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3 - 8 Status of large diameter SiC crystal growth for electronic and optical applications
Hobgood D, Brady M, Brixius W, Fechko G, Glass R, Henshall D, Jenny J, Leonard R, Malta D, Muller S, Tsvetkov V, Carter C
9 - 12 Large diameter PVT growth of bulk 6H SiC crystals
Snyder DW, Heydemann VD, Everson WJ, Barrett DL
13 - 16 Progress in SiC bulk growth
Anikin M, Chaix O, Pernot E, Pelissier B, Pons M, Pisch A, Bernard C, Grosse P, Faure C, Grange Y, Basset G, Moulin C, Madar R
17 - 20 Generation and properties of semi-insulating SiC substrates
Wang SP, Powell A, Redwing J, Piner E, Saxler AW
21 - 24 Vanadium-free semi-insulating 4H-SiC substrates
Mitchel WC, Saxler A, Perrin R, Goldstein J, Smith SR, Evwaraye AO, Solomon JS, Brady M, Tsvetkov V, Carter CH
25 - 30 Numerical simulation of SiC boule growth by sublimation
Madar R, Pons M, Dedulle JM, Blanquet E, Pisch A, Grosse P, Faure C, Anikin M, Bernard C
31 - 34 Global numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer during SiC bulk crystal PVT growth
Selder M, Kadinski L, Durst F, Straubinger T, Hofmann D, Wellmann P
35 - 38 An analytical study of the SiC growth process from vapor phase
Cherednichenko DI, Khlebnikov YI, Khlebnikov II, Soloviev SI, Sudarshan TS
39 - 42 Growth rate control in SiC-physical vapor transport method through heat transfer modeling and non-stationary process conditions
Straubinger TL, Bickermann M, Grau M, Hofmann D, Kadinski L, Muller SG, Selder M, Wellmann PJ, Winnacker A
43 - 46 Experimental and theoretical analysis of the thermal conductivity of SiC powder as source material for SiC bulk growth
Muller SG, Fricke J, Hofmann D, Horn R, Nilsson O, Rexer B
47 - 50 Seed surface preparation for SiC sublimation growth
Pelissier B, Moulin C, Pernot E, Anikin M, Grosse P, Faure C, Ferrand B, Couchaud M, Basset G, Madar R
51 - 54 Single crystal growth of 6H-SiC on saw-damaged substrate by sublimation method
Okada S, Nishiguchi T, Shimizu T, Sasaki M, Oshima S, Nishino S
55 - 58 Thermal decomposition cavities in physical vapor transport grown SiC
Sanchez EK, Heydemann VD, Snyder DW, Rohrer GS, Skowronski M
59 - 62 Initial stage of crystallization in the growth of silicon carbide on substrates with micropipes
Khlebnikov I, Cherednichenko D, Khlebnikov Y, Sudarshan TS
63 - 66 Nucleation of dislocations during physical vapor transport growth of silicon carbide
Sanchez EK, Heydemann VD, Snyder DW, Rohrer GS, Skowronski M
67 - 70 Plastic deformation and residual stresses in SiC boules grown by PVT
Ha S, Rohrer GS, Skowronski M, Heydemann VD, Snyder DW
71 - 74 Digital x-ray imaging of SiCPVT process: Analysis of crystal growth and powder source degradation
Wellmann PJ, Bickermann M, Hofmann D, Kadinski L, Selder M, Straubinger TL, Winnacker A
75 - 78 SiC single crystal growth rate measurement by in-situ observation using the transmission X-ray technique
Oyanagi N, Nishizawa S, Kato T, Yamaguchi H, Arai K
79 - 82 Role of temperature gradient in bulk crystal growth of SiC
Balkas CM, Maltsev AA, Roth MD, Yushin NK
83 - 86 Pressure effect in sublimation growth of bulk SiC
Kitou Y, Bahng W, Nishizawa S, Nishino S, Arai K
87 - 90 Study of nitrogen incorporation in 6H-SiC single crystals grown by PVT
Schulz D, Irmscher K, Dolle J, Eiserbeck W, Muller T, Rost HJ, Siche D, Wagner G, Wollweber J
91 - 94 Evaporation behavior of SiC powder for single crystal growth -An experimental study on thermodynamics and kinetics
Pisch A, Ferraria AM, Chatillon C, Blanquet E, Pons M, Bernard C, Anikin M, Madar R
95 - 98 Considerations on the crystal morphology in the sublimation growth of SiC
Raback P, Yakimova R, Syvajarvi M, Iakimov T, Nieminen R, Janzen E
99 - 102 Shape of SiC bulk single crystal grown by sublimation
Nishizawa S, Kitou Y, Bahng W, Oyanagi N, Khan MN, Arai K
103 - 106 Enlargement of SiC single crystal: Enhancement of lateral growth using tapered graphite lid
Bahng W, Kitou Y, Nishizawa S, Yamaguchi H, Khan MN, Oyanagi N, Arai K, Nishino S
107 - 110 Top-seeded solution growth of bulk SiC: Search for fast growth regimes
Epelbaum BM, Hofmann D, Muller M, Winnacker A
111 - 114 Controlled growth of bulk 15R-SiC single crystals by the modified Lely method
Schulze N, Barrett D, Weidner M, Pensl G
115 - 118 Crystal growth of 15R-SiC boules by sublimation method
Nishiguchi T, Okada S, Sasaki M, Harima H, Nishino S
119 - 122 Growth of 3C SiC singe crystals from convection dominated melts
Wollweber J, Chevrier V, Siche D, Duffar T
125 - 130 An overview of SiC growth
Matsunami H
131 - 136 Fast SiC epitaxial growth in a chimney CVD reactor and HTCVD crystal growth developments
Ellison A, Zhang J, Magnusson W, Henry A, Wahab Q, Bergman JP, Hemmingsson C, Son NT, Janzen E
137 - 140 Morphology control for growth of thick epitaxial 4H SiC layers
Zhang J, Ellison A, Janzen E
141 - 144 Vertical hot-wall type CVD for SiC growth
Takahashi K, Uchida M, Kitabatake M, Uenoyama T
145 - 148 LPCVD growth and structural properties of 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Tsuchida H, Kamata I, Jikimoto T, Izumi K
149 - 152 3-D computational modeling of SiC epitaxial growth in a hot wall reactor
Ji W, Lofgren PM, Hallin C, Gu CY
153 - 156 3-d thermal and flow modeling of hot wall epitaxial chemical vapor deposition reactors, heated by induction
Lofgren PM, Hallin C, Gu CY, Ji W
157 - 160 The development of resistive heating for the high temperature growth of alpha-SiC using a vertical CVD reactor
Eshun E, Taylor C, Diagne NF, Griffin J, Spencer MG, Ferguson L, Gurary A, Stall R
161 - 164 Initial results on thick 4H-SiC epitaxial layers grown using vapor phase epitaxy
Rowland LB, Dunne GT, Freitas JA
165 - 168 High growth rate epitaxy of thick 4H-SiC layers
Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R, Jacobsson H, Linnarsson MK, Henry A, Janzen E
169 - 172 Competitive growth between deposition and etching in 4H-SiC CVD epitaxy using quasi-hot wail reactor
Kushibe M, Ishida Y, Okumura H, Takahashi T, Masahara K, Ohno T, Suzuki T, Tanaka T, Yoshida S, Arai K
173 - 176 Multi-wafer VPE growth and characterization of SiC epitaxial layers
Nordby HD, O'Loughlin MJ, MacMillan MF, Burk AA, Oliver JD
177 - 180 Homoepitaxy of silicon carbide using the single precursor 1,3-disilabutane
Lee SY, Lee KW, Kim Y
181 - 184 Supersonic seeded beam assisted growth of epitaxial silicon carbide
Jamison KD, Kempel ML, Woodin RL, Shovlin JD, Beck D, Li Q, Kordesch ME
185 - 188 4H-SiC substrate orientation effects on hydrogen etching and epitaxial growth
Landini BE, Brandes GR
189 - 192 4H-SiC (11(2)over-bar-0) epitaxial growth
Kimoto T, Yamamoto T, Chen ZY, Yano H, Matsunami H
193 - 196 Homoepitaxial growth of 6H SiC on single crystalline spheres
Christiansen K, Christiansen S, Strunk HP, Helbig R
197 - 200 Morphological stability of 6H-SiC epitaxial layer on hemispherical substrates prepared by chemical vapor deposition
