Macromolecules, Vol.45, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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5321 - 5342 RAFT Agent Design and Synthesis
Keddie DJ, Moad G, Rizzardo E, Thang SH
5343 - 5346 Extended Applicability of Classical Phenolphthalein: Color Changing Polymeric Materials Derived from pH-Sensitive Acrylated Phenolphthalein Derivatives
Fleischmann C, Cheng J, Tabatabai M, Ritter H
5347 - 5357 Synthesis of Polyisobutylene-Based Miktoarm Star Polymers from a Dicationic Monoradical Dual Initiator
Zhu YL, Storey RF
5358 - 5370 Preparation of Supramolecular Extenders with Precise Chain Lengths via Iterative Synthesis and Their Applications in Polyurethane Elastomers
Kuo MC, Shau SM, Su JM, Jeng RJ, Juang TY, Dai SHA
5371 - 5378 Investigation of the End Group Fidelity at High Conversion during Nitroxide-Mediated Acrylate Polymerizations
Guillaneuf Y, Gigmes D, Junkers T
5379 - 5386 Solvent-to-Polymer Chirality Transfer in Intramolecular Stack Structure
Lee D, Jin YJ, Kim H, Suzuki N, Fujiki M, Sakaguchi T, Kim SK, Lee WE, Kwak G
5387 - 5396 Roles of Monomer Binding and Alkoxide Nucleophilicity in Aluminum-Catalyzed Polymerization of epsilon-Caprolactone
Ding KY, Miranda MO, Moscato-Goodpaster B, Ajellal N, Breyfogle LE, Hermes ED, Schaller CP, Roe SE, Cramer CJ, Hillmyer MA, Tolman WB
5397 - 5402 Synthesis of Novel Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) with High Performance via Effective Copolymerization of Ethylene with Bulky Cyclic Olefin
Hong M, Cui L, Liu SR, Li YS
5403 - 5409 Synthesis and Properties of Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s with Flexible Oligomeric Phenylene Ether Segments
Sakaguchi Y, Kitamura K, Yamashita M, Takase S, Takasugi K, Akitomo Y
5410 - 5417 Cyclopenta[c]thiophene-Based D-A Conjugated Copolymers: Effect of Heteroatoms (S, Se, and N) of Benzazole Acceptors on the Properties of Polymers
Das S, Pati PB, Zade SS
5418 - 5426 Suzuki Polycondensation toward High Molecular Weight Poly(m-phenylene)s: Mechanistic Insights and End-Functionalization
Hohl B, Bertschi L, Zhang XY, Schluter AD, Sakamoto J
5427 - 5435 Significant Improved Performance of Photovoltaic Cells Made from a Partially Fluorinated Cyclopentadithiophene/Benzothiadiazole Conjugated Polymer
Zhang Y, Zou JY, Cheuh CC, Yip HL, Jen AKY
5436 - 5443 Controlled Synthesis of Polyfluorenes via Kumada Catalyst Transfer Polycondensation with Ni(acac)(2)/dppp as the Catalyst
Sui AG, Shi XC, Wu SP, Tian HK, Geng YH, Wang FS
5444 - 5450 Comparative Aminolysis Kinetics of Different Active Ester Polymer Brush Platforms in Postpolymerization Modification with Primary and Aromatic Amines
Arnold RM, Sheppard GR, Locklin J
5451 - 5462 Comparison of Shell-Cross-Linked Micelles with Soft and Glassy Cores as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for Albendazole: Is There a Difference in Performance?
