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1591 - 1597 Janus Particles Synthesis by Emulsion Interfacial Polymerization: Polystyrene as Seed or Beyond?
Fan JB, Liu H, Song YY, Luo Z, Lu ZY, Wang ST
1598 - 1604 Using Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Norbornene To Construct Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Polymers: High-Efficiency Blue Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
Zeng X, Luo JJ, Zhou T, Chen TH, Zhou X, Wu KL, Zou Y, Xie GH, Gong SL, Yang CL
1605 - 1619 Thermally Rearranged Polybenzoxazoles Containing Bulky Adamantyl Groups from Ortho-Substituted Precursor Copolyimides
Aguilar-Lugo C, Alvarez C, Lee YM, de la Campa JG, Lozano AE
1620 - 1625 Supramolecular Interfacial Polymerization of Miscible Monomers: Fabricating Supramolecular Polymers with Tailor-Made Structures
Qin B, Zhang S, Huang ZH, Xu JF, Zhang X
1626 - 1635 Systematic Control of Self-Seeding Crystallization Patterns of Poly(ethylene oxide) in Thin Films
Wang BH, Tang SH, Wang Y, Shen CY, Reiter R, Reiter G, Chen JB, Zhang B
1636 - 1643 Tuning the Morphology of an Acrylate-Based Metallo-Supramolecular Network: From Vesicles to Cylinders
Savage AM, Walck SD, Lambeth RH, Beyer FL
1644 - 1653 Viscosity Transitions Driven by Thermoresponsive Self-Assembly in PHOS-g-P(PO-r-EO) Brush Copolymer
Papagiannopoulos A, Zhao JP, Zhang GZ, Pispas S, Jafta CJ
1654 - 1665 Phase Behaviors and Bridging Properties of Bolaform Tethered Nanoparticles
Zhang TC, Fu C, Yang YZ, Qiu F
1666 - 1673 Chain Network: Key to the Ductile Behavior of Polymer Glasses
Liu ZN, Li XX, Zheng YX, Wang SQ, Tsige M
1674 - 1680 UCST-Type Thermoresponsive Polymers in Synthetic Lubricating Oil Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Fu WX, Bai W, Jiang SS, Seymour BT, Zhao B
1681 - 1687 Ion Transport in Cyclopropenium-Based Polymerized Ionic Liquids
Griffin PJ, Freyer JL, Han N, Geller N, Yin XD, Gheewala CD, Lambert TH, Campos LM, Winey KI
1688 - 1695 Phenolic Naphthoxazines as Curing Promoters for Benzoxazines
Kaya G, Kiskan B, Yagci Y
1696 - 1705 Tough, Swelling-Resistant, Self-Healing, and Adhesive Dual-Cross-Linked Hydrogels Based on Polymer-Tannic Acid Multiple Hydrogen Bonds
Fan HL, Wang JH, Jin ZX
1706 - 1717 Polyelectrolyte Chain Structure and Solution Phase Behavior
Shen K, Wang ZG
1718 - 1732 Influence of Chain Topology (Cyclic versus Linear) on the Nucleation and Isothermal Crystallization of Poly(L-lactide) and Poly(D-lactide)
Zaldua N, Lienard R, Josse T, Zubitur M, Mugica A, Iturrospe A, Arbe A, De Winter J, Coulembier O, Muller AJ
1733 - 1740 Correlations between Salt-Induced Crystallization, Morphology, Segmental Dynamics, and Conductivity in Amorphous Block Copolymer Electrolytes
Thelen JL, Wang AA, Chen XC, Jiang X, Schaible E, Balsara NP
1741 - 1747 Extended Adam-Gibbs Approach To Describe the Segmental Dynamics of Cross-Linked Miscible Rubber Blends
Schwartz GA, Ortega L, Meyer M, Isitman NA, Sill C, Westermann S, Cerveny S
1748 - 1755 Evaluation of Blob Theory for the Diffusion of DNA in Nanochannels
Gupta D, Bhandari AB, Dorfman KD
1756 - 1768 Effect of Flowing Preformed Spherulites on Shear-Induced Melt Crystallization Behaviors of Isotactic Polypropylene