Nishino S, Nishio Y, Masuda Y, Chen Y, Jacob C
201 - 204 Growth of SiC on 6H-SIC {01(1)over-bar-4} substrates by gas source molecular beam epitaxy
Nakamura S, Hatayama T, Kimoto T, Fuyuki T, Matsunami H
205 - 208 Molecular beam epitaxial growth of heteropolytypic and low-dimensional structures of SiC
Fissel A, Kaiser U, Schroter B, Krausslich J, Hobert H, Richter W
209 - 212 Thermodynamical consideration of the epitaxial growth of SiC polytypes
Fissel A
213 - 216 Mechanisms of SiC(111) step flow growth
Stout PJ
217 - 220 Mechanism of various defects formation in epitaxial layer prepared by sublimation epitaxy
Furusho T, Matsumoto K, Harima H, Nishino S
221 - 224 Investigation of 3C-SiC epitaxial layers grown by sublimation epitaxy
Davydov DV, Lebedev AA, Tregubova AS, Kozlovski VV, Kuznetsov AN, Bogdanova EV
225 - 228 Growth of SiC and GaN on porous buffer layers
Mynbaeva M, Savkina N, Tregubova A, Scheglov M, Lebedev A, Zubrilov A, Titkov A, Kryganovski A, Mynbaev K, Seredova N, Tsvetkov D, Stepanov S, Cherenkov A, Kotousova I, Dimitriev VA
229 - 232 4H-SiC layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy on 4H-SiC off-axis substrates
Kuznetsov N, Morozov A, Bauman D, Ivantsov V, Sukhoveev V, Nikitina I, Zubrilov A, Rendakova S, Dimitriev VA, Hofman D, Masri P
233 - 236 Temperature gradient effect on SiC epitaxy in liquid phase
Khan MN, Nishizawa S, Bahng W, Arai K
237 - 240 Micropipe healing in liquid phase epitaxial growth of SiC
Yakimova R, Syvajarvi M, Rendakova S, Dimitriev VA, Henry A, Janzen E
241 - 244 Growth of CVD thin films and thick LPE 3C SiC in a specially designed reactor
Leycuras A
245 - 248 Lateral Epitaxial Overgrowth and pendeo epitaxy of 3C-SiC on Si substrates
Saddow SE, Carter GE, Geil B, Zheleva T, Melnychuck G, Okhuysen ME, Mazzola MS, Vispute RD, Derenge M, Ervin M, Jones KA
249 - 252 Selective epitaxial growth of silicon carbide on patterned silicon substrates using hexachlorodisilane and propane
Jacob C, Hong MH, Chung J, Pirouz P, Nishino S
253 - 256 The APD annihilation mechanism of 3C-SiC hetero-epilayer on Si(001) substrate
Ishida Y, Takahashi T, Okumura H, Sekigawa T, Yoshida S
257 - 260 Improvement of 3C-SiC surface morphology on Si(100) by adding HCl using atmospheric CVD
Chen Y, Masuda Y, Jacob C, Shirafuji T, Nishino S
261 - 264 Carbonization on (100) silicon for heteroepitaxial growth of 3C-SiC
Shimizu H, Ohba T
265 - 268 Growth of 3C-SiC/Si multilayer heterostructures by supersonic free jets
Ikoma Y, Endo T, Tada T, Watanabe F, Motooka T
269 - 272 Formation of high quality SiC on Si(100) at 900 degrees C using monomethylsilane gas-source MBE
Nakazawa H, Suemitsu M, Asami S
273 - 276 Growth and characterization of N-doped SiC films from trimethylsilane
Chen J, Steckl AJ, Loboda MJ
277 - 280 The effect of Ge on the structure & morphology of SiC films grown on (111) Si substrates
Sarney WL, Salamanca-Riba L, Zhou P, Taylor C, Spencer MG, Vispute RD, Jones KA
281 - 284 In situ monitoring of the effect of Ge on the SiC growth on (111)Si surfaces
Wohner T, Stauden T, Schaefer JA, Pezoldt J
285 - 288 Structural investigations of the nucleation and growth of SiC during rapid thermal conversion of (111)Si
Cimalla V, Attenberger W, Lindner JKN, Stritzker B, Pezoldt J
289 - 292 The influence of foreign atoms on the early stages of SiC growth on (111)Si
Pezoldt J, Masri P, Laridjani MR, Averous M, Wohner T, Schaefer JA, Stauden T, Ecke G, Pieterwas R, Spiess L
293 - 296 Studies of the initial stages of silicon carbide growth using molecular hydrocarbon and methyl radical gas species
Gold JS, Lannon JS, Tolani VL, Ziemer KS, Stinespring CD
297 - 300 Carbonization of SIMOX substrates for fabrication of single-crystal SiC-on-insulator
Harada S, Arita M, Ikoma Y, Motooka T
301 - 304 SOL thinning effects on 3C-SiC on SOI
Planes N, Moller H, Camassel J, Stoemenos Y, Falkovski L, Eickhoff M, Krotz G
305 - 308 Low temperature growth of 3C-SiC on silicon for advanced substrate development
Okhuysen ME, Mazzola MS, Lo YH
309 - 312 Epitaxial growth of beta-SiC on ion-beam synthesized beta-SiC: Structural characterization
Romano-Rodriguez A, Perez-Rodriguez A, Serre C, Morante JR, Esteve J, Acero MC, Kogler R, Skorupa W, Ostling M, Nordell N, Karlsson S, Van Landuyt J
313 - 316 Growth of single crystalline 3C-SiC and AlN on Si using porous Si as a compliant seed crystal
Purser D, Jenkins M, Lieu D, Vaccaro F, Faik A, Hasan MA, Leamy HJ, Carlin C, Sardela MR, Zhao QX, Willander M, Karlsteen M
317 - 320 The growth and characterization of 3C-SiC/SiNx/Si structure
Kim KC, Park CI, Nahm KS, Suh EK
321 - 324 The diffusion coefficient of silicon in thin SiC layers as a criterion for the quality of the grown layers
Cimalla V, Wohner T, Pezoldt J
325 - 328 Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and characterization of hydrogenated amorphous SiC films on Si
Wang YH, Lin JY, Feng ZC, Chua SJ, Alfred CHH
329 - 332 Thin films of a-Si1-xCx : H deposited by PECVD: The r.f. power and H-2 dilution role
Prado RJ, Fantini MCA, Tabacniks MH, Pereyra I, Flank AM
335 - 340 Surface composition of 4H-SiC as a function of temperature
Bryant KW, Bozack MJ
341 - 344 Stacking rearrangement on SiC surfaces: A possible seed for polytype heterostructure growth
Starke U, Bernhardt J, Schardt J, Seubert A, Heinz K
345 - 348 Atomic structure of 6H-SiC(000(1)over-bar)-(2x2)(c)
Bernhardt J, Seubert A, Nerding M, Starke U, Heinz K
349 - 352 Ab initio calculation on clean and oxygen covered 6H-SiC(0001) surfaces: (root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees reconstruction
Lu WC, Kruger P, Pollmann J
353 - 356 Photo-emission electron microscopy (PEEM) of cleaned and etched 6H-SiC(0001)
Hartman JD, Naniwae K, Petrich C, Ramachandran V, Feenstra RM, Nemanich RJ, Davis RF
357 - 360 High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy of root 3 x root 3 6H-SiC(0001)
Takahashi K, Uchida M, Kitabatake M
361 - 364 In-situ RHEED analysis during alpha-SiC homoepitaxy on (0001)Si- and (000(1)over-bar)C-faces by gas source molecular beam epitaxy
Hatayama T, Fuyuki T, Nakamura S, Kurobe K, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
365 - 368 (10(1)over-bar-0)- and (11(2)over-bar-0)-surfaces in 2H-, 4H-and 6H-SiC
Rauls E, Hajnal Z, Deak P, Frauenheim T
369 - 374 Theory of structural and electronic properties of cubic SiC surfaces
Pollmann J, Kruger P, Lu WC
375 - 378 Characterization of anisotropic step-bunching on as-grown SiC surfaces
Syvajarvi M, Yakimova R, Iakimov T, Janzen E
379 - 382 Observation of macrostep formation on the (0001) facet of bulk SiC crystals
Ohtani N, Katsuno M, Aigo T, Yashiro H, Kanaya M
383 - 386 Silicate monolayers on the hexagonal surfaces of 4H-and 6H-SiC
Bernhardt J, Schardt J, Starke U, Heinz K
387 - 390 Electronic and atomic structure of an ordered silicate adlayer on hexagonal SiC
Hollering M, Sieber N, Maier F, Ristein J, Ley L, Riley JD, Leckey RCG, Leisenberger F, Netzer F
