Macromolecules, Vol.43, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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10163 - 10184 Controlled Radical (Co)polymerization of Fluoromonomers
Bruno A
10185 - 10187 On Estimation of Concentration of Free Volume Elements in Polymers
Yampolskii Y
10188 - 10190 Stress Relaxation by Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer in Highly Cross-Linked Thiol-Yne Networks
Park HY, Kloxin CJ, Scott TF, Bowman CN
10191 - 10195 Green Bulb Light Source Induced Epoxy Cationic Polymerization under Air Using Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) and Silyl Radicals
Lalevee J, Blanchard N, Tehfe MA, Morlet-Savary F, Fouassier JP
10196 - 10200 Synthesis and Characterization of Degradable Water-Soluble Fluorescent Polymers
Chong H, Duan XR, Yang QO, Liu LB, Wang S
10201 - 10203 Stereoselective Polymerization of meso-Lactide Syndiotactic Polylactide by Heteroselective Initiators Based on Trivalent Metals
Buffet JC, Kapelski A, Okuda J
10204 - 10207 Generalized Force-Extension Relation for Wormlike Chains in Slit Confinement
Chen YL, Lin PK, Chou CF
10208 - 10212 Real-Time WAXD Detection of Mesophase Development during Quenching of Propene/Ethylene Copolymers
Cavallo D, Portale G, Balzano L, Azzurri F, Bras W, Peters GW, Alfonso GC
10213 - 10215 Stabilization of 3D Network Morphologies in Thin Films via Chemical Modification of ABC Triblock Terpolymers
Sperschneider A, Sehacher FH, Tsarkova L, Boker A, Muller AHE
10216 - 10220 Synthesis of Fully Soluble Azomethine-Bridged Ladder-Type Poly(p-phenylenes) by Bischler-Napieralski Reaction
Chen YL, Huang WG, Li CH, Bo ZS
10221 - 10230 Star Polymers with Both Temperature Sensitivity and Inclusion Functionalities
Liu YY, Zhong YB, Nan JK, Tian W
10231 - 10240 A deeper Insight into the Dithiocarbamate Precursor Route Synthesis of Soluble Poly(thienylene vinylene) Derivatives for Photovoltaic Applications
Dilien H, Palmaerts A, Lenes M, de Boer B, Blom P, Cleij TJ, Lutsen L, Vanderzande D
10241 - 10245 A One-Step, Organic-Solvent Processable Synthesis of PEDOT Thin Films via in Situ Metastable Chemical Polymerization
McFarlane SL, Deore BA, Svenda N, Freund MS
10246 - 10252 Hydrogels Based on Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
Zhang K, Cui J, Lackey M, Tew GN
10253 - 10261 Effect of Dimensionality in Dendrimeric and Polymeric Fluorescent Materials for Detecting Explosives
Cavaye H, Shaw PE, Wang X, Burn PL, Lo SC, Meredith P
10262 - 10274 Surface-Initiated Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization (SI-ROMP) Synthesis and Electropolymerization of Terthiophene-Functionalized Olefin Peripheral Dendrons
Jiang GQ, Ponnapati R, Pernites R, Felipe MJ, Advincula R
10275 - 10282 Binary Polymer Brushes on Silica@Polymer Hybrid Nanospheres and Hollow Polymer Nanospheres by Combined Alkyne-Azide and Thiol-Ene Surface Click Reactions
Li GL, Wan D, Neoh KG, Kang ET
10283 - 10290 Ideal Molecular Weight Distributions of Multiblock Copolymers Prepared via RAFT Polymerization
Ebeling B, Eggers M, Vana P
10291 - 10296 High Molecular Weight Poly(alpha,alpha',beta-trisubstituted beta-lactones) As Generated by Metal-Free Phosphazene Catalysts
De Winter J, Coulembier O, Gerbaux P, Dubois P
10297 - 10303 Polyanhydride Networks from Thiol-Ene Polymerizations
Rutherglen BG, McBath RA, Huang YL, Shipp DA
10304 - 10310 An Easy and Efficient Route to Macrocyclic Polymers Via Intramolecular Radical-Radical Coupling of Chain Ends
Voter AF, Tillman ES
10311 - 10314 Accelerated Continuous Flow RAFT Polymerization
Diehl C, Laurino P, Azzouz N, Seeberger PH
10315 - 10319 Isosorbide Polyesters from Enzymatic Catalysis
Juais D, Naves AF, Li C, Gross RA, Catalani LH
10320 - 10325 Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate and Styrene with New Alkoxyamines from 4-Nitrophenyl 2-Methylpropionat-2-yl Radicals
Greene AC, Grubbs RB
10326 - 10335 Drug-Loaded, Bivalent-Bottle-Brush Polymers by Graft-through ROMP
Johnson JA, Lu YY, Burts AO, Xia Y, Durrell AC, Tirrell DA, Grubbs RH
10336 - 10342 Efficient Synthesis of Long-Chain Highly Branched Polymers via One-Pot Tandem Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization and Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization
