Macromolecules, Vol.47, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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4127 - 4135 Synthesis of High Generation Dendronized Polymers and Quantification of Their Structure Perfection
Yu H, Schluter AD, Zhang BZ
4136 - 4143 A Responsive Hyperbranched Polymer Not Only Can Self-Immolate but Also Can Self-Cross-Link
Yu ZQ, Xu XM, Hong CY, Wu DC, You YZ
4144 - 4150 Metallopolymers Containing Excess Metal-Ligand Complex for Improved Mechanical Properties
Jackson AC, Walck SD, Strawhecker KE, Butler BG, Lambeth RH, Beyer FL
4151 - 4159 Synthesis of Well-Defined Polyethylene-Polydimethylsiloxane-Polyethylene Triblock Copolymers by Diimide-Based Hydrogenation of Polybutadiene Blocks
Petzetakis N, Stone GM, Balsara NP
4160 - 4168 Sequential "Click" Synthesis of "Nano-Diamond-Ring-like" Giant Surfactants Based on Functionalized Hydrophilic POSS/C-60 Tethered with Cyclic Polystyrenes
Lin ZW, Lu PT, Yu XF, Zhang WB, Huang MJ, Wu K, Guo K, Wesdemiotis C, Zhu XL, Zhang ZB, Yue K, Cheng SZD
4169 - 4177 Polymerization of Hydroxy-Containing Diazoacetates: Synthesis of Hydroxy-Containing "Poly(substituted methylene)s" by Palladium-Mediated Polymerization and Poly(ester-ether)s by Polycondensation through O-H Insertion Reaction
Shimomoto H, Itoh E, Itoh T, Ihara E, Hoshikawa N, Hasegawa N
4178 - 4185 New Method for Asymmetric Polymerization: Asymmetric Allylic Substitution Catalyzed by a Planar-Chiral Ruthenium Complex
Kanbayashi N, Okamura TA, Onitsuka K
4186 - 4198 Synthesis of Magnetic Polystyrene Nanoparticles Using Amphiphilic Ionic Liquid Stabilized RAFT Mediated Miniemulsion Polymerization
Chakraborty S, Jahnichen K, Komber H, Basfar AA, Voit B
4199 - 4209 Thiazolothiazole Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymer Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications
Subramaniyan S, Xin H, Kim FS, Murari NM, Courtright BAE, Jenekhe SA
4210 - 4216 Tailoring Pore Structure and Properties of Functionalized Porous Polymers by Cyclotrimerization
Wisser FM, Eckhardt K, Wisser D, Bohlmann W, Grothe J, Brunner E, Kaskel S
4217 - 4229 Oxygen Tolerance Study of Photoinduced Electron Transfer-Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (PET-RAFT) Polymerization Mediated by Ru(bpy)(3)Cl-2
Xu JT, Jung K, Boyer C
4230 - 4235 Enantiopure Isotactic PCHC Synthesized by Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclohexene Carbonate
Guerin W, Diallo AK, Kirilov E, Helou M, Slawinski M, Brusson JM, Carpentier JF, Guillaume SM
4236 - 4242 Alignment and Structural Evolution of Cylinder-Forming Diblock Copolymer Thin Films in Patterned Tapered-Width Nanochannels
Tong QQ, Zheng Q, Sibener SJ
4243 - 4250 Tetrazolation of Side Chains and Anhydrous Conductivity in a Hydrophobic Polymer
Ricks-Laskoski HL, Chaloux BL, Deese SM, Laskoski M, Miller JB, Buckley MA, Baldwin JW, Hickner MA, Saunders KM, Christensen CM
4251 - 4265 Network Structure and Inhomogeneities of Model and Commercial Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels as Investigated by Low-Field Proton NMR Techniques
Hopfner J, Guthausen G, Saalwachter K, Wilhelm M
4266 - 4287 Behavior of Tin-Based "Super-POSS" Incorporated in Different Bonding Situations in Hybrid Epoxy Resins
Strachota A, Rodzen K, Ribot F, Trchova M, Steinhart M, Starovoytova L, Pavlova E
4288 - 4297 Kinetics and Dynamics of the Curing System. High Pressure Studies
Tarnacka M, Madejczyk O, Dulski M, Wikarek M, Pawlus S, Adrjanowicz K, Kaminski K, Paluch M
4298 - 4307 C-13 MAS NMR Study of Poly(methacrylic acid)-Polyether Complexes and Multilayers
Fortier-McGill B, Toader V, Reven L
4308 - 4316 Local Structure and Dynamics of Serine in the Heterogeneous Structure of the Crystalline Domain of Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin in Silk II Form Studied by 2D C-13-C-13 Homonuclear Correlation NMR and Relaxation Time Observation