Wang JY, Wang XH, Wang QJ, Xu C, Wang ZG
1769 - 1776 Synthesis of Fluorescent Micro- and Mesoporous Polyaminals for Detection of Toxic Pesticides
Zhang B, Yan J, Shang YQ, Wang ZG
1777 - 1786 Demystifying the Mechanism of Regio- and Isoselective Epoxide Polymerization Using the Vandenberg Catalyst
Ferrier RC, Pakhira S, Palmon SE, Rodriguez CG, Goldfeld DJ, Iyiola OO, Chwatko M, Mendoza-Cortes JL, Lynd NA
1787 - 1797 Organocatalyzed ROP of a Glucopyranoside Derived Five-Membered Cyclic Carbonate
Felder SE, Redding MJ, Noel A, Grayson SM, Wooley KL
1798 - 1810 Chain-Length Dependence of Relaxation and Dynamics in Poly(methyl methacrylate) from Oligomers to Polymers
Zulli F, Giordano M, Andreozzi L
1811 - 1821 pi-Conjugated Dithienophosphole Derivatives as High Performance Photoinitiators for 3D Printing Resins
Al Mousawi A, Garra P, Sallenave X, Dumur F, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Graff B, Gigmes D, Fouassier JP, Lalevee J
1822 - 1829 UV-Blocking Synthetic Biopolymer from Biomass-Based Bifuran Diester and Ethylene Glycol
Kainulainen TP, Sirvio JA, Sethi J, Hukka TI, Heiskanen JP
1830 - 1840 Molecular Modeling of Cross-Linked Polymers with Complex Cure Pathways: A Case Study of Bismaleimide Resins
Radue MS, Varshney V, Baur JW, Roy AK, Odegard GM
1841 - 1849 Tailoring the Properties of a Shape-Memory Polyurethane via Nanocomposite Formation and Nucleation
Shirole A, Nicharat A, Perotto CU, Weder C
1850 - 1864 Molecular Simulation of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes under Large Tensile Deformation
Zhu SZ, Lempesis N, in 't Veld PJ, Rutledge GC
1865 - 1872 Coupling of Nanoparticle Dynamics to Polymer Center-of-Mass Motion in Semidilute Polymer Solutions
Chen RJ, Poling-Skutvik R, Nikoubashman A, Howard MP, Conrad JC, Palmer JC
1873 - 1884 Diffusion of Molecular and Macromolecular Polyolefin Probes in Cylindrical Block Copolymer Structures As Observed by High Temperature Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
Baier M, Woll D, Mecking S
1885 - 1893 SANS Study of Ring Topology Effects on the Miscibility of Polymer Blends
Kobayashi Y, Doi YY, Rahman SSA, Kim E, Kim TH, Takano A, Matsushita Y
1894 - 1904 Coassembly of Linear Diblock Copolymer Chains and Homopolymer Brushes on Silica Particles: A Combined Computer Simulation and Experimental Study
Hou WM, Feng Y, Li BH, Zhao HY
1905 - 1916 POx as an Alternative to PEG? A Hydrodynamic and Light Scattering Study
Grube M, Leiske MN, Schubert US, Nischang I
1917 - 1926 Quantifying Lithium Salt and Polymer Density Distributions in Nanostructured Ion-Conducting Block Polymers
Gartner TE, Morris MA, Shelton CK, Dura JA, Epps TH
1927 - 1936 Increasing Polypropylene High Temperature Stability by Blending Polypropylene-Bonded Hindered Phenol Antioxidant
Zhang G, Nam C, Petersson L, Jambeck J, Hillborg H, Chung TCM
1937 - 1945 Molecular Mobility in Amorphous Biobased Poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) and Poly(ethylene 2,4-furandicarboxylate)
Bourdet A, Esposito A, Thiyagarajan S, Delbreilh L, Affouard F, Knoop RJI, Dargent E
1946 - 1956 Temperature-Controlled Interactions between Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Mesoglobules Probed by Fluorescence
Fowler MA, Duhamel J, Qiu XP, Korchagina E, Winnik FM