391 - 394 Photoemission study of the silicate adlayer reconstruction on Si-terminated 6H-SiC (0001)
Sieber N, Hollering M, Ristein J, Ley L
395 - 398 Initial oxidation of the Si-terminated 6H-SiC(0001) 3x3 surface
Amy F, Hwu YK, Brylinski C, Soukiassian P
399 - 402 XPS analysis of SiO2/SiC interface annealed in nitric oxide ambient
Li HF, Dimitrijev S, Sweatman D, Harrison HB
403 - 406 Surface studies on thermal oxidation on 4H-SiC epilayer
Koh A, Kestle A, Wilks SP, Dunstan PR, Wright CJ, Pritchard M, Pope G, Mawby PA, Bowen WR
407 - 410 Quantified conditions for reduction of ESO contamination during SiC metalization
McDaniel GY, Fenstermaker ST, Walker DE, Lampert WV, Mukhopadhyay SM, Holloway PH
411 - 414 Thermal annealing effect on TiN/Ti layers on 4H-SiC: Metal-semiconductor interface characterization
Defives D, Durand O, Wyczisk F, Olivier J, Noblanc O, Brylinski C
415 - 418 A surface/interfacial structural model of Pd ultra-thin film on SiC at elevated temperatures
Lu WJ, Shi DT, Crenshaw TR, Burger A, Collins WE
419 - 422 Study of a clean surface of alpha-SiC and its metallization process by Cu, Au and Ni using STM and electron/photon spectroscopies
Iwami M, Hirai M, Kusaka M, Mihara I, Saito T, Yamaguchi M, Morii T, Watanabe M
423 - 426 Monolayer growth modes of Re and Nb on the polar faces of 4H-SiC
Bryant KW, Bozack MJ
427 - 430 Group-III adsorption and bond stacking on SiC(111) surfaces
Grossner U, Furthmuller J, Bechstedt F
431 - 436 Characterization of SiC using synchrotron white beam X-ray topography
Dudley M, Huang XR
437 - 440 Growth of low micropipe density SiC wafers
Powell A, Wang SP, Brandes G
441 - 444 Investigation of the origin of micropipe defect
Okamoto A, Sugiyama N, Tani T, Kamiya N
445 - 448 Analysis on the formation and elimination of filamentary and planar voids in silicon carbide bulk crystals
Hofmann D, Bickermann M, Hartung W, Winnacker A
449 - 452 Origin of the internal stress around the micropipe of 6H-SiC single crystal
Kato T, Ohsato H, Okuda T
453 - 456 Structural investigation on the nature of surface defects present in silicon carbide wafers containing varying amount of micropipes
Shamsuzzoha M, Saddow SE, Schattner TE, Jin L, Dudley M, Rendakova SV, Dmitriev VA
457 - 460 In-situ observation of SiC bulk single crystal growth by x-ray topography
Kato T, Oyanagi N, Yamaguchi H, Takano Y, Nishizawa S, Arai K
461 - 464 X-ray topographic study of SiC crystal at high temperature
Yamaguchi H, Oyanagi N, Kato T, Takano Y, Nishizawa S, Bahng W, Yoshida S, Arai K
465 - 468 Synchrotron white beam topography studies of 2H SiC crystals
Dudley M, Huang W, Vetter WM, Neudeck P, Powell JA
469 - 472 Synchrotron white beam x-ray topography and atomic force microscopy studies of a 540R-SiC Lely platelet
Vetter WM, Dudley M, Huang W, Neudeck P, Powell JA
473 - 476 X-ray characterization of 3 inch diameter 4H and 6H-SiC experimental wafers
Kuhr TA, Vetter WM, Dudley M, Skowronski M
477 - 480 Origin of threading dislocation arrays in SiC boules grown by PVT
Ha S, Nuhfer NT, De Graef M, Rohrer GS, Skowronski M
481 - 484 Structural characterization of silicon carbide etched by using a combination of ion implantation and wet chemical etching
Henkel T, Ferro G, Nishizawa S, Pressler H, Tanaka Y, Tanoue H, Kobayashi N
485 - 488 Polytype and defect control of two inch diameter bulk SiC
Sasaki M, Shiomi H, Harima H, Nishino S
489 - 492 Correlation of EBIC and SWBXT imaged defects and epilayer growth pits in 6H-SiC Schottky diodes
Schnabel CM, Tabib-Azar M, Neudeck PG, Bailey SG, Su HB, Dudley M, Raffaelle RP
493 - 496 Investigation of low angle grain boundaries in modified-Lely SiC crystals by high resolution x-ray diffractometry
Katsuno M, Ohtani N, Aigo T, Yashiro H, Kanaya M
497 - 500 Structural, electrical and optical properties of bulk 4H and 6H p-type SiC
Kalinina EV, Zubrilov AS, Kuznetsov NI, Nikitina IP, Tregubova AS, Shcheglov MP, Bratus VY
501 - 504 High order x-ray diffraction and internal atomic layer roughness of epitaxial and bulk SiC materials
Xu G, Feng ZC
505 - 508 4H-SiC CVD epitaxial layers with improved structural quality grown on SiC wafers with reduced micropipe density
Kalinina EV, Zubrilov A, Solov'ev V, Kuznetsov NI, Hallen A, Konstantinov A, Karlsson S, Rendakova S, Dmitriev V
509 - 512 Structural and optical studies of low-doped n-6H SiC layers grown by vacuum sublimation
Savkina NS, Lebedev AA, Tregubova AS, Scheglov MP
513 - 516 Stacking fault energy of 6H-SiC and 4H-SiC single crystals
Hong MH, Samant AV, Pirouz P
517 - 520 Deformation tests on 4H-SiC single crystals between 900 degrees C and 1360 degrees C and the microstructure of the deformed samples
Demenet JL, Hong MH, Pirouz P
521 - 524 Void shapes in the Si(111) substrate at the heteroepitaxial thin film Si interface
Jinschek J, Kaiser U, Richter W
525 - 528 Defect characterization in 3C-SiC films grown on thin and thick silicon top layers of SIMOX
Hong MH, Chung J, Namavar F, Pirouz P
529 - 532 Structural characteristics of 3C-SiC films epitaxially grown on the Si/Si3N4/SiO2 system
Zappe S, Moller H, Krotz G, Eickhoff M, Skorupa W, Obermeier E, Stoemenos J
533 - 536 Illusion of new polytypes
Kaiser U, Chuvilin A, Richter W
537 - 540 Microstructural, optical and electronic investigation of anodized 4H-SiC
Zangooie S, Persson POA, Hilfiker JN, Hultman L, Arwin H, Wahab Q
541 - 544 Characterization of polycrystalline SiC grown on SiO2 and Si3N4 by APCVD for MEMS applications
Wu CH, Zorman CA, Mehregany M
545 - 550 Theory of below gap absorption bands in n-type SiC polytypes; Or, how SiC got its colors
Lambrecht WRL, Limpijumnong S, Rashkeev S, Segall B
551 - 554 Absorption bands associated with conduction bands and impurity states in 4H and 6H SiC
Sridhara SG, Bai S, Shigiltchoff O, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
555 - 558 Determination of the polarization dependence of the free-carrier-absorption in 4H-SiC at high-level photoinjection
Grivickas V, Galeckas A, Grivickas P, Linnros J
559 - 562 Bandstructure and transport properties of 4H-and 6H-SiC: Optically detected cyclotron resonance investigations
Meyer BK, Hofmann DM, Volm D, Chen WM, Son NT, Janzen E
563 - 566 Hole effective masses in 4H SiC determined by optically detected cyclotron resonance
Son NT, Hai PN, Chen WM, Hallin C, Monemar B, Janzen E
567 - 570 Differential absorption measurement of valence band splittings in 4H SiC
Sridhara SG, Bai S, Shigiltchoff O, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
571 - 574 Anisotropic dielectric function properties of semi-insulating 4H-SiC determined from spectroscopic ellipsometry
Kildemo M, Mooney MB, Kelly PV, Sudre C, Crean GM
575 - 578 Optical characterization of 4H-SiC by variable angle of incidence spectroscopic ellipsometry
Lindquist OPA, Arwin H, Forsberg U, Bergman JP, Jarrendahl K
579 - 582 Isotope effects on the Raman spectrum of SiC