Ding LA, Xie MR, Yang D, Song CM
10343 - 10347 Synthesis of Macrocyclic Poly(ethylene oxide) and Polystyrene via Glaser Coupling Reaction
Zhang YN, Wang GW, Huang JL
10348 - 10354 Conjugated Polymer Fluorescence Probe for Intracellular Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles
Sun B, Sun MJ, Gu Z, Shen QD, Jiang SJ, Xu Y, Wang Y
10355 - 10365 Sterically Encumbered Fluorene-Based Poly(arylene ether)s Containing Spiro-Annulated Substituents on the Main Chain
Huang WY, Huang SY
10366 - 10375 pi-Conjugated Poly(aryleneethynylene)s Consisting of Salophen and Ni-Salophen Units in the pi-Conjugated Main Chain Preparation and Chemical Properties
Fukumoto H, Yamane K, Kase Y, Yamamoto T
10376 - 10381 Amperometric Detection of Glucose Using a Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complex with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Pang X, Imin P, Zhitomirsky I, Adronov A
10382 - 10389 Synthesis and Charge Transport Properties of Redox-Active Nitroxide Polyethers with Large Site Density
Oyaizu K, Kawamoto T, Suga T, Nishide H
10390 - 10396 A Tale of Current and Voltage Interplay of Band Gap and Energy Levels of Conjugated Polymers in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Zhou HX, Yang LQ, Liu SB, You W
10397 - 10405 High Modulus, Low Surface Energy, Photochemically Cured Materials from Liquid Precursors
Hu ZK, Pitet LM, Hillmyer MA, DeSimone JM
10406 - 10413 Oxidation of Aniline with Silver Nitrate Accelerated by p-Phenylenediamine A New Route to Conducting Composites
Bober P, Stejskal J, Trchova M, Prokes J, Sapurina I
10414 - 10421 Terthiophene-Jacketed Poly(benzyl ether) Dendrimers Sonication Synthesis, Electropolymerization, and Polythiophene Film Formation
Ponnapati R, Felipe MJ, Park JY, Vargas J, Advincula R
10422 - 10426 Disassembly of Elastomers Poly(olefin sulfone)-Silicones with Switchable Mechanical Properties
Lobez JM, Swager TM
10427 - 10434 Determination of Propagation Rate Coefficients for Methyl and 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate via High Frequency PLP-SEC under Consideration of the Impact of Chain Branching
Junkers T, Schneider-Baumann M, Koo SPS, Castignolles P, Barner-Kowollik C
10435 - 10441 Selective Chain-End Postpolymerization Reactions and Property Tuning of a Highly Conjugated and All-Thiophene Polyazomethine
Barik S, Skene WG
10442 - 10451 Amphiphilic Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(butadiene-graft-liquid crystal) Copolymers Synthesis and Self-Assembly in Water
Yang H, Jia L, Zhu CH, Di-Cicco A, Levy D, Albouy PA, Li MH, Keller P
10452 - 10456 Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles in Block Copolymer Thin Films Role of Defects
Kim J, Green PF
10457 - 10465 Multistimuli Responsive Polymer Nanoparticles On the basis of the Amphiphilic Azobenzene-Contained Hyperbranched Poly(ether amine) (hPEA-AZO)
Yu B, Jiang XS, Wang R, Yin J
10466 - 10474 Covalently Cross-Linked Colloidosomes
Thompson KL, Armes SP, Howse JR, Ebbens S, Ahmad I, Zaidi JH, York DW, Burdis JA
10475 - 10480 "Log-Rolling" Alignment in Friction-Transferred Light-Emitting Conjugated Polymer Thin Films
Hao XT, Chan NY, Heck C, Tanigaki N, Paige MF, Dunstan DE, Smith TA
10481 - 10489 Molecular Structure and Surface Properties of Comb-Like Fluorinated Poly(oxyethylene)s Having Different Content of Fluoroalkyl Side Group
Chung JS, Kim BG, Sohn EH, Lee JC
10490 - 10497 Immobilized Polymer Fraction in Hyperbranched Polymer/Silica Nanocomposite Suspensions
Ruggerone R, Geiser V, Vacche SD, Leterrier Y, Manson JAE
10498 - 10504 Influence of the Degree of Sulfonation on the Structure and Dynamics of Sulfonated Polystyrene Copolymers
Castagna AM, Wang WQ, Winey KI, Runt J
10505 - 10511 Free Volume of Interphases in Model Nanocomposites Studied by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
Harms S, Ratzke K, Faupel F, Schneider GJ, Willner L, Richter D
10512 - 10520 High-Pressure-Induced Microstructural Evolution and Enhancement of Thermal Properties of Nylon-6
Yu JC, Tonpheng B, Andersson O
10521 - 10527 Field-Induced Transport in Sulfonated Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) Membranes
