Materials Research Bulletin

Materials Research Bulletin, Vol.72 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0025-5408 (Print) 

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1 - 6 The electron-phonon coupling of fundamental, overtone, and combination modes and its effects on the resonance Raman spectra
Lia S, Li ZL, Wang SH, Gao SQ, Sun CL, Li ZW
7 - 12 Hydrothermal synthesis of cobalt particles with hierarchy structure and physicochemical properties
Xu XM, Zhao YJ, Li JB, Jin HB, Zhao YZ, Zhou HP
13 - 19 Electrical characterization of Mn doped-(Ba0.3Sr0.7)Mn-x(Ti0.9Zr0.1)(1-x)O-3 ceramics
Mahmood A, Naeem A, Iqbal Y, Mahmood T, Ullah A
20 - 28 Synthesis of titanate nanofibers co-sensitized with ZnS and Bi2S3 nanocrystallites and their application on pollutants removal
Entradas TJ, Cabrita JF, Barrocas B, Nunes MR, Silvestre AJ, Monteiro OC
29 - 34 Low driving voltage characteristics of polyaniline-silica nanocomposites as hole-injection material of organic electroluminescent devices
Bidgoli MM, Mohsennia M, Boroumand FA
35 - 42 Effect of the doping agent nature on the characteristic and catalytic properties of aerogel zirconia catalysts doped with sulfate groups or heteropolytungstic acid
Chakhari S, Younes MK, Rives A, Ghorbel A
43 - 49 Microwave-assisted synthesis of Co3O4-graphene sheet-on-sheet nanocomposites and electrochemical performances for lithium ion batteries
Su QM, Yuan WW, Yao LB, Wu YS, Zhang J, Du GH
50 - 59 Spin-anticrossing effects in Co-SiO2-Fe and ZnO-SiO2-CuO three-nanolayer devices
Khmelinskii I, Makarov VI
60 - 63 High (111) orientation poly-Ge film fabricated by Al induced crystallization without the introduction of AlOx interlayer
Wang P, Li X, Liu HH, Lai SM, Chen YY, Xu YH, Chen SY, Li C, Huang W, Tang DL
64 - 69 A new strategy on utilizing nitrogen doped TiO2 in nanostructured solar cells: Embedded multifunctional N-TiO2 scattering particles in mesoporous photoanode
Shogh S, Mohammadpour R, Zad AI, Taghavinia N
70 - 76 Electrochromic device based on electrospun WO3 nanofibers
Dulgerbaki C, Maslakci NN, Komur AI, Oksuz AU
77 - 82 Electrical and magnetic properties of spherical SmFeO3 synthesized by aspartic acid assisted combustion method
Yuvaraj S, Layek S, Vidyavathy SM, Yuvaraj S, Meyrick D, Selvan RK
83 - 89 Synthesis of mono-phase La2Si6O3N8:Ce3+,Tb3+ blue-green phosphors with direct silicon nitridation and their photoluminescence properties
Zhang B, Zhong H, Cai C, Hao LY, Xu X, Agathopoulos S, Yin LJ
90 - 97 Evaluation of electrical properties of glass-ceramics obtained from mill scale
Montedo ORK, Alves IT, Faller CA, Bertan FM, Pive DH, Piva RH
98 - 105 A novel and active catalyst Ag/ZnO for oxidant-free dehydrogenation of alcohols
Hosseini-Sarvari M, Ataee-Kachouei T, Moeini F
106 - 115 CuInGaSe2 nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in liquid medium
Mendivil MI, Garcia LV, Krishnan B, Avellaneda D, Martinez JA, Shaji S
116 - 122 Investigation of microstructure, micro-mechanical and optical properties of HfTiO4 thin films prepared by magnetron co-sputtering
Mazur M, Wojcieszak D, Domaradzki J, Kaczmarek D, Poniedzialek A, Domanowski P
123 - 132 Calcium titanate (CaTiO3) dielectrics prepared by plasma spray and post-deposition thermal treatment
Ctibor P, Kotlan J, Pala Z, Sedlacek J, Hajkova Z, Grygar TM
133 - 142 Rechargable xLi(2)MnO(3)center dot(1-x)Li4/3Mn5/3O4 electrode nanocomposite material as a modification product of chemical manganese dioxide by lithium additives
Sokolsky GV, Ivanov SV, Boldyrev EI, Ivanova ND, Kiporenko OY
143 - 153 Cobalt-iron nano catalysts supported on TiO2-SiO2: Characterization and catalytic performance in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Feyzi M, Yaghobi N, Eslamimanesh V
154 - 159 Structural, magnetic and optical properties of a dilute magnetic semiconductor based on Ce1-xCoxO2 thin film grown on LaAlO3
Mahmoud WE, Al-Ghamdi AA, Al-Agel FA, Al-Arfaj E, Shokr FS, Al-Gahtany SA, Alshahrie A, Jalled O, Bronstein LM, Beall GW