Rohmfeld S, Hundhausen M, Ley L, Schulze N, Pensl G
583 - 586 Disappearance of the LO-phonon line in the UV-Raman spectrum of 6H-SiC
Pusche R, Rohmfeld S, Hundhausen M, Ley L
587 - 590 Selectively resonant Raman spectra of folded phonon modes in SiC
Tomita T, Saito S, Baba M, Hundhausen M, Suemoto T, Nakashima S
591 - 594 Raman spectral profiles of folded longitudinal modes in SiC under off-resonant condition
Nakashima S, Harima H, Tomita T, Suemoto T
595 - 598 Raman spectroscopy on biaxially strained epitaxial layers of 3C-SiC on Si
Rohmfeld S, Hundhausen M, Ley L, Zorman CA, Mehregany M
599 - 602 Characterization of 3C-SiC/SOI deposited with HMDS
Planes N, Aboughe-Nze P, Ravetz M, Contreras S, Vicente P, Chassagne T, Fraisse B, Camassel J, Monteil Y, Rushworth S
603 - 606 Raman imaging characterization of electric properties of SiC near a micropipe
Harima H, Hosoda T, Nakashima S
607 - 610 Carrier density evaluation in p-type SiC by Raman scattering
Harima H, Hosoda T, Nakashima S
611 - 614 Shallow nitrogen donor states in 4H-SiC investigated by photothermal ionization spectroscopy
Chen CQ, Zeman J, Engelbrecht F, Peppermuller C, Helbig R, Martinez G
615 - 618 Characterization of silicon carbide using Raman spectroscopy
Burton JC, Long FH, Khlebnikov Y, Khlebnikov I, Parker M, Sudarshan TS
619 - 622 Photoluminescence study of CVD layers highly doped with nitrogen
Forsberg U, Henry A, Linnarsson MK, Janzen E
623 - 626 Low temperature photoluminescence of C-13 enriched SiC-crystals grown by the modified Lely method
Sadowski H, Peppermuller C, Schulze N, Laube M, Pensl G, Helbig R
627 - 630 Sub-mu m scale photoluminescence image of SiC and GaN at a low temperature
Yoshimoto M, Goto M, Saraie J, Kimoto T, Matsunami H
631 - 634 Vanadium-related center in 4H silicon carbide
Magnusson B, Wagner M, Son NT, Janzen E
635 - 638 Spectroscopic investigation of vanadium acceptor level in 4H and 6H-SiC
Lauer V, Bremond G, Souifi A, Guillot G, Chourou K, Madar R, Clerjaud B
639 - 642 Photoluminescence and DLTS measurements of 15MeV Erbium implanted 6H and 4H SiC
Shishkin Y, Choyke WJ, Devaty RP, Achtziger N, Opfermann T, Witthuhn W
643 - 646 Electronic states of vacancies in 3C-and 4H-SiC
Zywietz A, Furthmuller J, Bechstedt F
647 - 650 Pseudo-donors in SiC
Egilsson T, Ivanov IG, Henry A, Janzen E
651 - 654 Metastability of a hydrogen-related defect in 6H-SiC
Henry A, Egilsson T, Ivanov IG, Janzen E
655 - 658 Optical characterization of lattice damage and recovery in ion-implanted and pulsed excimer laser irradiated 4H-SiC
Sands D, Key PH, Schlaf M, Walton CD, Anthony CJ, Uren MJ
659 - 662 Microscopic probing of Raman scattering and photoluminescence on C-Al ion co-implanted 6H-SiC
Feng ZC, Chua SJ, Shen ZX, Tone K, Zhao JH
663 - 666 Confocal Raman microprobe of lattice damage in N+ implanted 6H-SiC
Mestres N, Alsina F, Campos FJ, Pascual J, Morvan E, Godignon P, Millan J
667 - 670 Ion beam induced change in the linear optical properties of SiC
Williams EK, Ila D, Poker DB, Hensley DK, Larkin DJ
671 - 674 Free carrier diffusion measurements in epitaxial 4H-SiC with a Fourier transient grating technique: Injection dependence
Grivickas P, Linnros J, Grivickas V
675 - 678 Time-resolved photoluminescence study of bound and free excitons in 4H SiC
Pozina G, Bergman JP, Hemmingsson C, Janzen E
679 - 682 Optical lifetime measurements in 4H SiC
Shishkin Y, Devaty RP, Choyke WJ
683 - 686 Optical characterization of 4H-SiC p(+)n(-)n(+) structures applying time- and spectrally resolved emission microscopy
Galeckas A, Linnros J, Breitholtz B
687 - 690 Electroluminescence from implanted and epitaxially grown pn-diodes
Carlsson FHC, Storasta L, Hemmingsson C, Bergman JP, Janzen E
691 - 694 Avalanche breakdown electroluminescence in silicon carbide light emitting diodes
Aboujja S, Carlone C, Houdayer A, Hinrichsen PF, Charles JP
695 - 698 Photon emission mechanisms in 6H and 4H-SiC MOSFETs
Banc C, Bano E, Ouisse T, Scharnholz S, Schmid U, Wondrak W, Niemann E
699 - 702 Non-contact photovoltage measurements in SiC
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711 - 714 Electrical properties of 3C-SiC grown on Si by CVD method using Si-2(CH3)(6)
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719 - 724 Theoretical treatments of band edges in SiC polytypes at high carrier concentrations
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725 - 728 A theoretical study of electron drift mobility anisotropy in n-type 4H-and 6H-SiC
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741 - 744 Application and improvement of the spreading resistance method for p-type 6H-SIC
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745 - 748 Theoretical study of carrier freeze-out effects on admittance spectroscopy and frequency-dependent C-V measurements in SiC
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749 - 752 On the existence of deep levels of the accepters Ga and In and of the potential double accepters Zn and Cd in SiC
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761 - 764 Improved measurements of high-field drift velocity in silicon carbide
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765 - 768 A full band Monte Carlo study of high field carrier transport in 4H-SiC
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769 - 772 Electron saturated vertical velocities in silicon carbide polytypes
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773 - 776 High temperature effects on the terahertz mobility of hot electrons in 3C-SiC and 6H-SiC
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777 - 780 Electron beam induced current investigation of high-voltage 4H silicon carbide diodes
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781 - 784 Measurement of charge carrier lifetime temperature-dependence in 4H-SiC power diodes
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791 - 794 ESR spectrum of nitrogen in 6H SiC in the ground and excited states
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795 - 798 Dopant-related complexes in SiC
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805 - 808 The electronic structure of the Be acceptor centers in 6H-SiC
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831 - 836 Physics of SiC processing
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837 - 840 Polishing and surface characterization of SiC substrates
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845 - 848 Damage-free surface modification of hexagonal silicon carbide wafers
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849 - 852 Nuclear transmutation doping of phosphorus into 6H-SiC
Tamura S, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Okada M, Kanazawa S, Kimura I
853 - 856 Radiation defects and doping of SiC with phosphorus by Nuclear Transmutation Doping (NTD)
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861 - 864 Hot-implantation of phosphorus ions into 4H-SiC