Kim Y, Liemmawa ED, Pourgholami MH, Morris DL, Stenzel MH
5463 - 5476 Morphology Evolution in Slowly Dip-Coated Supramolecular PS-b-P4VP Thin Films
Roland S, Gaspard D, Prud'homme RE, Bazuin CG
5477 - 5486 Self-Acceleration of Nucleation and Formation of Shish in Extension-Induced Crystallization with Strain Beyond Fracture
Cui KP, Meng LP, Tian N, Zhou WQ, Liu YP, Wang Z, He J, Li LB
5487 - 5493 Reversible Lamellar Thickening Induced by Crystal Transition in Poly(butylene succinate)
Liu GM, Zheng LC, Zhang XQ, Li CC, Jiang SC, Wang DJ
5494 - 5500 Mechanical Property Enhancement of Polylactide Nanofibers through Optimization of Molecular Weight, Electrospinning Conditions, and Stereocomplexation
Zhang XW, Nakagawa R, Chan KHK, Kotaki M
5501 - 5512 Characterization of the Chain-Ends and Branching Structures in Polyvinylidene Fluoride with Multidimensional NMR
Twum EB, Gao C, Li XH, McCord EF, Fox PA, Lyons DF, Rinaldi PL
5513 - 5523 Thermodynamics of Swollen Networks As Reflected in Segmental Orientation Correlations
Chasse W, Saalwachter K, Sommer JU
5524 - 5529 Effect of Surfactant Concentration on the Complex Structure of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/Sodium n-Dodecyl Sulfate in Aqueous Solutions
Chen JQ, Xue HJ, Yao YF, Yang H, Li AM, Xu M, Chen Q, Cheng RS
5530 - 5537 Hierarchical Structures in Thin Films of Macrophase- and Microphase-Separated AB/AC Diblock Copolymer Blends
Shi LY, Zhou Y, Shen ZH, Fan XH
5538 - 5545 Solvent Dependence of the Morphology of Spin-Coated Thin Films of Polydimethylsiloxane-Rich Polystyrene-block-Polydimethylsiloxane Copolymers
Wadey ML, Hsieh IF, Cavicchi KA, Cheng SZD
5546 - 5555 Interchain Hydrogen Bonding Interaction induced phase Behaviors of Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(N-vinylcarbazole)/Poly(acrylic acid) Blend
Hu N, Zhang YS, Sun ST, Zhong LW, Lei Z, Wu PY, Yang S, Chen EQ
5556 - 5566 Influence of Interim Alkyl Chain Length on Phase Transitions and Wide-Band Reflective Behaviors of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Elastomers with Binaphthalene Crosslinkings
Wu XJ, Cao H, Guo RW, Li KX, Wang FF, Gao YZ, Yao WH, Zhang LY, Chen XF, Yang H
5567 - 5574 Thermoresponsive Supramolecular Polymer Network Comprising Pyrene-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles and a Chain-Folding Polydiimide
Vaiyapuri R, Greenland BW, Rowan SJ, Colquhoun HM, Elliott JM, Hayes W
5575 - 5585 Impact of Thermal Annealing on the Semicrystalline Nanomorphology of Spin-Coated Thin Films of Regioregular Poly(3-alkylthiophene)s as Observed by High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction
Salammal ST, Mikayelyan E, Grigorian S, Pietsch U, Koenen N, Scherf U, Kayunkid N, Brinkmann M
5586 - 5595 Preparation and Application of a Dual Light-Responsive Triblock Terpolymer
Rabnawaz M, Liu GJ
5596 - 5603 Reversible Light-Triggered Transition of Amphiphilic Random Copolymers
Feng K, Xie N, Chen B, Zhang LP, Tung CH, Wu LZ
5604 - 5618 Tough and Elastic Thermoplastic Organogels and Elastomers Made of Semicrystalline Polyolefin-Based Block Copolymers
Deplace F, Scholz AK, Fredrickson GH, Kramer EJ, Shin YW, Shimizu F, Zuo F, Rong LX, Hsiao BS, Coates GW
5619 - 5619 Relative Reactivity Volume Criterion for Cross-Linking: Application to Vinyl Ester Resin Molecular Dynamics Simulations (vol 45, pg 4876, 2012)
Jang C, Lacy TE, Gwaltney SR, Toghiani H, Pittman CU
5620 - 5620 Multilength Scale Studies of the Confined Crystallization in Poly(L-lactide)-block-Poly(ethylene glycol) Copolymer (vol 45, pg 4254, 2012)
Yang JJ, Liang YR, Luo J, Zhao CZ, Han CC