160 - 167 Ferroelectric and piezoelectric responses of (110) and (001)-oriented epitaxial Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3 thin films on all-oxide layers buffered silicon
Vu HT, Nguyen MD, Houwman E, Boota M, Dekkers M, Vu HN, Rijnders G
168 - 175 White light emission and effect of annealing on the Ho3+-Yb3+ codoped BaCa2Al8O15 phosphor
Kumari A, Rai VK
176 - 183 Cu2O/TiO2 heterostructured hollow sphere with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Yin HY, Wang XL, Wang L, Nie QL, Zhang Y, Wu WW
184 - 187 Infrared light-assisted preparation of Ag nanoparticles-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for non-enzymatic H2O2 sensing
Ji Y, Zhang Y, Wang ZY, Zhang T
188 - 190 Catalytic dehydrogenation of alcohol over solid-state molybdenum sulfide clusters with an octahedral metal framework
Kamiguchi S, Okumura K, Nagashima S, Chihara T
191 - 196 A novel blue luminescent material Sr6Ca4(PO4)(6)F-2:Eu2+
Chen PC, Zhou LY, Mo FW, Guan AX, Huang N, Gan YF, Chen MY, Zhang W
197 - 203 Hydrogen storage properties of MgH2+20 wt.% Na2WO4 composite
Zhang W, Shen N, Han SM, Chen Y, Xu G, Ke DD
204 - 210 Fabrication and supercapacitive properties of hierarchical porous carbon from polyacrylonitrile
Chen GP, Zhai WL, Wang ZH, Yu JG, Wang FQ, Zhao YN, Li GD
211 - 214 Large-scale synthesis of monodispersed Si-B-N-O doped carbon hollow cages with microwave absorption property
Zhang T, Zhong B, Xia L, Wen G
215 - 219 Fluorescence properties of Tb3+ and Sm3+ activated novel LiAl7B4O17 host via solution combustion synthesis
Palaspagar RS, Gawande AB, Sonekar RP, Omanwar SK
220 - 228 Metal oxide semiconductors for dye degradation
Adhikari S, Sarkar D
229 - 234 Fabricaion of improved novel p-n junction BiOI/Bi2Sn2O7 nanocomposite for visible light driven photocatalysis
Xu WC, Fang JZ, Zhu XM, Fang ZQ, Cen CP
235 - 240 CdS-pillared CoAl-layered double hydroxide nanosheets with superior photocatalytic activity
Qiu YQ, Lin BZ, Jia FC, Chen YL, Gao BF, Liu PD
241 - 244 Influence of temperature and frequency on ionic conductivity of Li3PO4-Pb-3(PO4)(2)-BiPO4 phosphate glasses
El Moudane M, El Maniani M, Sabbar A, Ghanimi A, Tabyaoui M, Bellaouchou A, Guenbour A
245 - 251 Color tunable emission and energy transfer of Ce3+ and Tb3+ co-doped novel La6Sr4(SiO4)(6)F-2 phosphors with apatite structure
Guo QF, Liao LB, Molokeev MS, Mei LF, Liu HK
252 - 263 Structural, optical, vibrational and photoluminescence studies of Sn-doped MoO3 sprayed thin films
Boukhachem A, Kamoun O, Mrabet C, Mannai C, Zouaghi N, Yumak A, Boubaker K, Amlouk M
264 - 268 Effect of silver ions and clusters on the luminescence properties of Eu-doped borate glasses
Jiao Q, Wang X, Qiu JB, Zhou DC
269 - 275 Synthesis and novel luminescence properties of one-dimension BaMoO4:Ln(3+) nanostructures
Wang YP, Li MX, Pan K, Wang GF
276 - 279 A novel solid phosphoric acid from rice hull ash for olefinic alkylation of thiophenic sulfur in gasoline
Zeng DL, Zhang Q, Chen SY, Liu SL, Chen Y, Wang GH
280 - 285 The studies of Gd2O3:Eu3+ hollow nanospheres with magnetic and luminescent properties
Ren XZ, Zhang P, Han Y, Yang XW, Yang H
286 - 290 Growth kinetics of indium metal atoms on Si(112) surface
Raj V, Chauhan AKS, Gupta G
291 - 298 Structure and microwave dielectric properties of Ba[(Mg1-xNix)(1/3)Nb-2/3]O-3 ceramics
Sun TL, Mao MM, Chen XM
299 - 305 Effect of (Nd, Ni) co-doped on the multiferroic and photocatalytic properties of BiFeO3
Vanga PR, Mangalaraja RV, Ashok M
306 - 315 Effect of'A'-site non stoichiometry in strontium doped lanthanum ferrite based solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
Banerjee K, Mukhopadhyay J, Barman M, Basu RN
316 - 323 Tuning broadband microwave absorption via highly conductive Fe3O4/graphene heterostructural nanofillers
Song WL, Guan XT, Fan LZ, Cao WQ, Zhao QL, Wang CY, Cao MS
324 - 330 Peculiarities of magnetoresistance in InSb whiskers at cryogenic temperatures
Druzhinin A, Ostrovskii I, Khoverko Y, Liakh-Kaguy N, Khytruk I, Rogacki K