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4 - 10 Synthesis and characterization of eletrocatalyst powders for application in PEM fuel cells
Franco EG, Arico E, Linardi M, Roth C, Martz N, Fuess H
11 - 16 Microstructure study and crystalline phase formation on Nb2O5-Ba9Ti2O20 microwave resonators
Nono MD, de Castro PJ
17 - 22 Statistical analysis of Ti-6Al-7Nb powder mixture homogeneity
Naslausky ALO, Bellinati CE, Graca MLA, Cairo CAA
23 - 28 Use of titanium powders obtained by sponge screening and for the HDH process in titanium alloy production for powder metallurgy (P/M)
Henriques VAR, Sandim HRZ, da Silva CRM
29 - 34 A computer simulation of the hard-metal structure: the interpretation of structural features
Buriti AC, da Silva AGP, Gomes UU
35 - 40 Microstructural parameters of Cu-Al2O3 dispersion strengthened materials
Besterci M, Velgosova O, Lesko A, Kohutek I
41 - 45 Technological characteristics of garnets for ultra-high pressure water jets
Hennies WT, Jose CLV, Diaz FRV, Buchler PM, Lauand CT, Cortes GRM
48 - 53 Influence of sharpening and coating operations on the wear of sintered high speed steel tools
Boehs L, Friedrich DN, Caldeira PF, Ambrozio F, de Lima LFCP, das Neves MDM, Ribeiro OCS, Nogueira RA
54 - 59 Characterization of sintered NdFeB magnets after phosphating in alkaline and acidic environments
Saliba-Silva AM, de Melo HG, Baker MA, Brown AM, Costa I
60 - 63 Electrochemical characterization of niobium carbide reinforced composites for the production of industrial gases
Silva AS, Scatena H, Martinelli AE, Alves C
64 - 69 Corrosion resistance of powder injection moulded AISI 316L and 17-4PH stainless steels in acid rain environments
Sobral AVC, Franco CV, Correa OV, Costa I
70 - 75 Corrosion characterization of sintered stainless steel filters with surface films formed in sulfuric acid solutions containing BTAH
De Micheli L, Costa I
76 - 80 Corrosion performance and cytotoxicity of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets
Rogero SO, Saiki M, Dantas ESK, Oliveira MCL, Cruz AS, Ikeda TI, Costa I
82 - 88 Effect of heat treatments on Cr-Mo steels based on Astraloy CrM powder grade with manganese additions
Campos M, Kremel S, Puscas TM, Yu Y, Sanchez D, Torralba JM
89 - 94 Influence of the heat treatment on the microstructure of AISI T15 high speed steel
Nogueira RA, Ribeiro OCS, das Neves MDM, de Lima LFCP, Ambrozio F, Friedrich D, Boehs L
95 - 99 Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of spray formed AISI M2 high-speed steel
Lima RM, Jesus ERB, Rossi JL
102 - 106 Anisotropic ferrite produced with coarse particles milled from sintered magnets
Janasi SR, Onelli JCS, Rodrigues D
107 - 112 Phase monitoring during Nd(Fe,M)(12) (M=Mo or Ti) compound nitrogenation by chemical reaction with sodium azide (NaN3)
Guilherme ED, Rechenberg HR, Coaquira JAH
113 - 118 Magnetic properties of spray formed Fe-3%Si, Fe-5%Si and Fe-6.5%Si alloys
Bolfarini C, Gusson PP, Silva MCA, Kiminami CS
119 - 125 The effect of processing parameters and zirconium additions upon the magnetic properties of rare earth iron boron HDDR magnets
Faria RN, Barbosa LP, Takiishi H, Costa I, Lima LFCP
128 - 133 High energy ball mill processing
Araujo EG, Neto RML, Pillis MF, Ambrozio F
134 - 137 Production of carbides cemented by mechanical alloying
Espinoza FRM, Galio AF, Schaeffer L
138 - 143 Stoichiometric quantification of the amorphous precursor in the Mg-Ni system
