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ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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1897 - 1900 Morphological study on an Azobenzene-containing liquid crystalline Diblock copolymer
Ding LM, Mao HM, Xu J, He JB, Ding X, Russell TP, Robello DR, Mis M
1901 - 1904 The specific work of flow as a criterion for orientation in polymer crystallization
Mykhaylyk OO, Chambon P, Graham RS, Fairclough JPA, Ohnsted PD, Ryan AJ
1905 - 1908 Polymer-graphite nanocomposites: Effective dispersion and major property enhancement via solid-state shear pulverization
Wakabayashi K, Pierre C, Dikin DA, Ruoff RS, Ramanathan T, Brinson LC, Torkelson JM
1909 - 1911 Synthesis and characterization of Poly(glyceryl glycerol) block copolymers
Wurm F, Nieberle J, Frey H
1912 - 1914 Polymers containing Di(1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)arene moieties: Polymerization via N-C Coupling reactions
Hlil AR, Matsumura S, Hay AS
1915 - 1918 Crystallization of homopolymers confined in sherical or cylindrical nanodomains
Nojima S, Ohguma Y, Namiki S, Ishizone T, Yamaguchi K
1919 - 1928 Cyclopolymerization of N,N-dipropargylamines and NN-dipropargyl ammonium salts
Vygodskii YS, Shaplov AS, Lozinskaya EI, Vlasov PS, Malyshkina IA, Gavrilova ND, Kumar PS, Buchmeiser MR
1929 - 1936 Living anionic polymerization of N-methacryloyl-2-methylaziridine: Polymerizable NN-dialkylmethacrylamide
Suzuki T, Kusakabe J, Ishizone T
1937 - 1944 "Clickable" polyglycolides: Tunable synthons for thermoresponsive, degradable polymers
Jiang X, Vogel EB, Smith MR, Baker GL
1945 - 1951 Synthesis and characterization of surface-initiated helical polyisocyanopeptide brushes
Lim E, Tu G, Schwartz E, Cornelissen JJLM, Rowan AE, Nolte RJM, Huck WTS
1952 - 1960 Multiblock polysilane copolymers: One-pot wurtz synthesis, fluoride anion-induced block-selective scission experiments, and spectroscopic characterization
Kawabe T, Naito M, Fujiki M
1961 - 1965 Studying a slow polymerization: A kinetic investigation of the living anionic polymerization of P=C bonds
Noonan KJT, Gates DP
1966 - 1971 Enhanced ionization in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of labile end-group-containing polystyrenes using silver(I) tetrafluoroborate as doping salt
Gruendling T, Hart-Smith G, Davis TP, Stenzel MH, Barner-Kowollik C
1972 - 1982 A proximal bisnitroxide initiator: Studies in low-temperature nitroxide-mediated polymerizations
Ruehl J, Hill NL, Walter ED, Milihauser G, Braslau R
1983 - 1988 Highly 3,4-selective living polymerization of isoprene with rare earth metal fluorenyl N-heterocyclic carbene precursors
Wang BL, Cui DM, Lv K
1989 - 1995 Cationic ring-opening polymerization of oxetane via a non-steady-state controlled polymerization process: A comparison of initiators yielding living and nonliving polymers
Bouchekif H, Philbin MI, Colclough E, Amass AJ
1996 - 2002 Copolymerization of mixed L-alpha-arginine with L-alpha-glutamic acid
Ren J, Xin L, Liu YN, Wang KJ
2003 - 2010 Silanes as new highly efficient co-initiators for radical polymerization in aerated media
Lalevee J, Dirani A, El-Roz M, Allonas X, Fouassier JP
2011 - 2021 Characterization of randomly branched poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Hedhli L, Mekhilef N, Moyses S, Lewis RH
2022 - 2029 Diblock copolymers containing metal complexes in the side chain of one block
Aamer KA, De Jeu WH, Tew GN
2030 - 2036 One-pot synthesis of a novel ladder polymer of calixarene via condensation reaction of resofcinol and alkanedial based on dynarruic covalent chemistry
Kudo H, Shigematsu K, Milani K, Nishikubo T, Kasuga NC, Uekusa H, Ohashi Y
2037 - 2044 Mechanism of the formation and growth of the cross-linked poly(divinylbenzene) spheres using poly(styrene-block-4-vinylpyridine)
Lee JM, Saikia PJ, Lee K, Choe S
2045 - 2048 Synthesis and spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of TTF-derivatized polycarbazole
Liu Y, Wang C, Li M, Lai G, Shen Y
2049 - 2061 Regime transitions of polymer crystal growth rates: Molecular simulations and interpretation beyond Lauritzen-Hoffman model
Hu WB, Cai T
2062 - 2070 Morphology and crystalline transition of poly (3-butylthlophene) associated with its polymorphic modifications
Lu GH, Li LG, Yang XN
2071 - 2078 PFG-NMR techniques provide a new tool for continuous investigation of the evolution of the casein gel microstructure after renneting
