Macromolecules, Vol.51, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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5485 - 5493 Aligned Droplet Patterns by Dewetting of Polymer Bilayers
Chiu M, Wood JA, Widmer-Cooper A, Neto C
5494 - 5500 Autocatalysis Synthesis of Poly(benzoxaiine-co-resol)-Based Polymer and Carbon Spheres
Zhao JM, Gilani MRHS, Lai JP, Nsabimana A, Liu ZY, Luque R, Xu GB
5501 - 5510 Controlled Polymerization of Ethyl Glyoxylate Using Alkyllithium and Alkoxide Initiators
Kenaree AR, Gillies ER
5511 - 5518 Oxygen Inhibition of Radical Polymerizations Investigated with the Rheometric Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Yeh CJ, Hu M, Shull KR
5519 - 5529 Ion Diffusion Coefficients in Ion Exchange Membranes: Significance of Counterion Condensation
Kamcev J, Paul DR, Manning GS, Freeman BD
5530 - 5536 Sequential Fluorination on Napthaleneamide-Based Conjugated Polymers and Their Impact on Charge Transport Properties
Kranthiraja K, Long DX, Sree VG, Cho W, Cho YR, Zaheer A, Lee JC, Noh YY, Jin SH
5537 - 5546 Vitrimers Designed Both To Strongly Suppress Creep and To Recover Original Cross-Link Density after Reprocessing: Quantitative Theory and Experiments
Li LQ, Chen X, Jin KL, Torkelson JM
5547 - 5555 Linear Viscoelasticity and Swelling of Polyelectrolyte Complex Coacervates
Hamad FG, Chen Q, Colby RH
5556 - 5566 Unexpected Synthesis of Segmented Poly(hydroxyurea-urethane)s from Dicyclic Carbonates and Diamines by Organocatalysis
Bossion A, Aguirresarobe RH, Irusta L, Taton D, Cramail H, Grau E, Mecerreyes D, Su C, Liu GM, Muller AJ, Sardon H
5567 - 5576 Maintaining the Hydrophilic Hydrophobic Balance of Polyesters with Adjustable Crystallinity for Tailor-Made Nanoparticles
Bandelli D, Helbing C, Weber C, Seifer M, Muljajew I, Jandt KD, Schubert US
5577 - 5585 A Self-Healable High Glass Transition Temperature Bioepoxy Material Based on Vitrimer Chemistry
Liu T, Hao C, Zhang S, Yang XN, Wang LW, Han JR, Li YZ, Xin JN, Zhang JW
5586 - 5593 Salt Partitioning in Complex Coacervation of Symmetric Polyelectrolytes
Zhang PF, Shen K, Alsaifi NM, Wang ZG
5594 - 5599 Low Birefringent Properties of Poly(phosphonate) Derivatives
Hifumi R, Tomita I
5600 - 5607 Theoretical Mechanistic Investigation into Metal-Free Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 and Epoxides: The Key Role of Triethylborane
Zhang DD, Feng XS, Gnanou Y, Huang KW
5608 - 5619 Sequence-Controlled High Molecular Weight Glyco(oligoamide)-PEG Multiblock Copolymers as Ligands and Inhibitors in Lectin Binding
Gerke C, Jacobi F, Goodwin LE, Pieper F, Schmidt S, Hartmann L
5620 - 5627 Enhanced Thermal Stability of Polystyrene by Interfacial Noncovalent Interactions
Hong YM, Li YW, Wang FL, Zuo BA, Wang XP, Zhang L, Kawaguchi D, Tanaka K
5628 - 5637 Visible Light Chiral Photoinitiator for Radical Polymerization and Synthesis of Polymeric Films with Strong Chiroptical Activity
Al Mousawi A, Schmitt M, Dumur F, Ouyang JK, Favereau L, Dorcet V, Vanthuyne N, Garra P, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Graff B, Fouassier JP, Gigmes D, Crassous J, Lalevee J
5638 - 5645 Single Component Polymerization of Diisocyanoacetates toward Polyimidazoles
Cheng TY, Chen YZ, Qin AJ, Tang BZ
5646 - 5655 Multifunctional Amine-Containing PVA-g-POEM Graft Copolymer Membranes for CO2 Capture
