Macromolecules, Vol.53, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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2765 - 2768 The ABCs of Block Polymers
Chang AB, Bates FS
2769 - 2782 Fabrication of Bioinspired Hydrogels: Challenges and Opportunities
Fan HL, Gong JP
2783 - 2792 Understanding Ion Mobility in P2VP/NMP+I- Polymer Electrolytes: A Combined Simulation and Experimental Study
Chu WW, Webb MA, Deng CT, Colon YJ, Kambe Y, Krishnan S, Nealey PF, de Pablo J
2793 - 2800 Hydrogen Atom Abstraction from Polyolefins: Experimental and Computational Studies of Model Systems
Garrett G, Pratt DA, Parent JS
2801 - 2810 Surface-Initiated Photoinduced ATRP: Mechanism, Oxygen Tolerance, and Temporal Control during the Synthesis of Polymer Brushes
Yan WQ, Dadashi-Silab S, Matyjaszewski K, Spencer ND, Benetti EM
2811 - 2821 Synthesis of Heterograft Copolymers with a Semifluorinated Backbone by Combination of Grafting-through and Grafting-from Polymerizations
Lee J, Lopez G, Ameduri B, Seo M
2822 - 2833 3D Volumetric Structural Hierarchy Induced by Colloidal Polymerization of a Quantum-Dot Ionic Liquid Monomer Conjugate
Welch PM, Dreier TA, Magurudeniya HD, Frith MG, Ilaysky J, Seifert S, Rahman AK, Rahman A, Singh AJ, Ringstrand BS, Hanson CJ, Hollingsworth JA, Firestone MA
2834 - 2840 Long-Range Lamellar Alignment in Diblock Bottlebrush Copolymers via Controlled Oscillatory Shear
Yavitt BM, Fei HF, Kopanati G, Li RP, Fukuto M, Winter HH, Watkins JJ
2841 - 2855 Phase Transition Kinetics of Doubly Thermoresponsive Poly(sulfobetaine)-Based Diblock Copolymer Thin Films
Kreuzer LP, Widmann T, Biessmann L, Hohn N, Pantle J, Markl R, Moulin JF, Hildebrand V, Laschewsky A, Papadakis CM, Muller-Buschbaum P
2856 - 2863 Transient Healability of Metallosupramolecular Polymer Networks Mediated by Kinetic Control of Competing Chemical Reactions
Li PP, Xia YG, Hao JC, Wang X
2864 - 2873 Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Benzyl Cellulose Derivatives for Nondoped Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Shibano M, Ochiai H, Suzuki K, Kamitakahara H, Kaji H, Takano T
2874 - 2881 Coexistence of Optical Transparency, Hydrophobicity, and High Thermal Conductivity in Beads-on-String-Shaped Polyureas Induced by Disordered Hydrogen-Bond Networks
Hashimoto M, Imoto H, Matsukawa K, Naka K
2882 - 2892 Leveraging Sequential Doping of Semiconducting Polymers to Enable Functionally Graded Materials for Organic Thermoelectrics
Ma TZ, Dong BX, Grocke GL, Strzalka J, Patel SN
2893 - 2901 Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance by Synergistic Effect of Chlorination and Selenophene pi-Bridge
Chao PJ, Guo MG, Zhu YL, Chen H, Pu MR, Huang HH, Meng H, Yang CL, He F
2902 - 2911 Hole-Transporting Poly(dendrimer)s as Electron Donors for Low Donor Organic Solar Cells with Efficient Charge Transport
Jiang W, Stolterfoht M, Jin H, Burn PL
2912 - 2918 Asymmetric Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 with meso-Epoxides: Ring Size Effects of Epoxides on Reactivity, Enantioselectivity, Crystallization, and Degradation
