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3 - 4 Trends in automotive applications for aluminum
Sherman AM
5 - 16 Metallurgical design of alloys for aerospace structures
Ehrstrom JC, Warner T
17 - 30 Mechanical metallurgy of aluminium alloys for the beverage can
Courbon J
31 - 41 Glass formability in Al-based multinary alloys
Guo FQ, Poon SJ, Shiflet GJ
43 - 56 Modelling hot deformation and textures of aluminium alloys
Driver J, Perocheau F, Maurice C
57 - 70 Current status in high-strain-rate superplasticity in Japan
Higashi K
71 - 83 Aluminum metal matrix composites today
Hunt WH
85 - 96 Early stage phenomena and role of microalloying elements in phase decomposition of aluminum alloys
Sato T
97 - 110 Predicting the structural performance of heat-treatable Al-alloys
Starink MJ, Sinclair I, Reed PAS, Gregson PJ
111 - 125 Significance of thermomechanical processing in determining corrosion behavior and surface quality of aluminum alloys
Nisancioglu K, Nordlien JH, Afseth A, Scamans GM
127 - 140 A new paradigm in the design of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications
Liu J, Kulak M
143 - 154 Development of the coarse intermetallic particle population in wrought aluminium alloys during ingot casting and thermo-mechanical processing
Hamerton RG, Cama H, Meredith MW
155 - 160 Primary solidification in aluminum alloys under melt overheating
Eskin DG
161 - 166 Impact of as-cast structure on structure and properties of twin-roll cast AA8006 alloy
Slamova M, Juricek Z, Ocenasek V
167 - 172 A novel approach to assessing the hot tearing susceptibility of aluminium alloys
Langlais J, Gruzleski JE
173 - 178 Internal crack in DC casting billet of high strength Al-Mg-Si alloys
Nagaumi H, Aoki K, Komatsu K, Hagisawa N
179 - 184 Particle size distributions in a DC-cast and rolled AA3104 alloy
Ekstrom HE, Hagstrom J, Ostensson L
185 - 190 High-speed roll caster for strip casting of aluminum alloy
Haga T, Suzuki S
191 - 196 Comparison of recrystallization behavior of direct chill cast and strip cast AA3004 aluminum alloys
Liu YS, Cheng XM, Liu JT, Morris JG
197 - 202 Pore characterization in a model cast aluminum alloy and its quantitative relation to fatigue life studied by synchrotron X-ray microtomography
Savelli S, Buffiere JY, Fougeres R
203 - 208 Fatigue mechanisms of a model A1Si7Mg0,3 cast aluminum alloy
Savelli S, Buffiere JY, Jouneau PH, Fougeres R
209 - 214 Behavior of hydrogen in superheated aluminum and its alloys melt
Li XZ, Bian XF
215 - 221 Solidification behavior of AA6111 automotive alloy
Chen XG, Langlais J
223 - 228 Microstructural effects on the strength-ductility relationship of Al-7Si-Mg casting alloys
Caceres CH
229 - 234 A comparative study of the precipitation sequences in two AlSi7Mg casting alloys and their composites reinforced by 20 % Al2O3 discontinuous fibres
Zanada A, Riontino G
235 - 240 Metallurgical aspects of thixoforming of AlMgSi - Wrought alloys
Gullo GC, Steinhoff K, Uggowitzer PJ
241 - 246 Effect of mechanical stirring on semi-continuous casting of an Al-5.5%Zn-2.5%Mg-1.5%Cu alloy
Uetani Y, Takagi H, Yamashita T, Matsuda K, Ikeno S
247 - 252 Development of non-dendritic microstructures in AA6061 cast billets
Zhang XD, Chadwick TA, Bryant JD
253 - 258 Effect of grain refiner on intermetallic phase formation in directional solidification of 6xxx series wrought Al alloys
Sha G, O'Reilly K, Cantor B, Hamerton R, Worth J
259 - 264 Mechanical behaviour of 319 heat treated thixo cast bars
Cerri E, Cabibbo M, Cavaliere P, Evangelista E
265 - 270 Microstructural observations of cracking in AA5182 at semi-solid temperatures
van Haaften WM, Kool WH, Katgerman L
271 - 276 Grain formation in AlSi7Mg0.35 foundry alloy at low superheat
Dahle AK, St John DH, Attavanich P, Taopetch P
277 - 282 Influence of Mg content on the microstructure and solid solution chemistry of Al-7%Si-Mg casting alloys during solution treatment
Taylor JA, St John DH, Barresi J, Couper MJ
283 - 288 Melt treatment of A357 alloy by flux injection
Li PY, Jia J, Guo JJ
289 - 294 The effect of the melt/mould interface upon the As-cast surface solidification microstructure of Al4.5wt%Cu
Gallerneault M, Luce ES
295 - 300 Hardness-strength relationships in cast Al-Si-Mg alloys
Tiryakioglu M, Campbell J, Staley JT
301 - 306 The influence of gravity on the composition of directionally solidified Al-In hypermonotectic binary alloy
Mori T, Sako Y, Li M, Iwasaki H
307 - 312 Heredity of hydrogen in Al alloys during melting process
Zhang ZH, Bian XF, Liu XF
313 - 318 Influence of process parameters on the microstructure in the strip casting process
Straatsma EN, Kool WH, Katgerman L
319 - 324 A surface-oriented fluid and thermal micro-model of a strip casting process
Gallerneault M, Gerber A
325 - 329 The relationship of the inclusions and hydrogen content in the molten aluminum alloys
Cong HR, Bian XF