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865 - 868 Electrical characteristics and surface morphology for arsenic ion-implanted 4H-SiC at high temperature
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869 - 872 Damage evolution in Al-implanted 4H SiC
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873 - 876 Excimer laser annealing of ion-implanted 6H-silicon carbide
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885 - 888 Al and Al/C high dose implantation in 4H-SiC
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889 - 892 Channeled implants in 6H silicon carbide
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897 - 900 Ion beam induced nanocrystallization of SiC
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901 - 904 High temperature implant activation in 4H and 6H-SiC in a silane ambient to reduce step bunching
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905 - 908 Characterization of implantation Layer in (1(1)over-bar-00) oriented 4H- and 6H-SiC
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909 - 912 Electrical and structural properties of Al and B implanted 4H-SiC
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929 - 932 Reactivation of hydrogen-passivated aluminum acceptors in p-type SiC
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933 - 936 Formation of passivated layers in p-type SiC by low energy ion implantation of hydrogen
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941 - 944 Transient-enhanced diffusion of boron in SiC
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945 - 948 Selective doping of 6H-SiC by diffusion of boron
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949 - 952 Ab initio study of intrinsic point defects and dopant-defect complexes in SiC: Application to boron diffusion
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953 - 956 Beryllium implantation doping of silicon carbide
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957 - 960 Ion-channeling studies of interfaces and defect properties in silicon carbide
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961 - 964 Formation of precipitates in 6H-SiC after oxygen implantation and subsequent annealing
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965 - 968 Microstructural evolution of radiation-induced defects in semi-insulating SiC during isochronal annealing
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969 - 972 Vacancy-type detects in proton-irradiated 6H-and 4H-SiC: A systematic study with positron annihilation techniques
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973 - 976 Deep centres appearing in 6H and 4H SiC after proton irradiation
Lebedev AA, Davydov DV, Strel'chuk AM, Kuznetsov AN, Bogdanova EV, Kozlovski VV, Savkina NS
977 - 980 Radiation-induced conductivity and simultaneous photoconductivity suppression in 6H-SiC under 17 MeV proton irradiation
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981 - 984 Study of contact formation by high temperature deposition of Ni on SiC
Robbie K, Jemander ST, Lin N, Hallin C, Erlandsson R, Hansson GV, Madsen LD
985 - 988 Ohmic contact formation on n-type 6H-SiC using NiSi2
Nakamura T, Shimada H, Satoh M
989 - 992 Lowering the annealing temperature of Ni/SiC for ohmic contacts under N-2 gas, and application to a UV sensor
Toda T, Ueda Y, Sawada M
993 - 996 Adhesion and microstructure of Ni contacts to 3C-SiC
Kang SC, Shin MW
997 - 1000 Low resistance ohmic contacts to n-SiC using niobium
Oder TN, Williams JR, Bryant KW, Bozack MJ, Crofton J
1001 - 1004 A comparison of single- and multi-layer ohmic contacts based on tantalum carbide on n-type and osmium on p-type silicon carbide at elevated temperatures
Jang T, Rutsch G, Odekirk B, Porter LM
1005 - 1008 Improved ohmic contacts to 6H-SiC by pulsed laser processing
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1009 - 1012 Al/Si ohmic contacts to p-type 4H-SiC for power devices
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1013 - 1016 Searching for device processing compatible ohmic contacts to implanted p-type 4H-SiC
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1017 - 1020 Structural and morphological characterization of Al/Ti-based ohmic contacts on p-type 4H-SiC annealed under various conditions
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1021 - 1024 Thermal stability in vacuum and in air of Al/Ni/W based ohmic contacts to p-type SiC
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1025 - 1028 A UHV study of Ni/SiC Schottky barrier and ohmic contact formation
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1029 - 1032 Fermi level pinning and Schottky barrier characteristics on reactively ion etched 4H-SiC
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1033 - 1036 Real-time assessment of overlayer removal on 4H-SiC surfaces: Techniques and relevance to contact formation
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1037 - 1040 Pre-growth treatment of 4H-SiC substrates by hydrogen etching at low pressure
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1041 - 1044 SIC in-situ pre-growth etching: A thermodynamic study
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1045 - 1048 The effect of in situ surface treatment on the growth of 3C-SiC thin films on 6H-SiC substrate - An x-ray triple crystal diffractometry and synchrotron x-ray topography study
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1049 - 1052 Dry etching and metallization schemes in a GaN/SiC heterojunction device process
Danielsson E, Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Lee SK, Linthicum KJ, Thomson DB, Nam OH, Davis RF
1053 - 1056 Demonstration of deep (80 mu m) RIE etching of SIC for MEMS and MMIC applications
Sheridan DC, Casady JB, Ellis EC, Siergiej RR, Cressler JD, Strong RM, Urban WM, Valek WF, Seiler CF, Buhay H
1057 - 1060 Reactive ion etching in CF4/O-2 gas mixtures for fabricating SiC devices
Imaizumi M, Tarui Y, Sugimoto H, Tanimura J, Takami T, Ozeki T
1061 - 1064 Electrochemical C-V profiling of p-type 6H-SiC
Kayambaki M, Zekentes K
1065 - 1068 Electrically active traps at the 4H-SiC/SiO2 interface responsible for the limitation of the channel mobility
Bassler M, Afanas'ev VV, Pensl G, Schulz M
1069 - 1072 Anomalously high density of interface states near the conduction band in SiO2/4H-SiC MOS devices
Das MK, Um BS, Cooper JA
1073 - 1076 Effect of post-oxidation-annealing in hydrogen on SiO2/4H-SiC interface
Suzuki S, Fukuda K, Okushi H, Nagai K, Sekigawa T, Yoshida S, Tanaka T, Arai K
1077 - 1080 Process dependence of inversion layer mobility in 4H-SiC devices
Alok D, Arnold E, Egloff R
1081 - 1084 Controlled thermal oxidation of sacrificial silicon on 4H-SiC epilayer
Koh A, Kestle A, Dunstan PR, Pritchard M, Wilks SP, Pope G, Mawby PA
1085 - 1088 Ozone treatment of SiC for improved performance of gas sensitive Schottky diodes