Bertran O, Curco D, Torras J, Ferreira CA, Aleman C
10528 - 10535 Ordering in Mixtures of a Triblock Copolymer with a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid
Miranda DF, Russell TP, Watkins JJ
10536 - 10544 Effects of Composition, Orientation and Temperature on the O-2 Permeability of Model Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites
Dunkerley E, Schmidt D
10545 - 10553 Nonisothermal Crystallization Behaviors of Nanocomposites Prepared by In Situ Polymerization of High-Density Polyethylene on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Kim J, Kwak S, Hong SM, Lee JR, Takahara A, Seo Y
10554 - 10559 Effect of Mesophase Separation on the Crystallization Behavior of Olefin Block Copolymers
Jin J, Du JA, Xia QH, Liang YR, Han CC
10560 - 10567 Intercalate Co-Crystals of Syndiotactic Polystyrene with Benzyl methacrylate and Radiation-Induced Guest Polymerization
D'Aniello C, Dondi D, Faucitano A, Guerra G
10568 - 10581 Hierarchical Structure in Nanoscale Thin Films of a Poly(styrene-b-methacrylate grafted with POSS) (PS214-b-PMAPOSS(27))
Ahn B, Hirai T, Jin S, Rho Y, Kim KW, Kakimoto M, Gopalan P, Hayakawa T, Ree M
10582 - 10593 Temperature-Dependent Growth of Gelatin-Poly(galacturonic acid) Multilayer Films and Their Responsiveness to Temperature, pH, and NaCl
Westwood M, Gunning AP, Parker R
10594 - 10599 Translocation Dynamics of Poly(styrenesulfonic acid) through an alpha-Hemolysin Protein Nanopore
Chen QJ, Liu J, Schibel AEP, White HS, Wu C
10600 - 10611 Double Reaction-induced Microphase Separation in Epoxy Resin Containing Polystyrene-block-poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-block-poly(n-butyl acrylate) ABC Triblock Copolymer
Fan WC, Wang L, Zheng SX
10612 - 10620 Self-Assembly of Lamellar Microphases in Linear Gradient Copolymer Melts
Tito NB, Milner ST, Lipson JEG
10621 - 10627 Spatiotemporal Evolution in Morphogenesis of Thermoreversible Polymer Gels with Fibrillar Network
Chou CM, Hong PD
10628 - 10635 Multistimuli Responsive Organosilica Hybrid Nanoparticles Based on Poly(ether amine)
Wang R, Jiang XS, Di CF, Yin L
10636 - 10644 Novel Approach to Controllable Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Polyaniline Nanofibers
Han J, Li LY, Guo R
10645 - 10651 Temperature-Responsive Properties of Poly(acrylic acid-co-acrylamide) Hydrophobic Association Hydrogels with High Mechanical Strength
Yang M, Liu C, Li ZY, Gao G, Liu FQ
10652 - 10658 Dispersible Shaped Nanoobjects from Bulk Microphase Separation of High T-g Block Copolymers without Chemical Cross-linking
Qin JL, Chen YM, Yan DD, Xi F
10659 - 10667 Simulations of Dendrimers with Flexible Spacer Chains and Explicit Counterions under Low and Neutral pH Conditions
Klos JS, Sommer JU
10668 - 10678 Isotropic-Nematic Interface in a Lyotropic System of Wormlike Chains with the Onsager Interaction
Jiang Y, Chen JZY
10679 - 10691 Effect of Solvent Quality on the Coil-Stretch Transition
Somani S, Shaqfeh ESG, Prakash JR
10692 - 10713 Melt Structure and Dynamics of Unentangled Polyethylene Rings Rouse Theory, Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and Comparison with the Linear Analogues
Tsolou G, Stratikis N, Baig C, Stephanou PS, Mavrantzas VG
10714 - 10721 Single Molecules Probing the Freezing of Polymer Melts A Molecular Dynamics Study for Various Molecule-Chain Linkages
Vallee RAL, Paul W, Binder K
10722 - 10734 Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Wang QF, Keffer DJ, Nicholson DM, Thomas JB
10735 - 10742 Direct and Inverse Micelles of Diblock Copolymers with a Polyelectrolyte Block Effect of Equilibrium Distribution of Counterions
Venev SV, Reineker P, Potemkin II
10743 - 10746 Electrospinning of Concentrated Polymer Solutions
Yu DG, Branford-White CJ, Chatterton NP, White K, Zhu LM, Shen XX, Nie W
10747 - 10747 Microstructure Studies of In Situ Composites Based on Polyethylene/Polyamide 12 Blends (vol 43, pg 4715, 2010)
Dencheva N, Denchev Z, Oliveira MJ, Funari SS
10747 - 10747 High Glass-Transition Temperature and Organosoluble Novel Arylene Ether Polymers (vol 40, pg 8649, 2007)
Huang WY, Liaw BR, Chang MY, Han YK, Huang PT