Macromolecules, Vol.53, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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6749 - 6753 Synergistic Advances in Living Cationic and Radical Polymerizations
Kamigaito M, Sawamoto M
6754 - 6766 From Architectures to Cutting-Edge Properties, the Blooming World of Hydrophobically Modified Ethoxylated Urethanes (HEURs)
Quienne B, Pinaud J, Robin JJ, Caillol S
6767 - 6779 Dueling Backbones: Comparing Peptoid and Peptide Analogues of a Mussel Adhesive Protein
Wonderly WR, Cristiani TR, Cunha KC, Degen GD, Shea JE, Waite JH
6780 - 6795 Onion Micelles with an Interpolyelectrolyte Complex Middle Layer: Experimental Motivation and Computer Study
Raya RK, Stepanek M, Limpouchova Z, Prochazka K, Svoboda M, Lisal M, Pavlova E, Skandalis A, Pispas S
6796 - 6808 Polymerization of Low-Entangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Analytical Model and Computer Simulations
Petrov A, Rudyak VY, Kos P, Chertovich A
6809 - 6815 Phosgene-free and Chemoselective Synthesis of Novel Polyureas from Activated L-Lysine with Diphenyl Carbonate
Yakeya D, Yoshida Y, Endo T
6816 - 6827 Temperature-Dependent Phase Behavior of the Thermoresponsive Polymer Poly(N-isopropylmethacrylamide) in an Aqueous Solution
Ko CH, Claude KL, Niebuur BJ, Jung FA, Kang JJ, Schanzenbach D, Frielinghaus H, Barnsley LC, Wu BH, Pipich V, Schulte A, Muller-Buschbaum P, Laschewsky A, Papadakis CM
6828 - 6841 Investigation of the Temperature Dependence of Activation Volume in Glass-Forming Polymer Melts under Variable Pressure Conditions
Xu WS, Douglas JF, Xia WJ, Xu XL
6842 - 6849 Active Role of Water in the Hydration of Macromolecules with Ionic End Group for Hydrophobic Effect-Caused Assembly
He HW, Liu Z, Chen S, He XH, Wang X, Wang XS
6850 - 6860 A Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence (PEF) Study of the Interior of Amylopectin in Dilute Solution
Li L, Kim DM, Zhai XF, Duhamel J
6861 - 6865 Exploring the Sequence of Comonomer Insertion into Growing Poly(ether carbonate) Chains with Monte Carlo Methods
Bohm K, Maerten SG, Liauw MA, Muller TE
6866 - 6886 Implementation of meta-Positioning in Tetrafunctional Benzoxazines: Synthesis, Properties, and Differences in the Polymerized Structure
Kolanadiyil SN, Minami M, Endo T
6887 - 6897 Cationic Polymerization of Phenyl Vinyl Ethers: Investigations of the Propagation Mechanism, the Living Polymerization of Ortho-Substituted Derivatives, and the Step-Growth Polymerization of Divinyl Derivatives
Asakawa T, Kanazawa A, Aoshima S
6898 - 6906 Effects of Tethered Polymers on Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Unentangled Polymer Melts
Ge T, Rubinstein M, Grest GS
6907 - 6927 Computational Study of Cross-Link and Entanglement Contributions to the Elastic Properties of Model PDMS Networks
Gula IA, Karimi-Varzaneh HA, Svaneborg C
6928 - 6945 Analysis of Partitioning of Salt through Doping of Polyelectrolyte Complex Coacervates
Ghasemi M, Friedowitz S, Larson RG
6946 - 6955 Two Stretching Regimes in the Elasticity of Bottlebrush Polymers
Dutta S, Sing CE
6956 - 6967 Tunable Interpenetrating Polymer Network Hydrogels Based on Dynamic Covalent Bonds and Metal-Ligand Bonds
Yang H, Ghiassinejad S, van Ruymbeke E, Fustin CA
6968 - 6974 Metal-Containing Poly(ionic liquid) Exhibiting Photogeneration of Coordination Network: Reversible Control of Viscoelasticity and Ionic Conductivity
Sumitani R, Mochida T
6975 - 6983 Bulk and Interfacial Contributions to the Adhesion of Acrylic Emulsion-Based Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Wang QF, Griffith WB, Einsla M, Zhang SP, Pacholski ML, Shull KR
6984 - 6994 Bridging-Controlled Network Microstructure and Long-Wavelength Fluctuations in Silica-Poly(2-vinylpyridine) Nanocomposites: Experimental Results and Theoretical Analysis
Zhou YX, Yavitt BM, Zhou ZP, Bocharova V, Salatto D, Endoh MK, Ribbe AE, Sokolov AP, Koga T, Schweizer KS
6995 - 7008 Mechanisms of Ion Transport in Lithium Salt-Doped Polymeric Ionic Liquid Electrolytes
Zhang ZD, Nasrabadi AT, Aryal D, Ganesan V