1957 - 1966 The Reinforcement Effect in Well-Defined Segmented Copolymers: Counting the Topological Constraints at the Mesoscopic Scale
Baeza GP
1967 - 1977 Nature of Ferroelectric Behavior in Main-Chain Dipolar Glass Nylons: Cooperative Segmental Motion Induced by High Poling Electric Field
Zhang ZB, Litt MH, Zhu L
1978 - 1985 Design Principles for Triggerable Polymeric Amphiphiles with Mesogenic Side Chains for Multiscale Responses with Liquid Crystals
Adamiak L, Pendery J, Sun JW, Iwabata K, Gianneschi NC, Abbott NL
1986 - 1991 Ion Distribution in Microphase-Separated Copolymers with Periodic Dielectric Permittivity
Chu WW, Qin J, de Pablo JJ
1992 - 2001 NMR Methodologies for the Detection and Quantification of Nanostructural Defects in Silicone Networks
Rodriguez JN, Alviso CT, Fox CA, Maxwell RS, Lewicki JP
2002 - 2016 Densely Packed Semiflexible Macromolecules in a Rigid Spherical Capsule
Milchev A, Egorov SA, Vega DA, Binder K, Nikoubashman A
2017 - 2026 Ion Transport in Dynamic Polymer Networks Based on Metal-Ligand Coordination: Effect of Cross-Linker Concentration
Sanoja GE, Schauser NS, Bartels JM, Evans CM, Helgeson ME, Seshadri R, Segalman RA
2027 - 2037 Relating Chemical Structure to Toughness via Morphology Control in Fully Sustainable Sebacic Acid Cured Epoxidized Soybean Oil Toughened Polylactide Blends
Zhao TH, Yuan WQ, Li YD, Weng YX, Zeng JB
2038 - 2047 Structure of the Thermally Induced Cross-Link in C-Linked Methyl Ester-Functionalized Polydicyclopentadiene (fPDCPD)
Cuthbert TJ, Li T, Speed AWH, Wulff JE
2048 - 2053 Fast and Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters by Alkoxides and Cyclic Amides
Tan C, Xiong SY, Chen CL
2054 - 2064 Vinylogous Urea Vitrimers and Their Application in Fiber Reinforced Composites
Denissen W, De Baere I, Van Paepegem W, Leibler L, Winne J, Du Prez FE
2065 - 2075 Self-Seeding of Block Copolymers with a pi-Conjugated Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Segment: A Versatile Route toward Monodisperse Fiber-like Nanostructures
Tao DL, Feng C, Lu YJ, Cui YN, Yang X, Manners I, Winnik MA, Huang XY
2076 - 2088 Revisiting Segmental Order: A Simplified Approach for Sulfur-Cured Rubbers Considering Junction Fluctuations and Entanglements
Basterra-Beroiz B, Rommel R, Kayser F, Valentin JL, Westermann S, Heinrich G
2089 - 2098 Impact of Helical Chain Shape in Sequence-Defined Polymers on Polypeptoid Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
Davidson EC, Rosales AM, Patterson AL, Russ B, Yu BH, Zuckermann RN, Segalman RA
2099 - 2109 Temperature-Dependent Order-to-Order Transition of Polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-co-butylene)-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymer under Multilayered Confinement
Tan X, Li J, Guo SY
2110 - 2124 A Detailed Examination of the Topological Constraints of Lamellae-Forming Block Copolymers
Ramirez-Hernandez A, Peters BL, Schneider L, Andreev M, Schieber JD, Muller M, Kroger M, de Pablo JJ
2125 - 2137 Bridging Dynamics of Telechelic Polymers between Solid Surfaces
Rezvantalab H, Larson RG
2138 - 2144 Specific Disassembly of Lamellar Crystalline Micelles of Block Copolymer into Cylinders
Wang XY, Wang RY, Fan B, Xu JT, Du BY, Fan ZQ