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Materials Research Bulletin, Vol.86 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0025-5408 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Upconversion- and cathodo-luminescence properties of Yb3+/Ho3+/Li+ tridoped Lu6O5F8 nanoparticles
Guo LN, Zheng X, Zhang S, Zhao BL, Wang YH
5 - 9 Thermal synthesis, characterization and electrochemical study of high-temperature (HT) LiCoO2 obtained from Co(OH)(2) recycled of spent lithium ion batteries
Pegoretti VCB, Dixini PVM, Smecellato PC, Biaggio SR, Freitas MBJG
10 - 18 Electrochemical deposition of Ag2Se nanostructures
Genovese L, Cocchiara C, Piazza S, Sunseri C, Inguanta R
19 - 23 Low-temperature sintering and magnetic properties of Sc- and In-substituted M-type hexagonal barium ferrites for microwave applications
Bierlich S, Gellersen F, Jacob A, Topfer J
24 - 29 Room temperature synthesis of TiO2 supported chitosan photocatalyst: Study on physicochemical and adsorption photo-decolorization properties
Afzal S, Samsudin EM, Mun LK, Julkapli NM, Abd Hamid SB
30 - 37 Tetragonal tungsten bronze Ba2EuFeNb4O15-based composite thin films multiferroic at room temperature
Hajlaoui T, Josse M, Harnagea C, Pignolet A
38 - 43 Co-fabrication of nickel-YSZ cermet nanofibers via an electrospinning technique
Larsson T, Li TS, Xu M, Fransson I, Yu GS, Andersson M, Li BH, Sunden B
44 - 50 Heterostructured bismuth vanadate multi-shell hollow spheres with high visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Zong LB, Cui PZ, Qin FY, Zhao K, Wang ZM, Yu RB
51 - 56 Red-emitting nano-porous 12CaO center dot 7Al(2)O(3):Sm3+ conductive phosphor for low-voltage field emission displays
Zhang XY, Liu YX, Zhang M, Yang J, Zhu HC, Yan DT, Liu CG, Xu CS
57 - 62 Tailored photoluminescence properties of a red phosphor BaSnF6:Mn4+ synthesized from Sn metal at room temperature and its formation mechanism
Xi LQ, Pan YX
63 - 71 Facile synthesis and luminescence studies of nanocrystalline red emitting Cr:ZnAl2O4 phosphor
Menon SG, Hebbar DN, Kulkarni SD, Choudhari KS, Santhosh C
72 - 79 Synergetic effect of Li doping and Ag deposition for enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4
Ma WZ, Wang XY, Zhang F, Fei X, Zhang XF, Ma HC, Dong XL
80 - 87 Elaboration, characterization and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles synthesized by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis followed by hydrogen reduction
Shatrov N, Yudin A, Levina V, Dzidziguri E, Kuznetsov D, Perov N, Issi JP
88 - 94 Electrical switching, local structure and thermal crystallization in Al-Te glasses
Pumhanmunga, Ramesh K
95 - 100 Up-conversion photoluminescence of BaTiO3 doped with Er3+ under excitation at 1500 nm
Vega M, Fuentes S, Martin IR, Llanos J
101 - 106 Magnetic and dielectric properties of laminated Ca(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O-3-Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 magneto-dielectric composites
Lin Y, Liu X, Yang HB, Wang F, Liu C
107 - 112 Preparation of CaF2/TiO2/Ln(2)Ti(2)O(7) (Ln = Er, Tm, Yb) based magnetite near-infrared photocatalyst supported on waste ferrite
Huang SQ, Lou ZY, Zhu NW, Shan AD, Li L
113 - 118 Microstructure and electrochemical properties of advanced Li-rich manganese based cathode material synthesized by self-propagating method
Zhao MX, Xie YF, Yao JJ, Yin F, Yang G
119 - 130 Structural interpretation of optical properties and ion transport mechanism in mixed valent Pr containing nanoceria
Anirban S, Dutt A
131 - 138 Optoelectronic behavioral study of defect-chalcopyrite semiconductors XGa2Te4 (X = Zn, Cd)
Kumar P, Soni A, Bhamu KC, Sahariya J
139 - 145 Stability, electronic and magnetic properties investigations on Zr(2)YZ (Y = Co, Cr, V and Z = Al, Ga, In, Pb, Sn, Tl) compounds
Wei XP, Zhang YL, Wang T, Sun XW, Song T, Guo P, Deng JB
146 - 152 Crystal structure and luminescence property of a novel single-phase white light emission phosphor KCaBi(PO4)(2):Dy3+
Mi RY, Chen J, Liu YG, Mei LF, Yuan JY, Xia YF, Huang ZH, Fang MH
