Macromolecules, Vol.52, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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3965 - 3974 Polymer Chemistries Underpinning Materials for Skin-Inspired Electronics
Tran H, Feig VR, Liu K, Zheng Y, Bao ZA
3975 - 3986 High-Throughput Synthesis of Antimicrobial Copolymers and Rapid Evaluation of Their Bioactivity
Judzewitsch PR, Zhao L, Wong EHH, Boyer C
3987 - 3994 Characterizing Microvoids in Regenerated Cellulose Fibers Obtained from Viscose and Lyocell Processes
Sharma A, Sen D, Thakre S, Kumaraswamy G
3995 - 4007 Deswelling of Microgels in Crowded Suspensions Depends on Cross-Link Density and Architecture
Scotti A, Denton AR, Brugnoni M, Houston JE, Schweins R, Potemkin II, Richtering W
4008 - 4019 Photophysical Properties of Partially Functionalized Phenylsilsesquioxane: [RSiO1.5](7)[Me/nPrSiO(1.5)] and [RSiO1.5](7)[O0.5SiMe3](3) (R=4-Me/4-CN-Stilbene). Cage-Centered Magnetic Fields Form under Intense Laser Light
Guan J, Tomobe K, Madu I, Goodson T, Makhal K, Trinh MT, Rand SC, Yodsin N, Jungsuttiwong S, Laine RM
4020 - 4029 Cationic Copolymerization of o-Phthalaldehyde and Functional Aliphatic Aldehydes
Engler A, Phillips O, Miller RC, Tobin C, Kohl PA
4030 - 4041 Poly(olefin)-Based Anion Exchange Membranes Prepared Using Ziegler-Natta Polymerization
Zhu L, Yu XD, Peng X, Zimudzi TJ, Saikia N, Kwasny MT, Song SF, Kushner DI, Fu ZS, Tew GN, Mustain WE, Yandrasits MA, Hickner MA
4042 - 4051 Sequential Co-Click Reactions with Poly(glycidyl propargyl ether) toward Single-Ion Conducting Electrolytes
Krimalowski A, Thelakkat M
4052 - 4058 Group-Transfer Polymerization of Various Crotonates Using Organic Acid Catalysts
Takenaka Y, Abe H
4059 - 4066 Synthesis of trans-Isotactic Poly(norbornene)s through Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Initiated by Group VI Imido Alkylidene N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes
Benedikter MJ, Schowner R, Elser I, Werner P, Herz K, Stohr L, Imbrich DA, Nagy GM, Wang DR, Buchmeiser MR
4067 - 4078 Macropropagation Rate Coefficients and Branching Levels in Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization of 2-Ethyl-2-oxazoline through Prediction of Size Exclusion Chromatography Data
Arraez FJ, Xu XW, Van Steenberge PHM, Jerca VV, Hoogenboom R, D'hooge DR
4079 - 4090 Impact of Organometallic Intermediates on Copper-Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Fantin M, Lorandi F, Ribelli TG, Szczepaniak G, Enciso AE, Fliedel C, Thevenin L, Isse AA, Poli R, Matyjaszewski K
4091 - 4102 Effects of Segment Length Asymmetry in Ternary Diblock Co-polymer-Homopolymer Mixtures
Yadav M, Bates FS, Morse DC
4103 - 4110 Nonlinear Rheological Behaviors in Polymer Melts after Step Shear
Ruan YJ, Lu YY, An LJ, Wang ZG
4111 - 4119 Hydrodynamics and Filtering of Knotted Ring Polymers in Nanochannels
Weiss LB, Marenda M, Micheletti C, Likos CN
4120 - 4130 Co-Nonsolvency Response of a Polymer Brush: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Galuschko A, Sommer JU
4131 - 4138 Does Preferential Adsorption Drive Cononsolvency?