Le Feunteun S, Mariette F
2079 - 2086 Effects of acidification with and without rennet on a concentrated casein system: A kinetic NMR probe diffusion study
Le Feunteun S, Ariette FM
2087 - 2095 Thermal Fractionation and isothermal crystallization of polyethylene nanocomposites prepared by in situ polymerization
Trujillo M, Arnal ML, Mueller AJ, Bredeau S, Bonduel D, Dubois P, Hamley IW, Castelletto V
2096 - 2103 2D-sintering kinetics of two model fluids as drops
Muller JD, Bousmina M, Maazouz A
2104 - 2118 Rheology of miscible polymer blends with hydrogen bonding
Yang Z, Han CD
2119 - 2125 H-1, C-13, and P-31 NMR study on poly(vinylphosphonic acid) and its dimethyl ester
Komber H, Steinert V, Voit B
2126 - 2134 Comb-shaped poly(arylene ether sulfone)s as proton exchange membranes
Kim DS, Robertson GP, Guiver MD
2135 - 2143 Morphology of layered silicate- (NanoClay-) polymer nanocomposites by electron tomography and small-angle x-ray scattering
Drummy LF, Wang YC, Schoenmakers R, May K, Jackson M, Koerner H, Farmer BL, Mauryama B, Vaia RA
2144 - 2156 Gas permeability, solubility, and diffusion coefficients in 1,2-polybutadiene containing magnesium oxide
Matteucci S, Raharjo RD, Kusuma VA, Swinnea S, Freeman BD
2157 - 2163 Decoupling optical properties in metallo-supramolecular poly(p-phenylene ethynylene)s
Burnworth M, Mendez JD, Schroetert M, Rowan SJ, Weder C
2164 - 2171 Nanocluster nucleation and growth in polymeric media below the glass transition
Gazit O, Dan N, Tannenbaum R
2172 - 2177 The double role of comonomers on the crystallization behavior of isotactic polypropylene: Propylene-hexene copolymers
De Rosa C, Auriemma F, De Ballesteros OR, De Luca D, Resconi L
2178 - 2185 Effect of H-bonded liquid crystal polymers on CdSe quantum dot alignment within nanocomposite
Shandryuk GA, Matukhina EV, Vasil'ev RB, Rebrov A, Bondarenko GN, Merekalov AS, Gas'kov AM, Talroze RV
2186 - 2194 Correlated roughness in polymer films containing maghemite nanoparticles
Kashem MMA, Perlich J, Schulz L, Roth SV, Muller-Buschbaum P
2195 - 2202 Polyelectrolyte behavior of diblock copolymer micelles having phosphonic diacid groups at the corona
Schmidt V, Di Cola E, Giacomelli C, Brisson AR, Narayanan T, Borsali R
2203 - 2211 Conformation of poly(methacrylic acid) chains in dilute aqueous solution
Ruiz-Perez L, Pryke A, Sommer M, Battaglia G, Soutar I, Swanson L, Geoghegan M
2212 - 2218 SANS investigation and conductivity of pure and salt-containing poly(bismethoxyphosphazene)
Karatas Y, Pyckhout-Hintzen W, Zorn R, Richter D, Wietnhofer HD
2219 - 2227 Folding of long multiblock copolymer (PI-b-PS-b-PI)(n) chains prepared by the self-assembly assisted polypolymerization (SAAP) in cyclohexane
Hong LZ, Zhu FM, Li JF, Ngai T, Xie ZW, Wu C
2228 - 2234 Synthesis, folding, and association of long multiblock (PEO23-b-PNIPAM(124))(750) chains in aqueous solutions
Zhang Q, Ye J, Lu Y, Nie T, Xie D, Song Q, Chen H, Zhang G, Tang Y, Wu C, Xie Z
2235 - 2242 Adhesion and particle deformation of submicron-sized latex particles on hydrophobically modified solid substrates at room temperature
Lee JM, Kim JH, Cheong IW, Ho CC
2243 - 2249 Theory of colloid stabilization in semidilute polymer solutions
Sernenov AN
2250 - 2259 Controlling the morphologies of organometallic block copolymers in the 3-dimensional spatial confinement of colloidal and inverse colloidal crystals
Rider DA, Chen JIL, Eloi JC, Arsenault AC, Russell TP, Ozin GA, Manners I
2260 - 2270 Is the electrostatic blob model relevant to dilute polyelectrolyte solutions undergoing shear flow?
Pattanayek SK, Prakash JR
2271 - 2277 Humidity-induced phase transitions in ion-containing block copolymer membranes
Park MJ, Nedoma AJ, Geissler PL, Balsara NP, Jackson A, Cookson D
2278 - 2282 Simulation of glassy state relaxations in polymers: Prediction of the dielectric loss spectrum due to methoxy group rotation in poly(vinyl methyl ether)
Berthet JC, Davies GR
2283 - 2289 Fast-growth thermodynamic integration: Calculating excess chemical Potentials of additive molecules in polymer microstructures
Hess B, Peter C, Ozal T, van der Vegt NFA
2290 - 2293 One-pot synthesis of hyperbranched Polyethylenes tethered with polymerizable methacryloyl groups via selective ethylene copolymerization with heterobifunctional comonomers by chain walking pd-diimine catalysis
Wang JL, Zhang KJ, Ye ZB