153 - 158 Study of structural effects on the dielectric and magnetic properties of alkaline earth metals doped SmTiO3
Kanagaraj M, Kumar PS, Kokila IP, Therese HA, Beena MV
159 - 166 Current assisted sintering of PbTe-Effects on thermoelectric and mechanical properties
Schmitz A, Stiewe C, Zabrocki K, de Boor J, Mull K, Muller E
167 - 172 Observation of blue persistent luminescence in amorphous silica annealed by carbon
Fan Y, He XY, Liu YQ, He DL, Zhang JC, Feng PF, Ci ZP, Zhao ZY, Wang YH
173 - 177 Enhanced X-ray excited luminescence of Ga- and In-doped ZnO nanorods by hydrogen annealing
Li QL, Liu XL, Gu M, Huang SM, Zhang JN, Liu B, Ni C, Hu YH, Zhao SN, Wu Q
178 - 185 PEG-controlled thickness of BiFeO3 crystallites in microwave hydrothermal synthesis
Chybczynska K, Blaszyk M, Hilczer B, Lucinski T, Matczak M, Andrzejewski B
186 - 193 Synthesis and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of wollastonite/g-C3N4 composite
Yao GY, Sun ZM, Zheng SL
194 - 200 The electrochemical performance of Cu-3[Fe(CN)(6)](2) as a cathode material for sodium-ion batteries
Jiao SQ, Tuo JJ, Xie HL, Cai ZH, Wang S, Zhu J
201 - 208 Plasma treated TiO2 aerogel nanostructures as photoanode material and its influence on the performance of quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells
Alwin S, Shajan XS, Menon R, Nabhiraj PY, Ananthapadmanabhan PV
209 - 214 Alternative route for LiFePO4 synthesis: Carbothermal reduction combined with microwave-assisted solid-state reaction
Smecellato PC, Davoglio RA, Biaggio SR, Bocchi N, Rocha RC
215 - 219 Zinc oxide flakes-corolla lobes like nano combined structure applications
Salim ZT, Hashim U, Arshad MKM, Fakhri MA, Salim ET
220 - 227 Facile synthesis of NIR and Visible luminescent Sm3+ doped lutetium oxide nanoparticles
Locardi F, Gianotti E, Nelli I, Caratto V, Martinelli A, Ferretti M, Costa GA, Canesi L, Balbi T, Fasoli M, Martini M, Estevao BM, Miletto I
228 - 233 Up-conversion luminescence properties and thermal effects of LaVO4: Er3+ under 1550 nm excitation
Yin XM, Wang H, Jiang T, Xing MM, Fu Y, Tian Y, Luo XX
234 - 240 Sr8ZnSc(PO4)(7):Eu3+Li+ novel red-emitting phosphors: Synthesis and photoluminescence properties
Gou J, Fana JY, Luo M, Zuo SN, Ye SF, Ma LL, Chen YL, Wang M, Wang X, Yu BX
241 - 247 Novel synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of nano-structured gamma-Mo2N and gamma-Co0.25Mo1.75N nitrides
Mishra PP, Panda RN
248 - 256 One-step synthesis of size-controlled Br-doped TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Wang QQ, Zhu SL, Liang YQ, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Liang CY, Inoue A
257 - 267 Differences in the effects of aluminum/ytterbium/cobalt on the structural stability and electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide
Zhao TQ, Zhu YJ, Li WH, Jian XW
268 - 276 Effects of NH4F quantity on N-doping level, photodegradation and photocatalytic H-2 production activities of N-doped TiO2 nanotube array films
Wang Y, Zhu LJ, Ba NN, Gao FB, Xie HJ
277 - 286 Green synthesized urchin like Pt/Cu bimetallic photonanocatalysts: Understanding composition effect
Devi HS, Singh HP, Singh TD
287 - 294 Investigations on the origin of ferromagnetism of Cu doped anatase TiO2 nanotubes
Zhou ZP, Wang HY, Zou ZR, Du M, Guo JJ, Yang ZX
295 - 301 Fabrication of CZTS thin films by dip coating technique for solar cell applications
Prabeesh P, Saritha P, Selvam IP, Potty SN
302 - 307 Distribution and coverage of 40 nm gold nano-particles on aluminum and hafnium oxide using electrophoretic method and fabricated MOS structures
Dushaq GH, Rasras MS, Nayfeh AM
308 - 312 Reconstruction of copper shell on metal oxides as enhanced nanoarrays electrodes for lithium ion batteries
Chen MH, Zhou WW, Qi ML, Zhang JW, Yin JH, Che QG
313 - 321 Different photo-catalytic degradation of methylene blue by varied ZnO nanorods on dissimilar stainless steel wire sieves
Jing WX, Cheng YY, Gao WZ, Jiang ZD, Jiang KL, Shi JF, Zhou F
322 - 326 The influence of the electron-beam exposure of SiO2/Si and quartz substrates on the selective growth of graphene-like films
Knyazev MA, Sedlovets DM, Trofimov OV, Redkin AN