Ordonez S, Rojas P, San Martin A, Serafini D, Bustos O
144 - 149 An investigation of the use of stearic acid as a process control agent in high energy ball milling of Nb-Al and Ni-Al powder mixtures
Rocha CJ, Neto RML, Goncalves VS, Carvalho LL, Ambrozio F
150 - 155 Characterization of high-energy ball milling of Ba hexaferrite
Paulin PI, Correa RR
156 - 161 Combustion synthesis of high-energy ball-milled Nb+3Alpowder mixtures
Neto RML, da Rocha CJ, Ambrozio F
162 - 167 Contamination effects on precipitation hardening of Cu-alumina alloys, prepared by mechanical alloying
Palma H R, Sepulveda OA
168 - 171 The effect of zirconium additions on the magnetic properties of Pr-Fe-BHD sintered magnets
Faria RN, Takiishi H, Lima LFCP, Costa I
172 - 175 Effect of rare earth additions in the mechanosynthesis of molybdenum carbide
Santos RAA, Rosenthal R
176 - 182 Extrusion of aluminum alloys prepared from mechanically alloyed powder
Coelho RE, de Lima SJG, Ambrozio F
184 - 188 Plasma sintering of Fe-NbC composites
Paulo DS, Martinelli AE, Alves C, Echude-Silva JH, Assuncao CAM, Tavora MP
189 - 194 Production and characterization of composites of the Al-TiO2 system using the SHS process
Lima MMF, Santos DB
195 - 200 Influence of processing parameters on the microstructure and oxidation behavior of hot pressed Ni-20Cr+WCmetal matrix composites
Kunioshi CT, Correa OV, Bellinati CE, Ramanathari LV
201 - 206 Flux-assisted infiltration of molten 6063-Al into TiC beds
Lopez VH, Kennedy AR
207 - 212 Superplastic deformation of Al-Al4C3 composites
Besterci M, Velgosova O, Kovac L, Ivan J
213 - 218 Synthesis of diamond reinforced Al-Mg nanocrystalline composite powder using ball milling
Urtiga SL, Rodriguez R, Earthman JC, Lavernia EJ
219 - 225 Mechanical behavior of Al-Mg-Si alloys reinforced with ceramic and intermetallic particles
Da Costa CE, Martinez N, Amigo V, Salvador MD
228 - 234 Processing of diamond composites for cutting tools by powder metallurgy and rotary forging
Filgueira M, Pinatti DG
235 - 240 Evaluation of as-hipped PM high speed steel for production of large-diameter cutting tools
Mesquita RA, Barbosa CA
241 - 246 Chromium steel powders for components
Lewenhagen J
247 - 250 High strength synchronizer hubs by sinter-hardening
Ratzi R, Sandner C, Orth P, Unterrainer M
251 - 256 Sintering of P/M Nb-TIB2 alloys
Sandim HRZ, Nunes CA, Ramos AS
257 - 262 Dissolution of niobium particles during Ti-6Al-Mb sintering
Henriques VAR, Sandim HRZ, da Silva CRM
263 - 268 Sintering iron using a hollow cathode discharge with external Ti cathode
Brunatto SF, Kuhn I, Klein A, Muzart JLR
269 - 274 Sintered high nitrogen stainless steel obtained using pre-mixed powders
Karsokas N, Rodrigues D, Ambrosio F, Toro A, Tschiptschin AP
276 - 282 Microstructural characterization of rhenium powder obtained at various temperatures
Mannheim RL, Garin JL
283 - 286 Deposition of aluminum onto titanium powder in its self-convective motion by DC sputtering
Sonoda T, Watazu A, Zhu J, Shi W, Kamiya A, Kato K, Asahina T
287 - 292 Milling and hot consolidation of Al-Fe-Nb alloy
Rodrigues CAD, Yavari AR, Kiminami CS, Botta WJ
293 - 298 Compacting of molybdenum powder by pressures higher than 2.0 Gpa
Bobrovnitchii GS, Ramalho AM, Filgueira M
299 - 304 The effect of compaction on expansion and gas release in Al-TiH2 powder compacts
Kennedy AR
305 - 310 Synthesis of powder molybdates for micro-alloying of ADI castings
