309 - 2314 Conversion of variants by magnetic field in iron-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
Kakeshita T, Fukuda T
2315 - 2320 Martensitic transformations in NiTi polycrystals investigated by in-situ neutron diffraction
Sittner P, Lukas P, Neov D, Lugovyy D
2321 - 2326 Near net shape, low cost ceramic valves for advanced engine applications
Pidria M, Merlone E, Parussa F, Handelsman J, Gorodnev A
2327 - 2332 Shape recovery of Ni-Ti alloy fiber-reinforced denture base resin by smart repair process
Hamada K, Kawano F, Asaoka K
2333 - 2338 Phase stability and mechanical properties of Ti-Ni shape memory alloys containing platinum group metals
Hosoda H, Tsuji M, Takahashi Y, Inamura T, Wakashima K, Yamabe-Mitarai Y, Miyazaki S, Inoue K
2339 - 2344 Protein motors: Their mechanical properties and application to nanometer-scale devices
Oiwa K
2345 - 2350 Voltage criterion for electrostatic detachment of a microparticle from a micromanipulated probe
Saito S, Himeno H, Takahashi K, Onzawa T
2351 - 2356 Processing and properties of mechanical alloyed Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloys
Shaw L, Luo H, Villegas J, Miracle D
2357 - 2362 Dynamic shock compaction of nanocrystalline bulk magnetic and thermoelectric materials
Thadhani NN
2363 - 2368 Non-equilibrium properties of nano structured materials
Yamazaki Y, Gleiter H, Wu CX, Zhong-can OY
2369 - 2374 A study of nanoindentation of nanostructured materials
Short K, Wuhrer R, Collins G, Yeung WY
2375 - 2380 Preparation and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline bulk materials by spark plasma sintering process
Ichikawa K, Murakami T, Nakayama Y, Miyamato S, Tokita M
2381 - 2386 Study on the magnetic properties and microstructure of Nd-Fe-B nanocomposite permanent magnets
Chen XY, Jiang ZL, Zhang L, Chen Y, Bai FM, Chen HM, Zhu J
2387 - 2391 Bulk nanocrystalline NiAl material prepared by self-propagating high temperature synthesis casting at low external temperature
La PQ, Xue QJ, Liu WM
2393 - 2398 Calculation of the free energy barrier in the freezing of nanoclusters by atomistic simulations
Nam HS, Hwang NM, Yu BD, Kim DY, Yoon JK
2399 - 2404 First-principle study on the reactions and dynamical electronic characteristics of electromigration on aluminum nanowires
Kawakami Y, Kikura T, Doi K, Nakamura K, Tachibana A
2405 - 2410 Effect of Mo-doping on the sol-gel prepared catalysts for synthesizing multi-wall carbon nanotube bundles
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2411 - 2416 Synthesis and processing of metallic nano-powders for the study of their mechanical and magnetic properties
Champion Y, Bonnentien JL, Langlois C, Duhamel C, Moulin J, Mazaleyrat F, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Hytch MJ
2417 - 2422 Bulk nanostructured aluminium alloy Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2: Processing and characterisation
Chlup Z, Todd I, Garcia-Escorial A, Lieblich M, Chlupova A, O'Dwyer JG
2423 - 2427 Quantum sized chromophores in vanadium ceramic pigments
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2429 - 2434 Influence of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a nanocrystalline Mg-23.5Ni alloy
Perez P, Sommer F, Adeva P
2437 - 2442 The isothermal oxidation response of a gamma-titanium aluminide alloy
Craft J, Hampikian JM, Johnson WS
2443 - 2448 Laser-induced surface modification in A319Al alloy
Nayak S, Dahotre NB
2449 - 2452 Surface modification of dilute Mo-Ti alloys by gas carburization
Nomura N, Nagae M, Takada J, Hiraoka Y, Yoshio T
2453 - 2458 Effects of bond coat processing on the durability of thermal barrier coatings
Yanar NM, Pettit FS, Meier GH
2459 - 2465 Understanding the formation of DC plasma sprayed coatings
Fauchais P, Vardelle M
2467 - 2472 High properties metallic alloys obtained through the thermal spray route
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2473 - 2478 On production of nanocrystalline ternary nitride coatings via magnetron sputtering
Wuhrer R, McCredie G, Yeung WY
2479 - 2484 Mechanism, modeling and application of laser large area surface modification
Yang XC, Wang YS, Wang JJ
2485 - 2490 Copper deposition and subsequent grain structure evolution in narrow lines
Brongersma SH, D'Haen J, Vanstreels K, DeCeuninck W, Vervoort I, Maex K
2491 - 2496 Application of electroless coating for processing and joining of advanced materials
Brochu M, Leon CA, Drew RAL
2497 - 2502 Modification of fatigue and creep properties of ferritic stainless alloys using plama immersion ion implantation
Tjong SC
2503 - 2508 Improvement of high temperature corrosion resistance of tool steels by nanostructured PVD coatings
Steyer P, Mendibide C, Millet JP, Mazille H
2509 - 2514 Electrolytic Al2O3/ZrO2 coating on Co-Cr-Mo implant alloys
Yen SK, Wu SJ, Wu CH
2515 - 2520 Possibility of repairing damaged die casting die surfaces using CO2 laser surfacing
Grum J, Slabe JM
2521 - 2526 Microstructure and residual stress analysis after laser cladding of low-carbon steel with powdery SiC, STELLITE 6, and STELLUNDUM 481
Grum J, Znidarsic M
2527 - 2531 How creep properties influence the stress state of thermal barrier coatings
Baker M, Rosler J
2533 - 2538 Deposition/detachment of particles on plasma treated polymer surfaces
Lehocky M, Lapcik L, Neves MC, Trindade T, Szyk-Warszynska L, Warszynski P, Hui D
2539 - 2544 Development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for stationary and mobile applications by applying plasma deposition processes
Schiller G, Henne R, Lang M, Muller M
2545 - 2550 M3B2 boride cermet coating by sintered powder
Hamashima K
2551 - 2556 Research progress on laser cladding for high-temperature wear and corrosion resistant transition metal silicides composite coatings
Wang HM, Lu XD, Liu YF, Duan G, Cai LX, Wang CM
2557 - 2562 Oxidation behavior of Cr-doped Nb(Si,Al)(2) and coating Nb substrates with Cr-doped Nb(Si,Al)(2)
Murakami T, Sasaki S, Ito K, Inui H, Yamaguchi M
2563 - 2568 Surface engineering of titanium alloys: New prospective applications
Wierzchon T
2569 - 2574 The characteristcs of TiCrN film prepared by the dynamic ion beam mixing method
Nagasaka H, Yamakawa T, Kataoka T, Kakutani M, Takeuchi T, Murakami Y, Fujita Y
2575 - 2580 Laser surface treatment of sintered M42 high-speed steel diluted with iron
Otasevic M, Colaco R, Ruiz-Navas EM, Gordo E, Vilar R
2581 - 2586 Oxidation resistance coating for niobium base structural composites
Tabaru T, Shobu K, Kim JH, Hirai H, Hanada S
2587 - 2592 The influence of surface preparation on the properties of tungsten carbide coatings produced by gas-detonation method
Sobiecki JR, Ewertowski J, Babul T, Wierzchon T
2593 - 2598 Hot corrosion behavior of yttria and ceria stabilized ZrO2 thermal barrier coatings