Zangooie S, Arwin H, Lundstrom I, Spetz AL
1089 - 1092 Reliability and degradation of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors on 4H-and 6H-silicon carbide
Treu M, Schorner R, Friedrichs P, Rupp R, Wiedenhofer A, Stephani D, Ryssel H
1093 - 1096 SiC devices with ONO stacked dielectrics
Lipkin LA, Palmour JW
1097 - 1100 The effect of Si : C source ratio on SiO2/SiC interface state density for nitrogen doped 4H and 6H-SIC
Chung GY, Tin CC, Won JH, Williams JR
1101 - 1104 Channel doped SiC-MOSFETs
Ogino S, Oikawa T, Ueno K
1105 - 1108 Anisotropy of inversion channel mobility in 4H-and 6H-SIC MOSFETs on (11(2)over-bar0) face
Yano H, Hirao T, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Asano K, Sugawara Y
1109 - 1112 MOSFET performance of 4H-, 6H-, and 15R-SiC processed by dry and wet oxidation
Yano H, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Bassler M, Pensl G
1113 - 1116 Interface trap profiles near the band edges in 6H-SiC MOSFETs
Saks NS, Mani SS, Agarwal AK
1117 - 1120 Characterization of SIC MOS structures using conductance spectroscopy and capacitance voltage analysis
Sveinbjornsson EO, Ahnoff M, Olafsson HO
1121 - 1124 Mobility in 6H-SiC n-channel MOSFETs
Scozzie CJ, Lelis AJ, McLean FB
1125 - 1128 Effects of oxidation conditions on the concentration of carbon dangling bonds in oxidized 6H-SiC
Macfarlane PJ, Zvanut ME
1129 - 1132 Effects of steam annealing on electrical characteristics of 3C-SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor structures
Yoshikawa M, Kojima K, Ohshima T, Itoh H, Okada S, Ishida Y
1133 - 1136 Atomic-scale engineering of the SiC-SiO2 interface
Pantelides ST, Duscher G, Di Ventra M, Buczko R, McDonald K, Huang MB, Weller RA, Baumvol I, Stedile FC, Radtke C, Pennycook SJ, Chung G, Tin CC, Williams JR, Won JH, Feldman LC
1137 - 1140 Comparison of high-temperature electrical characterizations of pulsed-laser deposited AlN on 6H- and 4H-SiC from 25 to 450 degrees C
Lelis AJ, Scozzie CJ, McLean FB, Geil BR, Vispute RD, Venkatesan T
1141 - 1144 Molding-based thin film patterning techniques for SiC surface micromachining
Song X, Guo S, Zorman CA, Wu CH, Yasseen AA, Mehregany M
1145 - 1148 Bulk micromachining of polycrystalline SiC using Si molds fabricated by deep reactive ion etching
Rajan N, Zorman CA, Mehregany M
1149 - 1152 Preliminary investigation of SiC on silicon for biomedical applications
Carter GE, Casady JB, Bonds J, Okhuysen ME, Scofield JD, Saddow SE
1155 - 1160 SiC and GaN high-voltage power switching devices
Chow TP
1161 - 1166 Electrical impact of SiC structural crystal defects on high electric field devices
Neudeck PG
1167 - 1170 Performance and reliability issues of SiC-Schottky diodes
Rupp R, Treu M, Mauder A, Griebl E, Werner W, Bartsch W, Stephani D
1171 - 1174 Designing, physical simulation and fabrication of high-voltage (3.85 kV) 4H-SiC Schottky rectifiers processed on hot-wall and chimney CVD films
Wahab Q, Ellison A, Zhang J, Forsberg U, Duranova E, Henry A, Madsen LD, Janzen E
1175 - 1178 Influence of epitaxial growth and substrate induced defects on the breakdown of high-voltage 4H-SiC Schottky diodes
Wahab Q, Ellison A, Hallin C, Henry A, Di Persio J, Martinez R, Janzen E
1179 - 1182 A 2.8kV, forward drop JBS diode with low leakage
Dahlquist F, Svedberg JO, Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Breitholtz B, Lendenmann H
1183 - 1186 3.6 kV 4H-SiC JBS diodes with low RonS
Sugawara Y, Asano K, Saito R
1187 - 1190 Fabrication and testing of 1,000V-60A 4H-SiC MPS diodes in an inductive half-bridge circuit
Tone K, Zhao JH, Weiner M, Pan M
1191 - 1194 Large contact Ti/4H-SiC Schottky diodes fabricated using standard silicon processing techniques
Sudre C, Mooney MB, Leveugle C, O'Brien J, Lane WA
1195 - 1198 Optical beam induced current analysis of high-voltage 4H-SiC Schottky rectifiers
Tsuji T, Asai R, Ueno K, Ogino S
1199 - 1202 Effect of plasma etching and sacrificial oxidation on 4H-SiC Schottky barrier diodes
Morrison DJ, Pidduck AJ, Moore V, Wilding PJ, Hilton KP, Uren MJ, Johnson CM
1203 - 1206 4H-SiC device scaling development on repaired micropipe substrates
Schattner TE, Casady JB, Smith MCD, Mazzola MS, Dimitriev VA, Rentakova SV, Saddow SE
1207 - 1210 Design and characterization of a SiC Schottky diode mixer
Eriksson J, Ferdos F, Zirath H, Rorsman N
1211 - 1214 Breakdown voltage improvement of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes by a thin surface implant
Khemka V, Chatty K, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ
1215 - 1218 DC and pulse characterizations of (600V) GH-SiC Schottky diode breakdown
Torres A, Flament O, Musseau O, Billon T
1219 - 1222 GH-SiC Schottky barrier diodes with nearly ideal breakdown voltage
Brezeanu G, Badila M, Millan J, Godignon P, Locatelli ML, Chante JP, Lebedev AA, Banu V
1223 - 1226 Lateral current spreading in SiC Schottky diodes using field-prate edge termination
Zhang Q, Madangarli V, Tarplee M, Sudarshan TS
1227 - 1230 Characterization of Schottky contact on p-type 6H-SiC
Kamimura K, Okada S, Ito H, Nakao M, Onuma Y
1231 - 1234 Computer simulation of p-type SiC Schottky diode using ATLAS
Tarplee M, Madangarli V, Zhang Q, Palmer P, Sudarshan TS
1235 - 1238 Schottky barrier characteristics of 3C-SiC epilayers grown by low pressure chemical vapor deposition
Ishida Y, Takahashi T, Okumura H, Sekigawa T, Yoshida S
1239 - 1242 Characterization of Au Schottky contacts on p-type 3C-SiC grown by low pressure chemical vapor deposition
Kojima K, Yoshikawa M, Ohshima T, Itoh H, Okada S
1243 - 1246 Static and dynamic characteristics of 4H-SiC JFETs designed for different blocking categories
Friedrichs P, Mitlehner H, Kaltschmidt R, Weinert U, Bartsch W, Hecht C, Dohnke KO, Weis B, Stephani D
1247 - 1250 Power density comparison between microwave power MESFET's processed on conductive and semi-insulating wafer
Noblanc O, Arnodo C, Dua C, Chartier E, Brylinski C
1251 - 1254 Surface induced instabilities in 4H-SiC microwave MESFETs
Hilton KP, Uren MJ, Hayes DG, Wilding PJ, Johnson HK, Guest JJ, Smith BH
1255 - 1258 Characterization of SiC MESFETs on conducting substrates
Nilsson PA, Saroukhan AM, Svedberg JO, Konstantinov A, Karlsson S, Adas C, Gustafsson U, Harris C, Rorsman N, Eriksson J, Zirath H
1259 - 1262 Fabrication, characterization, and modeling of SiC MESFETs
Rorsman N, Eriksson J, Zirath T
1263 - 1266 Physical simulations on the operation of 4H-SiC microwave power transistors
Jonsson R, Wahab Q, Rudner S
1267 - 1270 Properties of transmission lines on various SiC substrates
Royet AS, Cabon B, Ouisse T, Billon T
1271 - 1274 High temperature, high current, 4H-SiC Accu-DMOSFET
Singh R, Ryu SH, Palmour JW
1275 - 1278 4H-SiC self-aligned implant-diffused structure for power DMOSFETs
Suvorov AV, Lipkin LA, Johnson GM, Singh R, Palmour JW
1279 - 1282 Nitrogen vs. phosphorus as implant species for high-voltage lateral RESURF MOSFETs on 4H-SiC