Garin JL, Mannheim RL, de la Fuente F
312 - 316 Mechanical and microstructural characterisation of P/M high-speed steel valve seat inserts
Santos JC, Colosio MA
317 - 322 Differences of behavior between filtering hydrocyclones with Bradley and Rietema geometries
Barbosa EA, Vieira LGM, Almeida CAK, Damasceno JJR, Barrozo MAS
323 - 328 Evaluation of different routes for HDH processing of Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Tosetti JPV, Neto FB, Rodrigues D
329 - 334 Plasma dewaxing and sintering of compacted unalloyed iron
Santos MA, Maliska AM, Muzart JLR
335 - 340 The energy balance during plasma sintering
de Souza CF, Alves C
341 - 346 Conjoined influence of five variables in laboratory scale column flotation
Wellenkamp FJ, Martins AP, Oliveira MS, Queiroz GM, Ataide CH, Barrozo MA
347 - 352 Influence of powder geometry on powder injection molding process parameters
Resende LM, Prata AT, Klein AN, Almeida LHS
354 - 358 Properties of sr-doped lanthanum manganites for SOFC
Seo ESM, Couto AA, Lima NB, Kohler AC, Soares EP
359 - 368 Structure and properties of rapidly solidified P/M samples of Al-Mn-Cr alloys
Sugamata M, Kaneko J, Kimura N
369 - 374 Nitrogen sintering of high speed steel processed by starch consolidation
Romano P, Lyckfeldt O, Candela N, Torralba JM
375 - 380 Modulus of rupture evaluation on P/M cold worked tool steels submitted to gas nitriding
Borro A, Monteiro WA, Vatavuk J, Cardoso SG, de Almeida A
381 - 385 Effect of refractory element additions on the properties of sintered stainless steels
Abenojar J, Velasco F, Torralba JM, Marce R, Calero JA, Bas JA
388 - 394 Microstructure of spray formed Fe83Nb4Zr1Ti1B9Cu2 alloy
Afonso CRM, de Oliveira MF, Bolfarini C, Botta WJ, Kiminami CS
395 - 400 Spreading mechanism of molten Al-Alloys on TiC substrates
Lopez AH, Leon CA, Kennedy AR, Drew RAL, Bedolla A
401 - 406 Solidification of the non dendrite-forming Pb-16wt%Sn alloy during Spray Forming
Florio A, Bolfarini C, Kiminami CS
407 - 412 Mechanical and microstructural characterisation of cylinder liners
Santos HO, Costa I, Rossi JL
413 - 418 Grain growth and mechanical properties of spray formed Al/SiC composites
Gomes EG, Rossi JL
419 - 424 Microstructure of spray formed 2.9%C-22%Cr high chromium white cast iron
Kasama AH, Cava RD, Mourisco A, Kiminami CS, Bolfarini C
425 - 430 Particle size distribution in the radial direction of the spray cone and its influence on the formation of porosity in Fe-6%Si alloy processed by spray forming
Leal VS, Silva WM, Kiminami CS, Bolfarini C
431 - 436 Influence of the process parameters in the microstructural evolution of Fe-6.5% Si alloy processed via spray forming
Leal VS, Silva WM, Kiminami C, Bolfarini C
437 - 442 Microstructural characterization of spray formed Ni-Al-Cr-C alloys
Mourisco A, Cunha DB, Goldenstein H, Kiminami CS, Bolfarini C
444 - 448 Recycling of polymeric matrix composites
Pinto KNC, Rossi JL
449 - 454 Oil removal from sintered iron using plasma DC discharge
Santos MA, Silva HRT, Muzart JLR, Maliska AM
455 - 459 The influence of iron powder grade and manganese carrier on the homogeneity modulus of sintered Mn steels
Sinka V, Selecka M, Salak A
464 - 468 Preliminaries studies in Si3N4-SiC(w) ceramic composites with rare earth concentrate (CTR) aids
Baldacim SA, Silva OMM, da Silva CRM
469 - 474 Influence of yttrium oxide doping on the microstructures of alumina-niobium carbide composites
