Macromolecules, Vol.38, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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2023 - 2026 Synthesis and lithographic patterning of polycarbosilanes with pendant cobalt carbonyl clusters
Greenberg S, Clendenning SB, Liu K, Manners I, Aouba S, Ruda HE
2027 - 2029 Copolymerization of LL-lactide at its living polymer-monomer equilibrium with epsilon-caprolactone as comonomer
Mosnacek J, Duda A, Libiszowski J, Penczek S
2030 - 2032 Time-resolved light scattering studies of phase separation in thin film semiconducting polymer blends during spin-coating
Jukes PC, Heriot SY, Sharp JS, Jones RAL
2033 - 2036 Reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization: End group modification for functionalized polymers and chain transfer agent recovery
Perrier S, Takolpuckdee P, Mars CA
2037 - 2039 Enhanced CO2 absorption of poly(ionic liquid)s
Tang JB, Sun WL, Tang HD, Radosz M, Shen YQ
2040 - 2042 Novel polymer/salt hybrid composed of comblike organoboron polymer electrolyte and boron-stabilized imido anion
Matsumi N, Nakashiba M, Mizumo T, Ohno H
2043 - 2046 Synthesis of diblock copolymers consisting of hyaluronan and poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)
Yang YL, Kataoka K, Winnik FM
2047 - 2049 Large scale structures in nanocomposite hydrogels
Loizou E, Butler P, Porcar L, Kesselman E, Talmon Y, Dundigalla A, Schmidt G
2050 - 2052 Helical organization of m-linked rigid polymers with pendant flexible dendrons
Ryu JH, Bae J, Lee M
2053 - 2055 Efficient incorporation of 2-methyl-1-pentene in copolymerization of ethylene with 2-methyl-1-pentene catalyzed by nonbridged half-titanocenes
Nomura K, Itagaki K, Fujiki M
2056 - 2063 Polymeryl exchange between ansa-zirconocene catalysts for norbornene-ethene copolymerization and aluminum or zinc alkyls
Ni Bhriain N, Brintzinger HH, Ruchatz D, Fink G
2064 - 2071 L-lysine dendronized polystyrene
Lubbert A, Nguyen TQ, Sun F, Sheiko SS, Klok HA
2072 - 2075 (E)-(Z) selectivity in the polymerization of 2-butene promoted by Ni(II) Brookhart-type catalysts
Milano G, Guerra G, Mazzeo M, Pellecchia C, Cavallo L
2076 - 2084 Using self-assembly to prepare multifunctional diblock copolymers containing azopyridine moiety
Cui L, Dahmane S, Tong X, Zhu L, Zhao Y
2085 - 2092 Effect of guest compounds on template polymerization of multivinyl monomer of cyclodextrins
Saito R, Yamaguchi K
2093 - 2100 Synthesis and direct topology visualization of high-molecular-weight star PMMA
Xue L, Agarwal US, Zhang M, Staal BBP, Muller AHE, Bailly CME, Lemstra PJ
2101 - 2108 First synthesis of poly(acylmethylene)s via palladium-mediated polymerization of diazoketones
Ihara E, Fujioka M, Haida N, Itoh T, Inoue K
2109 - 2115 Probing the influence of polymer architecture on liquid-liquid phase transitions of aqueous poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) copolymer solutions
Yin XC, Stover HDH
2116 - 2121 Alkyne-functional homopolymers and block copolymers through nitroxide-mediated free radical polymerization of 4-(phenylethynyl)styrene
Sessions LB, Miinea LA, Ericson KD, Glueck DS, Grubbs RB
2122 - 2130 Synthesis and characterization of sulfur-containing nongeminal cyclic and polymeric alkylarylphosphazenes
Jung JH, Kmecko T, Claypool CL, Zhang HM, Wisian-Neilson P
2131 - 2136 One-pot hyperbranched polymer synthesis mediated by reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization
Liu BL, Kazlauciunas A, Guthrie JT, Perrier S
2137 - 2142 Synthesis of monodisperse silica particles coated with well-defined, high-density polymer brushes by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Ohno K, Morinaga T, Koh K, Tsujii Y, Fukuda T
2143 - 2147 Mechanism and kinetics of the free radical ring-opening polymerization of eight-membered cyclic allylic disulfide monomers
Phelan M, Aldabbagh F, Zetterlund PB, Yamada B