Park SY, Kim JH, Park CG, Kim MC, Song HS
2599 - 2604 How to select induction surface hardening and finished grinding conditions in order to ensure high compressive residual stresses on machine parts surface
Grum J
2605 - 2610 Formation of super-hard modified surface by reactive electrical discharge machining
Tsunekawa Y, Elumba N, Okumiya M
2611 - 2616 Surface modification by duplex process consisted of radical nitriding and PVD
Yakushiji M, Ikenaga M, Ishii Y
2617 - 2622 Duplex treatment for improvement of the die performance
Kim GS, Lee SY, Lee SY, Hahn JH
2623 - 2628 Wear behaviour of HVOF thermal sprayed WC-Co and CrC-NiCr coatings
Forn A, Picas JA, Matthaus G
2631 - 2636 Developing ultrafine-grained microstructures through the use of severe plastic deformation
Furukawa M, Horita Z, Zhilyaev AP, Langdon TG
2637 - 2642 Microstructural control of a precipitate-hardenable Al-Ag alloy using severe plastic deformation
Ohashi K, Fujita T, Oh-ishi K, Kaneko K, Horita Z, Langdon TG
2643 - 2648 Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in Al-Mg alloys during severe deformation by ECAP and during subsequent annealing
Munoz-Morris MA, Oca CG, Doncel GG, Morris DG
2649 - 2653 Ultra grain refinement of aluminium 1100 by ARB with cross rolling
Kaneko S, Fukuda K, Utsunomiya H, Sakai T, Saito Y, Furushiro N
2655 - 2660 Influence from extrusion parameters on high strain rate and low temperature superplasticity of AZ series Mg-based alloys
Wang YN, Lee CJ, Huang CC, Lin HK, Huang JC
2661 - 2666 Investigation of texture in ECAP materials using neutron diffraction
Vogel SC, Alexander DJ, Beyerlein IJ, Bourke MAM, Brown DW, Clausen B, Tome CN, Von Dreele RB, Xu C, Langdon TG
2667 - 2672 Mechanical properties as a function of grain size in ultrafine grained aluminum and iron fabricated by ARB and annealing process
Tsuji N, Okuno S, Matsuura T, Koizumi Y, Minamino Y
2673 - 2679 Development of nano-structured 1200 and 3103 aluminum alloys by equal channel angular pressing
Cabibbo M, Evangelista E, Latini V, Nes E, Tangen S
2681 - 2685 Ultra grain refinement of 1100 aluminium strip by tandem rolling
Utsunomiya H, Souba R, Sakai T, Saito Y
2687 - 2691 Comparison between methods to characterize the superplastic materials
Carrino L, Giuliano G, Napolitano G
2693 - 2698 Microstructure and mechanical properties of interstitial free steel subjected to equal channel angular extrusion
Gazder A, Timokhina L, Pereloma E
2699 - 2704 On the increase of thermal stability of ultrafine grained materials obtained by severe plastic deformation
Dobatkin SV
2705 - 2710 Properties of annealed high strength steels deformed by repetitive side extrusion process
Aoki K, Kimura Y, Asada Y, Azushima A
2711 - 2716 An investigation of deformation in aluminum single crystals using equal-channel angular pressing
Furukawa M, Fukuda Y, Oh-Ishi K, Horita Z, Langdon TG
2717 - 2722 Microstructural change during mechanical milling treatment in Fe-C alloy powders with different initial microstructure
Hidaka H, Tsuchiyama T, Takaki S
2723 - 2728 Microstructural changes in copper processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion and static annealing
Guo Z, Solas D, Etter AL, Baudin T, Penelle R
2729 - 2734 Enhanced superplasticity in zirconia-alumina-spinel composite ceramic
Kim BN, Hiraga K
2735 - 2740 Superplasticity of fine-grained AZ 91 alloy processed by rotary-die equal-channel angular pressing
Ma A, Lim SW, Nishida Y, Nagase M, Saito N, Shigematsu L, Watazu A
2741 - 2746 High strength and good plasticity of L1(o), ordered alloys provided by preliminary strong cold deformation
Greenberg BA, Kruglikov NA, Volkov AY
2747 - 2752 Microstructure and thermal stability of tungsten based materials processed by means of Severe Plastic Deformation
Vorhauer A, Pippan R
2753 - 2758 Fabrication of surface nanocrystalline aluminum alloys
Sato M, Tsuji N, Minamino Y, Koizumi Y
2759 - 2764 Crystal plasticity model of microstructure formation at severe strain
Furst T, Kratochvil J, Sedlacek R
2765 - 2770 Thermomechanical treatment of Ti-Ni-based shape memory alloys using severe plastic deformation
Khmelevskaya IY, Trubitsyna IB, Prokoshkin SD, Dobatkin SV, Tatyanin EV, Stolyarov VV, Prokofjev EA
2771 - 2776 Development of submicrocrystalline Fe-Osteels under mechanical milling followed by consolidation
Tsuzaki K
2777 - 2782 Multi equal channel angular pressing with rotational dies
Kim YH, Ma X, Hodgson PD, Barnett MR
2783 - 2788 High strain rate superplasticity of ulitrafine grained 5083 Al-0.2 wt.% Sc fabricated by ECAP
Park KT, Oh YJ, Shin DH
2789 - 2794 Formation of sub-micron structure for a Ti alloy
Yang LY
2795 - 2800 Deformation structure and crystal orientation of copper single crystals deformed by equal channel angular pressing
Miyamoto H, Erb U, Koyama T, Mimaki T, Vinogradov A, Hashimoto S
2801 - 2806 Bulk nanostructured steels (BCC), Al alloys (FCC) and pure Ti (HCP) processed by equal channel angular pressing
Shin DH, Kim J, Oh YJ, Park KT
2807 - 2812 Influence of ECAP modes on texture and microstructure evolution of aluminium and copper
Kusnierz J
2813 - 2818 Ion irradiation effect on superplastic 3Y-TZP ceramics
Shibata T, Ishihara M, Motohashi Y, Baba S, Sakuma T, Hoshiya T
2819 - 2824 Microstructures of nickel deformed by high pressure torsion to high strains
Huang X, Winther G, Hansen N, Hebesberger T, Vorhauer A, Pippan R, Zehetbauer M
2825 - 2830 Effect of backpressure on the structure and properties of Al-based alloys processed by ECAP
Stolyarov VV, Lapovok R
2831 - 2836 The effects of sandglass extrusion on material microstructures and properties
Lu WL, Wang Y, Hai JT
2837 - 2842 Proposals of novel surface modification technology using friction stir welding phenomenon
Shinoda T, Kawai M
2843 - 2848 Microstructural modification and resultant properties of friction stir processed cast NiAl bronze
Mahoney MW, Bingel WH, Sharma SR, Mishra RS
2849 - 2854 Improvements to the FSW process using the Self-Reacting technology
Skinner M, Edwards RL
2855 - 2860 Laser treatment method for improvement of the corrosion resistance of friction stir welds
Williams S, Ambat R, Price D, Jariyaboon M, Davenport A, Wescott A
2861 - 2866 SEM-EBSD characterisation of the deformation microstructure in friction stir welded 2024 T351 aluminium alloy
Karlsen M, Frigaard O, Hjelen J, Grong O, Norum H
2867 - 2872 The effect of thermal treatments on the corrosion behavior of friction stir welded 7050 and 7075 aluminum alloys
Lumsden J, Pollock G, Mahoney M
2873 - 2878 Friction stir welding of Al2O3 particulate 6061 Al alloy composite
Nakata K, Inoki S, Nagano Y, Ushio M
2879 - 2884 Thin section airframe alloy welding within WAFS
Lohwasser D
2885 - 2890 The influence of friction stir processing on microstructure and properties of a cast nickel aluminum bronze material
