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1 - 8 Atomic processes involved in precipitate nucleation in aged aluminium alloys
Polmear I
9 - 14 Status of positron annihilation studies of age hardening in aluminum alloys
Somoza A
15 - 19 Current and potential uses of positron beams to study porosity in low-k dielectric thin films
Rodbell KP, Petkov MP, Weber MH, Lynn KG, Volksen W, Miller RD
20 - 24 Current trends in ion implantation
Gwilliam RM
25 - 29 Defect identification using positrons
Beling CD, Fung S
30 - 34 Bulk studies of defects in semiconductors
Mascher P
35 - 39 Thermal vacancy formation and diffusion in nanocrystalline materials
Wurschum R
40 - 46 Positron annihilation in diamond
Shiryaev AA, Iakoubovskii K, Schut H, van Veen A, Galindo RE, Zakharchenko OD, Klyuev YA, Kaminsky F, Feigelson BN
47 - 51 Investigation of reactor steels
Slugen V, Hascik J, Grone R, Bartik P, Zeman A, Kogel G, Sperr P, Triftshauser W
52 - 55 Defect studies in semiconductors
Fujinami M, Sawada T, Akahane T
56 - 60 Defect physics investigations using positron and ion beams
Simpson PJ, Szpala S, Knights AP
61 - 63 Open-volume defects in plastically deformed semiconductors
Leipner HS, Hubner CG, Staab TEM, Krause-Rehberg R
64 - 66 Native and irradiation-induced defects in SiO(2) structures studied by positron annihilation techniques
Rivera A, Montilla I, Garcia AA, Galindo RE, Falub CV, van Veen A, Schut H, de Nijs JMM, Balk P
67 - 69 Identification of vacancy-oxygen complexes in Si by coincidence Doppler broadening of positron annihilation radiation and first-principles calculations
Tang Z, Nonaka T, Nagai Y, Hasegawa M
70 - 72 Identification of vacancies on each sublattice of SiC by coincident Doppler broadening of the positron annihilation photons after electron irradiation
Muller MA, Rempel AA, Reichle K, Sprengel W, Major J, Schaefer HE
73 - 75 Vacancy-type defects in proton-irradiated InAs
Puff W, Balogh AG
76 - 78 Detailed microscopic defect identification in GaAs
Gebauer J, Staab TEM, Redmann F, Krause-Rehberg R
79 - 81 Void nucleation in fcc and bcc metals: A comparison of neutron irradiated copper and iron
Eldrup M, Singh BN
82 - 84 Identification of defect sites in FeAl by Doppler spectroscopy of core electrons
Egger W, Bischof G, Groger V, Krexner G
85 - 87 Activation volume and chemical environment of atomic vacancies in intermetallic compounds
Muller MA, Sprengel W, Major J, Schaefer HE
88 - 90 Influence of the pre-deformation on precipitation in 2024 AlCuMg alloy
Ferragut R, Somoza A, Tolley A
91 - 93 Study of ultrafine Cu precipitates in neutron-irradiated Fe utilizing positron quantum-dot-like states
Nagai Y, Hasegawa M, Tang Z, Kanai T, Saneyasu M
94 - 96 Positron annihilation study of nanocrystalline Ni3Al: Simulations and measurements
Kuriplach J, van Petegem S, Hou M, Zhurkin EE, van Swygenhoven H, Dalla Torre F, van Tendeloo G, Yandouzi M, Schryvers D, Segers D, Morales AL, Ettaoussi S, Dauwe C
97 - 99 Simon-Glatzel transformation of over-pressurised helium bubbles in aluminium as seen by positrons
Maji S, Singh A, Nambissan PMG
101 - 103 Constitutional and/or thermal vacancies in some B2 intermetallic compounds studied by positron lifetime spectroscopy
Shirai Y, Araki H, Yamaguchi M
104 - 107 Positron annihilation spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry study of decomposition processes in Al-Cu-Mg alloys
Ferro G, Biasini M, Folegati P, Riontino G
108 - 110 Electrically induced metastability in SI-GaAs studied by positron lifetime spectroscopy
Luo YL, Beling CD, Fung S, Ling CC, Lui MK, Mui WK
