Macromolecules, Vol.52, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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9425 - 9426 Editorial
Hillmyer MA
9427 - 9444 A Critical Approach to Polymer Dynamics in Supramolecular Polymers
Golkaram M, Loos K
9445 - 9455 Molecular Dynamics Validation and Applications of the Maximum Entropy Homogenization Procedure for Predicting the Elastic Properties of Gaussian Polymer Networks
Gusev AA, Schwarz F
9456 - 9465 Universal Scaling Behavior during Network Formation in Controlled Radical Polymerizations
Mann JL, Rossi RL, Smith AAA, Appel EA
9466 - 9475 Synthesis of Gradient Copolymer Grafted Particle Brushes by ATRP
Wang ZY, Liu T, Zhao YQ, Lee JJ, Wei QB, Yan JJ, Li SP, Olszewski M, Yin RG, Zhai Y, Bockstaller MR, Matyjaszewski K
9476 - 9483 Morphology Control of Liposome - RAFT Oligomer Precursors to Complex Polymer Nanostructures
Moradi MA, Tempelaar S, van Herk AM, Heuts JPA
9484 - 9494 Self-Assembly of Monolayer Vesicles via Backbone-Shiftable Synthesis of Janus Core-Shell Bottlebrush Polymer
Nam J, Kim Y, Kim JG, Seo M
9495 - 9503 Directed Self-Assembly in Diblock Copolymer Thin Films for Uniform Hemisphere Pattern Formation
Hill JD, Millett PC
9504 - 9511 Hierarchically Ordered Structures of Rod-Rod Block Copolymers Containing Two Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Tang ZH, Hou PP, Zhang W, Lyu XL, Shen ZH, Fan XH
9512 - 9525 Double-Network Physical Cross-Linking Strategy To Promote Bulk Mechanical and Surface Adhesive Properties of Hydrogels
Tang L, Zhang D, Gong L, Zhang YX, Xie SW, Ren BP, Liu YL, Yang FY, Zhou GY, Chang Y, Tang JX, Zheng J
9526 - 9535 Facial Amphiphilicity-Induced Self-Assembly (FAISA) of Amphiphilic Copolymers
Rahman MA, Sha Y, Jui MS, Lamm ME, Ma YF, Tang CB
9536 - 9544 Molecular Aspects of Film Formation of Partially Cross-Linked Water-Borne Secondary Dispersions that Show Skin Formation upon Drying
Liu Y, Silva PPD, Tran K, Zhou H, Emsermann J, Zhang M, Ho K, Lu YJ, Soleimani M, Winnik MA
9545 - 9554 Polyoxometalate-Based Hybrid Supramolecular Polymer via Orthogonal Metal Coordination and Reversible Photo-Cross-Linking
Yan J, Huang HY, Miao ZL, Zhang QY, Yan Y
9555 - 9560 Highly Syndioselective Coordination (Co)Polymerization of ortho-Fluorostyrene
Wang TT, Liu DT, Cui DM
9561 - 9568 Multimechanophore Graft Polymers: Mechanochemical Reactions at Backbone-Arm Junctions
Peterson GI, Lee J, Choi TL
9569 - 9577 Shear Modulus of an Irreversible Diblock Copolymer Network from Self-Consistent Field Theory
Qi SH, Zhou JJ, Schmid F
9578 - 9584 Shape-Adaptive Single-Chain Nanoparticles Interacting with Lipid Membranes
Guo YC, Werner M, Li WF, Sommer JU, Baulin VA
9585 - 9593 Concentration Dependence of the Extensional Relaxation Time and Finite Extensibility in Dilute and Semidilute Polymer Solutions Using a Microfluidic Rheometer
Kim SG, Lee HS
9594 - 9603 Solution Rheology of Poly(acrylic acid)-Grafted Silica Nanoparticles
Zhang CF, Yang SY, Padmanabhan V, Akcora P
9604 - 9612 Microstructural Understanding of the Length- and Stiffness-Dependent Shear Thinning in Semidilute Colloidal Rods
Lang C, Kohlbrecher J, Porcar L, Raclulescu A, Sellinghoff K, Dhont JKG, Lettinga MP
9613 - 9619 Shear Modulus Dependence of the Diffusion Coefficient of a Polymer Network
Fujiyabu T, Yoshikawa Y, Kim J, Sakumichi N, Chung U, Sakai T
9620 - 9631 The "Superlubricity State" of Carbonaceous Fillers on Polyethylene-Based Composites in a Molten State
Ferreira EHC, Andrade RJE, Fechine GJM
9632 - 9638 Surface Effect on Frictional Properties for Thin Hydrogel Films of Poly (vinyl ether)
Itagaki N, Kawaguchi D, Oda Y, Nemoto F, Yamada NL, Yamaguchi T, Tanaka K
