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1 - 8 An overview of superelastic Stent design
Duerig TW, Pelton AR
9 - 16 Applications of shape-memory alloys in medical instruments
Fischer H, Vogel B, Gruhagen A, Brhel KP, Kaiser M
17 - 24 An investigation of the selective stress-shielding effect of shape-memory sawtooth-arm embracing fixator
Dai K, Wu XT, Zu XS
25 - 28 Mechanical characterization and animal experimentation of shape-memory aortic stents
Mi XJ, Zhu M, Kou YM, Guo JF, Miao WD
29 - 32 Clinical application of custom aortic stent-graft
Li C, Zou CW, Peng ZQ, Ma HP
33 - 36 Design and clinical applications of swan-like memory-compressive connector for upper-limb diaphysis
Zhang CC, Xu SG, Wang JL, Yu BQ, Zhang QL
37 - 40 Surgical treatment of tibial and femoral fractures with TiNi shape-memory alloy interlocking intramedullary nails
Da GZ, Wang TM, Liu Y, Wang CM
41 - 44 Design and clinical application of olecranon guiding memory fixator
Wang JL, Xu SG, Zhang XS, Li CM, Zhang CC
45 - 48 Three-dimensional finite element analysis of nitinol patellar concentrator and its clinical significance
Xu SG, Zhang CC, Li SC, Su JC, Wang JL
49 - 52 Design and application of three-dimensional memory fixation system for acetabular fracture
Zhang CC, Xu SG, Hou TS, Wang JL, Yu BQ
53 - 56 Thermal modelling of Shape-Memory Alloy fixator for minimal-access surgery
Song C, Frank TG, Campbell PA, Cuschieri A
57 - 60 Superelastic and thermally activated TiNi alloys and their applications in dentistry
Zheng YF, Huang BM
61 - 68 Applications and development of shape-memory and superelastic alloys in Japan
Takaoka S, Horikawa H, Kobayashi J, Shimizu K
69 - 74 Damping applications of Shape-Memory Alloys
Hodgson DE
75 - 78 Shape-memory alloys in passive safety means
Ionaytis RR, Lisovoy VF
79 - 82 Pseudoelastic flexure hinges in devices for high-precision tasks and investigations of their fatigue
Hesselbach J, Raatz A
83 - 86 A new approach to the precision tracking control of shape-memory alloy actuators using neural networks and a sliding-mode based robust controller
Song G, Chaudhry V, Batur C
87 - 90 Micro-gripper using two-way NiTi shape-memory alloy thin sheet
Huang WM, Gao XY, Loo BK, He LM, Ngoi BKA
91 - 94 Development of two-way shape-memory alloy sheet for magic waterwheel
Tang WS, Deng J
95 - 98 Hard disk drive assembly using copper-based shape-memory alloy
Huang WM, Gao XY, Ng Q, Liu QY, Kung HK, Liu X
99 - 102 A study of SMA used for threaded connections having loosening-proof and anti-break functions
Shen YM, Du YL, Sun BC, Li JL
103 - 106 Behavior analysis and design of FeMnSi alloy pipe-joints
Lin CX, Gu NJ, Zhao LC, Liu QS, Wen CS
107 - 110 A study of NiTiNb shape-memory alloy pipe-joint with improved properties
Dong ZZ, Zhou SL, Liu WX
111 - 114 SMA pseudo-rubber metal damper for random vibration control
Yan YJ, Nie JX
115 - 118 Damping of superelastic NiTi-alloys under torsional loading
Predki W, Kloenne M
119 - 122 A study of the vibration characteristics of TiNi shape-memory alloy
Lin PG, Tang CX, Huang ZH, Dong YS, Chu CG
123 - 126 Influence of testing temperature on the vibration characteristics of TiNi shape-memory alloy combined with a spring
Lin PH, Tang CX, Huang ZH, Chu CL, Dong YS, Xiong JL
127 - 130 A supporting tool for designing products based on shape-memory alloys
