Macromolecules, Vol.44, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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683 - 685 ATRP of Methyl Acrylate with Metallic Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron as Reducing Agents and Supplemental Activators
Zhang YZ, Wang Y, Matyjaszewski K
686 - 689 Mapping Polymer Phase Diagram in Nanoliter Droplets
Shi F, Han ZY, Li JF, Zheng B, Wu C
690 - 693 Dialkyl-Substituted Dithienothiophene Copolymers as Polymer Semiconductors for Thin-Film Transistors and Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Li J, Tan HS, Chen ZK, Goh WP, Wong HK, Ong KH, Liu WL, Li CM, Ong BS
694 - 702 Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Statistical Copolymers Bearing Perfluoroalkylsulfonic Acid Moieties
Li HB, Jackson AB, Kirk NJ, Mauritz KA, Storey RF
703 - 710 A. New Strategy for Designing Conjugated Polymer-Based Fluorescence Sensing Films via Introduction of Conformation Controllable Side Chains
He G, Yan N, Kong HY, Yin SW, Ding LP, Qu SX, Fang Y
711 - 718 An Efficient Acid-Induced Conversion of Dithiocarbamate Precursor Polymers into Conjugated Materials
Dilien H, Vandenbergh J, Banishoeb F, Adriaensens P, Cleij TJ, Lutsen L, Vanderzande DJM
719 - 727 Synthesis and Characterization of Polythiophenes Bearing Aromatic Groups at the 3-Position
Ohshimizu K, Takahashi A, Rho Y, Higashihara T, Ree M, Ueda M
728 - 735 Influence of the Presence and Length of an Alkyl Spacer on the Supramolecular Chirality of Block Copoly(thiophene)s
Van den Bergh K, Willot P, Cornelis D, Verbiest T, Koeckelberghs G
736 - 743 Optically Active Amphiphilic Polymer Brushes Based on Helical Polyacetylenes: Preparation and Self-Assembly into Core/Shell Particles
Ding L, Huang YY, Zhang YY, Deng JP, Yang WT
744 - 750 Poly(ionic liquid) Latexes Prepared by Dispersion Polymerization of Ionic Liquid Monomers
Yuan JY, Antonietti M
751 - 756 Double Cyclopolymerization of Functionalized Trienes Catalyzed by Palladium Complexes
Motokuni K, Okada T, Takeuchi D, Osakada K
757 - 766 Self-Assembled Superlattices of Polyamines in a Columnar Liquid Crystal
Fitie CFC, Mendes E, Hempenius MA, Sijbesma RP
767 - 772 Methacryloyl-Functional Benzoxazine: Photopolymerization and Thermally Activated Polymerization
Jin L, Agag T, Yagci Y, Ishida H
773 - 777 Ethylene Polymerization by Phenoxy Substituted Tris(pyrazolyl)borate Ti(IV) Methyl Complexes
Hasumi S, Itagaki K, Zhang S, Nomura K
778 - 783 Moving up and down the Titanium Oxidation State in Ziegler-Natta Catalysis
Bahri-Laleh N, Correa A, Mehdipour-Ataei S, Arabi H, Haghighi MN, Zohuri G, Cavallo L
784 - 794 One-Pot Synthesis of Natural Rubber-Based Telechelic cis-1,4-Polyisoprenes and Their Use To Prepare Block Copolymers by RAFT Polymerization
Saetung N, Campistron I, Pascual S, Pilard JF, Fontaine L
795 - 804 Terpolymerization of Linear and Alicyclic alpha-Olefins with Norbornene and Ethylene by ansa-Metallocene Catalysts
Marconi R, Boggioni L, Ravasio A, Di Colo F, Tritto I, Stehling UM
805 - 810 One-Pot Synthesis of PS-b-PEO-b-PtBA Triblock Copolymers via Combination of SET-LRP and "Click" Chemistry Using Copper(0)/PMDETA as Catalyst System
Jing RK, Wang GW, Zhang YN, Huang JL
811 - 819 ARGET ATRP of Methyl Acrylate with Inexpensive Ligands and ppm Concentrations of Catalyst
Kwak Y, Magenau AJD, Matyjaszewski K
820 - 825 Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Nylon 46 in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Zhang ZY, Huang KJ, Liu ZH
826 - 834 Synthesis of Well-Defined Miktoarm Star-Branched Polymers Consisting of Perfluorinated Segments by a Novel Methodology Using Soluble In-Chain-Benzyl Bromide-Functionalized AB Diblock Copolymers as Key Building Blocks
Abouelmagd A, Sugiyama K, Hirao A
835 - 841 Highly Fluorescent Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]pyrrole-Based Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and OLED Device Applications
Evenson SJ, Mumm MJ, Pokhodnya KI, Rasmussen SC
842 - 847 Synthesis of Polymeric Yolk-Shell Microspheres by Seed Emulsion Polymerization
Zhang MC, Lan Y, Wang D, Yan R, Wang SN, Yang L, Zhang WQ
848 - 856 2-Methoxy Aniline Grafted Poly(maleic anhydride-alt-butyl vinyl ether) Hemiester: A New Biocompatible Polymeric Free Radical Scavenger
Piras AM, Dessy A, Dinucci D, Chiellini F
857 - 864 Synthesis and Characterization of pH-Sensitive Biodegradable Polyurethane for Potential Drug Delivery Applications