Liu Y, Fang LM, Ren BH, Lu XB
2919 - 2931 Facile Preparation of Polyimine Vitrimers with Enhanced Creep Resistance and Thermal and Mechanical Properties via Metal Coordination
Wang S, Ma SQ, Li O, Xu XW, Wang BB, Huang KF, Liu YL, Zhu J
2932 - 2941 Vitamin C Loaded Polyethylene: Synthesis and Properties of Precise Polyethylene with Vitamin C Defects via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polycondensation
Suraeva O, Champanhac C, Mailander V, Wurm FR, Weiss H, Berger R, Mezger M, Landfester K, Lieberwirth I
2942 - 2949 Visible-Transparent Aromatic Polymers Obtained by the Polycondensation of a Bis(trifluorovinyl)benzene with Bisphenols
Agou T, Yoshinari K, Shirai T, Yamada S, Konno T, Mizuhata Y, Tokitoh N, Yasuda S, Yamazaki T, Fukumoto H, Kubota T
2950 - 2958 Brush Copolymers from 2-Oxazoline and Acrylic Monomers via an Inimer Approach
Beyer VP, Cattoz B, Strong A, Schwarz A, Becer CR
2959 - 2964 Breaking Symmetry Rules Enhance the Options for Stereoselective Propene Polymerization Catalysis
De Rosa C, Di Girolamo R, Munoz-Garcia AB, Pavone M, Talarico G
2965 - 2975 A Straightforward Method for Fluorinated Polythioether Synthesis
Daglar O, Cakmakci E, Gunay US, Hizal G, Tunca U, Durmaz H
2976 - 2982 Origin of Mechanical Enhancement in Polymer Nanoparticle (NP) Composites with Ultrahigh NP Loading
Lin EY, Frischknecht AL, Riggleman RA
2983 - 2990 Structure of Polyelectrolyte Brushes on Polarizable Substrates
Yuan JX, Antila HS, Luijten E
2991 - 3006 Extravasation of PEGylated Spherical Nanoparticles through a Circular Pore of Similar Size
Lin TY, Klass S, Francis MB, Shaqfeh ESG
3007 - 3020 Grand-Reaction Method for Simulations of Ionization Equilibria Coupled to Ion Partitioning
Landsgesell J, Hebbeker P, Rud O, Lunkad R, Kosovan P, Holm C
3021 - 3029 Interplay between Viscoelasticity and Force Rate Affects Sequential Unfolding in Polyproteins Pulled at Constant Velocity
Elias-Mordechai M, Chetrit E, Berkovich R
3030 - 3041 Scaling Characteristics of Rotational Dynamics and Rheology of Linear Polymer Melts in Shear Flow
Cho S, Kim JM, Baig C
3042 - 3051 Local and Subchain Relaxation of Polyisoprene in Multiblock Copolymers with a Tapered Interface
Livitsanou C, Steube M, Johann T, Frey H, Floudas G
3052 - 3058 Conformational Transitions of Dynamic Polymer Chains Induced by Colloidal Particles in Dilute Solution
Shi JH, Yan F, Wang C, King S, Qiao Y, Qiu D
3059 - 3070 Equilibrium Melting Temperature Depression in Syndiotactic Poly(styrene-stat-3-methylstyrene) and Poly(styrene-stat-4-methylstyrene)
Chen PH, Lin SJ, Tsai JC, Jeng US, Su AC
3071 - 3081 Shear-Induced Oriented Crystallization for Isotactic Poly(1-butene) and Its Copolymer with Ethylene
Liu C, Zhang JQ, Zhang ZJ, Huang SY, Chen Q, Colby RH
3082 - 3089 Visualization and Quantification of the Microstructure Evolution of Isoprene Rubber during Uniaxial Stretching Using AFM Nanomechanical Mapping
Zhang X, Sun SQ, Ning NY, Yan S, Wu XH, Lu YL, Zhang LQ
3090 - 3096 Real-Space in Situ Study of the II-I Phase transition of Isotactic Poly(1-butene)