Welp EG, Breidert J
131 - 138 Bioperformance of Nitinol: Surface tendencies
Shabalovskaya S, Ryhanen J, Yahia LH
139 - 144 Bioperformance of Nitinol: in vivo biocompatibility
Ryhanen J, Shabalovskaya S, Yahia LH
145 - 148 Corrosion of NiTi shape-memory alloys: Visualization by means of potentiometric "constant-distance" scanning electrochemical Microscopy
Schulte A, Belger S, Schuhmann W
149 - 152 A study of TiNi shape-memory alloy modified by pulsed high-energy density plasma
Wu XF, Fu Y, Han Y, Hua WS, Yang SZ
153 - 156 Microstructure and hemocompatibility of a phosphorus ion-implanted TiNi shape-memory alloy
Zhao XK, Cai W, Tian Y, Zhao LC
157 - 160 Effect of aluminum ion implantation on superelastic properties of TiNi alloy
Asaoka T
161 - 164 Gold coating of nitinol devices for medical applications
Steegmueller R, Wagner C, Fleckenstein T, Schuessler A
165 - 168 Bioactive treatment of titanium surface using a H2O2/HCI solution
Wang XX, Osaka A
169 - 172 Electropolishing for medical devices: Relatively new... fascinatingly diverse
Aslanidis D, Roebben G, Bruninx J, Van Moorleghem W
173 - 176 Effect of surface preparation on mechanical properties of a NiTi alloy
Miao WD, Mi XJ, Zhu M, Guo JF, Kou YM
177 - 184 Factors affecting the Ms temperature and its control in shape-memory alloys
Otsuka K, Ren X
185 - 192 Microstructural evolution and deformation micromechanism of cold-deformed TiNi-based alloys
Zhao LC, Cai W, Zheng YF
193 - 200 Application of atomic force microscope to studies of martensitic transformation in shape-memory alloys
Liu DZ, Kajiwara S, Kikuchi T, Shinya N
201 - 204 Interfacial structure of twinned martensite in shape-memory alloys
Liu DZ, Dunne D
205 - 208 Effect of grain boundaries on the superelastic deformation of CuAlMn shape-memory bicrystals
Kato H, Miura S
209 - 212 Phenomena of aluminum segregation at the grain boundaries of Cu-Al-Be-X alloys
Dong YY, Wang CM, Gu YP, Liu YG
213 - 216 Characteristics of lattice deformation during martensitic transformation
Gu NJ, Wang BQ, Li HL, Wen CS, Song XY
217 - 220 Study of pre-martensitic phenomena in NiTi alloys by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Katsuyama J, Chalermkarnnon P, Mizuno M, Araki H, Shirai Y
221 - 224 Role of oriented stress fields in two-way shape-memory alloys
Zhang XM, Fernandez J, Guilemany JM, Li B, Liu M, Sha XW
225 - 228 Effect of low-temperature aging on the R-phase transformation of a Ti-50.9at%Ni alloy
Kim JI, Miyazaki S
229 - 232 The B2-B19-B19' transformation in a Ti-44.7Ni-5Cu-0.3Mo alloy
Nam T, Noh J, Chung D, Hur S, Yoon MJ
233 - 236 Quantitative texture analysis of polycrystalline shape-memory alloy NiTi neutron diffraction data by Rietveld refinement using the generalized spherical-harmonic description
Sitepu H, Schmahl WW, Von Dreele RB
237 - 240 Texture and quantitative phase analysis of aged Ni-rich NiTi using X-ray and neutron diffractions
Sitepu H, Schmahl WW, Allafi JK, Eggeler G, Reinecke T, Brokmeier HG, Tovar M, Tobbens DM
241 - 244 Mechanical properties and electrical resistance of TiNi shape-memory alloy
Jin JL, Chi YH
245 - 248 Cyclic superelastic deformation of TiNi shape-memory alloy
Gong JM, Tobushi H, Takata K, Okumura K, Endo M
249 - 252 Mechanical hysteresis in the pseudoelasticity of Ti-50.2at%Ni
Tan GS, Suseno T, Liu YN