Oh-ishi K, Cuevas AM, Swisher DL, McNelley TR
2891 - 2896 Microstructural modification of cast aluminum alloys via friction stir processing
Ma ZY, Sharma SR, Mishra RS, Mahoney MW
2897 - 2902 High speed friction stir welding of aluminium panels for transport applications
Midling OT
2903 - 2908 Friction-stir processing of a high-damping Mn-Cu alloy used for marine propellers
Lynch SP, Edwards DP, Majumdar A, Moutsos S, Mahoney MW
2909 - 2914 Investigation of the use of friction stir processing to repair and locally enhance the properties of large NiAl bronze propellers
Palko WA, Fielder RS, Young PF
2915 - 2920 Residual stresses, defects and fatigue cycling in friction stir butt welds in 5383-H321 and 5083-H321 aluminium alloys
James MN, Bradley GR, Hattingh DG, Hughes DJ, Webster PJ
2921 - 2926 Microstructural and mechanical evolutions within friction stir welds of precipitation hardened aluminium alloys
Denquin A, Allehaux D, Campagnac MH, Lapasset G
2927 - 2932 Thermomechanical conditions and resultant microstructures in friction stir welded 2024 aluminum
Heurtier P, Jones MJ, Desrayaud C, Driver JH, Montheillet F
2933 - 2939 Improved fatigue performance of friction stir welds with low plasticity burnishing: Residual stress design and fatigue performance assessment
Prevey P, Mahoney M
2941 - 2946 Microstructure and properties of aluminum alloys friction stir welds for aircraft application
Ehrstrom JC, Bigot A, Cervi L, Gerard H
2947 - 2952 Effect of friction stirring on microstructure in equal channel angular pressed aluminum alloys
Sato YS, Urata M, Kokawa H, Ikeda K
2953 - 2958 Joint properties and thermal behaviors of friction stir welded age hardenable 6061Al alloy
Chang WS, Bang HS, Jung SB, Yeon YM, Kim HJ, Lee WB
2959 - 2964 Utility of relatively simple models for understanding process parameter effects on FSW
Reynolds AP, Khandkar Z, Long T, Tang W, Khan J
2965 - 2970 Friction stir welding of T-joints
Erbsloh K, Donne CD, Lohwasser D
2971 - 2977 Development of friction stir forming
Nishihara T
2979 - 2985 Friction stir processing of aluminum alloy 5083 plate for cold bending
Vaze SP, Xu JD, Ritter RJ, Colligan KJ, Fisher JJ, Pickens JR
2987 - 2992 Investigation of the microstructure and properties of a friction stir welded Al-Mg-Sc alloy
Lapasset G, Girard Y, Campagnac MH, Boivin D
2993 - 2998 Numerical simulation of friction stir welding
Lawrjaniec D, Abisror A, Decker C, Kocak M, Dos Santos J
2999 - 3004 Microstructural evolution in Ti-6Al-4V friction stir welds
Ramirez AJ, Juhas MC
3005 - 3010 Friction welding of AZ31 magnesium alloy
Tsujino R, Kawai G, Ochi H, Yamaguchi H, Ogawa K, Suga Y
3011 - 3016 Grade development of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride for friction stir processing of ferrous alloys
Collier M, Steel R, Nelson T, Sorensen C, Packer S
3017 - 3022 Effect of time, temperature, and solution composition on the passivation of 316L stainless steel for biomedical applications
Rohly K, Istephanous N, Belu A, Untereker D, Coscio M, Heffelfinger J, Thomas R, Allen J, Francis R, Robinson A, Perron N, Sahli B, Kobielush B
3023 - 3029 Effects of titanium surface topography on the cell-extracellular matrix interaction in osteoblasts
Nebe B, Luthen F, Baumann A, Beck U, Diener A, Neumann HG, Rychly J
3031 - 3036 Relationships between the surface morphology and a physical response in the biomaterial field
Iost A, Najjar D, Anselme K, Bigerelle M
3037 - 3042 Relationships between processing and in-vitro dissolution of calcium-based bioceramics
Jones T, Long M
3043 - 3048 Porous alginate/HAp sponges for bone tissue engineering
Lin HR, Yeh YJ, Ku CJ, Yang CY
3049 - 3054 Biomaterial/polymer composite for heart valve engineering: Biocompatibility testing
Stamm C, Freier T, Backhaus-Pohl C, Trenkmann N, Drechsel A, Schmitz KP, Steinhoff G, Haubold A
3055 - 3060 The improvement of biocompatibility of an equiatomic TiNi shape memory alloy by DC plasma-polymerized hexamethyldisilazane coatings
Yang WR, Chen KS, Wu SK, Lee JC
3061 - 3066 Evaluation of ligand binding to type 1 collagen through computational and analytical methods
Vaidyanathan J, Vaidyanathan T, Ravichandran S, Klein B
3067 - 3072 Pulsatile flow testing of a biomaterial/polymer composite heart valve obtained through tissue engineering
Khosravi A, Stamm C, Philipp M, Freier T, Schmitz KP, Haubold A, Steinhoff G
3073 - 3078 Fatigue characteristics of dental cast titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-7Nb, conducted with thermochernical heat processing
Akahori T, Niinomi M, Suzuki A
3079 - 3084 Sintered porous titanium and titanium alloys as advanced biomaterials
Asaoka K, Kon M
3085 - 3090 Biological behaviour of injectable calcium phosphate (CaP) cement
Jansen JA, Wolke JGC, Ooms EM
3091 - 3096 Preparation of thermosensitive hybrid hydrogels for biomaterials in drug release
Lee WF, Huang WJ
3097 - 3102 Surface properties of Ca-ion-implanted Ti-Ni shape-memory alloy
Asaoka T, Nakazawa S
3103 - 3108 Composition dependence of Young's modulus in beta titanium binary alloys
Hanada S, Ozaki T, Takahashi E, Watanabe S, Yoshimi K, Abumiya T
3109 - 3114 Interaction of type IV collagen aggregates with cells
Hayashi T, Imamura Y, Hirose M, Kihara T, Yamano H, Adachi E, Mizuno K
3115 - 3120 Polymers with nanostructured surface features for soft tissue replacement applications
Haberstroh KM, Thapa A, Miller DC, Webster TJ
3121 - 3125 Mechanical properties of Ti-base shape memory alloys
Hosoda H, Fukui Y, Inamura T, Wakashima K, Miyazaki S, Inoue K
3127 - 3132 Increased osteoblast function on nanostructured materials due to novel surface roughness properties
Webster TJ, Ellison K, Price RL, Haberstroh KM
3133 - 3138 Improving the fatigue properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) orthopaedic cement containing radiopacifier nanoparticles
Bellare A, Gomoll AH, Fitz W, Scott RD, Thornhill TS
3139 - 3144 Ionizing irradiation for sterilization and modification of orthopedic biomaterials
Jahan MS, Thomas DE, Ridley MD
3145 - 3150 Multifunctional protein-based matrix for drug delivery and wound management
Kao WJ, Burmania J, Li J, Einerson N, Witte R, Stevens K, Nelson D, Martinez-Diaz G
3151 - 3156 Controlled release from poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres embedded in an injectable, biodegradable scaffold for bone tissue engineering
Kempen DHR, Kim CW, Lu L, Dhert WJA, Currier BL, Yaszemski MJ
3157 - 3163 Oxide films on metallic biomaterials: Myths, facts and opportunities
Istephanous N, Bai Z, Gilbert JL, Rohly K, Belu A, Trausch I, Untereker D
3165 - 3170 The influences of Ta and Sn on phase constitution and aging behavior of Ti-Ta-Sn system alloys quenched from a temperature within beta single phase region.