Bharadwaj S, van der Vegt NFA
4139 - 4144 Stability Limits of Pressure Densified Polycarbonate Glass
Holt AP, Fragiadakis D, Wollmershauser JA, Feigelson BN, Tyagi M, Roland CM
4145 - 4153 Loops in Polymer Networks
Panyukov S
4154 - 4168 Constructing Sacrificial Multiple Networks To Toughen Elastomer
Zhang ZY, Liu J, Li S, Gao K, Ganesan V, Zhang LQ
4169 - 4184 Hierarchical Sticker and Sticky Chain Dynamics in Self-Healing Butyl Rubber lonomers
Mordvinkin A, Suckow M, Bohme F, Colby RH, Creton C, Saalwachter K
4185 - 4195 Dynamics of Entangled cis-1,4-Polyisoprene Confined to Nanoporous Alumina
Politidis C, Alexandris S, Sakellariou G, Steinhart M, Floudas G
4196 - 4208 Crystallization and Molecular Topology of Linear Semicrystalline Polymers: Simulation of Uni- and Bimodal Molecular Weight Distribution Systems
Zhai ZQ, Morthomas J, Fusco C, Perez M, Lame O
4209 - 4221 Chemical Bond Scission and Physical Slippage in the Mullins Effect and Fatigue Behavior of Elastomers
Wan HX, Gao K, Li S, Zhang LQ, Wu XH, Wang XD, Liu J
4222 - 4231 Solar Thermal Storage and Room-Temperature Fast Release Using a Uniform Flexible Azobenzene-Grafted Polynorborene Film Enhanced by Stretching
Fu LX, Yang JX, Dong LQ, Yu HT, Yan QH, Zhao FL, Zhai F, Xu YH, Dang YF, Hu WP, Feng YY, Feng W
4232 - 4239 Epitaxial Recrystallization of IPBu in Form II on an Oriented IPS Film Initially Induced by Oriented Form I IPBu
Li YP, Guo ZX, Xue ML, Yan SK
4240 - 4250 Ion-Dipole-Interaction-Driven Complexation of Polyethers with Polyviologen-Based Single-Ion Conductors
Lee M, Gibson HW, Kim T, Colby RH, Choi UH
4251 - 4259 Crowding and Confinement Effects in Different Polymer Concentration Regimes and Their Roles in Regulating the Growth of Nanotubes
Zhang QF, Zhu L, Hou TH, Chang HJ, Bai QW, Zhao J, Liang DH
4260 - 4269 Synthesis and Controlled Organobase-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Polymerization of Morpholine-2,5-Dione Derivatives and Monomer Recovery by Acid-Catalyzed Degradation of the Polymers
Shi CX, Guo YT, Wu YH, Li ZY, Wang YZ, Du FS, Li ZC
4270 - 4277 Aqueous Dispersions of Ethylene Copolymers and Their Laponite Clay Nanocomposites from Free-Radical Dispersion Polymerization
Morgen TO, Luttikhedde H, Mecking S
4278 - 4286 Removable Nonconjugated Polymers To Debundle and Disperse Carbon Nanotubes
Kanimozhi C, Shea MJ, Ko J, Wei W, Huang PS, Arnold MS, Gopalan P
4287 - 4294 Dimple Colloids with Tunable Cavity Size and Surface Functionalities
Guo Y, van Ravensteijn BGP, Kegel WK
4295 - 4305 Effect of Molecular Crowding on Conformation and Interactions of Single-Chain Nanoparticles
Oberdisse J, Gonzalez-Burgos M, Mendia A, Arbe A, Moreno AJ, Pomposo JA, Radulescu A, Colmenero J
4306 - 4316 Controlled Syntheses of Well-Defined Poly(thionophosphoester)s That Undergo Peroxide-Triggered Degradation
Liu Y, Bejjanki NK, Jiang W, Zhao YY, Wang L, Sun X, Tang XF, Liu H, Wang YC
4317 - 4328 Phase Diagrams of Binary Low Bandgap Conjugated Polymer Solutions and Blends
Kim JY
4329 - 4340 Fabrication of "Zn2+ Salt-Bondings" Cross-Linked SBS-g-COOH/ZnO Composites: Thiol-Ene Reaction Modification of SBS, Structure, High Modulus, and Shape Memory Properties
Yan MW, Cao LM, Xu CH, Chen YK
4341 - 4348 Cooperative Soft-Cluster Glass in Giant Molecular Clusters
Liu YC, Liu GX, Zhang W, Du C, Wesdemiotis C, Cheng SZD
4349 - 4358 Hydrogen Bonding-Mediated Phase Transition of Polystyrene and Polyhydroxystyrene Bottlebrush Block Copolymers with Polyethylene Glycol
Yu YG, Seo C, Chae CG, Seo HB, Kim MJ, Kang Y, Lee JS
4359 - 4369 Vertical Distribution to Optimize Active Layer Morphology for Efficient All-Polymer Solar Cells by J71 as a Compatibilizer
Liu SQ, Chen D, Zhou WH, Yu ZKN, Chen L, Liu F, Chen YW
4370 - 4375 Stable Activated Furan and Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adduct Polymer Conjugates as Chemical and Thermal Sensors
Chen QN, Diaz YJ, Hawker MC, Martinez MR, Page ZA, Zhang SXA, Hawker CJ, de Alaniz JR
4376 - 4384 Hyperbranched Conjugated Polymer Dots: The Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity for Visible Light-Driven Hydrogen Production
Zhao P, Wang LJ, Wu YS, Yang T, Ding Y, Yang HG, Hu AG
4385 - 4395 Modeling Gas and Vapor Sorption and Swelling in Triptycene-Based Polybenzoxazole: Evidence for Entropy-Driven Sorption Behavior
Loianno V, Zhang QN, Luo SJ, Guo RL, Galizia M
4396 - 4404 Tailoring Carbosilane Side Chains toward Intrinsically Stretchable Semiconducting Polymers
Chiang YC, Wu HC, Wen HF, Hung CC, Hong CW, Kuo CC, Higashihara T, Chen WC
4405 - 4411 Thermochromic Polydiacetylene Nanotube from Amphiphilic Macrocyclic Diacetylene in Aqueous Solution
Heo JM, Son Y, Han S, Ro HJ, Jun S, Kundapur U, Noh J, Kim JM