7009 - 7024 Dithiolane-Crosslinked Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-Based Micelles: Impact of Monomer Sequence, Nature of Monomer, and Reducing Agent on the Dynamic Crosslinking Properties
Liu YN, van Steenbergen MJ, Zhong ZY, Oliveira S, Hennink WE, van Nostrum CF
7025 - 7033 Nanodiscs Generated from the Solvent Exchange of a Block Copolymer
Zhang QY, Fan HL, Zhang L, Jin ZX
7034 - 7043 Self-Assembling Peptide-Polymer Nano-Objects via Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly
Dao TPT, Vezenkov L, Subra G, Amblard M, In M, Le Meins JF, Aubrit F, Moradi MA, Ladmiral V, Semsarilar M
7044 - 7052 Synthesis of a Cylindrical Micelle from Hydrophilic Polymers Connected with a Single Supramolecular Structure-Directing Unit
Dey P, Rajdev P, Pramanik P, Haag R, Ghosh S
7053 - 7062 9,9-Dimethyl Dihydroacridine-Based Organic Photocatalyst for Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization from Modifying "Unstable" Electron Donor
Liu YM, Chen Q, Tong YJ, Ma YG
7063 - 7072 Optimization of Thermoelectric Properties of Polymers by Incorporating Oligoethylene Glycol Side Chains and Sequential Solution Doping with Preannealing Treatment
Tripathi A, Ko Y, Kim M, Lee Y, Lee S, Park J, Kwon YW, Kwak J, Woo HY
7073 - 7083 Increasing the Fluorine Substituent of Thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione Terthiophene Copolymers Progressively Narrows the Nanofibrils and Enhances the Efficiency of Fullerene-Based Polymer Photovoltaics
Fenta AD, Liao SF, Li SW, Lu CF, Chen CT
7084 - 7095 Thermodynamics of Model P alpha MSAN/dPMMA Blend: A Combined Study by SANS, Ellipsometry, and Locally Correlated Lattice (LCL) Theory
White RP, Aoki Y, Higgins JS, Keddie JL, Lipson JEG, Cabral JT
7096 - 7106 Rheo-Optical and Dielectric Study on Dynamics of Bottlebrush-like Polymacromonomer Consisting of a Polyisoprene Main Chain and Polystyrene Side Chains
Iwawaki H, Urakawa O, Inoue T, Nakamura Y, Matsumiya Y, Watanabe H
7107 - 7118 Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films from Mixtures of Polyanions: Different Compositions in Films and Deposition Solutions
Sill A, Nestler P, Weltmeyer A, Passvogel M, Neuber S, Helm CA
7119 - 7131 Organic-Inorganic Polycyclooctadienes with Double-Decker Silsesquioxanes in the Main Chains: Synthesis, Self-Healing, and Shape Memory Properties Regulated with Quadruple Hydrogen Bonds
Zhao BJ, Mei HG, Liu N, Zheng SX
7132 - 7140 Concentration Dependence of the Size and Symmetry of a Bottlebrush Polymer in a Good Solvent
Sunday DF, Chremos A, Martin TB, Chang AB, Burns AB, Grubbs RH
7141 - 7149 Influence of Added Salt on Chain Conformations in Poly(ethylene oxide) Melts: SANS Analysis with Complications
Xie SY, Zhang B, Mao YM, He LL, Hong KL, Bates FS, Lodge TP
7150 - 7160 Concentration Fluctuations and Nanosegregation in a Simplified Industrial Blend with Large Dynamic Asymmetry
Gambino T, Shafqat N, Alegria A, Malicki N, Dronet S, Radulescu A, Nemkovski K, Arbe A, Colmenero J
7161 - 7170 Self-Healing High Strength and Thermal Conductivity of 3D Graphene/PDMS Composites by the Optimization of Multiple Molecular Interactions
Yu HT, Feng YY, Gao L, Chen C, Zhang ZX, Feng W
7171 - 7177 Evaluation of Crystallinity and Hydrogen Bond Formation in Stereocomplex Poly(lactic acid) Films by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Hirata J, Kurokawa N, Okano M, Hotta A, Watanabe S
7178 - 7186 Confinement Effect on the Surface of a Metal-Organic Polyhedron: Tunable Thermoresponsiveness and Water Permeability
Lai YY, Li M, Zhang MX, Li XP, Yuan J, Wang WY, Zhou QJ, Huang MJ, Yin PC
7187 - 7197 Surface Morphologies of Planar Ring Polyelectrolyte Brushes Induced by Trivalent Salts
Hao QH, Cheng J, Liu LX, Tan HG, Wei T, Liu LY, Miao B
7198 - 7206 Interfacial Instability-Driven Morphological Transition of Prolate Block Copolymer Particles: Striped Football, Larva to Sphere
Lee S, Shin JJ, Ku KH, Lee YJ, Jang SG, Yun H, Kim BJ
7207 - 7217 Tailored and Guided Dewetting of Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends
Lupi FF, Murataj I, Celegato F, Angelini A, Frascella F, Chiarcos R, Antonioli D, Gianotti V, Tiberto P, Pirri CF, Boarino L, Laus M