253 - 256 Thermo-mechanical and transformation behaviors of Ti-41.7Ni-8.5Cu (at%) shape-memory alloy wire
Hosogi M, Sakuma T, Okabe N, Okita K
257 - 260 Effect of cold-working ratio on superelastic cyclic behavior and fatigue life in Ti-41.7Ni-8.5Cu (at%) shape-memory alloy wire
Hosogi M, Okabe N, Sakuma T, Okita K
261 - 264 Stress-strain characteristics of TiNi shape-memory alloy wires after constrained thermal cycles
Cui LS, Zheng YJ, Li Y, Zhao XQ
265 - 268 Martensite deformation during the phase transformation of TiNi shape-memory alloy under constraint
Li Y, Cui LS, Zhao XQ, Yang DZ
269 - 272 Effect of pre-deformation on the transformation temperatures of TiNi shape-memory alloys
Jiang CB, Xu HB
273 - 276 Effect of restraint stress on transformation temperatures and strain recovery in a Ni47Ti44Nb9 shape-memory alloy
Jin W, Cao MZ, Yang R, Hu ZQ
277 - 280 Stress and deformation states in the annulus and shaft during constrained recovery
Kosel F, Videnic T
281 - 284 One-dimensional SMA plasticity model applied to truss elements
Lazghab T, Wu KH
285 - 292 Fabrication of nitinol materials and components
293 - 296 Recent development of the SMA industry in China
Liu LH, Yang H, Wang LM, Zheng YF
297 - 300 Melting and fabrication of NiTi shape-memory alloy wires
Wang LM, Liu LH, Yang H, Wang LY, Xiu GQ
301 - 303 Topical problems in manufacturing semi-products (bars and wires) from TiNi-Based shape-memory alloys
Bondarev AB, Andreyev VA
305 - 308 Miniaturization of nitinol material fabrication and processing: status and prospects
Steegmueller R, Schuessler A, Wick A
309 - 312 Innovations: Laser-cutting nickel-titanium
Dickson TR, Moore B, Toyama N
313 - 316 The effect of cold-work texture on the superelastic characteristics of nitinol sheet
Lin ZC, Boylan J
317 - 320 A new approach to heat-treating NiTi micro-components
Cheng KL, Chung CY
321 - 324 Effect of heat-treatment on phase transition temperatures of a superelastic NiTi alloy for medical use
Yeung KWK, Chung CY, Cheung KMC, Lu WW, Luk KDK
325 - 328 Effects of thermomechanical pre-treatments on pseudo-elastic fatigue of a NiTi alloy
Heckmann A, Hornbogen E
329 - 332 Thermo-mechanical fatigue and transformation behavior of TiNiCuSMA
Rong LJ, Miller DA, Lagoudas DC
333 - 336 Time-dependent deformation behavior of TiNi shape-memory alloy
Rao GB, Wang JQ, Ke W, Han EH
337 - 340 Shape-memory effect in titanium-nickel after preliminary dynamic deformation
Belyaev SP, Morozov NF, Razov AI, Volkov AE, Wang LL, Shi SQ, Gan S, Chen JY, Dong XL
341 - 344 Elastic bulk and surface properties of thermally and mechanically cycled NiTi shape-memory alloys
Kaack M, Yohannes T, Gibkes J, Pelzl J, Heckmann A, Sitepu H, Schmahl W, Tankovsky N
345 - 348 Photothermal characterisation of local and depth-dependent thermal properties of NiTi shape-memory alloys
Gibkes J, Kaack M, Delgadillo-Holtfort I, Dietzel D, Bein BK, Pelzl J, Buschka M, Weinert K, Bram M, Buchkremer HP, Stover D
349 - 352 The slurry erosion characteristics of precipitation-hardened Ti49Ni51 shape-memory alloy
Wu SK, Lin HC, Yang CH
353 - 356 Erosion resistance of Ti-Ni shape-memory alloy to hot water jet
Niu LB, Sakuma T, Takaku H, Kyougoku H, Sakai Y
357 - 360 A study of the wear behavior of TiNiCu shape-memory alloy
Xu JJ, Guo JF, Wang DG, Cui LS