Ikeda M, Komatsu S, Nakamura Y
3171 - 3175 Bioinspired polymer surfaces for prevention of bioresponse
Ishihara K, Watanabe J, Iwasaki Y
3177 - 3181 Effects of heat treatment of spherical shape tetracalcium phosphate on the reactivity and injectability of apatite cement
Ishikawa K
3183 - 3188 Novel machinable calcium phosphate glass-ceramics for biomedical use
Kasuga T, Nogami M, Niinomi M
3189 - 3194 Hydroxyapatite coating on titanium by thermal substrate method in an aqueous solution and its behavior in SBF
Kuroda K, Miyashita Y, Ichino R, Okido M
3195 - 3200 Long-term viscoelastic behavior of dental composites
Vaidyanathan TK, Vaidyanathan J, Ivan DJ
3201 - 3206 Organic modification of porous alpha-tricalcium phosphate to improve chemical durability
Miyazaki T, Ohtsuki C, Iwasaki H, Ogata S, Tanihara M
3207 - 3212 Effects of casting defects and microstructure on fatigue properties of cast Ag-Pd-Cu-Au-Zn alloy for dental applications
Mizumoto T, Niinomi M, Akahori T, Fukui H
3213 - 3218 Engineering biomaterials for control of immune cell functions
Irvine DJ, Stachowiak A, Jain S
3219 - 3224 Bioactive PMMA bone cement prepared by chemical modification
Ohtsuki C, Miyazaki T, Sugino A, Tanihara M, Mori A, Kuramoto K
3225 - 3230 An integrated method for evaluating the mechanical integrity of biomaterials in-situ
Zhang GG
3231 - 3236 New class of lacitic acid copolymers with reactive and hydrophilic segments for degradable biomedical materials
Ohya Y
3237 - 3242 Enhanced bioactivity of electrically poled hydroxyapatite ceramics and coatings
Yamashita K
3243 - 3248 Polyrotaxanes: Challenge to multivalent binding with biological receptors on cell surfaces
Yui N, Ooya T
3249 - 3254 Thermal ablation effects of duplex stainless steel thermo-implants
Kim YK, Kim S, Lee JH
3255 - 3260 Evaluation of tissue adhesion preventive surface modified natural and synthetic polymeric materials
Suh H, Park SN, Kim JH
3261 - 3266 Development of novel "pseudo"polypeptidic biodegradable polymers based on natural amino acid L-tyrosine for biomaterial application
Sen Gupta A, Lopina ST
3267 - 3271 Surface grafting polymerization and crosslinking of thermosensitive NIPAAm hydrogels onto plasma pretreated substrates and drug delivery properties
Chen KS, Chou CW, Hsu SH, Lin HR
3273 - 3277 Preparation and characterization of chitosan/alginate sponge immobilized onto polyurethane-g-acrylic acid modified film surface as a wound dressing
Chou CW, Hsu SH
3279 - 3284 The effect of maleic anhydride/glycerol and plasma treatment on biodegradable LDPE/tapioca starch blends
Huang CY, Lu WL
3285 - 3291 A new internal element in dental implants
Gaggl A, Rainer H, Muller WD, Chiari FM
3295 - 3297 Heat treatment influence over the austenitic stainless steel properties used as biomaterials
Butnariu I, Orbescu I, Paun C, Durleci D, Rizea C, Butnariu I
3299 - 3304 High performance Mg alloy by grain refinement
Mabuchi M, Chino Y, Shimojima K, Hosokawa H, Yamada Y, Wen C
3305 - 3310 Aluminum alloyed cast iron as an ecomaterial
Takamori S, Osawa Y, Kakisawa H, Minagawa K, Halada K
3311 - 3316 Sustainable products/services indicators 2002 within Matsushita Electric Group
Aoe T
3317 - 3322 Recycling of iron and steel by solid state processes
Chino Y, Mabuchi M, Shimojima K, Hosokawa H, Yamada Y, Wen CE, Iwasaki H
3323 - 3328 Resources circulation-oriented ecomaterials design of continuous fiber reinforced concrete (FRPRC)
Fukushima T
3329 - 3334 Estimation of energy requirements and atmospheric emission in continuous casting process for copper wire
Cho H, Jo HH, Kim SK, Lee KW, Kim YJ
3335 - 3340 Physico-chemical approach for the ecomaterialization of steelmaking slags
Miki T, Nagasaka T, Hino M
3341 - 3346 Production of fine uniform lead-free solder powders by hybrid atomization
Minagawa K, Liu YZ, Kakisawa H, Takamori S, Osawa Y, Halada K
3347 - 3352 Ecomaterial processing for recycling of iron scrap containing impurities
Osawa Y, Takamori S, Minagawa K, Kakisawa H, Halada K
3353 - 3357 Material life cycle assessment for diecasting process
Kim SK, Cho H, Jo HH, Han NK, Lim ST, Hur T
3359 - 3364 Mechanical properties and microstructure of new Ni free white Cu alloy
Yoshimura Y, Kita K, Inoue A
3365 - 3370 New-sandwiched hydrogen separation membranes with low environmental impact
Zhang Y, Ozaki T, Komaki M, Nishimura C
3373 - 3378 Mechanical properties of Al/Al3SC metallic multilayers - deformation mechanisms at the nanoscale
Phillips MA, Clemens BM, Nix WD
3379 - 3384 MgB2 thin film growth and characterisation
Yates KA, Burnell G, Stelmashenko NA, Driscoll JLM, Blamire MG
3385 - 3389 Structure and magnetic properties of sputtered Fe100-xPtx alloy thin films
Chu JP, Mahalingam T, Hsieh YY, Wang SF, Inoue K
3391 - 3396 Isotopic exchange between gaseous hydrogen and scandium dideuteride thin films
Mangan MA, Browning JF, Majoweski J
3397 - 3402 Characterization of polymer films by flow microcalorimetry
Reucroft PJ, Rivin D, Schneider NS
3403 - 3408 Processing effects on structure-property relationships in sputter deposited thin gold films
Moody NR, Adams DP, Medlin D, Headley T, Yang N
3409 - 3414 Elastic properties of supported polycrystalline thin films and multilayers: an X-ray diffraction study
Goudeau P, Villain P, Tamura N, Renault PO, Badawi KF, Padmore HA
3415 - 3420 A problem of anisotropic/isotropic bimaterial with a singularity or under a remote stress
Shin H, Choi ST, Earmme YY
3421 - 3426 Glide and climb of dislocations in ultra-thin metal films
de la Figuera J, Schmid AK, Pohl K, Bartelt NC, Carter CB, Hwang RQ
3427 - 3431 Characterization of anodic films formed on Mg-Al alloys in alkaline bath
Kim SJ, Ichino R, Okido M
