Macromolecules, Vol.53, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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4577 - 4580 Diverse Morphologies of Block Copolymers by Blending with Homo (and Co) Polymers
Choi C, Ahn S, Kim JK
4581 - 4604 Self-Nucleation Effects on Polymer Crystallization
Sangroniz L, Cavallo D, Muller AJ
4605 - 4617 Atomistic Modeling of Plastic Deformation in Semicrystalline Polyethylene: Role of Interphase Topology, Entanglements, and Chain Dynamics
Ranganathan R, Kumar V, Brayton AL, Kroger M, Rutledge GC
4618 - 4629 Force Response of Polypeptide Chains from Water-Explicit MD Simulations
Schwarzl R, Liese S, Brunig FN, Laudisio F, Netz RR
4630 - 4648 Conformational Distributions near and on the Substrate during Surface-Initiated Living Polymerization: A Lattice-Based Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach
Arraez FJ, Van Steenberge PHM, D'hooge DR
4649 - 4658 Molecular Simulation of Tracer Diffusion and Self-Diffusion in Entangled Polymers
Shanbhag S, Wang ZW
4659 - 4669 Precise Control of Molecular Weight and Stereospecificity in Lewis Pair Polymerization of Semifluorinated Methacrylates: Mechanistic Studies and Stereocomplex Formation
Wang X, Hong M
4670 - 4677 Rational Entry to Cyclic Polymers via Thermally Induced Radical Ring-Expansion Polymerization of Macrocycles with One Bis(hindered amino)disulfide Linkage
Takashima R, Aoki D, Otsuka H
4678 - 4684 Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Driven by Near-Infrared Light with Recyclable Upconversion Nanoparticles
Zhang WJ, He JH, Lv CN, Wang QY, Pang XC, Matyjaszewski K, Pan XC
4685 - 4691 Synthesis and Closed-Loop Recycling of Self-Immolative Poly(dithiothreitol)
Pal S, Sommerfeldt A, Davidsen MB, Hinge M, Pedersen SU, Daasbjerg K
4692 - 4703 beta(fast) Relaxation Governs the Damping Stability of Acrylic Polymer/ Hindered Phenol Hybrids
Shi GP, Liu YB, Wu GZ
4704 - 4710 Toward Quantitative Prediction of the Mechanical Properties of Tandem Modular Elastomeric Protein-Based Hydrogels
Fu LL, Li HB
4711 - 4721 Lamellar Bilayer to Fibril Structure Transformation of Tough Photonic Hydrogel under Elongation
Haque MA, Cui KP, Ilyas M, Kurokawa T, Marcellan A, Brulet A, Takahashi R, Nakajima T, Gong JP
4722 - 4732 Functionalizing Polystyrene with N-Alicyclic Piperidine-Based Cations via Friedel-Crafts Alkylation for Highly Alkali-Stable Anion-Exchange Membranes
Olsson JS, Pham TH, Jannasch P
4733 - 4740 Living Ring-Expansion Polymerization of Thiirane with Cyclic Monocarbamothioates
Kudo H, Naritomi K, Onishi S, Maekawa H, Mondarte EAQ, Suthiwanich K, Hayashi T
4741 - 4747 Shock Wave Energy Dissipation in Catalyst-Free Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Vitrimers
Lee J, Jing BB, Porath LE, Sottos NR, Evans CM
4748 - 4763 Selective Dissolution Resistance Control of EUV Photoresist Using Multiscale Simulation: Rational Design of Hybrid System
Kim M, Moon J, Park S, Cho M
4764 - 4769 A Deep Learning Solvent-Selection Paradigm Powered by a Massive Solvent/Nonsolvent Database for Polymers
Chandrasekaran A, Kim C, Venkatram S, Ramprasad R
4770 - 4782 Free Volume in a PVME Polymer-Water Solution
Capponi S, Alvarez F, Racko D
4783 - 4795 Self-assembly in Solutions of Amphiphilic Homopolymers: Computer Modeling and Analytical Theory
Buglakov AI, Larin DE, Vasilevskaya VV
4796 - 4809 Molecular Dynamics Study of Glass Formation in Polymer Melts with Varying Chain Stiffness
