Macromolecules, Vol.44, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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4017 - 4021 Polymer Dynamics of Polybutadiene in Nanoscopic Confinement As Revealed by Field Cycling H-1 NMR
Hofmann M, Herrmann A, Ok S, Franz C, Kruk D, Saalwachter K, Steinhart M, Rossler EA
4022 - 4025 ATRP of MMA with ppm Levels of Iron Catalyst
Wang Y, Zhang YZ, Parker B, Matyjaszewski K
4026 - 4029 Specificity and Negative Cooperativity in Dendrimer-Oxime Drug Complexation
Choi SK, Leroueil P, Li MH, Desai A, Zong H, Van der Spek AFL, Baker JR
4030 - 4034 Unusual Crystallization Behavior of Polyethylene Having Precisely Spaced Branches
Nozue Y, Kawashima Y, Seno S, Nagamatsu T, Hosoda S, Berda EB, Rojas G, Baughman TW, Wagener KB
4035 - 4037 PBDTTTZ: A Broad Band Gap Conjugated Polymer with High Photovoltaic Performance in Polymer Solar Cells
Huo LJ, Guo X, Zhang SQ, Li YF, Hou JH
4038 - 4048 Kinetics of Free Radical Polymerization of Spacerless Dendronized Macromonomers in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Costa LI, Storti G, Morbidelli M, Zhang X, Zhang B, Kasemi E, Schluter AD
4049 - 4056 Melt-Phase Synthesis and Properties of Triptycene-Containing Copolyesters
Liu YC, Turner SR, Wilkes G
4057 - 4064 Poly(2-cyclopropyl-2-oxazoline): From Rate Acceleration by Cyclopropyl to Thermoresponsive Properties
Bloksma MM, Weber C, Perevyazko IY, Kuse A, Baumgartel A, Vollrath A, Hoogenboom R, Schubert US
4065 - 4071 Simultaneous Photoinduced Silver Nanoparticles Formation and Cationic Polymerization of Divinyl Ethers
Cook WD, Nghiem QD, Chen Q, Chen F, Sangermano M
4072 - 4081 Controlled Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate Mediated by a Bis(imino)pyridine Vanadium Complex
Allan LEN, Cross ED, Francis-Pranger TW, Hanhan ME, Jones MR, Pearson JK, Perry MR, Storr T, Shaver MP
4082 - 4091 Poly(glycidyl amine) and Copolymers with Glycidol and Glycidyl Amine Repeating Units: Synthesis and Characterization
Meyer J, Keul H, Moller M
4092 - 4097 Construction of Polypseudorotaxane from Low-Molecular Weight Monomers via Dual Noncovalent Interactions
Zhu LL, Lu MQ, Zhang QW, Qu DH, Tian H
4098 - 4106 Pseudo-Halide and Nitrate Derivatives of Grubbs and Grubbs-Hoveyda Initiators: Some Structural Features Related to the Alternating Ring-Opening Metathesis Copolymerization of Norborn-2-ene with Cyclic Olefins
Buchmeiser MR, Ahmad I, Gurram V, Kumar PS
4107 - 4115 Phenylethynyl and Phenol End-Capping Studies of Polybiphenyloxydiphenylsilanes for Cross-Linking and Enhanced Thermal Stability
Drake K, Mukherjee I, Mirza K, Ji HF, Wei Y
4116 - 4124 Cinchona Alkaloids as Stereoselective Organocatalysts for the Partial Kinetic Resolution Polymerization of rac-Lactide
Miyake GM, Chen EYX
4125 - 4139 "Arm-First" Synthesis of Core-Cross-Linked Multiarm Star Polyethylenes by Coupling Palladium-Catalyzed Ethylene "Living" Polymerization with Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization
Liu PW, Landry E, Ye ZB, Joly H, Wang WJ, Li BG
4140 - 4148 Efficient Low-Temperature Atom Transfer Radical Coupling and Its Application to Synthesis of Well-Defined Symmetrical Polybenzamides
Huang CF, Ohta Y, Yokoyama A, Yokozawa T
4149 - 4158 Well-Defined Amphiphilic Block Copolymers and Nano-objects Formed in Situ via RAFT-Mediated Aqueous Emulsion Polymerization
Zhang XW, Boisse S, Zhang WJ, Beaunier P, D'Agosto F, Rieger J, Charleux B
4159 - 4166 Long-Chain Linear C-19 and C-23 Monomers and Polycondensates from Unsaturated Fatty Acid Esters
Stempfle F, Quinzler D, Heckler I, Mecking S
4167 - 4179 Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships of Polypropylene-g-poly(ethylene-co-1-butene) Graft Copolymers with Well-Defined Long Chain Branched Molecular Structures
Wang L, Wan D, Zhang ZJ, Liu F, Xing HP, Wang YH, Tang T
4180 - 4186 Copolymerization of Ethylene with Norbornene by Neutral Aryl Phosphine Sulfonate Palladium Catalyst
Ravasio A, Boggioni L, Tritto I
4187 - 4193 Retardation in RAFT Polymerization: Does Cross-Termination Occur with Short Radicals Only?