2148 - 2153 Novel polyphenylenes containing phenol-substituted oxadiazole moieties as fluorescent chemosensors for fluoride ion
Zhou G, Cheng YX, Wang LX, Jing XB, Wang FS
2154 - 2158 Ring size effect of crown ether on the fixation of carbon dioxide into an oxirane polymer
Yamamoto S, Moriya O, Endo T
2159 - 2166 Novel poly(p-phenylene)s via nucleophilic aromatic substitution of poly(4'-fluoro-2,5-benzophenone)
Bloom PD, Jones CA, Sheares VV
2167 - 2172 Benzyne as a monomer for polymerization: Alternating copolymerization of benzyne and pyridine to give novel polymers with o-phenylene and 2,3-dihydropyridine units in the main chain
Ihara E, Kurokawa A, Koda T, Muraki T, Itoh T, Inoue K
2173 - 2179 Instantaneous copolymer composition in high conversion copolymerization of acrylonitrile and methyl acrylate assessed by in situ C-13 NMR measurements of individual monomer reaction rates
Zetterlund PB, Takenaka M, Johnson AF
2180 - 2190 Emulsion polymerization of N-ethylacrylamide in supercritical carbon dioxide
Ye WJ, DeSimone JM
2191 - 2204 Ab initio emulsion polymerization by RAFT-controlled self-assembly
Ferguson CJ, Hughes RJ, Nguyen D, Pham BTT, Gilbert RG, Serelis AK, Such CH, Hawkett BS
2205 - 2212 Stable nonspherical fluorine-containing colloidal dispersions: Synthesis and film formation
Dreher WR, Jarrett WL, Urban MW
2213 - 2222 Light-induced orientation of liquid crystalline terpolymers containing azobenzene and dye moieties
Rosenhauer R, Fischer T, Stumpe J, Gimenez R, Pinol M, Serrano JL, Vinuales A, Broer D
2223 - 2229 Phase behavior and photooptical properties of liquid crystalline functionalized copolymers with low-molecular-mass dopants stabilized by hydrogen bonds
Medvedev AV, Barmatov EB, Medvedev AS, Shibaev VP, Ivanov SA, Kozlovsky M, Stumpe J
2230 - 2236 Facile manufacture and storage of poly(methylhydrogenosiloxane)s
Yactine B, Ganachaud F, Senhaji O, Boutevin B
2237 - 2246 Facile synthesis of polyamide dendrimers from unprotected AB(2) building blocks: Dumbbell-shaped dendrimer, star-shaped dendrimer, and dendrimer with a carboxylic acid at the core
Washio I, Shibasaki Y, Ueda M
2247 - 2252 Microstructure and dielectric properties of P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) with partially grafted copper phthalocyanine oligomer
Wang JW, Shen QD, Bao HM, Yang CZ, Zhang QM
2253 - 2260 Conjugated fluorene and silole copolymers: Synthesis, characterization, electronic transition, light emission, photovoltaic cell, and field effect hole mobility
Wang F, Luo J, Yang KX, Chen JW, Huang F, Cao Y
2261 - 2270 Solid inclusion complexes of alpha-cyclodextrin and perdeuterated poly(oxyethylene)
Girardeau TE, Zhao TJ, Leisen J, Beckham HW, Bucknall DG
2271 - 2280 Controlled foaming of polymer films through restricted surface diffusion and the addition of nanosilica particles or CO2-philic surfactants
Siripurapu S, DeSimone JM, Khan SA, Spontak RJ
2281 - 2288 Role of complex formation in the polymerization kinetics of modified epoxy-amine systems
Swier S, van Assche G, Vuchelen W, van Mele B
2289 - 2295 Influence of morphology on the transport properties of perfluorosulfonate ionomers/polypyrrole composite membrane
Park HS, Kim YJ, Hong WH, Choi YS, Lee HK
2296 - 2306 Miscible blends of kraft lignin derivatives with low-T-g polymers
Li Y, Sarkanen S
2307 - 2314 Polymer brush membranes for pervaporation of organic solvents from water
Sun L, Baker GL, Bruening ML
2315 - 2320 Kinetics of surface crystallization in thin films of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Jukes PC, Das A, Durell M, Trolley D, Higgins AM, Geoghegan M, Macdonald JE, Jones RAL, Brown S, Thompson P
2321 - 2326 Probing the micromechanical behavior of semicrystalline polypropylene films by Brillouin spectroscopy
Priadilova O, Cheng W, Tommaseo G, Steffen W, Gutmann JS, Fytas G