3433 - 3438 Tailoring of the elastic properties by texture control in ferroelectric thin films for MEMS
Ricote J, Alguero M, Chateigner D
3439 - 3444 Chemical vapor deposition of Cr-based thin films as diffusion barriers in copper metallization
Maury F, Gasqueres C, Duminica FD, Ossola F
3445 - 3450 Thermoelectric properties of CoSi thin films
Adachi K, Ito K, Zhang LT, Yamaguchi M
3451 - 3456 Structural and mechanical properties of stainless steel thin films elaborated by thermal evaporation and ion beam sputtering
Goudeau P, Merakeb N, Eymery P, Faurie D, Boubeker B, Bouzabata B
3457 - 3461 Formation of calcium phosphate film on Ti substrate in aqueous solutions in the control of temperature and ion activity
Okido M, Kuroda K, Ichino R
3463 - 3468 The effect of lattice strain on the step edge diffusion and morphological development during epitaxial growth
Hong KH, Cha PR, Yoon JK
3469 - 3474 Evaluation of interface strength between thin films fabricated on a silicon substrate for an advanced LSI on the basis of fracture mechanics concept
Shibutani T, Tsuruga T, Yu Q, Shiratori M
3475 - 3480 TiNi thin films for microactuators and microdevices: Sputter deposition and processing techniques
Martynov V
3481 - 3486 The effect of grain boundary characteristics on microstructure and stress void evolution in electroplated and sputtered Cu films
Joo YC, Hwang SJ, Park H
3487 - 3492 Near-zero-thickness self-assembled molecular layers for future device structures: Interfacial adhesion and diffusion barrier properties
Ganesan PG, Cui G, Ellis AV, Kane RS, Ramanath G
3493 - 3498 Thermally activated flux creep in high T-c superconductors
Pande CS, Masumura RA, Feng CR
3499 - 3504 Improved-trapped magnetic fields in top seeded melt grown YBCO superconductor doped with depleted and enriched uranium oxide
Cardwell DA, Babu NH, Kambara M, Shi YH, Tarrant CD, Schneider KR
3505 - 3510 Metallic buffer layers for Y-123 coated conductor
Ionescu M, Lakemby M, Shi D, Dou SX
3511 - 3516 Copper and CuNi alloys substrates for HTS coated conductor applications protected from oxidation
Segarra M, Miralles L, Diaz J, Xuriguera H, Chimenos JM, Espiell F, Pinol S
3517 - 3522 Chemical approach to the deposition of textured CeO2 buffer layers based on sol gel dip coating
Van Driessche I, Penneman G, Abell JS, Bruneel E, Hoste S
3523 - 3528 Synthesis and processing of high temperature Hg-based superconductors, from bulk to thin films
Bastidas DM, Pinol S
3531 - 3536 Study of the surface oxidation epitaxy of pure Ni
Lockman Z, Qi X, Berenov A, Goldacker W, Nast R, deBoer B, Holpfapzel B, MacManus-Driscoll JL
3537 - 3542 High Tc superconductors - From material to applications
Tixador P
3543 - 3548 Epitaxial growth and high-frequency properties of YBa2Cu3O7 electrodes on LiNbO3
Sanchez F, Ferrater C, Garcia-Cuenca MV, Varela M, Collado C, Mateu J, Menendez O, O'Callaghan JM, Fabrega L, Rubi R, Fontcuberta J
3551 - 3556 Texture, microstructure and stress investigations in 0.18 mu m damascene Cu interconnect lines
Mirpuri K, Cho JY, Szpunar J
3557 - 3562 The effect of grain growth suppression on the interface population in nimonic PE16
Randle V
3563 - 3568 Fractal properties of dynamic recrysatallized grain boundaries
Takahashi M, Nagahama H
3569 - 3574 Shear texture control in low carbon steel sheet by differential speed rolling
Sakai T, Yoneme T, Yoneda K, Saito Y
3575 - 3580 Effect of c/a-ratio on crystallographic texture and mechanical anisotropy of hexagonal close packed metals
Murty KL
3581 - 3586 Orientation related microstructure evolution during continuous annealing of a cold-rolled low carbon steel
Bocos JL, Novillo E, Petite MM, Iza-Mendia A, Gutierrez I
3587 - 3592 Grain size evolution in dynamic recrystallizaticn
Shimizu I
3593 - 3598 Effects of thermomechanical processing on texture formation in iron aluminides
Skrotzki W, Tamm R, Oertel CG
3599 - 3604 The 3-dimensional X-ray diffraction microscope and its applications to recrystallization studies
Lauridsen EM
3605 - 3610 Anisotropy of tensile properties of extruded magnesium alloy AZ31
Xiong F, Davies CHJ
3611 - 3616 Study of scale growth on steel substrates using Electron Back Scatter Diffraction
Birosca S, Higginson RL
3617 - 3622 Oxidation, crystallization, and diffusion processes in basalt
Burkhard DJM
3623 - 3628 Microstructural evolution in a model Fe-30wt%Ni alloy during hot plane-strain compression
Bai F, Cizek P, Palmiere EJ, Rainforth WM, Beynon JH
3629 - 3634 Microtexture induced by the bainitic transformation in steels during welding. Effect on the resistance to cleavage cracking
Gourgues AF
3635 - 3642 Relationship between crystallographic fabric (texture) and elastic properties of rocks: Implications from experiments and calculations
Kern HM
3643 - 3648 Thermo-mechanical processes in sapphire crystals with different orientations
Otsuka PH, Gurarie VN, Andrienko IV
3649 - 3654 Recrystallization study of a low carbon steel after tensile strain
Mziou AS, Etter AL, Baudin T, Penelle R
3655 - 3660 Modeling of texture and texture-related properties during the thermo-mechanical processing of aluminum sheets
Engler O
3661 - 3666 Textures development in cold-worked ferrite-pearlite steels by drawing to moderate reductions
Mejia I, Benito JA, Jorba J, Roca A
3667 - 3672 Microstructure and properties of hot extruded brass CuZn40Pb2
Holler K, Reetz B, Muller KB, Pyzalla A, Reimers W
3673 - 3678 Application of the texture component crystal plasticity FEM to forming simulation
Roters F
3679 - 3684 Interactive texture- and finite-element simulation for modelling of complex deformation processes for hcp-metals
Walde T, Riedel H
3685 - 3690 The applicability of conventional fiber texture analysis techniques in electron backscatter diffraction