Kim DH, Park MS, Kim NU, Ryu DY, Kim JH
5656 - 5664 Cellulose Concurrently Induces Predominantly One-Handed Helicity in Helical Polymers and Controls the Shape of Optically Active Particles Thereof
Yu HL, Pan K, Deng JP
5665 - 5675 Bottlebrush Copolymer Additives for Immiscible Polymer Blends
Mah AH, Afzali P, Qi LQ, Pesek S, Verduzco R, Stein GE
5676 - 5684 Persistent Formation of Self-Assembled Cylindrical Structure in a Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymer Constructed by Hydrogen Bonding
Pan HB, Zhang W, Xiao AQ, Lyu XL, Shen ZH, Fan XH
5685 - 5693 Effect of Block Immiscibility on Strain-Induced Microphase Segregation and Crystallization of Model Block Copolymer Elastomers
Nowak C, Escobedo FA
5694 - 5703 Growth Regimes of Poly(perfluorodecyl acrylate) Thin Films by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Perrotta A, Christian P, Jones AOF, Muralter F, Coclite AM
5704 - 5712 Tuning the Energy Levels of Aza-Heterocycle-Based Polymers for Long-Term n-Channel Bottom-Gate/Top-Contact Polymer Transistors
Ma SX, Zhang GB, Wang FF, Dai YR, Lu HB, Qiu LZ, Ding YS, Cho K
5713 - 5719 Alcohol- and Water-Tolerant Living Anionic Polymerization of Aziridines
Gleede T, Rieger E, Liu L, Bakkali-Hassani C, Wagner M, Carlotti S, Taton D, Andrienko D, Wurm FR
5720 - 5731 Long-Chain Hyperbranched Comb Block Copolymers: Synthesis, Microstructure, Rheology, and Thermal Behavior
Lopez-Barron CR, Brant P, Shivokhin M, Lu JM, Kang SH, Throckmorton JA, Mouton T, Pham T, Savage RC
5732 - 5741 Confinement Effects on the Crystallization of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)
Dai XY, Li HH, Ren ZJ, Russell TP, Yan SK, Sun XL
5742 - 5751 Mode Analysis of NMR Relaxation in a Polymer Melt
Hofmann M
5752 - 5761 Charge-Shifting Polycations with Tunable Rates of Hydrolysis: Effect of Backbone Substituents on Poly[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl acrylates]
Ros S, Kleinberger RM, Burke NAD, Rossi NAA, Stover HDH
5762 - 5772 Tetraphenylethene Cross-Linked Thermosensitive Microgels via Acylhydrazone Bonds: Aggregation-Induced Emission in Nanoconfined Environments and the Cononsolvency Effect
Xue JQ, Bai W, Duan HY, Nie JJ, Du BY, Sun JZ, Tang BZ
5773 - 5787 Construction of Rod-Forming Single Network Mesophases in Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymers via Inversely Designed Phase Transition Pathways
Sun TJ, Liu FQ, Tang P, Qiu F, Yang YL
5788 - 5797 Two Robust Strategies toward Hydrogels from Quenched Block Copolymer Nanofibrillar Micelles
Zhang K, Suratkar A, Vedaraman S, Lakshminarayanan V, Jennings L, Glazer PJ, van Esch JH, Mendes E
5798 - 5805 Hydrogel Microcapsules with Dynamic pH-Responsive Properties from Methacrylic Anhydride
Wemer JG, Nawar S, Solovev AA, Weitz DA
5806 - 5811 Enthalpy and Dielectric Relaxation of Poly(vinyl methyl ether)
Sasaki K, Takatsuka M, Kita R, Shinyashiki N, Yagihara S
5812 - 5819 Reconfigurable LC Elastomers: Using a Thermally Programmable Monodomain To Access Two-Way Free-Standing Multiple Shape Memory Polymers
Wen ZB, McBride MK, Zhang XP, Han X, Martinez AM, Shao RF, Zhu CH, Visvanathan R, Clark NA, Wang YZ, Yang KK, Bowman CN
5820 - 5830 Partially Biosourced Poly(1,2,3-triazolium)-Based Diblock Copolymers Derived from Levulinic Acid