Chatty K, Banerjee S, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ
1283 - 1286 Effect of off-angle from Si (0001) surface and polytype on surface morphology of SiC and C-V characteristics of SiC MOS structures
Fukuda K, Suzuki S, Senzaki J, Kosugi R, Nagai K, Sekigawa T, Okushi H, Yoshida S, Tanaka T, Arai K
1287 - 1290 Accumulation-mode SiC power MOSFET design issues
Wang Y, Weitzel C, Bhatnagar M
1291 - 1294 Progress towards a manufacturable SiC mixed analog-digital integrated circuit technology
Brown D, McGrath D, Nielsen M, Krishnamurthy N, Kretchmer JW, Ghezzo M
1295 - 1298 Rugged power MOSFETs in 6H-SiC with blocking capability up to 1800V
Schorner R, Friedrichs P, Peters D, Mitlehner H, Weis B, Stephani D
1299 - 1302 Influence of post-oxidation annealing on electrical characteristics in 6H-SiC MOSFETs
Ohshima T, Yoshikawa M, Itoh H, Kojima K, Okada S, Nashiyama I
1303 - 1306 Effect of boron implantation on 6H-SiC N-MOSFET interface properties
Godignon P, Jorda X, Vellvehi M, Berberich S, Montserrat J, Ottaviani L
1307 - 1310 Investigation of lateral RESURF, 6H-SiC MOSFETs
Agarwal AK, Saks NS, Mani SS, Hegde VS, Sanger PA
1311 - 1314 Highly durable SiC nMISFET's at 450 degrees C
Zhu WJ, Wang XW, Ma TP, Tucker JB, Rao MV
1315 - 1318 SiC MISFETs with MBE-grown AlN gate dielectric
Zetterling CM, Ostling M, Yano H, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Linthicum K, Davis RF
1319 - 1322 Steady-state and transient forward current-voltage characteristics of 5.5 kV 4H-silicon carbide diodes at high and superhigh current densities
Dyakonova NV, Ivanov PA, Kozlov VA, Levinshtein ME, Palmour JW, Rumyantsev SL, Singh R
1323 - 1326 Current voltage characteristics of high-voltage 4H silicon carbide diodes
Zimmermann U, Hallen A, Breitholtz B
1327 - 1330 Dynamic avalanche and trapped charge in 4H-SiC diodes
Domeij M, Breitholtz B, Aberg D, Martinez A, Bergman P
1331 - 1334 Comparison of nitrogen and phosphorus implanted, planar, high-voltage 4H-SiC junction rectifiers
Chatty K, Khemka V, Chow TP, Gutmann RJ
1335 - 1338 Dynamic and steady-state description of incomplete ionization in 4H-SiC power diodes under turn-off
Martinez A, Lindefelt U
1339 - 1342 Simulation and fabrication of high-voltage 4H-SiC diodes with multiple floating guard ring termination
Sheridan DC, Niu G, Merrett JN, Cressler JD, Ellis C, Tin CC, Siergiej RR
1343 - 1346 Transient characterization of SiCP-N diode
Keskar N, Shenai K, Neudeck PG
1347 - 1350 Formation of deep pn junctions by MeV Al- and B-ion implantations into 4H-SiC and reverse characteristics
Miyamoto N, Saitoh A, Kimoto T, Matsunami H, Hishida Y, Watanabe M
1351 - 1354 Defect modeling and simulation of 4-H SiCP-N diode
Keskar N, Shenai K, Neudeck P
1355 - 1358 6H-SiC diodes with cellular structure to avoid micropipe effects
Badila M, Brezeanu G, Chante JP, Locatelli ML, Millan J, Godignon P, Lebedev AA, Lungu P, Banu V
1359 - 1362 A closed-form analytical solution of 6H-SiC punch-through junction breakdown voltages
Wang J, Williams BW, Madathil SE, Desouza MM
1363 - 1366 Study of the breakdown voltage of protected or non-protected 6H-SiC bipolar diodes by OBIC characterisation
Isoird K, Ottaviani L, Locatelli ML, Planson D, Raynaud C, Bevilacqua P, Chante JP
1367 - 1370 Al/C/B Co-implanted high-voltage 4H-SiC PiN junction rectifiers
Fedison JB, Li Z, Khemka V, Ramungul N, Chow TP, Ghezzo M, Kretchmer JW, Elasser A
1371 - 1374 6.2kV 4H-SiC pin diode with low forward voltage drop
Sugawara Y, Asano K, Singh R, Palmour JW
1375 - 1378 Theoretical and experimental study of 4H-SiC junction edge termination
Li XQ, Tone K, Cao LH, Alexandrov P, Fursin L, Zhao JH
1379 - 1382 Monte Carlo simulation of 4H-SiC IMPATT diodes
Gruzinskis V, Luo Y, Zhao J, Weiner M, Pan M, Shiktorov P, Starikov E
1383 - 1386 Demonstration of high performance visible-blind 4H-SiC avalanche photodiodes
Yan F, Luo YB, Zhao JH, Dries C, Olsen G
1387 - 1390 2600 V, 12 A, 4H-SiC, asymmetrical Gate Turn Off (GTO) Thyristor development
Agarwal A, Ryu SH, Singh R, Kordina O, Palmour JW
1391 - 1394 Factors influencing the design and performance of 4H-SiC GTO thyristors
Fedison JB, Chow TP, Ghezzo M, Kretchmer JW, Nielsen MC
1395 - 1398 4H-SiC gate turn-off thyristor designs for very high power control
Shah PB, Geil BR, Jones KA, Griffin TE, Derenge MA
1399 - 1402 Fabrication and characterization of 4H-SiC GTOs and diodes
Fursin L, Tone K, Alexandrov P, Luo Y, Cao L, Zhao J, Weiner M, Pan M
1403 - 1406 100 kHz operation of SiC Junction Controlled Thyristor (JCT) switches used in an all-SIC PWM inverter
Seshadri S, Hall WB, Kotvas JC, Sanger PA
1407 - 1410 SiC-power rectifiers
Held R, Fullmann M, Niemann E
1411 - 1414 Comparison of 5 kV 4H-SiC N-channel and P-channel IGBTs
Wang J, Williams BW, Madathil SE, Desouza MM
1415 - 1418 Design and simulations of 5000V MOS-Gated Bipolar Transistor (MGT) on 4H-SiC
Tang Y, Ramungul N, Chow TP
1419 - 1422 TCAD evaluation of double implanted 4H-SiC power bipolar transistors
Adachi K, Johnson CM, Ortolland S, Wright NG, O'Neill AG
1423 - 1426 Operation of a 2500V 150A Si-IGBT/SiC diode module
Lendenmann H, Johansson N, Mou D, Frischholz M, Astrand B, Isberg P, Ovren C
1427 - 1430 High-power P-channel UMOS IGBT's in 6H-SiC for high temperature operation
Ryu SH, Singh R, Palmour JW
1431 - 1434 High temperature 4H-SiC FET for gas sensing applications
Savage SM, Konstantinov A, Saroukhan AM, Harris CI
1435 - 1438 High temperature gas sensors based on catalytic metal field effect transistors
Svenningstorp H, Uneus L, Tobias P, Lundstrom I, Ekedahl LG, Spetz AL
1439 - 1442 SiC-based gas sensor development
Hunter GW, Neudeck PG, Gray M, Androjna D, Chen LY, Hoffman RW, Liu CC, Wu QH
1443 - 1446 Fabrication of SiC hydrogen sensor by Pd-implantation
Muntele CI, Ila D, Williams EK, Poker DB, Hensley DK, Larkin DJ, Muntele I
1447 - 1450 Epitaxial 6H-SiC layers as defectors of nuclear particles
Lebedev AA, Savkina NS, Ivanov AM, Strokan NB, Davydov DV
1453 - 1458 GaN quantum dots on sapphire and Si substrates
Morkoc H, Reshchikov MA, Baski A, Nathan MI
1459 - 1462 Achievement of MBE-grown GaN heteroepitaxial layer with (0001) Ga-polarity and improved quality by In exposure
Ide T, Shimizu M, Shen XQ, Hara S, Okumura H, Nemoto T
1463 - 1466 Crack-free, single-crystal GaN grown on 100 mm diameter silicon
Liaw HM, Venugopal R, Wan J, Doyle R, Fejes P, Loboda MJ, Melloch MR
1467 - 1470 3C-SiC pseudosubstrates for the growth of cubic GaN
Aboughe-Nze P, Chassagne T, Chaussende D, Monteil Y, Cauwet F, Bustarret E, Deneuville A, Bentoumi G, Martinez-Guerrerro E, Daudin B, Feuillet G
1471 - 1476 Lateral- and pendeo-epitaxial growth and defect reduction in GaN thin films
Davis RF, Nam OH, Zheleva TS, Gehrke T, Linthicum KJ, Rajagopal P
1477 - 1482 Pendeoepitaxy of GaN and InGaN LEDs on SiC
Kong HS, Edmond J, Doverspike K, Emerson D, Bulman G, Haberern K, Dieringer H, Slater D