361 - 364 Influence of Nb content and processing conditions on microstructure and functional properties of NiTiNb shape-memory alloys
Siegert W, Neuking K, Mertmann M, Eggeler G
365 - 368 Influence of Zr additions on shape-memory effect and mechanical properties of Ni-rich NiTi alloys
Feng ZW, Gao BD, Wang JB, Qian DF, Liu YX
369 - 374 Perspectives on the exploitation of CuZnAl alloys, FeMnSi-based alloys and ZrO2-containing shape-memory ceramics
Hsu TY
375 - 382 Cu-based high-temperature shape-memory alloys and their thermal stability
383 - 386 Effect of heat treatment on transformation behavior in CuAlNb shape-memory alloys with high transformation temperatures
Gong SK, Ma YQ, Jiang CB, Xu HB
387 - 390 CuAlNi shape-memory alloys with thermomechanical behaviors designed by micromechanics modelling
Novak V, Sittner P
391 - 394 Microstructural control and characterization of CuAlNi-based SMA fabricated by continuous casting process
Jang WY, Lee SH, Jee KK, Jeong SH, Kim KS, Lee EG
395 - 398 Electropulse modification of polycrystalline CuAlNi shape-memory alloy, its macro- and microstructure
Chen QF, Wang JZ, Cai W, Zhao LC
399 - 402 Shape-memory and superelasticity in CuZnSn alloy and its application
Miura S
403 - 406 Further improvement in the shape-memory properties of FeMnSi-Based shape-memory alloys containing NbC precipitates
Baruj A, Kikuchi T, Kajiwara S, Shinya N
407 - 410 Properties of FeMnSiCrNi shape-memory alloys with (0.1 similar to 0.5wt%) Nb additions
Dong ZZ, Liu WX, Chen JM, Sun GG
411 - 414 Structural characteristics of epsilon-martensite formed under different tensile strains in an FeMnSiCrNiSMA
Liu QS, Gu NJ, Zhao LC, Lin CX, Wen CS
415 - 418 Reversal transformation and smart characteristics of FeMnSiCrNiSMA
Gu NJ, Lin CX, Li GL, Wen CS, Wang BQ
419 - 422 X-ray quantitative analysis of phases in FeMnSi-based shape-memory alloy
Wen CS, Lin CX, Gu NJ
423 - 426 Effect of microstructure on shape-memory effect Fe-32Mn-6.5Si alloy
Jee KK, Jang WY, Chung YH, Shin MC
427 - 430 Deformation behavior of FeMnSi-based shape-memory alloys
Guo ZG, Rong YH, Chen SP, Hsu TY
431 - 434 Semi-empirical prediction of shape-memory effect in FeMnSi-based alloys
Wan JF, Chen SP, Hsu TY
435 - 438 A study of the corrosion resistance and shape-memory effect of FeMnSiCrNiCo shape-memory alloy
Dong ZZ, Liu WX, Wang DF, Chen JM, Liu DZ
439 - 442 Corrosion behaviors of Fe-based shape-memory alloys
Lin HC, Lin KM, Lin CS, Chen FH
443 - 446 Effect of the Cr content on shape-memory effect and corrosion resistance of FeMnSiCrNi shape-memory alloys
Sun GG, Dong ZZ, Liu WX, Chen JM
447 - 450 Stress-induced martensitic transformation and microstructure of a Ti36Ni49Hf15 high-temperature shape-memory alloy
Liu LH, Meng XL, Cai W, Zheng YF, Tong YX, Zhao LC, Zhou LM
451 - 454 Microstructural investigation of TiPdNi alloy under loading-unloading cycling conditions
Tian QC, Wu JS
455 - 458 Effect of the rare-earth element Ce on oxidation Behavior of TiPdNi alloys
Tian QC, Wu JS
459 - 462 Shape-memory effect of Co-x%Ni alloys
Lee YK, Shin HC, Lee SH, Choi CS
463 - 466 Stability of the two-way shape-memory effect of an aged NiAl-Fe alloy
Xie CY, Huang P, Wu JS
467 - 474 Dynamic characteristics of diaphragm microactuators utilizing sputter-deposited TiNi shape-memory alloy thin films
Miyazaki S, Hirano M, No VH