111 - 113 Formation of vacancy clusters during copper diffusion in semi-insulating GaAs
Petters K, Gebauer J, Redmann F, Leipner HS, Krause-Rehberg R
114 - 116 Changes in the positron-electron momentum distribution in GaAs brought about by chopped light
Li S, Fung S, Beling CD, Ling CC
117 - 119 Positron deep-level transient spectroscopy in semi-insulating-GaAs using the positron velocity transient method
Tsia M, Fung S, Beling CD
120 - 122 Positron annihilation spectroscopic studies of 6H silicon carbide
Hu YF, Lam CH, Ling CC, Fung S, Beling CD, Weng HM
123 - 125 Swift heavy ion irradiation effects in SiC measured by positrons
Liszkay L, Havancsak K, Barthe MF, Desgardin P, Henry L, Kajcsos Z, Battistig G, Szilagyi E, Skuratov VA
126 - 128 Effects of illumination on positron lifetime of electron irradiated n-type 6H-SiC
Redmann F, Kawasuso A, Petters K, Krause-Rehberg R, Itoh H
129 - 131 Positron beam Doppler and lifetime studies on disordered and amorphous Si
Amarendra G, Rajaraman R, Rao GV, Nair KGM, Viswanathan B, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Mikado T
132 - 134 Magic-number vacancy clusters in graphite and silicon
Hasegawa M, Tang Z, Nagai Y, Shimamura T, Nakazuru K, Chiba T, Saito M
135 - 137 Irradiation experiment revisited - Stability and positron lifetime of large vacancy clusters in silicon
Staab TEM, Puska MJ, Hakala M, Sieck A, Haugk M, Frauenheim T, Leipner HS
138 - 140 Electric field dependent positronium formation in alpha-SiO2
Kobayashi Y, Wang CL, Hirata K, Kouchi N
141 - 143 Characterization of radiation-induced defects in ZnO probed by positron annihilation spectroscopy
Brunner S, Puff W, Balogh AG, Mascher P
144 - 146 Defect studies in BaTiO3 ceramics using positron annihilation spectroscopy
Massoud AM, Krause-Rehberg R, Langhammer HT, Gebauer J, Mohsen M
147 - 149 Positron study of Cu-Se, In-Se and CuInSe2 thin films
Nancheva N, Docheva P, Djourelov N, Balcheva M
150 - 152 A study of vacancy-like defects in the chalcopyrite semiconductor AgInSe2
Al-Kotb MS, Puff W, Hassan SA, Mohsen M
153 - 155 A positron annihilation study of compensation defects responsible for conduction-type conversions in LEC-grown InP
Shan YY, Deng AH, Zhao YW, Ling CC, Fung S, Beling CD
156 - 158 Positron annihilation studies of defects in ion implanted palladium
Abe H, Uedono A, Uchida H, Komatsu A, Okada S, Itoh H
159 - 162 Positron lifetime study of low temperature neutron-irradiated Fe and Ni
Kuramoto E, Hori F, Ohmura M, Takenaka M
163 - 166 Positron lifetime calculation for interstitial clusters in Fe and Ni
Onitsuka T, Ohmura M, Takenaka M, Kuramoto E
167 - 169 Positron annihilation study of microvoids in neutron-irradiated vanadium: Effects of oxygen impurities
Riewcharoon T, Tang Z, Nagai Y, Hasegawa M
170 - 172 Effect of minor elements on microstructure evolution in Ni alloys irradiated with neutrons
Xu Q, Yoshiie T
173 - 175 Determination of the activation enthalpy for migration of point defects and dislocations in deformed Al-Mg (5005) alloy by (PAT)
Abdel-Rahman MA, Badawi EA, Hassan EM, Yahya GA
176 - 178 Positron annihilation lifetime in Fe-Rh alloys deformed by high-speed compression
Fukuzumi M, Hori F, Komatsu M, Kiritani M, Oshima R
179 - 181 Atomic defects in AlPdMn: A study by means of positron annihilation spectroscopy
Baier F, Muller MA, Sprengel W, Grushko B, Sterzel R, Assmus W, Schaefer HE
182 - 184 The structure of stable icosahedral phase in Mg-Zn-Y studied by positron annihilation
Uchiyama H, Hamada E, Takahashi T, Sato K, Takahashi Y, Kanazawa I, Oshima N, Suzuki T, Yoshida T, Takeuchi S