1483 - 1486 Comparison of different Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth GaN structures using SiO2 and tungsten mask by cathodoluminescence microscopy and micro-Raman spectroscopy
Bertram F, Riemann T, Rudloff D, Christen J, Kaschner A, Hoffmann A, Hiramatsu K
1487 - 1490 High quality GaN on Si(111) using (AlN/GaN)(x) superlattice and maskless ELO
Lahreche H, Bousquet V, Laugt M, Tottereau O, Vennegues P, Beaumont B, Gibart P
1491 - 1494 Pendeo-epitaxy (TM) process for aluminum gallium nitride thin films on silicon carbide substrates via metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Gehrke T, Lenthicum KJ, Rajagopal P, Preble EA, Carlson EP, Robin BM, Davis RF
1495 - 1498 Reduction of defects on GaN and AlGaN by In-doping in metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Kachi T, Itoh K, Tomita K, Tadano H
1499 - 1502 Comparison of AlGaN and GaN grown on various substrates: Step flow growth on LiGaO2 at low growth temperature
Kang S, Doolittle WA, Stock SR, Brown AS
1503 - 1506 Pulsed laser deposition: A novel growth technique for wide-bandgap semiconductor research
Vispute RD, Enck R, Patel A, Ming B, Sharma RP, Venkatesan T, Scozzie CJ, Lelis A, McLean FB, Zheleva T, Jones KA
1507 - 1510 Investigation into the film growth of AlN on SiC by Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition
Williams V, Pernot E, Ramberg E, Blanquet E, Bluet JM, Madar R
1511 - 1514 AlN epitaxial films grown by ECR plasma assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition under controlled plasma conditions in afterglow region
Yasui K, Hoshino S, Akahane T
1515 - 1518 Silicon carbide substrates for epitaxial growth of aluminium nitride by chloride-transport process
Avrov DD, Dorozhkin SI, Lebedev AO, Rastegaev VP, Tairov YM
1519 - 1522 Low-energy-ion-assisted reactive sputter deposition of epitaxial AlN thin films on 6H-SiC
Tungasmita S, Persson POA, Jarrendahl K, Hultman L, Birch J
1523 - 1526 Pulsed laser deposition of oriented aluminum nitride thin films and their application
Meinschien J, Falk F, Stafast H
1527 - 1530 State of art of c-BN growth physics: Substrate effect
Masri P, Guiot E, Mortet V, Laridjani MR, Averous M
1533 - 1536 Adsorption and desorption of hydrogen on Ga-rich GaN(0001)
Yang Y, Bellitto VJ, Thoms BD, Koleske DD, Wickenden AE, Henry RL
1537 - 1540 Extremely efficient electron stimulated desorption of hydrogen from GaN(0001)
Bellitto VJ, Thoms BD, Koleske DD, Wickenden AE, Henry RL
1541 - 1544 The reaction of oxygen with GaN(0001)
Thoms BD, Bellitto VJ, Yang Y, Koleske DD, Wickenden AE, Henry RL
1545 - 1548 Observation of cubic GaN/AlN heterointerface formation by RHEED in plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Okumura H, Koizumi T, Ishida Y, Cho SH, Shen XQ, Yoshida S
1549 - 1552 Analysis of dislocation densities and nanopipe formation in MBE-grown AlN-layers
Ebling DG, Kirste L, Rattunde M, Portmann J, Brenn R, Benz KW, Tillmann K
1553 - 1556 Correlation between optical and structural properties of thick GaN films grown by direct reaction of Ga and NH3
Nahm KS, Yang SH, Ahn SH, Suh EK
1557 - 1560 Improved electron emission from defective diamond film deposited by CVD method
Show Y, Matsukawa T, Ito H, Iwase M, Izumi T
1561 - 1566 Theory of impurities and defects in III-nitrides: Vacancies in GaN and related materials
Van de Walle CG
1567 - 1570 Nonabrupt interface related exciton energy shifts in GaN/Al(x)Gal(1-x)N quantum dots
Filho JR, Lemos V, de Sousa JS, Farias GA, Freire VN
1571 - 1574 Radiative recombination in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells
Bergman JP, Monemar B, Pozina G, Sernelius BE, Holtz PO, Amano H, Akasaki I
1575 - 1578 Impact of epitaxial lateral overgrowth on the recombination dynamics in GaN determined by time resolved micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy
Holst J, Kaschner A, Hoffmann A, Broser I, Fischer P, Bertram F, Riemann T, Christen J, Hiramatsu K, Shibata T, Sawaki N
1579 - 1582 Structured ultrafast carrier drift velocity in photoexcited zincblende GaN
Rodrigues CG, Vasconcellos AR, Luzzi R, Lemos V, Freire VN
1583 - 1586 Characterization of thick GaN layers using guided optical waves
Ciplys D, Rimeika R, Khan MA, Yang JW, Gaska R, Shur MS
1587 - 1590 Polarization memory in band edge luminescence from free standing gallium nitride
Kompan ME, Raevki SD, Safronov IN, Shabanov IY, Zhilyaev YV
1591 - 1594 Enhancement of UV-sensitivity in GaN/GaAs heterostructures by Si-doping
Lisker M, Witte H, Krtschil A, Christen J, As DJ, Schottker B, Lischka K
1595 - 1598 Resonant Raman scattering and the emission process in zincblende-InxGa1-xN
Lemos V, Silveira E, Leite JR, Tabata A, Trentin R, Frey T, As DJ, Schikora D, Lischka K
1599 - 1602 A comparison of aluminum nitride freely nucleated and seeded on 6H-silicon carbide
Edgar JH, Robins LH, Coatney SE, Liu L, Chaudhuri J, Ignatiev K, Rek Z
1603 - 1606 Low frequency noise in n-GaN with high electron mobility
Rumyantsev SL, Look DC, Levinshtein ME, Khan MA, Simin G, Adivarahan V, Molnar RJ, Shur MS
1609 - 1614 Role of alloy fluctuations in InGaN-based LEDs and laser diodes
Nakamura S
1615 - 1618 Influence of annealing conditions on dopant activation of Si+ and Mg+ implanted GaN
Suvkhanov A, Parikh N, Usov I, Hunn J, Withrow S, Thomson D, Gehrke T, Davis RF, Krasnobaev LY
1619 - 1622 Ohmic contact formation on silicon-doped gallium nitride epilayers by low temperature annealing
Prakash S, Tan LS, Ng KM, Raman A, Chua SJ, Wee ATS, Lim SL
1623 - 1626 Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements of InGaN light-emitting diodes
Pophristic M, Long FH, Tran C, Ferguson IT
1627 - 1630 GaNPIN photodiodes grown on sapphire and SiC substrates
Smith GM, Chriss MF, Tamweber FD, Boutros KS, Flynn JS, Keogh DM
1631 - 1634 Temperature dependent performance of GaN Schottky diode rectifiers
Cao XA, Dang GT, Zhang AP, Ren F, Pearton SJ, Lee CM, Chuo CC, Chyi JI, Chi GC, Han J, Chu SNG, Wilson RG
1635 - 1638 Monte Carlo simulation of Gunn effect and microwave power generation at 240 GHz in n(+)-n(-)-n-n(+) GaN structures
Zhao JH, Gruzinskis V, Weiner M, Pan M, Shiktorov P, Starikov E
1639 - 1642 DC and large-signal RF performance of recessed gate GaN MESFETs fabricated by the photoelectrochemical etching process
Lee WS, Chung KW, Shin MW
1643 - 1646 Improved 10-GHz operation of GaN/AlGaN HEMTs on silicon carbide
Sheppard ST, Doverspike K, Leonard M, Pribble WL, Allen ST, Palmour JW
1647 - 1650 Characterization of AlGaN/GaN HEMT devices grown by MBE
MacElwee TW, Bardwell JA, Tang H, Webb JB
1651 - 1654 A comparative study of n-p GaN/SiC heterojunction and p-n 6H-SiC homojunction diodes
Vacas J, Lahreche H, Monteiro T, Gaspar C, Pereira E, Brylinski C, di Forte-Poisson MA
1655 - 1658 Electrical characteristics of 6H-SiC/GaN isotype n-n heterojunctions
Kuznetsov NI, Nikolaev AE, Melnik YV, Nikitina IP