9639 - 9645 Molecular Orientation in Individual Electrospun Nanofibers Studied by Polarized AFM-IR
Wang ZQ, Sun BL, Lu XF, Wang C, Su ZH
9646 - 9656 Two Nanoporous Crystalline Forms of Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide and Related Co-Crystalline Forms
Nagendra B, Cozzolino A, Daniel C, Rizzo P, Guerra G, Auriemma F, De Rosa C, D'Alterio MC, Tarallo O, Nuzzo A
9657 - 9664 Direct High-Temperature Form I Crystallization of Isotactic Poly(1-butene) Assisted by Oriented Isotactic Polypropylene
Guo ZX, Xin R, Hu J, Li YP, Sun XL, Yan SK
9665 - 9671 Controlling the Growth of Stacks of Correlated Lamellar Crystals of a Block Copolymer
Majumder S, Reiter R, Xu J, Reiter G
9672 - 9681 Programmable Thermoresponsive Micelle-Inspired Polymer Ionic Liquids as Molecular Shuttles for Anionic Payloads
Wiedmann S, Luitz M, Kerscher B, Lutz JF, Mulhaupt R
9682 - 9692 Enhanced Conductivity via Homopolymer-Rich Pathways in Block Polymer-Blended Electrolytes
Morris MA, Sung SH, Ketkar PM, Dura JA, Nieuwendaal RC, Epps TH
9693 - 9702 Structure and Properties of Bicontinuous Microemulsions from Salt-Doped Ternary Polymer Blends
Xie SY, Meyer DJ, Wang E, Bates FS, Lodge TP
9703 - 9714 Competitive Copolymerization: Access to Azridine Copolymers with Adjustable Gradient Strengths
Gleede T, Markwart JC, Huber N, Rieger E, Wurm FR
9715 - 9723 Structure Development in Polymers during Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF): An in Situ Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering Study Using Synchrotron Radiation
Nogales A, Gutierrez-Fernandez E, Garcia-Gutierrez MC, Ezquerra TA, Rebollar E, Sics I, Malfois M, Gaidukovs S, Gecis E, Celms K, Bakradze G
9724 - 9734 Hydrogen Bond-Directed Formation of Stiff Polymer Films Using Naturally Occurring Polyphenols
Jimenez N, Ballard N, Asua JM
9735 - 9745 Hierarchical Scattering Function-for Silica-Filled Rubbers under Deformation: Effect of the Initial Cluster Distribution
Staropoli M, Gerstner D, Sztucki M, Vehres G, Duez B, Westermann S, Lenoble D, Pyckhout-Hintzen W
9746 - 9758 Structural Properties of Micelles Formed by Telechelic Pentablock Quaterpolymers with pH-Responsive Midblocks and Thermoresponsive End Blocks in Aqueous Solution
Jung FA, Panteli PA, Ko CH, Kang JJ, Barnsley LC, Tsitsilianis C, Patrickios CS, Papadakis CM
9759 - 9765 Interfacial Broadening Kinetics between , a Network and a Linear Polymer and Their Composites Prepared by Melt Blending
Hu KL, Wei TT, Li HX, He CF, Yang HK, Russell TP, Wang D
9766 - 9772 NMR Relaxation of Functionlized Dendrimers
Sheveleva NN, Dolgushev M, Landeranta E, Markelov DA
9773 - 9780 Nanophase Separation of Poly(N-alkyl acrylamides): The Dependence of the Formation of Lamellar Structures on Their Alkyl Side Chains
Ebata K, Hashimoto Y, Yamamoto S, Mitsuishi M, Nagano S, Matsui J
9781 - 9785 A Correlation, between Thermal Diffusivity and Long Period in Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyesters
Yamazaki S, Tokita M
9786 - 9791 N,N '-Bicarbazole-Based Covalent Triazine Frameworks-as - High-Performance Heterogeneous Photocatalysts
Xu TT, Li YS, Zhao ZQ, Xing GL, Chen L
9792 - 9798 Highly Efficient Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization System Based on the SaBOX/Copper Catalyst
Chen ZH, Wang XY, Sun XL, Li JF, Zhu BH, Tang Y
9799 - 9803 Functional Poly(p-xylylene)s via Chemical Reduction of Poly(p-phenylenevinylene)s
Uddin A, Sang WF, Gao Y, Plunkeet KN
9804 - 9812 Enhanced Molecular Doping for High Conductivity in Polymers with Volume Freed for Dopants
Li H, DeCoster ME, Ming C, Wang MD, Chen YL, Hopkins PE, Chen LD, Katz HE