185 - 188 Vacancy formation energy of metals determined by using positron age-momentum correlation technique
Suzuki N, Nagai Y, Itoh Y, Goto A, Hyodo T
189 - 191 Nucleation and growth of precipitates in a Ni-based superalloy
Petkov MP, Somoza A, Santos G, Lynn KG
192 - 194 Positron annihilation and XRD studies on deformed al-alloys with low concentrations of Mg
Badawi E, Abdel-Rahman MA, Mahmoud SA, Ramadan AA
195 - 197 Defect studies in Fe3Al alloys doped with Cr, Mo and Si
Deng W, Brusa RS, Karwasz GP, Zecca A
198 - 200 Influence of Mn and Fe on defects in NiAl alloy investigated by positron annihilation techniques
Deng W, Brusa RS, Karwasz GP, Zecca A
201 - 203 Defect analysis in B2-type FeAl alloys by positron annihilation measurements at 100K
Haraguchi T, Hori F, Oshima R, Kogachi M
204 - 206 Positron annihilation study of fatigue in type 304 stainless steel
Hori F, Oshima R
207 - 209 Two-detector Doppler broadening and positron lifetime in multiphase Co-Si alloys
Plazaola F, Hautojarvi P, Saarinen K
210 - 212 Positron annihilation in Ni3Al: Theory and experiment
van Petegem S, Kuriplach J, Hou M, Zhurkin EE, Segers D, Morales AL, Ettaoussi S, Dauwe C, Mondelaers W
213 - 215 Microstructure of heat-treated steel probed by positron annihilation
Al-Qaradawi IY, Abdel-Hady EE, Megahed H
216 - 218 Lattice defects in industrial Al probed by positrons
Mohsen M, Ismail H, Ashry A, Brauer G, Mohamed S
219 - 226 Positron and positronium in insulators
Wang SJ, Wang B, Zhu J, Wang Z, Dai YQ, He CQ
227 - 232 Positron annihilation in organic solids
Goworek T
233 - 237 Positronium in solids
Hyodo T
238 - 243 Positrons and positronium in zeolites
Kajcsos Z, Duplatre G, Liszkay L, Lazar K, Lohonyai L, Pal-Borbely G, Beyer HK, Caullet P, Patarin J
244 - 247 An experimental investigation of the occupied volume in polymers
Consolati G
248 - 253 Positronium formation at low temperatures
Hirade T
254 - 256 First proof of slow trapping of positronium in polymers by an Age-Momentum-Correlation (AMOC) experiment
Dauwe C, Balcaen N, van Waeyenberge B, van Petegem S, Stoll H
257 - 259 Positronium formation in condensed matter
Seeger A
260 - 262 Information on the spur electron distribution from the temperature dependence of positronium yields in the presence of electron scavengers
Levay B
263 - 265 Application of ACAR spectroscopy to acidic catalysts
Huang WF, Hung KJ, Huang DC
266 - 268 Temperature-dependent electron acceptor properties of zeolite Y: a combined Mossbauer and positron lifetime spectroscopy study
Suvegh K, Vanko G, Domjan A, Vertes A
269 - 271 The absolute free-volume fraction in polymers from positron lifetime measurements
Kristiak J, Bandzuch P, Sausa O, Zrubcova J, Bartos J
272 - 274 Positron annihilation study of neutron-irradiated polyethylene
El-Sayed AMA
275 - 277 Low-temperature positron studies in polymethylmethacrylate
Pujari PK, Tashiro M, Tseng CY, Honda Y, Nishijima S, Tagawa S
278 - 280 Positron annihilation spectroscopy of carbon black/silica filled rubber polymers
Semaan ME, Quarles CA, Nikiel L
281 - 283 Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PAL) as a tool to study rubber (polyisoprene) vulcanizate network structures
Mallon PE, Huang CM, Chen H, Zhang R, Gradwell MHS, Jean YC
284 - 286 Positron lifetime as a probe for the investigation of conducting polystyrene
Abdel-Hady EE, Mohamed HFM
287 - 289 Positronium fractions and cavity sizes derived from 1-and 2-detector Doppler broadening spectra
Garcia AA, Siebbeles LDA, Rivera A, Schut H, Eijt SWH, Galindo RE, van Veen A
