Macromolecules, Vol.53, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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1115 - 1118 The First Dive into the Mechanism and Kinetics of ATRP
Beers KL
1119 - 1128 Specificity of Counterion Binding to a Conjugated Polyelectrolyte: A Combined Molecular Dynamics and NOESY Investigation
Hostnik G, Podlipnik C, Meriguet G, Cerar J
1129 - 1141 Quinizarin Derivatives as Photoinitiators for Free-Radical and Cationic Photopolymerizations in the Visible Spectral Range
Sautrot-Ba P, Jockusch S, Malval JP, Brezova V, Rivard M, Abbad-Andaloussi S, Blacha-Grzechnik A, Versace DL
1142 - 1153 Lithium Salt Distribution and Thermodynamics in Electrolytes Based on Short Perfluoropolyether-block-Poly(ethylene oxide) Copolymers
Chintapalli M, Timachova K, Olson KR, Mecham SJ, DeSimone JM, Balsara NP
1154 - 1163 Effect of Relative Strength of Two Networks on the Internal Fracture Process of Double Network Hydrogels As Revealed by in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Fukao K, Nakajima T, Nonoyama T, Kurokawa T, Kawai T, Gong JP
1164 - 1170 Fabrication of Diazocine-Based Photochromic Organic Thin Films via Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Burk MH, Schroder S, Moormann W, Langbehn D, Strunskus T, Rehders S, Herges R, Faupel F
1171 - 1179 Thermally Induced Self-Doping of pi-Conjugated Polymers Bearing a Pendant Neopentyl Sulfonate Group
Mori A, Kubota C, Fujita K, Hayashi M, Ogura T, Suzuki T, Okano K, Funahashi M, Horie M
1180 - 1190 Relationship between Reaction Kinetics and Chain Dynamics of Vitrimers Based on Dioxaborolane Metathesis
Wu SL, Yang HH, Huang SY, Chen Q
1191 - 1198 Compositionally Controlled Polyether Membranes via Mono(mu-alkoxo)bis(alkylaluminum)-Initiated Chain-Growth Network Epoxide Polymerization: Synthesis and Transport Properties
Rodriguez CG, Chwatko M, Park J, Bentley CL, Freeman BD, Lynd NA
1199 - 1204 Multistep Mass-Remainder Analysis and its Application in Copolymer Blends
Nagy T, Kuki A, Hashimov M, Zsuga M, Keki S
1205 - 1211 Additive-Triggered Chain Transfer to a Solvent in Coordination Polymerization
Liu ZH, Yao CG, Wu CJ, Zhao ZF, Cui DM
1212 - 1223 Efficient Photoinitiated Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly with Oxygen Tolerance through Dual-Wavelength Type I Photoinitiation and Photoinduced Deoxygenation
Liu DD, Cai WB, Zhang L, Boyer C, Tan JB
1224 - 1232 AIE-Active Random Conjugated Copolymers Synthesized by ADMET Polymerization as a Fluorescent Probe Specific for Palladium Detection
Liu XQ, Chen TX, Yu F, Shang YX, Meng X, Chen ZR
1233 - 1244 Exploring How Vitrimer-like Properties Can Be Achieved from Dissociative Exchange in Anilinium Salts
Chakma P, Morley CN, Sparks JL, Konkolewicz D
1245 - 1257 Surface Rheology and Structure of Model Triblock Copolymers at a Liquid-Vapor Interface: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Moghimikheirabadi A, Ilg P, Sagis LMC, Kroger M
1258 - 1269 Role of Chain Flexibility in Asymmetric Polyelectrolyte Complexation in Salt Solutions
Shakya A, Girard M, King JT, de la Cruz MO
1270 - 1280 Degradation of Films of Block Copolymers: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Sayko R, Wang ZL, Liang HY, Becker ML, Dobrynin AV
1281 - 1292 Microphase Separation in Polyelectrolyte Blends: Weak Segregation Theory and Relation to Nuclear "Pasta"
Rumyantsev AM, de Pablo JJ
1293 - 1301 Modifying the Interaction Parameters of a Linear ABC Triblock Terpolymer by Functionalizing the Short, Reactive Middle Block To Induce Morphological Change
Wylie K, Dong L, Chandra A, Nabae Y, Hayakawa T
1302 - 1313 Dispersion and Aggregation of Polymer Grafted Particles in Polymer Nanocomposites Driven by the Hardness and Size of the Grafted Layer Tuned by Attractive Graft-Matrix Interactions