Wright SI, Field DP, Nowell M
3691 - 3696 Effect of rolling temperature on the recrystallization texture of warm rolled steels
Toroghinejad MR, Humphreys AO, Ashrafizadeh F, Najafizadeh A, Jonas JJ
3697 - 3702 Influence of repeating of partial annealing and light rolling process on cube texture in high purity aluminum
Murakami T
3703 - 3708 Analysis of texture evolution in cold rolled and annealed 3%Si-Fe (100)[011] single crystal
Toge T, Muraki M, Komatsubara M
3709 - 3714 The texture development in the Nb-microalloyed steels as an effect of intercritical rolling
Majta J, Bator A, Bunsch A, Zurek AK
3715 - 3720 Influence of additives upon nucleation and growth of copper on titanium substrates during electrodeposition
Seol KW, Choe BH, Lee YK, Lee JK
3721 - 3726 Simulation of grain growth selection during recrystallization of highly cold rolled aluminum
Sztwiertnia K
3727 - 3731 Effect of excess vacancies on hydrogen absorption-desorption characteristics in rapidly solidified B2TiCo
Sung M, Haraguchi T, Yoshimi K, Hanada S
3733 - 3738 Effect of high magnetic field during primary annealing on texture of silicon steel
Bacaltchuk CMB, Castello-Branco GA, Gault B, Garmestani H
3739 - 3744 Microtextural analysis of grain fragmentation in aluminum
Field DP, Wright SI, Trivedi P
3745 - 3750 Increasing desirable recrystallization texture in IF steel by controlled rolling
Duggan BJ, Lam KT, Quadir MZ
3751 - 3756 Revealing a parent phase structure after transformation based on crystallographic relations
Decocker R, Kestens L, Petrov R, Houbaert Y
3757 - 3762 Selective growth in a scratched Fe-2.8%Si single crystal
Verbeken K, Nave MD, Kestens L, Barnett MR
3763 - 3768 Reducing cube volume in recrystallized texture by controlling the finishing temperature and rolling strain in Al-5%Mg alloy
Chang CST, Inagaki H, Duggan BJ
3769 - 3774 Shear band formation in warm rolled IF steel
Quadir MZ, Duggan BJ
3777 - 3782 Coupled FEM and microstructure modeling applied to rolling and extrusion of aluminium alloys
Marthinsen K, Holmedal B, Abtahi S, Valle R, Chen S, Nes E
3783 - 3788 Microstructure engineering for continuous annealing of steels and aluminum alloys
Militzer M, Poole WJ, Wells MA
3789 - 3794 Simulation of microstructural evolution in rod rolling of a medium C-Mn steel
Manohar PA, Lim K, Rollett AD, Lee YS
3795 - 3800 Analysis of the influence of the initial billet geometry and die design on the product geometry during bi-material tube extrusion
Kazanowski P, Misiolek WZ, Sikka VK
3801 - 3806 A physical model for prediction of microstructure evolution during thermo mechanical processing
Wang XT, Siwecki T, Engberg G
3807 - 3812 Prediction of material flow pattern in the hot extrusion of aluminium alloys by the finite element method
Velay X, Duan X, Sheppard T
3813 - 3818 FEM analysis of hot forging process for an automotive lower-arm connector
Park JJ, Hwang HS, Lee SJ, Hong SC, Lim SH, Hong HS, Lee KJ, Lee KS
3819 - 3824 A new approach to interface engineering by using an external magnetic field
Tsurekawa S, Watanabe T
3825 - 3830 Process limits and material behaviour in incremental Sheet Forming with CNC-tools
Hirt G, Junk S, Bambach M, Chouvalova I
3831 - 3836 Process control model for blast furnaces
de Castro LFA, Tavares RP
3837 - 3842 Mathematical modeling of the mean flow stress during the hot strip rolling of Ti-NbIF steels
Siciliano F, Barbosa R
3843 - 3848 Modelling hot deformation of Al-Zn-Mg alloy
Shen J, Song YQ, Xie SS, Gottstein G
3849 - 3854 A model for the prediction of microstructure and mechanical properties in cold rolled and annealed TRIP steels.
Iung T, Azuma M, Bouaziz O, Goune M, Perlade A, Quidort D
3855 - 3860 Research on the coupling between electromagnetic pressure and temperature field in dual-frequency electromagnetic shaping process
Shen J, Pei XF, Lu BP, Li SM, Liu L, Fu HZ
3861 - 3866 An investigation on machinability and application of Board Materials (BM) in low volume production of sheet metals
Narimani R, Khoshkish H, Nejad MRH
3867 - 3872 Modelling of phase separation dynamics in iron-based ternary alloys
Fukuhara E, Onuma M, Suwa Y, Saito Y
3873 - 3878 Modelling of recrystallization and grain boundary migration by cellular automata
Kroc J, Paidar V
3879 - 3884 A phase field model for the step dynamics including elastic interactions between steps
Yeon DH, Cha PR, Yoon JK
3885 - 3890 Simultaneous estimation of heat transfer boundary conditions during one-sided spray cooling
Hernandez-Morales B, Tellez-Martinez JS, Montufar-Jimenez EB, Ingalls-Cruz A, Barrera-Godinez JA
3891 - 3896 Recrystallization, relation between modelling and experiment
Tarasiuk J, Wierzbanowski K, Gerber P, Bacroix B
3897 - 3902 Data based modelling for prediction and control of internal cleanliness in steel strips
Ortega-Ferandez F
3903 - 3908 Constitutive modeling of high temperature mechanical Behavior of a medium C-Mnsteel
Lim K, Manohar PA, Lee D, Yoo YC, Cady CM, Gray GT, Rollet AD
3909 - 3914 Incorporating strain gradients in micromechanical modeling of polycrystalline aluminum
Nygards M
3915 - 3920 Austenite evolution Modeling in Nb microalloyed steels during thin slab direct rolling
Uranga P, Fernandez AI, Lopez B, Rodriguez-Ibabe JM
3921 - 3926 Modeling the hot flow stress of commercial purity coppers with different oxygen levels
Garcia VG, Cabrera JM, Prado JM
3927 - 3932 A network model to simulate transient non-lineal thermal processes in metals and alloys with allotropic transformations
Alcaraz D, Alhama F, Gonzcalez-Fernandez CF
3933 - 3938 Mathematical model for the residual stresses induced during the heat treatment of grinding balls.
