Macromolecules, Vol.54, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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1577 - 1588 Using High Molecular Precision to Study Enzymatically Induced Disassembly of Polymeric Nanocarriers: Direct Enzymatic Activation or Equilibrium-Based Degradation?
Slor G, Amir RJ
1589 - 1598 Monte Carlo Evidence on Simple Conventional Means to Characterize the Final Extent of Reaction of Cured End-Linked Polymer Networks through the Miller-Macosko Nonlinear Polymerization Theory
Tsimouri IC, Caseri WR, Gusev AA
1599 - 1610 Chain-End Modification: A Starting Point for Controlling Polymer Crystal Nucleation
Hall KW, Percec S, Shinoda W, Klein ML
1611 - 1622 How Do Ionic Liquids "Fold" Ionenes? Computational and Experimental Analysis of Imidazolium Polymers Based on Ether and Alkyl Chain Variations Dissolved in an Ionic Liquid
Sappidi P, Liu XY, O'Harra KE, Bara JE, Turner CH
1623 - 1630 Revisiting the Non-monotonic Dependence of Polymer Knotting Probability on the Bending Stiffness
Zhu HQ, Tian FJ, Sun L, Wang SM, Dai L
1631 - 1638 Cu-Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization in the Presence of Liquid Metal Micro/Nanodroplets
Wei QB, Sun MK, Lorandi F, Yin RG, Yan JJ, Liu T, Kowalewski T, Matyjaszewski K
1639 - 1647 Defect-Induced Order-Order Phase Transition in Triblock Copolymer Thin Films
Abate AA, Piqueras CM, Vega DA
1648 - 1656 Copolyaspartates: Uncovering Simultaneous Thermo and Magnetoresponsiveness
Hirschmann M, Schirra DS, Thiele CM
1657 - 1664 Annealing Process Dependence of the Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil Block Copolymer Thin Films
Shi LY, Yin CX, Zhou B, Xia W, Weng L, Ross CA
1665 - 1676 Modulation of the Hydrophilicity on Asymmetric Side Chains of Isoindigo-Based Polymers for Improving Carrier Mobility-Stretchability Properties
Yen HC, Lin YC, Chen WC
1677 - 1692 Exploring Isomeric Effects on Optical and Electrochemical Properties of Red/Orange Electrochromic Polymers
Collier GS, Wilkins R, Tomlinson AL, Reynolds JR
1693 - 1701 Enamine Organocatalysts for the Thiol-Michael Addition Reaction and Cross-Linking Polymerizations
Sinha J, Soars S, Bowman CN
1702 - 1714 Solvent-Free Glycidyl Carbamate Oligomerization and Solvent Affinity of Oligomers
Taing G, Legros V, Ta F, Da Silva D, Colas C, Vayer M, Schuler M, Chougrani K, Sinturel C, Tatibouet A
1715 - 1724 "All-in-One" Thixotropic Polysiloxane Pastes for UV-Activated Room Temperature Hydrosilylation Cross-Linking in Additive Manufacturing
Beach J, Mann S, Ault C, Radojcic D, Wan X, Zlatanic A, Patterson S, Messman JM, Dvornic PR
1725 - 1731 Enhancement of Mechanophore Activation in Mechanochromic Dendrimers by Functionalization of Their Surface
Watabe T, Aoki D, Otsuka H
1732 - 1741 Design of Hydrogels with Thermoresponsive Crosslinked Domain Structures via the Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly Process and Their Thermoresponsive Toughening in Air
Morimura M, Ida S, Oyama M, Takeshita H, Kanaoka S
1742 - 1753 Biosourced Acetal and Diels-Alder Adduct Concurrent Polyurethane Covalent Adaptable Network
Li Q, Ma SQ, Li PY, Wang BB, Feng HZ, Lu N, Wang S, Liu YL, Xu XW, Zhu J
1754 - 1759 Highly Syndiotactic Coordination (Co)polymerization of para-Methylselenostyrene
Zhong YH, Wu Y, Cui DM
1760 - 1766 Strengthening Polyethylene Thermoplastics through a Dynamic Covalent Networking Additive Based on Alkylboron Chemistry
Wang ZT, Gu Y, Ma MY, Liu YL, Chen M
1767 - 1774 Overcoming Barriers in Polycarbonate Synthesis: A Streamlined Approach for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonate Monomers
Tan EWP, Hedrick JL, Arrechea PL, Erdmann T, Kiyek V, Lottier S, Yang YY, Park NH
1775 - 1782 Degradable Redox-Responsive Polyolefins
Geiselhart CM, Xue WW, Barner-Kowollik C, Mutlu H
1783 - 1800 Dynamic Coupling in Unentangled Liquid Coacervates Formed by Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes
Aponte-Rivera C, Rubinstein M
1801 - 1810 Non-monotonic Effects of Intrinsic Stiffness and Concentration of Polyelectrolytes on the Electro-Sorption
Jiang J
1811 - 1817 Mapping Chemical Structure-Glass Transition Temperature Relationship through Artificial Intelligence
Miccio LA, Schwartz GA
1818 - 1828 Bottlebrushes and Combs with Bimodal Distribution of the Side Chains: Diagram of States and Scattering Function
Starvaggi H, Tian Y, Liang HY, Dobrynin AV
1829 - 1837 Dynamical Comparison of Different Polymer Architectures-Bottlebrush vs Linear Polymer
Bichler KJ, Jakobi B, Schneider GJ
1838 - 1849 Solid Rheological Properties of PBT-Based Vitrimers
Farge L, Hoppe S, Daujat V, Tournilhac F, Andre S
1850 - 1858 Enhanced Diffusion by Reversible Binding to Active Polymers
Sridhar SL, Dunagin J, Koo K, Hough L, Vernerey F
1859 - 1869 When Do Polyelectrolytes Entangle?
