Macromolecules, Vol.54, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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1083 - 1094 Macrocyclic Encapsulated Conjugated Polymers
Royakkers J, Bronstein H
1095 - 1105 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Self-Healing Topological Copolymers with a Comblike Structure
Fang Y, Yue TK, Li S, Zhang ZY, Liu J, Zhang LQ
1106 - 1119 Synthesis, Crystallization, Structure Memory Effects, and Molecular Dynamics of Biobased and Renewable Poly(n-alkylene succinate)s with n from 2 to 10
Klonos PA, Papadopoulos L, Kasimatis M, Iatrou H, Kyritsis A, Bikiaris DN
1120 - 1136 Effects of Electrolytes on Thermodynamics and Structure of Oligo(ethylene oxide)/Salt Solutions and Liquid-Liquid Equilibria of a Squalane/Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether Blend
Shen ZY, Chen QLP, Xie SY, Lodge TP, Siepmann JI
1137 - 1146 Strong Reduction of the Chain Rigidity of Hyaluronan by Selective Binding of Ca2+ Ions
Giubertoni G, Ortiz APD, Bano F, Zhang X, Linhardt RJ, Green DE, DeAngelis PL, Koenderink GH, Richter RP, Ensing B, Bakker HJ
1147 - 1158 Degradation of Polydienes Induced by Alkyllithium: Characterization and Reaction Mechanism
Tang J, Xie TH, Yuan YK, Hua J, Zhuang T, Luo Y, Geng JT
1159 - 1169 Synthesis of Highly Transparent Diblock Copolymer Vesicles via RAFT Dispersion Polymerization of 2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl Methacrylate in n-Alkanes
Gyorgy C, Derry MJ, Cornel EJ, Armes SP
1170 - 1182 Effect of Thiocarbonylthio Compounds on Visible-Light-Mediated 3D Printing
Zhang ZH, Corrigan N, Boyer C
1183 - 1191 C5 and C6 Polymerizations by Anion Migrated Ring-Opening of 1-Cyclopropylvinylbenzene and 1-Cyclobutylvinylbenzene
Bai HY, Han L, Li W, Li C, Zhang SB, Wang XF, Yin Y, Yan H, Ma HW
1192 - 1202 The Interplay between Phase Separation and Gelation Controlling the Morphologies of the Reactive Covalent Network/Polymer Blends
Oh W, Bae JS, Park JW
1203 - 1215 Optimization and Control of Large Block Copolymer Self-Assembly via Precision Solvent Vapor Annealing
Selkirk A, Prochukhan N, Lundy R, Cummins C, Gatensby R, Kilbride R, Parnell A, Vasquez JB, Morris M, Mokarian-Tabari P
1216 - 1223 Nanoparticle-Stabilized Perforated Lamellar Morphology in Block Copolymer/Quantum Dot Hybrids
Singh S, Horechyy A, Yadav S, Formanek P, Hubner R, Srivastava RK, Sapra S, Fery A, Nandan B
1224 - 1233 Controlling Janus Nanodisc Topology through ABC Triblock Terpolymer/Homopolymer Blending in 3D Confinement
Steinhaus A, Srivastva D, Qiang XL, Franzka S, Nikoubashman A, Groschel AH
1234 - 1242 Enhancement in the Mechanical Stretchability of PEDOT:PSS Films by Compounds of Multiple Hydroxyl Groups for Their Application as Transparent Stretchable Conductors
He H, Zhang L, Yue SZ, Yu SZ, Wei J, Ouyang JY
1243 - 1253 NEt3-Triggered Synthesis of UHMWPE Using Chromium Complexes Bearing Non-innocent Iminopyridine Ligands
Zanchin G, Piovano A, Amodio A, De Stefano F, Di Girolamo R, Groppo E, Leone G
1254 - 1266 Highly Stretchable, Ultratough, and Strong Polyesters with Improved Postcrystallization Optical Property Enabled by Dynamic Multiple Hydrogen Bonds
Sun S, Xue YJ, Xu XD, Ding LP, Jiang Z, Meng LH, Song PG, Bai YP
1267 - 1272 Incorporation of Boronic Acid Functionality into Isotactic Polypropylene and Its Application as a Cross-Linking Point
Tanaka R, Fujii H, Kida T, Nakayama Y, Shiono T
1273 - 1280 Regio-Random Clemmensen Reduction of Biodegradable Polyesters for Photochemically Triggered 3D Printing
Bass GF, Shin Y, Becker ML
1281 - 1290 Fractal Dimension Meets Topology: Statistical and Topological Properties of Globular Macromolecules with Volume Interactions
Astakhov AM, Avetisov VA, Nechaev SK, Polovnikov KE
1291 - 1303 Highly Thermostable Dynamic Structures of Polyaramid Two-Dimensional Polymers
Lustig SR, Andzelm JW, Wetzel ED
1304 - 1313 How a Polymer Brush Interacts with Inclusions and Alters Their Interaction
Spencer RKW, Ha BY