291 - 293 The physical meaning of a four-component analysis of positron lifetime measurements in amorphous polymers
Balcaen N, Dauwe C, van Waeyenberge B, de Baerdemaeker J
294 - 296 Free volume from PALS and atomistic simulations: The OTP case
Bartos J, Urban J, Mach P, Kristiak J
297 - 299 Temperature and irradiation effects on positronium formation in polycarbonate
Chen ZQ, Suzuki T, Uedono A, Tanigawa S, Ito Y
300 - 302 Polyamide/acrylic rubber blend studied by positron annihilation
Debowska M, Rudzinska-Girulska J, Suzuki T, Piglowski J, Chen ZQ
303 - 305 Local free volume and glass transition in propylene/alpha-olefin copolymers with a defined length and number of branches
Dlubek G, Bamford D, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A, Petters K, Hubner C, Bornemann S, Lupke T, Henschke O, Stejny J, Alam MA, Arnold M
306 - 308 Effect of doping polymethylmethacrylate with metal salts as studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Gomaa EA, Mazrouaa AM
309 - 312 Molecular weight effect on the microstructure and local motion in high molecular weight polymer observed by positrons
He CQ, Dai YQ, Wang B, Wang SJ
313 - 315 Microstructure analysis of polyacetal: Free-volume study by positronium lifetime measurement
Ito K, Nanasawa A, Tanimura N, Li HL, Ohkubo T, Ujihira Y, Nomura K
316 - 318 Ortho-Ps in bi-dispersional porous glass
Goworek T, Jasinska B, Suzuki T
319 - 321 Study of gamma-irradiated benzothiazole-doped polyvinyl chloride by positron annihilation
Misheva M, Djourelov N, Sertova N, Petkov I, Deligeorgiev T
322 - 324 2D-ACAR investigations of PPT aramid fibres
Mijnarends PE, Falub CV, Eijt SWH, van Veen A
325 - 327 On irradiated poly(ethylene naphthalate) studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Mohamed HFM, El-Sayed AMA, Hussien AZ
328 - 330 A study of some properties of styrene butadiene rubber-polyethylene blends by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Mostafa N, Mohamed MG
331 - 333 Positron annihilation study of collagen biopolymer: Comparison between the three-component and the elastic thermalization lifetime analyses
Siles S, Moya G, Ahmed AS, Kansy J
334 - 336 Positron annihilation as a probe of free-volume changes in aged polypropylene
Borek J, Osoba W
337 - 339 Bulk-volume behavior of pressure-densified amorphous polymers and free-volume behavior by positron annihilation lifetime measurement
Hagiwara K, Ougizawa T, Inoue T, Hirata K, Kobayashi Y
340 - 342 Positron lifetime study of polycarbonate/poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) blends
Cizek J, Motycka V, Prochazka I, Ilavsky M, Kolarik J
343 - 345 Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy of carbon black- and silica-filled rubber
Quarles CA, Urban-Klaehn JM, Gerspacher M, Nikiel L, Semaan ME
346 - 348 A permeability and free-volume study in chlorinated poly[(1-trimethylsilyl)-1-propine] membranes
Quasso F, Consolati G, Pegoraro M, Severini F
349 - 351 Filler content influence on the positron annihilation response in an epoxy resin composite
Salgueiro W, Somoza A, Goyanes S, Rubiolo G, Marzocca A, Consolati G
352 - 354 Comments on the effect of gamma-irradiation on positronium formation in polymers at low temperatures
Shantarovich VP, Hirade T, Kevdina IB, Gustov VW, Arzhakov MS
355 - 358 Change in free volume at low temperature in PET probed by positron annihilation
Wang B, Zhang M, Liu WH, Wang SJ
359 - 361 Light effects on positronium formation in polymers
Zrubcova J, Kristiak J, Pedersen WB, Pedersen NJ, Eldrup M
362 - 364 Atomic-scale vacuities and age of obsidians
Chojcan J, Sachanbinski M