Ting SRS, Davis TP, Zetterlund PB
4194 - 4203 Conjugated Polymer with Benzimidazolylpyridine Ligands in the Side Chain: Metal Ion Coordination and Coordinative Self-Assembly into Fluorescent Ultrathin Films
Welterlich I, Tieke B
4204 - 4212 2,7-Carbazole-1,4-phenylene Copolymers with Polar Side Chains for Cathode Modifications in Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
Xu XF, Han B, Chen JW, Peng JB, Wu HB, Cao Y
4213 - 4221 Conjugated Polymers Based on a New Building Block: Dithienophthalimide
Wang HF, Shi QQ, Lin YZ, Fan HJ, Cheng P, Zhan XW, Li YF, Zhu DB
4222 - 4229 Low Bandgap Polymers Based on Regioregular Oligothiophenes Linked with Electron Accepting Units
Zhang LZ, Tajima K, Hashimoto K
4230 - 4240 Side Chain Engineering of Copolymers Based on Bithiazole and Benzodithiophene for Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance
Shi QQ, Fan HJ, Liu Y, Chen JM, Ma LC, Hu WP, Shuai ZG, Li YF, Zhan XW
4241 - 4248 Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Cyanide by a Reaction-Based Conjugated Polymer Chemosensor
Wu XF, Xu BW, Tong H, Wang LX
4249 - 4257 Strict Size Specificity in Colorimetric Anion Detection Based on Poly(phenylacetylene) Receptor Bearing Second Generation Lysine Dendrons
Sakai R, Sakai N, Satoh T, Li W, Zhang AF, Kakuchi T
4258 - 4268 Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Graft Copolymer Membranes with "Clickable" Surfaces and Their Functionalization
Cai T, Neoh KG, Kang ET
4269 - 4275 A Study on the Kinetics of a Disorder-to-Order Transition Induced by Alkyne/Azide Click Reaction
Wei XY, Li L, Kalish JP, Chen W, Russell TP
4276 - 4281 Supramolecular Glycopolymers in Water: A Reversible Route Toward Multivalent Carbohydrate-Lectin Conjugates Using Cucurbit[8]uril
Geng J, Biedermann F, Zayed JM, Tian F, Scherman OA
4282 - 4290 Block Copolymer Surfactants in Emulsion Polymerization: Influence of the Miscibility of the Hydrophobic Block on Kinetics, Particle Morphology, and Film Formation
Munoz-Bonilla A, Ali SI, del Campo A, Fernandez-Garcia M, van Herk AM, Heuts JPA
4291 - 4300 Domain Orientation and Grain Coarsening in Cylinder-Forming Poly(styrene-b-methyl methacrylate) Films
Ji SX, Liu CC, Liao W, Fenske AL, Craig GSW, Nealey PF
4301 - 4305 Catalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Renewable Macrolactones to High Molecular Weight Polyethylene-like Polymers
van der Meulen I, Gubbels E, Huijser S, Sablong R, Koning CE, Heise A, Duchateau R
4306 - 4312 Reversible and Multisensitive Quantum Dot Gels
Yan JJ, Wang H, Zhou QH, You YZ
4313 - 4319 Synthesis and Phase Behavior of Block-Random Copolymers of Styrene and Hydrogenated Isoprene
Beckingham BS, Register RA
4320 - 4325 Efficient Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Diverse Cyclic Imino Ethers: Unexpected Copolymerization Behavior
Lambermont-Thijs HML, Fijten MWM, van der Linden AJ, van Lankvelt BM, Bloksma MM, Schubert US, Hoogenboom R
4326 - 4334 The Possible Scalability of Mesophase Separation on Macrophase Separation and Crystallization of iPP/OBC Blends
Jin J, Zhao CZ, Du J, Han CC
4335 - 4341 Stem Tilt in the Contact Plane of Epitaxially Grown Polylactide Lamellae and Its Direct Correlation with Lamellar Bending
Wang FD, Ruan JJ, Huang YF, Su AC
4342 - 4354 Structure-Property Relationships of Nanocomposites Based on Polypropylene and Layered Double Hydroxides
Purohit PJ, Huacuja-Sanchez JE, Wang DY, Emmerling F, Thunemann A, Heinrich G, Schonhals A
4355 - 4365 Dielectric and Viscoelastic Investigation of Segmental Dynamics of Polystyrene above Glass Transition Temperature: Cooperative Sequence Length and Relaxation Mode Distribution
Matsumiya Y, Uno A, Watanabe H, Inoue T, Urakawa O
4366 - 4381 Impact of Filler Surface Modification on Large Scale Mechanics of Styrene Butadiene/Silica Rubber Composites
Stockelhuber KW, Svistkov AS, Pelevin AG, Heinrich G
4382 - 4391 Surfactant-Free Synthesized Magnetic Polypropylene Nanocomposites: Rheological, Electrical, Magnetic, and Thermal Properties
Zhu JH, Wei SY, Li YT, Sun LY, Haldolaarachchige N, Young DP, Southworth C, Khasanov A, Luo ZP, Guo ZH
4392 - 4400 Effects of Interfacial Interactions and Film Thickness on Nonequilibrium Hierarchical Assemblies of Block Copolymer-Based Supramolecules in Thin Films
Kao J, Tingsanchali J, Xu T
4401 - 4409 Microphase Separation Mode-Dependent Mechanical Response in Poly(vinyl ester)/PEO Triblock Copolymers
Lipscomb CE, Mahanthappa MK
4410 - 4414 Decoupling Ionic Conductivity from Structural Relaxation: A Way to Solid Polymer Electrolytes?