1314 - 1328 The Structure of Polyelectrolyte Complex Coacervates and Multilayers
Subbotin AV, Semenov AN
1329 - 1337 Coexistence of Polymeric Microemulsion with Homopolymer-Rich Phases
Spencer RKW, Matsen MW
1338 - 1353 Plateau Moduli of Several Single-Chain Slip-Link and Slip-Spring Models
Uneyama T, Masubuchi Y
1354 - 1365 Anomalous Diffusion in Associative Networks of High-Sticker-Density Polymers
Rasid IM, Holten-Andersen N, Olsen BD
1366 - 1374 Viscoelastic Properties of Dumbbell-Shaped Polystyrenes in Bulk and Solution
Doi Y, Takano A, Takahashi Y, Matsushita Y
1375 - 1387 "Rheology of Entangled Polyelectrolyte Solutions
Han AJ, Colby RH
1388 - 1400 Coordination Geometry Preference Regulates the Structure and Dynamics of Metallo-Supramolecular Polymer Networks
Ahmadi M, Seiffert S
1401 - 1413 Reactive Processing Route to Thermotropic Polyesters with a Low Processing Temperature and Enhanced Relaxation Time
de Kort GW, Saidi S, Hermida-Merino D, Leone N, Rastogi S, Wilsens CHRM
1414 - 1424 Effect of Added Salt on Disordered Poly(ethylene oxide)-Block-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Copolymer Electrolytes
Shah NJ, Dadashi-Silab S, Galluzzo MD, Chakraborty S, Loo WS, Matyjaszewski K, Balsara NP
1425 - 1440 Control of Particle Size in the Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Statistical Copolymers
Neal TJ, Parnell AJ, King SM, Beattie DL, Murray MW, Williams NSJ, Emmett SN, Armes SP, Spain SG, Mykhaylyk OO
1441 - 1451 PhotoATRP-Induced Self-Assembly (PhotoATR-PISA) Enables Simplified Synthesis of Responsive Polymer Nanoparticles in One-Pot
Shahrokhinia A, Scanga RA, Biswas P, Reuther JF
1452 - 1464 Arresting Elevated-Temperature Creep and Achieving Full Cross-Link Density Recovery in Reprocessable Polymer Networks and Network Composites via Nitroxide-Mediated Dynamic Chemistry
Li LQ, Chen X, Jin KL, Bin Rusayyis M, Torkelson JM
1465 - 1477 Simultaneous Bottlebrush Polymerization
Kluthe KEI, Wagner M, Klapper M
1478 - 1488 Biobased Thermoplastic Elastomer Based on an SMS Triblock Copolymer Prepared via RAFT Polymerization in Aqueous Medium
Kalita U, Samanta S, Banerjee SL, Das NC, Singha NK
1489 - 1498 Living Anionic Polymerization of 4-Halostyrenes
Goseki R, Koizumi T, Kurakake R, Uchida S, Ishizone T
1499 - 1506 Thiophene-Fused Perylenediimide-Based Polymer Acceptors for High-Performance All-Polymer Solar Cells
Wei R, Chen H, Guo YK, Han H, Zhang D, Zhu YL, He F, Zhao DH
1507 - 1516 Nanostructured Polyanilines Using the H2O2/CaCl2 Oxidant System
Papammagari L, Agnihotra SR, Manohar N, Bouldin RM, Manohar SK
1517 - 1538 Structural Chemistry-Assisted Strategy toward Fast Cis-Trans Photo/Thermal Isomerization Switch of Novel Azo-Naphthalene-Based Polyimides
Constantin CP, Sava I, Damaceanu MD
1539 - 1547 Post-Functionalization of Aromatic C-H Bonds at the Main Chains of pi-Conjugated Polymers via Anodic Chlorination Facilitated by Lewis Acids
Kurioka T, Shida N, Tomita I, Inagi S
1548 - 1556 Poly(sulfobetaine) versus Poly(N-isopropylmethacrylamide): Co-Nonsolvency-Type Behavior of Thin Films in a Water/Methanol Atmosphere
Kreuzer LP, Lindenmeir C, Geiger C, Widmann T, Hildebrand V, Laschewsky A, Papadakis CM, Muller-Buschbaum P
1557 - 1563 Enhanced Mechanochemiluminescence from End-Functionalized Polyurethanes with Multiple Hydrogen Bonds
Li XP, Li JY, Wei WY, Yang F, Wu MJ, Wu Q, Xie TT, Chen YL
1564 - 1573 Ultra-Fast Vertical Ordering of Lamellar Block Copolymer Films on Unmodified Substrates
Singh M, Wu WJ, Basutkar MN, Strzalka J, Al-Enizi AM, Douglas JF, Karim A
1574 - 1574 Semibatch Terpolymerization of Ethylene, Propylene, and 5-Ethylidene-2-norbornene: Heterogeneous High-Ethylene EPDM Thermoplastic Elastomers (vol 53, pg 5881, 2020)
Leone G, Zanchin G, Di Girolamo R, De Stefano F, Lorber C, De Rosa C, Ricci G, Bertini F
1575 - 1575 Effect of Chain Orientation and Stretch on the Stress Overshoot of Entangled Polymeric Materials under Start-Up Shear (vol 50, pg 3424, 2017)
Jeong S, Kim JM, Baig C