365 - 367 Study on swelling of poly[2-(N,N-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate]-1-polyisobutylene (PDMAEMA-1-PIB) amphiphilic co-network
Domjan A, Suvegh K, Ivan B, Vertes A
368 - 370 Electron delocalization in high-spin Fe-ll complexes by ortho into para-positronium conversion reactions
Fantola-Lazzarini A, Lazzarini E
371 - 373 Pore formation in Vycor glasses studied by PAL method
Jasinska B, Dawidowicz AL
374 - 376 Relationship between the rate constants of Ps conversion reactions promoted by 3d complexes in high and low spin configurations
Lazzarini E, Fantola-Lazzarini A
377 - 379 Positronium interactions in synthetic zeolites: Effect of adsorbed water
Liszkay L, Kajcsos Z, Duplatre G, Lazar K, Pal-Borbely G, Beyer HK
380 - 382 Formation of vacancies in layered MPS3 (M=Fe, Mn, Zn) upon intercalation
Murakami H, Tsutsumi Y, Marutani D, Sano M, Ichimura K
383 - 385 Positronium in crystalline KDP
Saito H, Hyodo T
386 - 388 Positron annihilation lifetime study of pure and doped LiF
Sendezera EJ, Davidson AT, Anwand W, Brauer G, Nicht EM
389 - 391 Molecular dynamics in M18 and EBBA seen by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Sharma M, Singh KC, Jain PC
392 - 394 Electric field effect on Ps formation: Black blob model
Stepanov SV, Byakov VM, Wang CL, Kobayashi Y, Hirata K
395 - 397 Positronium formation and annihilation in BHDC/water/benzene microemulsions
Subrahmanyam VS, Marques MFF, Gordo PM, Gil CL, de Lima AP
398 - 400 Positron study of negative charge states in order-disorder ferroelectrics
Troev T, Berovsky K, Peneva S
401 - 403 AMOC studies of positronium in fine MgO powder
van Waeyenberge B, Dauwe C, Stoll H
404 - 408 Positron beam studies of defects in semiconductors
Krause-Rehberg R, Borner F, Redmann F
409 - 414 Positron Microscopy
Kogel G
415 - 419 Intense positron sources and their applications
van Veen A, Schut H, de Roode J, Labohm F, Falub CV, Eijt SWH, Mijnarends PE
420 - 424 Positron depth profiling
Coleman P
425 - 429 Intense positron source at the Munich research reactor FRM-II
Hugenschmidt C, Kogel G, Schreckenbach K, Sperr P, Strasser B, Triftshauser W
430 - 432 Performance of an intense nuclear-reactor based positron beam
Schut H, van Veen A, Falub CV, de Roode J, Labohm F
433 - 438 The positron beams at KEK
Kurihara T
439 - 441 A transmission positron microscope and a scanning positron microscope being built at KEK, japan
Doyama M, Inoue M, Kogure Y, Kurihara T, Yagishita A, Shidara T, Nakahara K, Hayashi Y, Yoshiie T, Tsuno K
442 - 444 Ion implantation induced defects in 6H-SiC and their annealing behaviour
Anwand W, Brauer G, Panknin D, Skorupa W
445 - 447 Reflection high-energy positron diffraction: Solved and unsolved problems
Kawasuso A, Kojima K, Yoshikawa M, Itoh H, Okada S, Ichimiya A
448 - 450 Lithium ion implantation effects in MgO (100)
van Huis MA, Fedorov AV, van Veen A, Labohm F, Schut H, Mijnarends PE, Kooi BJ, De Hosson JTM
451 - 453 Low-energy positrons at the Si(100)-2x1 surface with adsorbed hydrogen and oxygen
Fazleev NG, Fry JL, Weiss AH
454 - 456 Role of the RF power on the structure of defects in a-Si : H films produced by PECVD
Gordo PM, Subrahmanyam VS, Naia MD, Gil CL, de Lima AP, Lavareda G, de Carvalho CN, Amaral A
457 - 459 A study of organo-metallic interfaces using DBAR
Tucker CE, Smith FA, Coleman PG
460 - 462 Pulsed positron beam study of as-grown defects in epitaxial SiC
Britton DT, Gxawu D, Hempel A, Barthe MF, Henry L, Desgardin P, Corbel C, Bauer-Kugelmann W, Sperr P, Kogel G, Triftshauser W
463 - 465 Annealing effects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers
