Materials Research Bulletin

Materials Research Bulletin, Vol.109 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0025-5408 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Photovoltaic properties of F:SnO2/CdS/CuO/Ag heterojunction solar cell
Dolai S, Dey R, Hussain S, Bhar R, Pal AK
10 - 20 Flower-like mesoporous nano NiCo2O4-decorated ERGO/Ni-NiO foam as electrode materials for supercapacitor
Mirzaee M, Dehghanian C
21 - 28 Investigation on the surface modification of TiO2 nanohexagon arrays based photoanode with SnO2 nanoparticles for highly-efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Javed HMA, Que WX, Yin XT, Kong LB, Iqbal J, Mustafa MS
29 - 33 Sol-gel synthesis of K1.33Mn8O16 nanorods and their applications for aqueous K-ion hybrid supercapacitors
Jiang JB, Li JH, Long XD, Zhao D, Su KD, Xv DY, Yang CM, Qian D
34 - 40 Influence of pre-oxidation, versus post-oxidation of carbon nanohorns in TiO2 nanohybrid for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Kumar MM, Jagannatham M, Berkmans AJ, Haridoss P, Reddy NL, Shankar MV
41 - 48 Electrospun free-standing N-doped C@SnO2 anode paper for flexible Li-ion batteries
Liu X, Jiang YH, Li KF, Xu F, Zhang P, Ding YH
49 - 59 Biocompatibility assessment and photocatalytic activity of bio-hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles by Thymus vulgaris leaf extract
Zare M, Namratha K, Thakur MS, Byrappa K
60 - 71 Facile synthesis of nTiO(2) phase mixture: Characterization and catalytic performance
Nobre FX, Pessoa WA, Ruiz YL, Bentes VLI, Silva-Moraes MO, Silva TMC, Rocco MLM, Larrude DRG, de Matos JME, Couceiro PRD, Brito WR
72 - 81 Design, synthesis and characterization of polysiloxane and polyetherdiamine based comb-shaped hybrid solid polymer electrolytes for applications in electrochemical devices
Deka JR, Saikia D, Lou GW, Lin CH, Fang J, Yang YC, Kao HM
82 - 89 Influence of Ti source on the Ti-HMS photocatalyst synthesis used in a water splitting reaction
Sanches SG, Flores JH, da Silva MIP
90 - 97 Synchronous regulation of morphology and crystal phase of TiO2 via a facile green hydrothermal approach and their photocatalytic activity
Wang CC, Wang H, Chen QF, Ren BS, Duan R, Guan RF
98 - 102 (001)-exposed TiO2 microcrystals decorated with few-layer nanobelts for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Xing H, Wen W, Wu JM
103 - 107 Optical temperature sensing properties of a phosphor mixture of Sr2Mg3P4O15:Eu2+ and SrB4O7:Sm2+
Zhao L, Lou BB, Mao JS, Jiang B, Wei XT, Chen YH, Yin M
108 - 116 A non-oxygen adsorption mechanism for hydrogen detection of nanostructured SnO2 based sensors
Zhu L, Zeng W, Li YQ
117 - 123 Copper local structure in spinel ferrites determined by X-ray absorption and Mossbauer spectroscopy and their catalytic performance
Rocha AKS, Magnago LB, Pegoretti VCB, de Freitas MBJG, Lelis MFF, Fabris JD, Porto AO
124 - 133 Metal organic framework (MOF) porous octahedral nanocrystals of Cu-BTC: Synthesis, properties and enhanced adsorption properties
Kaur R, Kaur A, Umar A, Anderson WA, Kansal SK
134 - 140 Unusual dynamic polarization response and scaling behaviors in Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3 ceramics
Wang J, Zhou CR, Li QN, Zeng WD, Xu JW, Chen GH, Yuan CL, Rao GH
141 - 148 Assembly and enhanced elimination performance of 3D graphene aerogelzinc oxide hybrids for methylene blue dye in water
Mei JY, Qi P, Wei XN, Zheng XC, Wang Q, Guan XX