Kulshreshtha A, Jayaraman A
1314 - 1325 Unified Entanglement Scaling for Flexible, Semiflexible, and Stiff Polymer Melts and Solutions
Milner ST
1326 - 1337 Net Contribution of Hydrophobic Association to the Thickening Power of Hydrophobically Modified Polyelectrolytes Prepared by Micellar Polymerization
Zhu R, Feng YJ, Luo PY
1338 - 1345 Origin of Shear Thinning in Unentangled Polystyrene Melts
Ianniruberto G, Marrucci G
1346 - 1355 Nanoconfinement Induced Direct Formation of Form I and III Crystals inside in Situ Formed Poly(butene-1) Nanofibrils
Mohammadi RS, Zolali AM, Tabatabaei SH, Ajji A
1356 - 1367 Molecular Orientation and Strain-Induced Crystallization in trans-Polypentenamer
Lopez-Barron CR, Rohde B, Zabula AV, Schaefer JJ, Throckmorton JA
1368 - 1379 Fully Reversible Spherulitic Morphology in Cationically Photopolymerized DGEBA/PCL Shape-Memory Blends
Iregui A, Otaegi I, Arandia I, Martin MD, Muller AJ, Irusta L, Gonzalez A
1380 - 1387 Asymmetric Monomer, Amorphous Polymer? Structure-Property Relationships in 2,4-FDCA and 2,4-PEF
Nolasco MM, Araujo CF, Thiyagarajan S, Rudic S, Vaz PD, Silvestre AJD, Ribeiro-Claro PJA, Sousa AF
1388 - 1404 UV-Curable Biobased Polyacrylates Based on a Multifunctional Monomer Derived from Furfural
Stouten J, Vanpoucke DEP, Van Assche G, Bernaerts KV
1405 - 1414 Ion Transport and Mechanical Properties of Non-Crystallizable Molecular Ionic Composite Electrolytes
Bostwick JE, Zanelotti CJ, Iacob C, Korovich AG, Madsen LA, Colby RH
1415 - 1421 Inclusion Crystallization of Silicotungstic Acid and Poly(ethylene oxide) and Its Impact on Proton Conductivities
Wen T, Qiu L, Zheng Z, Gong YQ, Yuan J, Wang YY, Huang MJ, Yin PC
1422 - 1434 Synthesis and Characterization of Waterborne Pyrrolidone-Functional Diblock Copolymer Nanoparticles Prepared via Surfactant-free RAFT Emulsion Polymerization
Deane OJ, Musa OM, Fernyhough A, Armes SP
1435 - 1442 Synthetic Mechanism of Molecular Imprinting at the Solid Phase
Cowen T, Stefanucci E, Piletska E, Marrazza G, Canfarotta F, Piletsky SA
1443 - 1450 Insights into the Water Transport Mechanism in Polymeric Membranes from Neutron Scattering
Chan EP, Frieberg BR, Ito K, Tarver J, Tyagi M, Zhang WX, Coughlin EB, Stafford CM, Roy A, Rosenberg S, Soles CL
1451 - 1463 Conformation and Phase Behavior of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose in the Presence of Mono- and Divalent Salts
Sharratt WN, O'Connell R, Rogers SE, Lopez CG, Cabral JT
1464 - 1473 Nanostructures and Viscosities of Nafion Dispersions in Water/Ethanol from Dilute to Concentrated Regimes
Gupit CI, Li X, Maekawa R, Hasegawa N, Iwase H, Takata S, Shibayama M
1474 - 1485 Green and Facile Preparation of Readily Dual-Recyclable Thermosetting Polymers with Superior Stability Based on Asymmetric Acetal
Li Q, Ma SQ, Wang S, Liu YL, Abu Taher M, Wang BB, Huang KF, Xu XW, Han YY, Zhu J
1486 - 1493 Enhanced Ordering and Efficient Photoalignment of Nanostructures in Block Copolymers Enabled by Halogen Bond
Chen YX, Huang S, Wang TJ, Yu HF
1494 - 1501 Nanoconfinement and Salt Synergistically Suppress Crystallization in Polyethylene Oxide
Zhang Z, Ding JJ, Ocko BM, Lhermitte J, Strzalka J, Choi CH, Fisher FT, Yager KG, Black CT
1502 - 1513 Molecular Parameters Governing the Elastic Properties of Brush Particle Films
Lee J, Wang ZY, Zhang JN, Yan JJ, Deng TW, Zhao YQ, Matyjaszewski K, Bockstaller MR
1514 - 1521 Length Control of Biodegradable Fiber-Like Micelles via Tuning Solubility: A Self-Seeding Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-Containing Triblock Copolymers
Yu W, Foster JC, Dove AP, O'Reilly RK