Hempel A, Dabrowski A, Harting M, Hempel M, Knoesen D, Bauer-Kugelmann W, Kogel G, Triftshauser W, Britton DT
466 - 468 Surfaces of SiO2-Bi2O3 glasses studied by a slow positron beam
Karwasz GP, Deng W, Brusa RS, Zecca A, Gazda M, Kusz B, Trzebiatowski K, Pliszka D
469 - 471 Defect study on Si implanted with B and BF2 ions by coincidence Doppler broadening measurements
Akahane T, Fujinami M, Ohnishi K, Sawada T
472 - 474 Positron annihilation in Si and Si-related materials in thermal equilibrium at high temperature
Uedono A, Watanabe M, Ichihashi T, Takasu S, Muramatsu M, Ubukata T, Tanino H, Shiraishi T, Tanigawa S
475 - 477 Defect property in He+ implanted silicon probed by slow positron beam
Zhou XY, Zhang TH, Zhang XF, Weng HM, Fan YM, Du JF, Han RD
478 - 480 GaN thin films on SiC substrates studied using variable energy positron annihilation spectroscopy
Hu YF, Shan YY, Beling CD, Fung S, Xie MH, Cheung SH, Tu J, Brauer G, Anwand W, Tong DSY
481 - 483 Determination of structural vacancy densities in icosahedral quasicrystals by slow positron beam technique
Sato K, Uchiyama H, Takahashi Y, Kanazawa I, Tamura R, Kimura K, Komori F, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Takeuchi S
484 - 486 Depth-dependence recovery of helium-implanted 18 carats gold-silver alloy
Thome T, Fradin J, Grynszpan RI, Anwand W, Brauer G
487 - 489 Positron dechanneling by electronic and nuclear scattering
Selim FA
490 - 492 The estimation of the vacancy-type defects density in thin Fe film with slow positron beams
Nagata T, Terashima Y, Takagi K, Kawai T, Kanazawa I, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Komori F, Ito Y
493 - 495 Positron annihilation in gaseous nitrided cold-rolled FeNiTi films
Chechenin NG, van Veen A, Galindo RE, Schut H, Chezan A, Boerma DO
496 - 498 Investigation of stainless steel films sputtered on glass
de Baerdemaeker J, van Hoecke T, van Petegem S, Segers D, Bauer-Kugelmann W, Sperr P, Terwagne G
499 - 501 Positron beam analysis of polymer/metal interfaces under stress
Galindo RE, van Veen A, Garcia AA, Schut H, De Hosson JTM
502 - 504 Defect structural characterisation of plasma-sprayed bioactive ceramic coatings
Harting M, Hempel A, Hempel M, Bucher R, Britton DT
505 - 507 Polymeric coating degradation in accelerated weathering investigated by using positron annihilation spectroscopy
Zhang R, Mallon PE, Chen H, Huang CM, Zhang JJ, Li Y, Cao H, Peng Q, Richardson JR, Huang YY, Sandreczki TC, Jean YC, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Nielsen B
508 - 510 Investigation of EBC polymer coating using a monoenergetic positron beam
Weng HM, Fan YM, Yie BJ, Zhou XY, Du JF, Han RD, Ma CG, Ling CC
511 - 513 Defect characterisation of PECVD-grown diamond
Britton DT, Hempel A, Hempel M, Harting M, Bauer-Kugelmann W, Triftshauser W
514 - 516 Damage induced by argon ion implantation in cubic zirconia
Fradin J, Thome T, Grynszpan RI, Thome L, Anwand W, Brauer G
517 - 519 Positron annihilation studies of subsurface zones in copper created under lubrication conditions
Dryzek E, Dryzek J, Borner F, Krause-Rehberg R
520 - 522 An electrostatic variable-energy positron beam for re-moderation experiments
Abadjieva E, Schut H, van Veen A, Legerstee WJ
523 - 525 Slow positron beam facility in Orleans
Desgardin P, Liszkay L, Barthe MF, Henry L, Briaud J, Saillard M, Lepolotec L, Corbel C, Blondiaux G, Colder A, Marie P, Levalois M
526 - 528 Positron induced ion-desorption from the oxidized Ni surface
Terashima Y, Ozaki A, Arai R, Kanazawa I, Ito Y, Fukutani K, Murata Y, Komori F