Xin R, Wang SJ, Guo ZX, Li YP, Hu J, Sun XL, Xue ML, Zhang J, Yan SK
3097 - 3109 Strain-Induced Crystallization in Natural Rubber: Flory's Theory Revisited
Sotta P, Albouy PA
3110 - 3118 Triethanolamine-Mediated Covalent Adaptable Epoxy Network: Excellent Mechanical Properties, Fast Repairing, and Easy Recycling
Hao C, Liu T, Zhang S, Liu WC, Shan YF, Zhang JW
3119 - 3138 Structure-Property Relationships in Sterically Congested Proton-Conducting Poly(phenylene)s: the Impact of Biphenyl Linearity
Peressin N, Adamski M, Schibli EM, Ye E, Frisken BJ, Holdcroft S
3139 - 3147 Composition Dependence of Microstructures and Ferroelectric Properties in Poly(vinylidene fluoride-ter-trifluoroethylene-ter-chlorodifluoroethylene) Terpolymers
Xu WH, Han ZB, Liu Y, Chen X, Li H, Ren LL, Zhang QM, Wang Q
3148 - 3156 Ionic and Nonspherical Polymer Nanoparticles in Nonpolar Solvents
Smith GN, Canning SL, Derry MJ, Jones ER, Neal TJ, Smith AJ
3157 - 3165 Exploration of a Living Anionic Polymerization Mechanism into Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly and Site-Specific Stabilization of the Formed Nano-Objects
Wang J, Cao MY, Zhou P, Wang GW
3166 - 3174 Threading Different Rings on X-Shaped Block Copolymers: Hybrid Pseudopolyrotaxanes of Cyclodextrins and Tetronics
Puig-Rigall J, Serra-Gomez R, Guembe-Michel N, Grillo I, Dreiss CA, Gonzalez-Gaitano G
3175 - 3181 Two- and Three-Component Post-Polymerization Modifications Based on Meldrum's Acid
Yuan L, He LR, Wang YX, Lang XH, Yang F, Zhao Y, Zhao H
3182 - 3193 Polymeric Helical Structures a la Carte by Rational Design of Monomers
Cobos K, Rodriguez R, Domarco O, Fernandez B, Quinoa E, Riguera R, Freire F
3194 - 3201 4-Carboalkoxylated Polyvalerolactones from Malic Acid: Tough and Degradable Polyesters
Fahnhorst GW, De Hoe GX, Hillmyer MA, Hoye TR
3202 - 3208 Hydrogenated Poly(Dewar benzene): A Compact Cyclic Olefin Polymer with Enhanced Thermomechanical Properties
Seo J, Lee SY, Bielawski CW
3209 - 3216 Synthesis of Structurally Controlled, Highly Branched Polymethacrylates by Radical Polymerization through the Design of a Monomer Having Hierarchical Reactivity
Lu YT, Yamago S
3217 - 3223 Three-Dimensional Spirals of Conjugated Block Copolymers Driven by Screw Dislocation
Zhu YL, Han L, Fan H, Wang MJ, Qi R, Zhao Y, He F
3224 - 3233 Controlled Synthesis of Densely Grafted Bottlebrushes That Bear Helical Polyisocyanide Side Chains on Polyisocyanide Backbones and Exhibit Greatly Increased Viscosity
Su YX, Xu L, Xu XH, Hou XH, Liu N, Wu ZQ
3234 - 3249 Block Copolymer-Nanorod Co-assembly in Thin Films: Effects of Rod-Rod Interaction and Confinement
Diaz J, Pinna M, Zvelindovsky AV, Pagonabarraga I, Shenhar R
3250 - 3254 Elucidation of the Mechanism of Stress-Induced Circular Dichroic Inversion of Cellulosic/Polymer Liquid Crystalline Composites
Miyagi K, Teramoto Y
3255 - 3255 RETRACTION: N-Phenylglycine as a Versatile Photoinitiator under Near-UV LED (Retraction of Vol 51, Pg 3767, 2018)
Zhang J, Lalevee J, Mou X, Morlet-Savary F, Graff B, Xiao P