Elloumi AK, Miladi IA, Serghei A, Taton D, Aissou K, Ben Romdhane H, Drockenmuller E
5831 - 5841 Interplay between Crystallization and Entanglements in the Amorphous Phase of the Crystal-Fixed Polymer Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)
Kurz R, Schulz M, Scheliga F, Men YF, Seidlitz A, Thurn-Albrecht T, Saalwachter K
5842 - 5851 Functional Poly(ester-amide)s with Tertiary Ester Linkages via the Passerini Multicomponent Polymerization of a Dicarboxylic Acid and a Diisocyanide with Different Electron-Deficient Ketones
Zhang J, Wu YH, Wang JC, Du FS, Li ZC
5852 - 5862 Poly(arylene vinylene) Synthesis via a Precursor Step-Growth Polymerization Route Involving the Ramberg-Backlund Reaction as a Key Post-Chemical Modification Step
Aravindu K, Cloutet E, Brochon C, Hadziioannou G, Vignolle J, Robert F, Taton D, Landais Y
5863 - 5866 Universal Scaling of Phase Diagrams of Polymer Solutions
Wu C, Li Y
5867 - 5874 Multistimuli, Multiresponsive Fully Supramolecular Orthogonally Bound Polymer Networks
Sautaux J, de Espinosa LM, Balog S, Weder C
5875 - 5882 Enhanced Performance of Polymeric F-19 MRI Contrast Agents through Incorporation of Highly Water-Soluble Monomer MSEA
Fu CK, Zhang C, Peng H, Han F, Baker C, Wu Y, Ta H, Whittaker AK
5883 - 5890 Amplifying Chiroptical Properties of Conjugated Polymer Thin-Film Using an Achiral Additive
Kulkarni C, Meskers SCJ, Palmans ARA, Meijer EW
5891 - 5903 Sequence Features of Sequence-Controlled Polymers Synthesized by 1,1-Diphenylethylene Derivatives with Similar Reactivity during Living Anionic Polymerization
Yang LC, Ma HW, Han L, Liu PB, Shen HY, Li C, Li Y
5904 - 5910 0+0=2: Changeover of Stability and Photopolymerization Kinetics for the Rotator Phase of Long-Chain Acrylate through the Ultra-Addition Effect in Binary Systems
Yao M, Nie J, He Y
5911 - 5917 Elucidating the Role of Diphosphine Ligand in Nickel-Mediated Suzuki-Miyaura Polycondensation
Baker MA, Zahn SF, Varni AJ, Tsai CH, Noonan KJT
5918 - 5932 Thermodynamics of Associative Polymer Blends
Prusty D, Pryamitsyn V, de la Cruz MO
5933 - 5943 Hydrophobic and Elastic Forces Experienced by a Series of Pyrene End-Labeled Poly(ethylene oxide)s Interacting with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Micelles
Raimbault J, Casier R, Little H, Duhamel J
5944 - 5949 Stretchable and Degradable Semiconducting Block Copolymers
Sugiyama F, Kleinschmidt AT, Kayser LV, Alkhadra MA, Wan JMH, Chiang ASC, Rodriquez D, Root SE, Savagatrup S, Lipomi DJ
5950 - 5961 Hydration of Spherical PEO-Grafted Gold Nanoparticles: Curvature and Grafting Density Effect
Dahal U, Wang ZL, Dormidontova EE
5962 - 5971 Free Energy of a Folded Semiflexible Polymer Confined to a Nanochannel of Various Geometries
Polson JM
5972 - 5978 Controlled Syntheses of Poly(phenylene ethynylene)s with Regiochemically-Tuned Optical Band Gaps and Ordered Morphologies
Kang SS, Todd AD, Paul A, Lee SY, Bielawski CW
5979 - 5988 Mechanistic Modeling of the Thiol-Michael Addition Polymerization Kinetics: Structural Effects of the Thiol and Vinyl Monomers
Huang SJ, Sinha J, Podgorski M, Zhang XP, Claudino M, Bowman CN
5989 - 6002 Aqueous-Based Functionalizations of Titanate Nanotubes: A Straightforward Route to High-Performance Epoxy Composites with Interfacially Bonded Nanofillers