149 - 154 Magnetization study of the sensitization in SS304LN
Sinha P, Chakravarty S, Singh R, Singh PK, Murthy GVS
155 - 159 Au/NaGdF4: Yb3+, Er3+ hybrid fluorescent system for rapid detection of ethanol
Wu SB, Wu XF, Nie GZ, Shi LC, Hu SG, Hu JS, Zhan SP, Cheng SB, Zhang YN, Wu QY, Liu YX
160 - 167 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanorice decorated TiO2 nanotubes for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Cirak BB, Caglar B, Kilinc T, Karadeniz SM, Erdogan Y, Kilic S, Kahveci E, Ekinci AE, Cirak C
168 - 174 The preparation of Fe doped triclinic-hexagonal phase heterojunction WO3 film and its enhanced photocatalytic reduction of Cr (VI)
Feng MC, Liu YN, Zhao ZY, Huang HW, Peng ZJ
175 - 182 Composition dependent microstructure and optical properties of boron carbide (BxC) thin films deposited by radio frequency-plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition technique
Bute A, Jena S, Bhattacharya D, Kumar S, Chand N, Keskar N, Sinha S
183 - 189 Antireflective and self-cleaning glass with robust moth-eye surface nanostructures for photovoltaic utilization
Luo XL, Lu LF, Yin M, Fang XH, Chen XY, Li DD, Yang LY, Li GF, Ma J
190 - 194 Bright greenish-yellow pigments based on Sc2-xFexO3 solid solutions with bixbyite structure
Hashimoto H, Sayo K, Asoh H, Fujii T, Takano M, Masuno A
195 - 212 Surface and interface engineering for VO2 coatings with excellent optical performance: From theory to practice
Qu Z, Yao L, Zhang Y, Jin BB, He JH, Mi J
213 - 221 Thermodynamics of the CO2 absorption in BaCeO3 and SrCeO3 using thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses
Niwa E, Kondo K, Aoki M, Sato R, Yoshizawa R, Fujishiro F, Yashima M, Hashimoto T
222 - 226 Improved efficiency of DSSC using combustion synthesized TiO2
Umale S, Sudhakar V, Sontakke SM, Krishnamoorthy K, Pandit AB
227 - 232 One-pot wet chemical synthesis of fluorine-containing TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Lee DH, Swain B, Shin D, Ahn NK, Park JR, Park KS
233 - 239 Exploring the underlying mechanisms behind the increased far infrared radiation properties of perovskite-type Ce/Mn co-doped ceramics
Deng Y, Zhang KW, Shi XY, Dong TS, Yang L, Yang WZ, Hong M, Wang Y, Dargusch M, Chen ZG
240 - 245 Carboxyl-functionalized mesoporous molecular sieve/colloidal gold modified nano-carbon ionic liquid paste electrode for electrochemical determination of serotonin
Li YH, Ji Y, Ren BB, Jia LN, Ma GD, Liu XS
246 - 254 Enhanced solar light-driven photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and hydrogen evolution over exfoliated hexagonal WS2 platelets
Koyyada G, Vattikuti SVP, Shome S, Shim J, Chitturi V, Jung JH
255 - 264 Electrospinning preparation of Pd@Co3O4-ZnO composite nanofibers and their highly enhanced VOC sensing properties
Sun YJ, Wang ZP, Wang WD, Li G, Li PW, Lian K, Zhang WD, Zhuiykov S, Hu J, Chen L
265 - 272 Molecular imprinting Ag-LaFeO3 spheres for highly sensitive acetone gas detection
Wang C, Rong Q, Zhang YM, Hu JC, Zi BY, Zhu ZQ, Zhang J, Liu QJ
273 - 280 Microstructure regulation of CsxWO3 nanoparticles by organic acid for improved transparent thermal insulation performance
Ran S, Liu JX, Shi F, Fan CY, Yang JY, Chen B, Liu SH
281 - 290 Architecture tailoring of MoO3 nanostructures for superior ethanol sensing performance
Mandal B, Aaryashree, Das M, Htay MT, Mukherjee S
291 - 300 Optical properties of ZnO semiconductor nanolayers
Khmelinskii I, Makarov VI