Zhou LJ, Yu LQ, Ding MM, Li JH, Tan H, Wang ZG, Fu QA
865 - 871 Chimeric Plastics: A New Class of Thermoplastics
Sonnenschein MF, Boyer C, Brune D, Wendt BL, Myers G, Landes B
872 - 877 Low-Band-Gap Polymers That Utilize Quinoid Resonance Structure Stabilization by Thienothiophene: Fine-Tuning of HOMO Level
Kleinhenz N, Yang LQ, Zhou HX, Price SC, You W
878 - 885 Photocurable Amphiphilic Perfluoropolyether/Poly(ethylene glycol) Networks for Fouling-Release Coatings
Wang YP, Betts DE, Finlay JA, Brewer L, Callow ME, Callow JA, Wendt DE, DeSimone JM
886 - 893 The Missing Lactam-Thermoresponsive and Biocompatible Poly(N-vinylpiperidone) Polymers by Xanthate-Mediated RAFT Polymerization
Ieong NS, Redhead M, Bosquillon C, Alexander C, Kelland M, O'Reilly RK
894 - 901 Synthesis of Quinoxaline-Based Donor-Acceptor Narrow-Band-Gap Polymers and Their Cyclized Derivatives for Bulk-Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cell Applications
Zhang JE, Cai WZ, Huang F, Wang EG, Zhong CM, Liu SJ, Wang M, Duan CH, Yang TB, Cao Y
902 - 912 Thermodynamics of Sorption in an Amorphous Perfluorinated Copolymer AF1600 Studied by Inverse Gas Chromatography
Belov NA, Safronov AP, Yampolskii YP
913 - 922 Low-Field NMR Investigations of Nanocomposites: Polymer Dynamics and Network Effects
Papon A, Saalwachter K, Schaler K, Guy L, Lequeux F, Montes H
923 - 931 Solution Cross-Linked Natural Rubber (NR)/Clay Aerogel Composites
Pojanavaraphan T, Liu L, Ceylan D, Okay O, Magaraphan R, Schiraldi DA
932 - 939 Rate-Dependent Stiffening and Strain Localization in Physically Associating Solutions
Erk KA, Shull KR
940 - 949 Ionic Conductivity, Capacitance, and Viscoelastic Properties of Block Copolymer-Based Ion Gels
Zhang SP, Lee KH, Frisbie CD, Lodge TP
950 - 957 X-ray Structure of Anhydrous beta-Chitin at 1 angstrom Resolution
Nishiyama Y, Noishiki Y, Wada M
958 - 965 Hierarchical Nanostructures in Semifluorinated Norbornene Block Copolymers
Pulamagatta B, Pankaj S, Beiner M, Binder WH
966 - 975 Surface-Grafted Polymers from Electropolymerized Polythiophene RAFT Agent
Grande CD, Tria MC, Jiang GQ, Ponnapati R, Advincula R
976 - 980 Triptycene Polyimides: Soluble Polymers with High Thermal Stability and Low Refractive Indices
Sydlik SA, Chen ZH, Swager TM
981 - 986 Swelling Equilibrium of a Binary Polymer Gel
Sommer JU, Dockhorn R, Welzel PB, Freudenberg U, Werner C
987 - 992 Nanoscale Viscoelastic Behavior of the Surface of Thick Polystyrene Films as a Function of Temperature
Dinelli F, Ricci A, Sgrilli T, Baschieri P, Pingue P, Puttaswamy M, Kingshott P
993 - 998 Adjacent UCST Phase Behavior in Aqueous Solutions of Poly(vinyl methyl ether): Detection of a Narrow Low Temperature UCST in the Lower Concentration Range
Van Assche G, Van Mele B, Li T, Nies E
999 - 1008 Well-Defined Amphiphilic Biodegradable Comb-Like Graft Copolymers: Their Unique Architecture-Determined LCST and UCST Thermoresponsivity
Wu G, Chen SC, Zhan Q, Wang YZ
1009 - 1015 Toward a Highly Sensitive Fluorescence Sensing System of an Amphiphilic Molecular Rod: Facile Synthesis and Significant Solvent-Assisted Photophysical Tunability
Shen DZ, Wang LS, Pan ZX, Cheng S, Zhu XL, Fan LJ
1016 - 1025 Effect of Concentration on the Glass Transition and Viscoelastic Properties of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Ionic Liquid Solutions
Mok MM, Liu XC, Bai ZF, Lei Y, Lodge TP
1026 - 1033 Intrinsic Fluorescence Studies of Conformational Relaxation and Its Dynamics of Triblock Copolymer during the Micellization in Selective Solvents
Yang J, Zheng XD, Zhang B, Fu RW, Chen XD
1034 - 1045 Influence of Nanorod Inclusions on Structure and Primitive Path Network of Polymer Nanocomposites at Equilibrium and Under Deformation
Toepperwein GN, Karayiannis NC, Riggleman RA, Kroger M, de Pablo JJ
1046 - 1052 The Janus Character of Heterogeneous Dendritic Nanoparticles
Chute JA, Hawker CJ, Rasmussen KO, Welch PM
1053 - 1061 A Multiscale Modeling Protocol To Generate Realistic Polymer Surfaces
Handgraaf JW, Gracia RS, Nath SK, Chen Z, Chou SH, Ross RB, Schultz NE, Fraaije JGEM
1062 - 1065 Stereospecific Cyclopolymerization of alpha,omega-Diolefins by Pyridylamidohafnium Catalyst with the Highest Activity
Shi XC, Wang YX, Liu JY, Cui DM, Men YF, Li YS
1066 - 1071 Facile Synthesis of Highly Syndiotactic and Isotactic Polymethacrylates via Esterification of Stereoregular Poly(methacrylic acid)s
Kawauchi T, Kawauchi M, Takeichi T