Rumbao AH, Bressiani JC, Bressiani AHA
475 - 480 Densification of reactive milled Al2O3-TiC composite powders
Trombini V, Pallone EMJA, Mello FC, Botta WJ, Tomasi R
481 - 486 Study of the effects of the atmosphere on the wettability of SiC by copper alloys
Marin J, Olivares L, Ordonez S, Martinez V
487 - 492 Wetting of silicon carbide by Cu-Si alloys
Marin J, Olivares L, Ordonez S, Martinez V
493 - 498 Al2O3-Ni3Al composites obtained by reactive milling and reactive sintering
Leiva DR, Pallone EMJA, Tomasi R, Botta WJ
499 - 504 Sintering behavior of alumina-niobium carbide ceramics from polymer-filler mixtures
Acchar W, Wolff DMB, Dantas ACD
505 - 510 Development and characterization of Si-Al-O-N-C ceramic composites obtained from polysiloxane-filler mixtures
Rocha RM, Greil P, Bressiani JC, Bressiani AHA
512 - 518 Gelcasting ceramic foams with alternative gelling agents
Ortega FS, Valenzuela FAO, Pandolfelli VC
519 - 524 Synthesis of aluminium titanate powder by sol-gel technology
Riella HG, Almeida C, Frajndlich EUC
525 - 530 Cubic polycrystalline zirconia stabilized with yttrium and rare earth oxide mixture: Processing, phase and microstructure characterization
de Freitas D, Nono MDD
531 - 536 Processing and characterization of active silica obtained from rice husk ash
Della VP, Kuhn I, Hotza D
537 - 542 Mixture design and response surface analysis of pozzolanic products
Nardi JV, Hotza D
543 - 547 Influence of the mixing speed and time on the mechanical and physical properties of laminated ceramic plates
Santana LND, Nadal JJ, da Rosa FG, Fredel MC, Alarcon OE
550 - 554 Characterization and adsorption of phenol by organophilic clays
Jose CLV, Diaz FRV, Buchle PM
555 - 560 Evaluation of hardness and fracture toughness of TZP ceramics stabilized with yttria concentrates
Lazar DRR, Menezes CAB, Ussui V, Fancio E, Lima NB, Bressiani AHA, Paschoal JOA
561 - 566 Finite element simulation of ceramic powder isostatic pressing process using material parameters for uniaxial compaction
Canto RB, Tita V, de Carvalho J, Purquerio BD
567 - 572 Influence of microstructural characteristics on the mechanical properties of silicon nitride with Al2O3, Y2O3 and Nd2O3 as sintering aids
Coutinho ACS, Bressiani JC, Bressiani AHA
573 - 578 The role of light rare earths in the thermal degradation behaviour of ZrO2-CeO2-Y2O3 ceramics
Menezes CAB, Lazar DRR, Ussui V, Lima NB, Paschoal JOA
579 - 582 Elastic modulus determination of beta-Si6-xAlxOxN8-x. with rare earth concentrate by dynamic mechanical analysis
Ruiz IR, Takiishi H, Faria RN, Lima LFCP, Bressiani JC
584 - 590 Oxygen mobility in Bi : Sr : Ca : Cu : O ceramic measured using anelastic relaxation methods
Gimenez JMA, de Almeida LH, Grandini CR, de Souza FL, Santos DI
591 - 596 Sintering behavior of aluminum nitride doped with Y(2)O(3)
Molisani AL, Goldenstein H, da Cruz AC, Bressiani AHA, Dutra JC, Manholetti JLA, Horita GI, Yoshimura HN
597 - 602 The influence of the sintering system on PMN properties
Cavalheiro AA, Barrionuevo SM, Cilense M, Zaghete MA, Varela JA
603 - 608 Diffusive phenomena at Si3N4/glass interfaces
Morais DS, Bressiani JC, Brssiani AHA
609 - 613 Sintering behavior of tetragonal zirconia ceramic stabilized with yttria and rare earth oxide (YRE) mixtures
Mineiro SL, Nono MCA, Kuranaga C, Mattos MLB
616 - 620 Mechanical characterization of alumina-doped tungsten carbide
Tavares ECS, Costa FA, Gomes UU, Acchar W