Dobrynin AV, Jacobs M
1870 - 1880 Direct Relationship between Dispersion and Crystallization Behavior in Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(ethylene glycol)-g-Silica Nanocomposites
Wen XN, Su YL, Liu GM, Li SF, Muller AJ, Kumar SK, Wang DJ
1881 - 1893 Effect of Methoxy Side Groups on the Crystal Structures of a Series of Syndiotactic Polymethoxystyrenes as Studied by the X-ray Diffraction Data Analysis
Wang H, Liu DT, Cui DM, Men YF, Tashiro K
1894 - 1904 Modeling Crystallization Kinetics and Resulting Properties of Polyamide 6
Yaghini N, Peters GWM
1905 - 1911 Self-Assembly of Polymeric Nanovesicles into Hierarchical Supervesicles and Its Application in Selectable Multicompartmental Encapsulation
Wu M, Wang YY, Yan N, Jin J, Han YY, Jiang W
1912 - 1925 Ion Diffusion in Chemically Amplified Resists
Bottoms CM, Terlier T, Stein GE, Doxastakis M
1926 - 1933 Supramolecular Hydrogels with Tunable Swelling by Host Complexation with Cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene)
Belal K, Stoffelbach F, Hourdet D, Marcellan A, Lyskawa J, de Smet L, Vebr A, Potier J, Cooke G, Hoogenboom R, Woisel P
1934 - 1942 pi-Conjugated Copolymers Composed of Boron Formazanate and Their Application for a Wavelength Converter to Near-Infrared Light
Kawano Y, Ito Y, Ito S, Tanaka K, Chujo Y
1943 - 1960 Tuning the Gelation of Thermoresponsive Gels Based on Triblock Terpolymers
Constantinou AP, Zhan BN, Georgiou TK
1961 - 1975 Silica-Based Aerogels with Tunable Properties: The Highly Efficient BF3-Catalyzed Preparation and Look inside Their Structure
Kholodkov DN, Arzumanyan AV, Novikov RA, Kashin AS, Polezhaev AV, Vasil'ev VG, Muzafarov AM
1976 - 1991 pH-Dependent Structure of Block Copolymer Micelles Featuring a Polyampholyte Corona: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
Eichhorn J, Gordievskaya YD, Kramarenko EY, Khokhlov AR, Schacher FH
1992 - 2000 Designing Nanoparticles as Glues for Hydrogels: Insights from a Microscopic Model
Molinari N, Jung GW, Angioletti-Uberti S
2001 - 2010 Crystallization of Poly (methyl methacrylate) Stereocomplexes under Cylindrical Nanoconfinement
Lin YL, Tsai SY, He HC, Lee LR, Ho JH, Wang CL, Chen JT
2011 - 2021 Hydrogen Bonding and Its Effect on the Orientational Dynamics of Water Molecules inside Polyelectrolyte Brush-Induced Soft and Active Nanoconfinement
Sachar HS, Chava BS, Pial TH, Das S
2022 - 2028 Enhanced Free Surface Mobility Facilitates the Release of FreeVolume Holes in Thin-Film Polymer Glasses
Zha H, Wang Q, Wang XP, Cangialosi D, Zuo B
2029 - 2029 Upcycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate to Continuously Reprocessable Vitrimers through Reactive Extrusion (vol 54, pg 703, 2021)
Qiu JF, Ma SQ, Wang S, Tang ZB, Li Q, Tian AP, Xu XW, Wang BB, Lu N, Zhu J