2327 - 2332 Study of solvent diffusion and solvent-induced crystallization in syndiotactic polystyrene using FT-IR spectroscopy and imaging
Gupper A, Kazarian SG
2333 - 2344 Nonlinear mechanooptical behavior of uniaxially stretched poly(lactic acid): Dynamic phase behavior
Mulligan J, Cakmak M
2345 - 2354 Unique crystalline orientation of poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate]/cellulose propionate blends under uniaxial drawing
Park JW, Doi Y, Iwata T
2355 - 2361 Direct detection of effective glass transitions in miscible polymer blends by temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimetry
Miwa Y, Usami K, Yamamoto K, Sakaguchi M, Sakai M, Shimada S
2362 - 2367 Influence of nanoparticles on miscibility of polymer blends. A simple theory
Ginzburg VV
2368 - 2375 High contrast imaging of interphases in ternary polymer blends using focused ion beam preparation and atomic force microscopy
Virgilio N, Favis BD, Pepin MF, Desjardins P, L'Esperance G
2376 - 2382 One-dimensional swelling of a pH-dependent nanostructure based on ABC triblock terpolymers
Ludwigs S, Schmidt K, Krausch G
2383 - 2390 Structural surprises in friction-deposited films of poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Breiby DW, Solling TI, Bunk O, Nyberg RB, Norrman K, Nielsen MM
2391 - 2399 Glass transition behavior of polymer films of nanoscopic dimensions
Baljon ARC, Van Weert MHM, DeGraaff RB, Khare R
2400 - 2409 Polymacromonomers: Dynamics of dilute and nondilute solutions
Desvergne S, Heroguez V, Gnanou Y, Borsali R
2410 - 2418 DNA deformation in electric fields: DNA driven past a cylindrical obstruction
Randall GC, Doyle PS
2419 - 2430 Modeling of radical copolymerization near a selectively adsorbing surface: Design of gradient copolymers with long-range correlations
Starovoitova NY, Berezkin AV, Kriksin YA, Gallyamova OV, Khalatur PG, Khokhlov AR
2431 - 2438 Nanophase separated amphiphilic conetwork coatings and membranes
Bruns N, Scherble J, Hartmann L, Thomann R, Ivan B, Mulhaupt R, Tiller JC
2439 - 2448 Pyrene-labeled graft copolymers of N-vinylcaprolactam: Synthesis and solution properties in water
Laukkanen A, Winnik FM, Tenhu H
2449 - 2459 Order-disorder transition and critical micelle temperature in concentrated block copolymer solutions
Park MJ, Char K, Bang J, Lodge TP
2460 - 2468 Stimuli-responsive polymers based on L-phenylalanine residues: Protonation thermodynamics of free polymers and cross-linked hydrogels
Casolaro M, Paccagnini E, Mendichi R, Ito Y
2469 - 2474 Extracting structural information of a heteropolymer from force-extension curves
Jarkova E, Lee NK, Obukhov S
2475 - 2481 Effect of stiffness on the phase behavior of cubic lattice chains
Floriano MA, Firetto V, Panagiotopoulos AZ
2482 - 2491 Polymerization of wormlike micelles induced by hydrotropic salt
Liu SY, Gonzalez YI, Danino D, Kaler EW
2492 - 2505 Theory for concentration and solvency effects in size-exclusion chromatography of polymers
Fleer GJ, Skvortsov AM
2506 - 2514 Amphiphilic graft copolymer in a selective solvent: Intramolecular structures and conformational transitions
Borisov OV, Zhulina EB
2515 - 2523 Intramolecular reactions in randomly end-linked polymer networks and linear (co)polymerizations
Lang M, Goritz D, Kreitmeier S
2524 - 2529 Role of branching on the structure of polymer brushes formed from comb copolymers
Tian P, Uhrig D, Mays JW, Watanabe H, Kilbey SM
2530 - 2534 Synthesis and solubility of (mono-) end-functionalized poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate-g-ethylene glycol) graft copolymers with varying macromolecular architectures
Zhang D, Macias C, Ortiz C
2535 - 2539 Single macromolecule nanomechanical design: Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methaerylate-g-ethylene glycol) graft copolymers of varying architecture
Zhang D, Ortiz C
2540 - 2540 Strongly stretched polyelectrolyte brushes. (vol 36, pg 2536, 2003)
Seidel C