Benes H, Popelkova D, Sturcova A, Popelka S, Juza J, Pop-Georgievski O, Konefal M, Hruby M
6003 - 6010 Improving Ambipolar Semiconducting Properties of Thiazole-Flanked Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Terpolymers by Incorporating Urea Groups in the Side-Chains
Ma J, Liu ZT, Yao JJ, Wang ZJ, Zhang GX, Zhang XS, Zhang DQ
6011 - 6020 Highly Contrasting Static Charging and Bias Stress Effects in Pentacene Transistors with Polystyrene Heterostructures Incorporating Oxidizable N,N '-Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)aniline Side Chains as Gate Dielectrics
Zhang QY, Kale TS, Plunkett E, Shi W, Kirby BJ, Reich DH, Katz HE
6021 - 6027 Temperature-Responsive Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles Grafted with UCST Polymer Ligands
Tao HC, Galati E, Kumacheva E
6028 - 6036 Effect of Side-Chain Engineering of Bithienylbenzodithiophene-alt-fluorobenzotriazole-Based Copolymers on the Thermal Stability and Photovoltaic Performance of Polymer Solar Cells
Huang H, Bin HJ, Peng ZX, Qiu BB, Sun CK, Liebman-Pelaez A, Zhang ZG, Zhu CH, Ade H, Zhang ZJ, Li YF
6037 - 6046 Promotion of Self-Nucleation with Latent Form I Nuclei in Polybutene-1 and Its Copolymer
Wang ZF, Dong X, Cavallo D, Muller AJ, Wang DJ
6047 - 6056 Fluorophilic-Lipophilic-Hydrophilic Poly(2-oxazoline) Block Copolymers as MRI Contrast Agents: From Synthesis to Self-Assembly
Kaberov LI, Verbraeken B, Riabtseva A, Brus J, Radulescu A, Talmon Y, Stepanek P, Hoogenboom R, Filippov SK
6057 - 6062 Design of Betaine Functional Catalyst for Efficient Copolymerization of Oxirane and CO2
Chen KH, Shi GL, Li HR, Wang CM, Darensbourg DJ
6063 - 6075 Dynamic Gradients, Mobile Layers, T-g Shifts, Role of Vitrification Criterion, and Inhomogeneous Decoupling in Free-Standing Polymer Films
Phan AD, Schweizer KS
6076 - 6084 Chalcogen Bridged Thieno- and Selenopheno[2,3-d:5,4-d ']bisthiazole and Their Diketopyrrolopyrrole Based Low-Bandgap Copolymers
Patra D, Lee J, Dey S, Lee J, Kalin AJ, Putta A, Fei Z, McCarthy-Ward T, Bazzi HS, Fang L, Heeney M, Yoon MH, Al-Hashimi M
6085 - 6091 Direct Mapping of Nanoscale Viscoelastic Dynamics at Nanofiller/Polymer Interfaces
Nguyen HK, Liang XB, Ito M, Nakajima K
6092 - 6098 Cyclocopolymerization Based on Alternating Insertions of Isocyanide and Allene Units into a Palladium-Carbon Bond
Kanbayashi N, Ikegami J, Kataoka Y, Okamura T, Onitsuka K
6099 - 6110 Double Reversible Networks: Improvement of Self-Healing in Hybrid Materials via Combination of Diels-Alder Cross-Linking and Hydrogen Bonds
Schafer S, Kickelbick G
6111 - 6118 Polyamidoamine Dendrimer Microgels: Hierarchical Arrangement of Dendrimers into Micrometer Domains with Expanded Structural Features for Programmable Drug Delivery and Release
Wang J, Cooper RC, He HL, Li BX, Yang H
6119 - 6126 Formation of Periodically Modulated Polymer Crystals
Poudel P, Majumder S, Chandran S, Zhang H, Reiter G
6127 - 6137 Templated Ring-Opening Metathesis (TROM) of Cyclic Olefins Tethered to Unimolecular Oligo(thiophene)s
Zhou Z, Palermo EF
6138 - 6148 Etched Fibers of Syndiotactic Polystyrene with Nanoporous-Crystalline Phases
Daniel C, Antico P, Guerra G
6149 - 6156 In Situ Cross-Linked Nanofibers by Aqueous Electrospinning of Selenol-Functionalized Poly(2-oxazoline)s
Li Y, Vergaelen M, Pan XQ, Du Prez FE, Hoogenboom R, De Clerck K