331 - 335 Change of fluidity of aluminum superalloy 1151 (Al-Cu-Mg) during its alloying by transition metals
Chirkov EF, Dolzhanski YM, Fridlyander IN
337 - 342 The simulation of the viscosity of liquid aluminum using the Tight-Binding potential
Sun MH, Geng HR, Bian XF, Liu Y
343 - 348 Medium range order and microstructure of Al-1% Fe alloy
Bian XF, Qin JY, Wang WM, Qi XG
349 - 354 Structures of liquid Al-Si alloy modified by Sr
Bian XF, Wang WM, Qin JY
355 - 359 Solidification behavior of Al-18%Si alloy under direct magnetic field
Wang Y, Bian XF, Liu XF, Xu CY
361 - 366 Effect of strontium modification on hydrogen content and porosity shape of Al-Si alloys
Bian XF, Zhang ZH, Liu XF
367 - 372 The size sudden change and structure evolvement of the macro-grains of Al-Si alloys
Liu XF, Qi GH, Bian XF
373 - 378 Electromagnetic stirring and the cleanness of AlTiB master alloys
Zhang ZG, Liu XF, Bian XF
379 - 384 Formation and prevention of snow-shaped speckles on the worked-face of Al-Si alloys
Qi GH, Liu XF, Bian XF
385 - 389 A new grain refining technique for pure Al by addition of molten AlTiB master alloys
Liu XF, Bian XF, Ma JJ
391 - 396 Grain refinement of cast Al alloys by Al-B master alloy
Yaguchi K, Tezuka H, Sato T, Kamio A
397 - 405 Effect of low frequency mechanical vibration on structure and properties of Al-20% Si alloy
Abd El-Azim AN, El-Sheikh AM, El-khair MTA
409 - 420 Microstructural evolution of aluminium-magnesium alloys during thermomechanical processing
Zhu Q, Sellars CM
421 - 430 Practical application of modeling in the industrial sheet production
Hirsch J, Karhausen K, Wagner P
431 - 436 Influence of strain path on forming limit strains in aluminum
Kohara S
437 - 442 Hot workability of high strength 6060 alloy
McQueen HJ, Lee MJ
443 - 448 Significance of deformation mode in hot deformation
Davenport SB, Todd I, van der Zwaag S
449 - 454 Hot workability of the 2618 aluminium alloy
Spigarelli S, Bardi F, Evangelista E
455 - 460 Creep age forming of 2024A, 8090 and 7449 alloys
Pitcher PD, Styles CM
461 - 466 Reactive spray deposited and thermomechanically processed Al-Mg-Mn alloys
Dai SL, Delplanque JP, Lavernia EJ
467 - 470 Structure analysis of 3104 aluminium alloy applied to deep drawing
Klyszewski A, Lech-Grega M, Zelechowski J, Szymanski W
471 - 476 Stationary stage of hot deformation and superplasticity of aluminium alloys
Vainblat Y, Davydov V, Sharshagin N
477 - 482 Control of grain structure through transition elemental additions in an Al-Li base alloy
Singh V, Gokhale AA
483 - 488 Improving the forming characteristics of aluminium sheets for aerospace applications
Dif R, Bes B, Daniel D, Lassince P, Ribes H
489 - 494 Microstructural and mechanical characterization of shear formed aluminum alloys for airframe and space applications
Troeger LP, Domack MS, Wagner JA
495 - 500 Aluminum hollow sphere processing
Nadler JH, Sanders TH, Cochran JK
501 - 506 Deformation properties of Al-Mg alloy 5086 in laboratory and explosive tests
Armstrong RW, Chambers GP, Erickson-Natishan MA, Sandusky HW, Wagenhofer M, Zerilli FJ
507 - 512 Lubricant applying effect in ductile metal cutting
Kaneeda T, Takatuki S
513 - 518 Nucleation, growth and coarsening of spherical precipitates in aluminum alloys
Sigli C
519 - 525 Production of ultrafine microstructures in Al-Sn, Al-Sn-Cu and Al-Sn-Cu-Si alloys for use in tribological applications
Harris SJ, McCartney DG, Horlock AJ, Perrin C
527 - 532 Mechanical response of AA7075 aluminum alloy over a wide range of temperatures and strain rates
Jin Z, Cassada WA, Cady CM, Gray GT
533 - 538 Adaptive numerical modelling of commercial aluminium plate performance
Christensen S, Kandola JS, Femminella O, Gunn SR, Reed PAS, Sinclair I
539 - 544 Alloy 5005: Hot workability in relation to other Al-Mg alloys
McQueen HJ, Belling J
545 - 550 Microstructural evolution of the deformed state during severe deformation of an ECAE processed Al-0.13%Mg alloy
Bowen JR, Prangnell PB, Humphreys FJ
551 - 556 Industrial verification of microstructural models for thermomechanical processing by application to hot rolling of AA3104
Vatne HE, Perocheau F, Ekstrom HE, Poizat L, Nord-Varhaug K, Marthinsen K, Lindh E, Hagstrom J, Furu T
557 - 563 Modelling the work hardening in cold rolled and annealed aluminium sheet
Forbord B, Marthinsen K, Nes E
565 - 570 Linking plane strain compression tests on AA6063 to laboratory scale extrusion via constitutive equations
van de Langkruis J, Bergwerf R, van der Zwaag S, Kool WH
571 - 576 The effect of chemical composition and microstructure on the flow stress during hot deformation of aluminium alloys
Ronning B, Nord-Varhaug K, Furu T, Nes E
577 - 582 Improvement methods of bending accuracy for 6000 series aluminum alloy extruded shapes in press bending
Hasegawa O, Nishimura H
583 - 588 Characterization of bendability in automotive aluminum alloy sheets
Sarkar J, Kutty TRG, Wilkinson DS, Embury JD, Lloyd DJ