Agapov AL, Sokolov AP
4415 - 4421 Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposites with Nanodiamond
Morimune S, Kotera M, Nishino T, Goto K, Hata K
4422 - 4427 Strong Nanocomposite Reinforcement Effects in Polyurethane Elastomer with Low Volume Fraction of Cellulose Nanocrystals
Pei AH, Malho JM, Ruokolainen J, Zhou Q, Berglund LA
4428 - 4438 Effect of Free Volume on Water and Salt Transport Properties in Directly Copolymerized Disulfonated Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Random Copolymers
Xie W, Ju H, Geise GM, Freeman BD, Mardel JI, Hill AJ, McGrath JE
4439 - 4444 Diameter-Dependent Modulus and Melting Behavior in Electrospun Semicrystalline Polymer Fibers
Liu Y, Chen S, Zussman E, Korach CS, Zhao W, Rafailovich M
4445 - 4451 Relaxation of Single Polymer Chain in Poly(methyl methacrylate) Films under Uniaxial Extension Observed by Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
Ube T, Aoki H, Ito S, Horinaka J, Takigawa T, Masuda T
4452 - 4461 Thermodynamics of Photoresponsive Polyelectrolyte-Dye Assemblies with Irradiation Wavelength Triggered Particle Size
Willerich I, Grohn F
4462 - 4469 2D-Infrared Thermography Monitoring of Ultrasound-Assisted Polymerization of Water-Soluble Monomer in a Gel Process
Rigolini J, Bombled F, Ehrenfeld F, El Omari K, Le Guer Y, Grassl B
4470 - 4478 Structural Investigation on Thermoresponsive PVA/Poly(methacrylate-co-N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgels across the Volume Phase Transition
Ghugare SV, Chiessi E, Fink R, Gerelli Y, Scotti A, Deriu A, Carrot G, Paradossi G
4479 - 4486 Kinetics of Glucose-Induced Swelling of P(NIPAM-AAPBA) Microgels
Xing SY, Guan Y, Zhang YJ
4487 - 4495 Controlling the Dynamics of Self-Assembled Triblock Copolymer Networks via the pH
Charbonneau C, Chassenieux C, Colombani O, Nicolai T
4496 - 4502 Poly(N-vinylimidazole)-/-Poly(tetrahydrofuran) Amphiphilic Copetworks and Gels: Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal and Swelling Behavior
Fodor C, Kali G, Ivan B
4503 - 4510 Reversible Switching between Linear and Ring Poly(EO)s Bearing Iron Tetraphenylporphyrin Ends Triggered by Solvent, pH, or Redox Stimuli
Schappacher M, Deffieux A
4511 - 4519 Atomistic Structure Generation and Gas Adsorption Simulations of Microporous Polymer Networks
Abbott LJ, Colina CM
4520 - 4529 Bond Tension in Tethered Macromolecules
Sheiko SS, Panyukov S, Rubinstein M
4530 - 4537 Mechanism and Kinetics of Fullerene Association in Polystyrene Thin Film Mixtures
Wong HC, Cabral JT
4538 - 4545 Evolution of the Environment of Guest Molecules in Dynamically Heterogeneous Matrices of Poly(ethyl methacrylate) and Poly(n-butyl methacrylate) Far below T-g
Grebenkin SY, Syutkin VM
4546 - 4553 Distribution of Glass Transition Temperatures in Free-Standing, Nanoconfined Polystyrene Films: A Test of de Gennes' Sliding Motion Mechanism
Kim S, Torkelson JM