529 - 531 Latest version of the Munich pulsed low energy positron system
Bauer-Kugelmann W, Sperr P, Kogel G, Triftshauser W
532 - 536 'Smart cut' silicon by proton implantation: Lifetime studies with a pulsed positron beam
Sperr P, Kogel G, Bauer-Kugelmann W, Triftshauser W, Fujinami M
537 - 541 Positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy (PAES)
Weiss AH
542 - 546 Time-of-flight analysis of positron-annihilation induced Auger-electrons and re-emitted positrons
Ohdaira T, Suzuki R, Mikado T
547 - 551 Positron-Age-Momentum Correlation
Stoll H, Bandzuch P, Siegle A
552 - 554 Positron 2D-ACAR study of the quasi-one-dimensional organic superconductor (TMTSF)(2)ClO4
Ishibashi S, Manuel AA, Kohyama M, Tokumoto M, Anzai H
555 - 557 Fermi surface study of CeRu2Si2 above the Kondo temperature
Monge MA, Biasini M, Ferro G, Continenza A, Lejay P, Massidda S, Satta G
558 - 560 Fermi surface of yttrium
Kontrym-Sznajd G, Sormann H, West RN
561 - 563 Depth-selective 2D-ACAR with POSH: Application to nanocavities generated by ion implantation
Falub CV, Eijt SWH, van Veen A, Mijnarends PE, Schut H
564 - 566 Importance of non-local electron-positron correlations for positron annihilation characteristics in solids
Rubaszek A, Szotek Z, Temmerman WM
567 - 569 Positronium contact density in crystalline and amorphous SiO2
Nagashima Y, Nagai Y, Hyodo T
570 - 572 LCAO fitting of positron 2D-ACAR momentum densities of non-metallic solids
Chiba T
573 - 575 A positron study of the Fermi surface of TmGa3
Biasini M, Czopnik A, Jura A, Kontrym-Sznajd G, Monge M
576 - 578 A spin-polarized 2D-ACAR study of the colossal magnetoresistive material La0.7Sr0.3MnO3
Livesay EA, West RN, Dugdale SB, Santi G, Jarlborg T
579 - 581 Extraction of Fermi-surface topologies in layered manganites from spin-dependent positron annihilation
Major Z, Dugdale SB, Hughes RJ, Wilkinson I, Alam MA
582 - 584 Three-dimensional reconstruction of the Fermi surface of LaB6
Biasini M, Monge MA, Kontrym-Sznajd G, Gemmi M, Sato N
585 - 587 Study of positronium in low-k dielectric films by means of 2D-angular correlation experiments at a high-intensity slow-positron beam
Gessmann T, Petkov MP, Weber MH, Lynn KG, Rodbell KP, Asoka-Kumar P, Stoeffl W, Howell RH
588 - 590 Positronium behaviour in elongated PPT, rectangular MgO and spherical Si nanocavities
Eijt SWH, Falub CV, Mijnarends PE, van Veen A
591 - 593 Test CPT in the decay of polarized positronium using multidetector spectrometer
Andrukhovich SK, Antovich NM, Berestov AV, Metelitsa ON
594 - 596 Positron lifetime calculation of the elements of the periodic table
Campillo JM, Plazaola F
597 - 599 The presence of the positron diffusion process in the annihilation characteristics in classical experiments
Dryzek J
600 - 602 Positron diffusion trapping model with an external magnetic field
Golonka P
603 - 605 Effect of positron wave function on positron annihilation rates and electron-positron momentum densities in solids
Rubaszek A, Szotek Z, Temmerman WM
606 - 608 Reconstructed momentum density and Fermi surface in Cu0.9Al0.1
Samsel-Czekala M, Kontrym-Sznajd G, Doring G, Schulke W, Kaprzyk S, Bansil A
609 - 611 On the reliability of various enhancement theories for a description of electron-positron densities in metals
Sormann H, Kontrym-Sznajd G, West RN
612 - 614 Excessive sensitivity of momentum densities to crystal potentials as a reason for difficulties in verifying positron enhancement theories
Sormann H, Sob M
615 - 617 First-principles calculations of electron-positron interaction in light elements
Stachowiak H, Boronski E, Banach G