Okushita K, Asano A, Williamson MP, Asakura T
4317 - 4329 Polymorphic Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Isotactic 1-Butene-Ethylene Copolymers from Metallocene Catalysts
De Rosa C, de Ballesteros OR, Auriemma F, Di Girolamo R, Scarica C, Giusto G, Esposito S, Guidotti S, Camurati I
4330 - 4336 Effect of Crystallization on Proton Transport in Model Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
Beers KM, Wong DT, Jackson AJ, Wang X, Pople JA, Hexemer A, Balsara NP
4337 - 4345 Spatial Organization of Nanoparticles in Thin Film Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Hosts
Zhao JN, Green PF
4346 - 4356 Characteristics of Lamellar Mesophases in Strongly Segregated Broad Dispersity ABA Triblock Copolymers
Schmitt AK, Mahanthappa MK
4357 - 4368 Factors Affecting Electromechanical Properties of Ionic Polymer Actuators Based on Ionic Liquid-Containing Sulfonated Block Copolymers
Kim O, Kim SY, Park B, Hwang W, Park MJ
4369 - 4379 Coassembly of Janus Nanoparticles in Asymmetric Diblock Copolymer Scaffolds: Unconventional Entropy Effect and Role of Interfacial Topology
Dong BJ, Guo RH, Yan LT
4380 - 4386 Tricontinuous Morphology of Ternary Polymer Blends Driven by Photopolymerization: Reaction and Phase Separation Kinetics
Shukutani T, Myojo T, Nakanishi H, Norisuye T, Qui TCM
4387 - 4396 Supramolecular Multiblock Polystyrene-Polyisobutylene Copolymers via Ionic Interactions
Zhang LH, Kucera LR, Ummadisetty S, Nykaza JR, Elabd YA, Storey RF, Cavicchi KA, Weiss RA
4397 - 4407 Nanostructure- and Orientation-Controlled Digital Memory Behaviors of Linear-Brush Diblock Copolymers in Nanoscale Thin Films
Kim K, Kim YY, Park S, Ko YG, Rho Y, Kwon W, Shin TJ, Kim J, Ree M
4408 - 4416 Flow-Induced Precursors of Isotactic Polypropylene: An in Situ Time and Space Resolved Study with Synchrotron Radiation Scanning X-ray Microdiffraction
Su FM, Zhou WM, Li XY, Ji YX, Cui KP, Qi ZM, Li LB
4417 - 4427 Constrained Swelling of Polymer Networks: Characterization of Vapor-Deposited Cross-Linked Polymer Thin Films
Dusek K, Choukourov A, Duskova-Smrckova M, Biederman H
4428 - 4437 High Ion Content Siloxane Phosphonium Ionomers with Very Low T-g
Liang SW, O'Reilly MV, Choi UH, Shiau HS, Bartels J, Chen Q, Runt J, Winey KI, Colby RH
4438 - 4444 Self-Assembly of Flexible-Semiflexible-Flexible Triblock Copolymers
Koga M, Abe K, Sato K, Koki J, Kang SM, Sakajiri K, Watanabe J, Tokita M
4445 - 4452 Superabsorbent Hydrogels That Are Robust and Highly Stretchable
Cipriano BH, Banik SJ, Sharma R, Rumore D, Hwang W, Briber RM, Raghavan SR
4453 - 4459 Trajectory of Critical Point in Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation of Epoxy/Oligoethylene Glycol Solutions
Hara A, Inoue R, Takahashi N, Nishida K, Kanaya T
4460 - 4470 Dynamics of Concentrated Polymer Solutions Revisited: Isomonomeric Friction Adjustment and Its Consequences
Yan ZC, Zhang BQ, Liu CY
4471 - 4478 Shear and Elongational Flow Properties of Long-Chain Branched Poly(ethylene terephthalates) and Correlations to Their Molecular Structure
Harth M, Kaschta J, Schubert DW
4479 - 4492 Structure, Ion Transport, and Rheology of Nanoparticle Salts
Wen YH, Lu YY, Dobosz KM, Archer LA
4493 - 4513 Continuum Model for the Phase Behavior, Microstructure, and Rheology of Unentangled Polymer Nanocomposite Melts
Stephanou PS, Mavrantzas VG, Georgiou GC
4514 - 4524 Controlling the Cross-Linking Density of Supramolecular Hydrogels Formed by Heterotelechelic Associating Copolymers
Brassinne J, Gohy JF, Fustin CA
4525 - 4529 Controlled Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of a Monomer Containing Terminal Alkyne and Its Versatile Postpolymerization Functionalization via Click Reaction
Kim KO, Kim J, Choi TL