475 - 482 Vibrational properties of adaptive polymer matrix composites with embedded shape-memory alloy wires
Gotthardt R, Parlinska M
483 - 486 Thermal and microstructural characterization of NiTi thin strips produced by twin-roll casting
Vermaut P, Ochin P, Dezellus A, Plaindoux P, Dalle F, Muguerra P, Portier R
487 - 490 Bimorph-type microactuator using TiNi shape-memory thin film
Ishida A, Sato M, Yoshikawa W, Tabata O
491 - 494 Study of incomplete phase transformation behavior in deformed TiNi thin film
Liu XP, Jin W, Cao MZ, Yang DZ
495 - 498 Effect of heat treatment on the properties of Ti-25Ni-25Cu (at%) SMA melt-spun ribbons
Khantachawana A, Miyazaki S
499 - 502 Sputter-deposited TiZrNi high-temperature shape-memory thin films
Sawaguchi T, Sato M, Ishida A
503 - 506 Preparation and characterization of Cu-based shape-memory thin wires obtained by in rotating water melt-spinning
Ochin P, Dezellus A, Plaindoux P, Portier R, Pons J, Cesari E, Kozlov A
507 - 510 Effect of betatizing on grain growth and transformation characteristics of a CuAlNiSMA ribbon with fiber structure
Jang WY, Lee YS, Jee KK, Lee EG
511 - 514 Superelasticity of porous NiTi alloy fabricated by combustion synthesis
Li YH, Rong LJ, Li YY
515 - 518 Low-density porous TiNi shape-memory alloy produced by the SHS process
Zhang XM, Yin WH, Wang LX, Wang XC
519 - 522 Effect of prestrain on the reverse martensitic transformation of TiNi fibers embedded in an al matrix
Cui LS, Zheng YJ, Yan U, Yang DZ
523 - 526 Constrained phase transformation of prestrained TiNi shape-memory alloy in cement composite
Li Y, Cui LS, Zhao XQ, Yang DZ
527 - 530 Bonding behaviors at a NiTi/Epoxy interface: SEM observations and theoretical study
Lau K, Poon C, Yam L, Zhou L
531 - 536 Giant magnetostriction in Fe3Pt and FePd ferromagnetic shape-memory alloys
Kakeshita T, Fukuda T
537 - 540 Temperature dependence of magnetic shape-memory effect and martensitic structure of NiMnGa alloy
Glavatska N, Mogylny G, Glavatsky I, Tyshchenko A, Soderberg O, Lindroos VK
541 - 544 Structure and magnetic properties of a shape-memory NiMnGa alloy
Ge Y, Sozinov A, Soderberg O, Lanska N, Heczko O, Ullakko K, Lindroos VK
545 - 548 Ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy Ni2MnGa
Matsumoto M, Ohtsuka M, Miki H, Khovailo VV, Takagi T
549 - 552 Two-step martensitic transformation characteristics of polycrystalline NiMnGa Heusler alloys
Lu X, Qin ZX, Chen XQ
553 - 556 Influence of structural transition on transport properties of Ni2MnGa alloy
Zhou Y, Jin XS, Xu HB, Lee YP, Kudryavtsev YV, Kim KW
557 - 560 Effect of magnetic heat treatment on the magnetically-induced strain in a polycrystalline Ni2MnGa alloy
Zhao YB, Qian M, Chen SP, Hsu TY
561 - 564 Influence of Ni excess on structure and shape-memory effect of polycrystalline Ni2MnGa alloys
Liang T, Jiang CB, Feng G, Gong SK, Xu HB
565 - 568 Corrosion behavior of NiMnGa shape-memory alloy
Liu XW, Soderberg O, Ge Y, Sozinov A, Lindroos VK
569 - 572 Microstructure and stacking-fault probability in CoNi magnetic shape-memory alloys
Zhou WM, Jiang BH, Liu Y, Qi X
573 - 576 Shape-memory effect in Ce-Y-TZP ceramics
Zhang YL, Jin XJ, Hsu TY, Zhang YF, Shi JL
577 - 580 Thermomechanical properties of polyurethane shape-memory polymer foam
Tobushi H, Okumura K, Endo M, Hayashi S