618 - 620 Study of buried polymer-polymer interfaces using slow positron beams
Pujari PK, Tashiro M, Honda Y, Suzuki R, Tagawa S
621 - 623 Interface defects of Al/GaAs(100) detected by positron annihilation induced auger electron spectroscopy (PAES)
Chen WC, Fazleev NG, Fry JL, Weiss AH
624 - 628 Positron traps and trap-based beams: Status and future prospects
Surko CM
629 - 633 Doppler broadening coincidence studies
Weber MH
634 - 636 A positron accumulator for antihydrogen synthesis
Jorgensen LV, Collier MJT, Fine KS, Watson TL, van der Werf DP, Charlton M
637 - 639 Vacancy clusters at nanoparticle surfaces
Xu J, Moxom J, Somieski B, White CW, Mills AP, Suzuki R, Ishibashi S, Ueda A, Henderson D
640 - 642 Developments on positron scattering experiments including beam production and detection
Selim FA, Hunt AW, Howell RH, Lynn KG, Golovchenko JA
643 - 645 Slow positron yields from some porous materials
Wei L, Suzuki N, Kim JH, Saito F, Itoh Y, Goto A, Kurihara T, Nagashima Y, Hyodo T
646 - 648 Combined analysis of the S and W parameters obtained from positron annihilation spectra
Fedorov AV, van Veen A, Schut H
649 - 651 Positronium spin rotation and time oscillations in positron lifetime spectrum
Berestov AV, Birzgal EA, Khrutchinsky AA, Metelitsa ON
652 - 654 Programs for positron lifetime analysis adjusted to the PC windows environment
Kansy J
655 - 657 Design of the ghent pulsed variable energy slow positron beam
de Baerdemaeker J, Balcaen N, Dauwe C
658 - 660 Research and development of high energy pulsed positron beam
Maekawa M, Kawasuso A, Okada S, Itoh H
661 - 663 Development of high-rate age-momentum correlation system with a variable-energy pulsed positron beam
Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Mikado T, Rao GV
664 - 666 Development of a pulsing system with the linac based slow positron beam
Tashiro M, Honda Y, Yamaguchi T, Pujari PK, Kimura N, Kozawa T, Tagawa S
667 - 669 Development of a new positron beam for coincident studies with laser excitation
Honda Y, Tashiro M, Yamaguchi T, Pujari PK, Kimura N, Kozawa T, Nishijima S, Isoyama G
670 - 672 Production of thermal positronium for laser cooling of ortho-positronium
Iijima H, Asonuma T, Hirose T, Irako M, Kadoya K, Kajita M, Kumita T, Matsumoto B, Mondal NN, Wada K
673 - 675 Deconvoluting double Doppler spectra
Ho KF, Ng KP, Beling CD, Fung S, Chan KL, Tang HW
676 - 678 A design of spin rotator for polarized slow positron beam at RIKEN
Kim JH, Saito F, Suzuki N, Wei L, Kurihara T, Nagashima Y, Okamura M, Itoh Y, Goto A, Hyodo T
679 - 681 F-18 source for a slow positron beam
Saito F, Suzuki N, Kim JH, Wei L, Itoh Y, Goto A, Kurihara T, Nagashima Y, Hyodo T
682 - 685 Measurement of positronium emission energy from surface of MCP
Mondal NN, Hamatsu R
686 - 688 Set-up of a slow positron beam for Auger spectroscopy
Strasser B, Hugenschmidt C, Schreckenbach K
689 - 691 Coupling of positron annihilation and compton scattering: A theoretical possibility to analyze positron distribution through atom-like local patterns appearing in positron annihilation A(r)- and compton scattering B(r)-functions
Kobayasi T
692 - 694 A Monte-Carlo study of defect sensitivity limits in positron lifetime spectroscopy
Chin HY, Ling CC, Fung S, Beling CD
695 - 697 A method for the absolute differential calibration of the time scale for precise timing measurements
Becvar F, Cizek J, Prochazka I
698 - 700 Defects in metals and semiconductors
Hautojarvi P
701 - 701 Summary of ICPA-12: Chemistry and polymers: What is new in chemistry and polymers after ICPA-11?
Jean YC