Camurri C, Garcia A, Rodriguez D, Canete P
3939 - 3944 Non linear behavior micromechanical multi-scale modelling of discontinuous reinforced composites
Baptiste D
3945 - 3950 X-ray microbeam strain measurements in polycrystalline films
Cargill GS, Moyer L, Yang W, Larson BC, Ice GE
3951 - 3956 Evaluation of the influence of shot peening parameters on residual stress profiles using finite element simulation
Schwarzer J, Schulze V, Vohringer O
3957 - 3962 Contribution of X-ray diffraction to analyse and improve the mechanical behaviour of materials
Sprauel JM
3963 - 3968 Experimental analysis and numerical simulation at metal-ceramic interface
Carrado A, Sprauel JM, Barrallier L, Lodini A
3969 - 3974 Residual stress measurements of structural components by neutron diffraction and proposal of measurement standard
Hayashi M, Okido S, Morii Y, Minakawa N, Root JH
3975 - 3980 Stress determination with high lateral resolution using neutron diffraction
Pirling T
3981 - 3986 Relaxation of residual stresses during fatigue cycles in steels
Teodosio JR, Cindra FM, Pedrosa PD
3989 - 3994 Evaluation of side notch Charpy test on laser welded joint
Hagiwara Y, Tsukamoto S, Otani T, Arakane G, Matsuda K
3995 - 4000 Finite element analysis in pulsed GTA weldments
Achar DRG, Guha B, Reddy AA
4001 - 4006 Microstructures at aluminum-copper magnetic pulse weld interfaces
Marya M, Priem D, Marya S
4007 - 4012 Microstructure and mechanical property of laser welds of single crystal nickel base superalloy CMSX-4
Hirose A, Nakamura D, Yanagawa H, Kobayashi KF
4013 - 4018 Tensile properties and microstructure of weld metal of X80 steel
Motohashi H, Hagiwara N, Masuda T
4019 - 4025 The nature of acicular ferrite in ferrous weld metals and the challenges for microstructure modelling
Thewlis G
4027 - 4031 Computer aided design of pulsed arc welding ensuring defectless joint of metals
Shpigunova OI, Saraev YN
4033 - 4038 Productivity gains by flux bounded TIG welding of aluminum
Sire S, Marya S
4039 - 4044 Possibility of industrial application by the use of underwater shock wave for explosive welding of various plates
Hokamoto K, Ujimoto Y, Fujita M
4045 - 4050 3D-numerical model predicting penetration shape gta welding
Hirata Y, Asai Y, Takenaka K, Ohgaki S, Miyasaka F, Ohji T
4051 - 4056 New developments in high-performance arc welding processes
Himmelbauer K
4057 - 4062 Simulation model for MAG arc welding as an engineering tool
Yamamoto T, Ohji T, Miyasaka F, Tsuji Y
4063 - 4068 Some aspects of weldability and jointability of duplex stainless steels
Brandi SD
4069 - 4074 Microstructural aspect of cold crack susceptibility in high strength weld metal
Kim HJ
4075 - 4080 Joining of silicon nitride by interposing metal foils: Effects of temperature and bonding pressure
Osendi MI, Miranzo P
4081 - 4086 Thermodynamic issues of lead-free soldering in electronic packaging
Jeong SW, Kim JH, Lee HM
4087 - 4092 Effect of activating fluxes on the penetration capability of the TIG welding arc: study of fluid-flow phenomena in weld pools and the energy concentration in the anode spot of a TIG arc plasma
Paillard P, Saindrenan J
4093 - 4098 Current problems in hot cracking research described on the example of PVR test
Herold H, Pchennikov A, Streitenberger M
4099 - 4104 Estimation of temperature distribution and cooling rate in arc welding using three-dimensional finite element analysis
Datta GL, Pathak AK
4105 - 4110 Arc behavior under extreme condition
Ogawa Y, Morita T, Matsuda J, Yang ZM
4111 - 4116 Processing of advanced materials with a high frequency, millimeter-wave beam source and other microwave systems
Imam MA, Lewis D, Bruce RW, Fliflet AW, Kurihara LK
4117 - 4122 Jointing structures of some kinds of lead-free solder on EN/IG finished boards
Sugizaki T, Nakao H, Watanabe T
4123 - 4128 Microstructure development in single crystal welds
Vitek JM, Babu SS, David SA, Park JW
4129 - 4134 Joining of steel to aluminum alloy by interface-activated adhesion welding
Watanabe T, Takayama H, Kimapong K, Hotta N
4135 - 4140 Development of an arc sensor with mechanized rotation of electrode
Kim CH, Yoo WS, Na SJ
4141 - 4146 Electrode storage condition effects on diffusible hydrogen in SMAW deposits
Duncan AK, Patchett BM
4147 - 4152 Thermal analysis and microhardness mapping in hybrid laser welds in a structural steel
Metzbower EA, Denney PE, Moon DW, Feng CR, Lambrakos SG
4153 - 4158 Weld metal test performance requirements - A critical appraisal of future needs
Denys RM, De Baets P, De Waele W
4159 - 4164 The influence of the processing temperature on the microstructure of gamma-TiAl joints brazed with a Ti-15Cu-15Ni alloy
Guedes A, Pinto AMP, Vieira MF, Viana F
4167 - 4172 Advances in processing technology for powder-metallurgical tool steels and high speed steels giving excellent cleanliness and homogeneity
Folzer A, Tornberg C
4173 - 4178 Physical simulation and analysis of the hot workability of a new powder metallurgical "micro-clean" HS-steel grade
Kleber S, Walter M
4179 - 4183 Characterization by TEM of a supersaturated P/M Al-Mg-Zr alloy after thermal treatments
Buso SJ, Almeida A, Monteiro WA
4185 - 4190 Powder injection molding of cemented carbides
Qu XH, Zhu BJ, Lei CM, Ye B
4191 - 4196 Powder metallurgy in tooling - Theoretical background, material production and processing
Jurci P
4197 - 4202 Densification of W-Cu powder with submicron size microstructure.
Allibert CH, Lay S, Dore F
4203 - 4208 Characterisation from pm to nm scale for interface analysis
Lay S
4209 - 4214 Modelling of hot isostatic pressing of metal powders
Quedraogo E, Sanchez L
4215 - 4220 Importance of ball-milling for the sintering of yttria dispersed W alloys
Taillard R, Avettand-Fenoel MN, Dhers J, Foct J
4221 - 4226 Numerical simulation of the fatigue lifetime of a powder metallurgical gear based on the green density distribution
Kraft T, Riedel H
4227 - 4232 Advanced materials for micro powder injection molding
Merz L, Rath S, Piotter V, Ruprecht R, Hausselt J
4233 - 4238 Current status of micro powder injection molding
Piotter V, Merz L, Ruprecht R, Hausselt J
4239 - 4243 Behavior of reduction and sintering in cementite powder
Egashira M, Tsuchiyama T, Takaki S
4245 - 4250 Properties of AlN powders synthesized by rapid nitridation of Al powder in floating system
Hotta N, Kanatani M, Yonezawa R, Yanagita K, Tobitsuka T, Watanabe T
4251 - 4257 Development of ultrafine grained austenitic stainless steels by high strain powder metallurgy process
Ishibashi R, Doi H, Aono Y
4259 - 4264 A new powder metallurgical process for upgrading recycling of Fe-Cu alloy
Kakisawa H, Minagawa K, Takamori S, Osawa Y, Halada K
4265 - 4270 Integrated P/M processing for system design of nanocrystalline ceramics
Kimura H
4271 - 4276 Use of SHS reaction between powder and droplets for coating, welding and freeform fabrication of intermetallics
Matsuura K, Kudoh M, Kirihara S, Miyamoto Y
4277 - 4282 Roles of potassium bubbles in high temperature creep resistance of doped tungsten fine wires
Tanoue K
4283 - 4288 The application of hot forming to influence the properties of P/M aluminium basis materials
Szczepanik S
4289 - 4294 Micro powder injection molding of metal microstructures
Loh NH, Tor SB, Tay BY, Murakoshi Y, Maeda R
4295 - 4300 Extrusion and thermo-chemical processing of layered linear cellular alloys
Cochran J, Hurysz K, Lee KJ, Sanders T
4301 - 4306 Processing and properties of multiphase Mo-Si-B alloys
Supatarawanich V, Johnson DR, Dayananda MA, Liu CT
4307 - 4312 Structure and properties of consolidated attrition-milled Al-5%Ti PM specimens
Cuevas FG, Cintas J, Rodriguez JA, Gallardo JM
4313 - 4318 Advances in MA aluminium powders consolidation by mechanical cold pressing and vacuum sintering
Gallardo JM, Montes JM, Cuevas FG
4319 - 4324 Processing of advanced shape memory materials by powder metallurgy
San Juan J, Rodriguez PP, No ML, Ruano OA
4325 - 4330 Preparation and characterization of three Fe-M (M = Ni, Zr, Nb) based alloys produced by mechanical alloying
Sunol JJ, Gonzalez A
4331 - 4336 Effect of Mg as sintering additive on the consolidation of mechanically alloyed Al powder
Fuentes JJ, Rodriguez JA, Herrera EJ
4337 - 4342 Influence of carbon activity and oxygen potential of sintering atmospheres on the microstructural characteristics of low alloy P/M steels
Ortiz P, Castro F
4343 - 4348 Ni diffusion process between austenite and ferrite in a sintered duplex stainless steel obtained by powder mixing.