Xu WS, Douglas JF, Xu XL
4810 - 4820 Supramolecular Polymer Brushes: Influence of Molecular Weight and Cross-Linking on Linear Viscoelastic Behavior
Golkaram M, van Ruymbeke E, Portale G, Loos K
4821 - 4835 Flexibility, Extensibility, and Ratio of Kuhn Length to Packing Length Govern the Pinching Dynamics, Coil-Stretch Transition, and Rheology of Polymer Solutions
Dinic J, Sharma V
4836 - 4844 Control of Particle Dispersion with Autophobic Dewetting in Polymer Nanocomposites
Kwon NK, Kim H, Shin TJ, Saalwachter K, Park J, Kim SY
4845 - 4854 Swelling and Dissolution Transitions of DNA- and "Bis"-Cross-Linked Polyacrylamide
Du C, Hill RJ
4855 - 4862 Rheology of the Critical Transition State of an Epoxy Vitrimer
Fang HG, Ye WJ, Ding YS, Winter HH
4863 - 4873 Suppressed Cavitation in Die-Drawn Isotactic Polypropylene
Lyu D, Sun YY, Lu Y, Liu LZ, Chen R, Thompson G, Caton-Rose F, Coates P, Wang Y, Men YF
4874 - 4881 Chemical Structure Drives Memory Effects in the Crystallization of Homopolymers
Sangroniz L, Sangroniz A, Meabe L, Basterretxea A, Sardon H, Cavallo D, Muller AJ
4882 - 4888 Remotely Controlling the Crystallization of Thin Polymer Coatings
Vanroy B, Wubbenhorst M, Napolitano S
4889 - 4900 Structural Evolution of Ternary Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Solvent Systems for Phase Inversion Membrane Formation
Hibi Y, Hesse SA, Yu F, Thedford RP, Wiesner U
4901 - 4907 Azobenzene Molecular Trigger Controlling Phase Transitions of PNIPAm in Ionic Liquids and Light-Controlled Adhesiveness
Wang CH, Li PQ, Zhang SG, Zhang GQ, Tan S, Wu Y, Watanabe M
4908 - 4916 The Nanostructure of HMT-PMBI, a Sterically Hindered Ionene
Schibli EM, Stewart JC, Wright AA, Chen BY, Holdcroft S, Frisken BJ
4917 - 4924 Norbornadiene Chain-End Functional Polymers as Stable, Readily Available Precursors to Cyclopentadiene Derivatives
Bailey SJ, Discekici EH, Barbon SM, Nguyen SN, Hawker CJ, de Alaniz JR
4925 - 4931 Soft Confined Assembly of Polymer-Tethered Inorganic Nanoparticles in Cylindrical Micelles
Wang K, Jin SM, Li F, Tian D, Xu JP, Lee EJ, Zhu JT
4932 - 4941 Catalyst-Free Click Polymerization of Thiol and Activated Internal Alkynes: A Facile Strategy toward Functional Poly(beta-thioacrylate)s
Du J, Huang D, Li HK, Qin AJ, Tang BZ, Li YF
4942 - 4951 Self-Sorting of Amphiphilic Block-Pendant Homopolymers into Sphere or Rod Micelles in Water
Kimura Y, Takenaka M, Ouchi M, Terashima T
4952 - 4959 Poly(4-ketovalerolactone) from Levulinic Acid: Synthesis and Hydrolytic Degradation
Xu S, Wang YX, Hoye TR
4960 - 4967 Role of Side-Chain Architecture in Poly(ethylene oxide)-Based Copolymers
Geng ZS, Schauser NS, Lee J, Schmeller RP, Barbon SM, Segalman RA, Lynd NA, Hawker CJ
4968 - 4981 Investigation of the Mobility Stretchability Relationship of Ester-Substituted Polythiophene Derivatives
Wu YS, Lin YC, Hung SY, Chen CK, Chiang YC, Chueh CC, Chen WC
4982 - 4989 Entangled Polymer Dynamics in Attractive Nanocomposite Melts
Senses E, Darvishi S, Tyagi MS, Faraone A
4990 - 5000 The Effect of Oligo(oxyethylene) Moieties on Ion Conduction and Dielectric Properties of Norbornene-Based Imidazolium Tf2N Ionic Liquid Monomers
Choi UH, Price TL, Schoonover DV, Gibson HW, Colby RH
5001 - 5014 Synthesis of Y-Shaped Polymer Brushes on Silica Particles and Hierarchical Surface Structures Fabricated by the Coassembly Approach
Liu YZ, Hou WM, Zhao HY