621 - 626 Analysis of mechanical properties in Si3N4-SiC(w): Gas-pressure and hot uniaxial pressing sintering
Baldacim SA, Silva OMM, Cairo CAA, Richetto KCD, da Silva CRM
627 - 632 Comparison of physical and mechanical properties in the ceramic materials Si3N4-CTR-AIN andSi(3)N(4)-Y2O3-AIN
Silva OMM, Baldacim SA, da Silva CRM
633 - 638 The influence of the powder preparation route on the sensitivity of TiO2 doped MgCr2O3 ceramic humidity sensors
de Souza DPF, da Silva CL, Morelli MR, Rodrigues SS, Murakami A, Toledo DF
639 - 644 Microstructural evolution of alumina ultrafine powders obtained by high-energy milling
Chinelatto SA, Tomasi R
645 - 650 Mechanical properties of Al2O3-NbC composites produced by hot-pressing
Acchar W, Diniz M, Cairo CA
651 - 655 Spectroscopic studies of SnO2 doped with Cr, Co or Nb
Brankovic G, Brankovic Z, Santos LPS, Longo E, Davolos MR, Varela JA
658 - 662 Bonelike apatite coating on Ti6Al4V: Novel nucleation process using sodium silicate solution
Rigo ECS, Santos LA, Carrodeguas RG, Boschi AO
663 - 668 Variables that affect the indentation fracture testing (IF) of a dental porcelain
Cesar PF, Gonzaga CC, Okada CY, Molisani AL, Santana W, Goldenstein H, Miranda WG, Yoshimura HN
669 - 674 Dental implants: Surface modification of cp-Ti using plasma spraying and the deposition of hydroxyapatite
Vercik LCO, Alencar AC, Ramires I, Guastaldi AC
675 - 680 Mechanical behavior of hip implant constituted of a ceramic sphere and stem of polyurethane resin
Silvestre GD, Santos NC, de Carvalho J, Purquerio BD, Chierice GO
681 - 686 Synthesis of ZrO(2)-based ceramics for applications in SOFC
Ussui V, Leitao F, Yamagata C, Menezes CAB, Lazar DRR, Paschoal JOA
688 - 692 Qualitative analysis of silicon nitride synthesized by ammonolysis of silicon tetrachloride
Richetto KCS, Silva CRM, Baldacin SA
693 - 698 Al2O3/mullite/SiC powders synthesized by the microwave-assisted carbothermal reduction of kyanite
Fagury-Neto E, Kiminami RHGA
699 - 704 Ni-Zn ferrite nanoparticles prepared by combustion reaction
Costa ACFM, Tortella E, Morelli MR, Kiminami RHGA
705 - 710 Microwave synthesis of Ni-Zn ferrite powders
Costa ACFM, Fagury-Neto E, Morelli MR, Kiminami RHGA
711 - 717 Preparation and characterization of Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 solid electrolyte by polymeric precursor techniques
Rocha RA, Muccillo ENS
720 - 724 Study of the mechanical performance of composites of rubber powder and cement
Pinto CA, Jose CLV, Vianna MMGR, Kozievitch VFJ, Hamassaki LT, Wiebeck H, Buchler PM, Diaz VFR
725 - 730 A method for the digital image analysis of ceramic grains based on shape factor segmentation
de Campos E, de Lucena EF, de Melo FCL, Hein LRD
731 - 736 Experimental evaluation of conical-cylindrical thickeners operanting with aqueous barium sulfate suspensions
Silva TA, Freitas KA, Damasceno J
737 - 742 Characterization of the stoichiometric ratio O/U in UO2 samples by gravimetric and voltammetric methods
Moura SC, Lima NB, Lima LMFG, Sassine A, Vega O
743 - 747 Recycling of a petroleum waste in ceramic bodies
Souza GP, Santos RS, Holanda JNF
748 - 752 Quantitative phase analysis of ceramic raw materials using a non-negative least squares routine
Coelho C, Hotza D, Roqueiro N
753 - 758 Magnetic susceptibility and saturation magnetization of some carbonyl iron powders used in magnetorheological fluids
Bombard AJF, Joekes I, Alcantara MR, Knobel M