Campos M, Munoz JJ, Bautista A, Velasco F, Torralba JM
4349 - 4354 Optimization of the synthesis of soft magnetic materials by mechanochemical process at room temperature
Rabanal ME, Varez A, Levenfeld B, Torralba JM
4355 - 4360 Oxidation behaviour at high temperature of ferritic stainless steels manufactured by powder metallurgy
Gonzalez-Centeno A, Velasco F, Bautista A, Torralba JM
4361 - 4366 Metal injection moulding (Mim) of M2 high speed steel using a polyethylene based binder
Herranz G, Levenfeld B, Varez A, Torralba JM, Piemme J, Heaney D, German RM
4367 - 4372 Low-temperature and high-temperature corrosion behaviour of powder metallurgical duplex stainless steels
Bautista A, Velasco F, Campos M, Torralba JM
4373 - 4378 SHS production, processing and evaluation of advanced materials for wear-resistant cutting tools
Pidria M, Merlone E, Rostagno M, Tabone L, Bechis F, Vallauri D, Deorsola FA, Amato I, Rodriguez MA
4379 - 4384 Orientations and tendencies in manufacturing industry of the permanent ceramic magnets using PM technologies
Mangra M
4387 - 4392 Strain-rate dependence of dynamic twin nucleation at triple junction in copper
Miura H, Andiarwanto S, Sakai T
4393 - 4398 The influence of grain size on deformation of copper
Chokshi AH
4399 - 4404 Structure and mechanical properties of materials in the temperature ranges of cold, warm and hot deformation
Milman YV
4405 - 4410 The crystallization, structure and work hardening of casting Fe-N-V alloys
Siwka J, Kaputkina LM, Shaidurova ES, Hutny A
4411 - 4416 Mechanical properties of grain boundaries and triple junctions in metals
Sursaeva VG
4417 - 4422 Hot working of an as-Cast Mg-2%Al alloy
Kottada RS, Chokshi AH
4423 - 4428 Plastic deformation and stress-induced phase transformation in polycrystalline diamond: Common phenomena?
Schouwenaars R
4429 - 4434 Elastic stability and the limits of strength
Morris JW, Clatterbuck DM, Chrzan DC, Krenn CR, Luo W, Cohen ML
4435 - 4440 Change of elastic constants of pure iron deformed by cold rolling
Benito JA, Jorba J, Roca A
4441 - 4446 A new theoretical determination of yield stress based on efficient area of stress and universal Fractal Power Law
Benmohammed A, Ouali M
4447 - 4453 Formability criteria for cold heading applications
El-Lahham C, Nemes JA, Nickoletopoulos N, Hone M
4455 - 4460 Microstructure evolution of hot rolled W sheets after different heat treatments
Dhers J
4461 - 4464 Influence of multi-step nitriding condition upon mechanical properties of dilute Mo-Ti alloys
Hidaka T, Nagae M, Yoshio T, Takada J, Hiraoka Y
4465 - 4470 Materials selection for solid oxide fuel cells
Tietz F
4471 - 4476 Fatigue behavior of glass ceramics in water environment
Hiratsuka A, Yoshikawa A, Ogawa K, Adachi K
4477 - 4482 Influence of neutron irradiation on hardening and embrittlement phenomena in reactor pressure vessel cladding material
Lee JS, Kim IS, Kasada R, Kimura A
4483 - 4488 Correction of CTOD toughness for constraint loss in structural components
Minami F
4489 - 4494 Improvement in mechanical properties of Hydroxyapatite objects with controlled porosity made by modified gelcasting process
Rivera-Munoz E, Velazquez R, Rodriguez R
4495 - 4500 Sol-gel-derived nano-porous glasses with high proton conductivity
Nogami M, Daiko Y, Kasuga T
4501 - 4506 Study on segregation-dezincification relationship in Bi-Se-bearing brasses
Mannheim RL, Bustos OL, Garin J
4507 - 4512 Calorimetric and X-ray measurements in ultrafine-grained nickel
Zhilyaev AP, Gubicza J, Surinach S, Baro MD, Langdon TG
4513 - 4518 Peculiarities of the mechanical behavior of metallic glasses investigated by indentation techniques
Slipenyuk AN, Milman YV, Dub SN, Makarenko HA
4519 - 4524 Numerical cutting sensitivity study of tool-chip contact
Arrazola PJ, Meslin F, Marya S
4525 - 4530 Unified formulation to predict the tensile curves of steels with different microstructures
Rodriguez R, Gutierrez I
4531 - 4534 Portable X-ray apparatus for stress measurements
Monin VI, Assis JT, Pereira FR, Gurova T, Teodosio J
4535 - 4540 Computer simulation of change in the chemical composition of coke ash in the blast-furnace
Konstanciak A, Jowsa J, Derda W
4541 - 4548 Effect of boron on lamellar grain refinement and lath formation in wrought processed gamma TiAl alloys
Kim YW
4549 - 4554 Modelling of homogenisation of AA3103
Pettersen T, Benum S, Johansen A, Hakonsen A
4555 - 4560 Measurement of gamma/gamma' lattice mismatch in creep deformed single crystal superalloy SC16 using synchrotron X-radiation
Chen W, Darowski N, Zizak I, Schumacher G, Klingelhoffer H, Wanderka N, Neumann W
4561 - 4566 Double bladed effect of Re on high-temperature oxidation and hotcorrosion of nickel-based superalloys
Murata Y, Moniruzzaman M, Morinaga M, Hashizume R, Yoshinari A
4567 - 4572 Microstructural evolution during the hot deformation of magnesium alloy AZ31
Grosvenor A, Davies CHJ
4573 - 4577 Thickness of pancake austenite controlling the size of ferrite transformed from variously deformed austenite
Torizuka S, Nagai K
4579 - 4584 Microstructure and thermal stability of lamellar Cr-silicides
George EP, Bei H, Serin K, Pharr GM
4585 - 4590 Microstructure of M-W (M=Fe, Ni) alloys produced by electrodeposition and mechanical alloying
Nasu T, Sakurai M, Kamiyama T, Usuki T, Tokumitsu K, Yamasaki T
4591 - 4596 Structure and mechanical properties of in-situ discontinuously reinforced composites of Ti-TiB-system
Miracle D, Firstov S, Kulak L, Kuzmenko M, Vasylyev O
4597 - 4602 Microstructure and properties of aluminum friction stir welds
Lippold JC, Ditzel PJ
4603 - 4608 Grain refinement under multiple warm compression in an Al-Mg-Sc alloy
Kaibyshev R, Olenyov S, Musin F
4609 - 4615 Thermo-mechanical processing improvements: Benefits and costs
Williams J, Ghosh S
4617 - 4622 Ecomaterials; concept, practice and future
Halada K
4623 - 4628 Eco-benign mesoporous materials for organic reactions
Raja T, Horniakova J, Jacob NE, Jha RK, Kubota Y, Sugi Y
4629 - 4634 Cost reduction in titanium production and processing
Ward-Close CM, Godfrey AB
4635 - 4640 Precipitation strengthening of fully lamellar gamma-TiAl alloyed with carbon and silicon
Gouma PI, Karadge M, Kim YW