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ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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647 - 649 Thiol end-functionalization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone), catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B
Hedfors C, Ostmark E, Malmstrom E, Hult K, Martinelle M
650 - 653 Viscoelastic properties of polymer melts from equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations
Sen S, Kumar SK, Keblinski P
654 - 657 Physical aging of ultrathin polymer films above and below the bulk glass transition temperature: Effects of attractive vs neutral polymer-substrate interactions measured by fluorescence
Priestley RD, Broadbelt LJ, Torkelson JM
658 - 659 Removal of palladium nanoparticles from polymer materials
Nielsen KT, Bechgaard K, Krebs FC
660 - 662 From nonconjugated diynes to conjugated polyenes: Syntheses of poly(1-phenyl-7-aryl-1,6-heptadiyne)s by cyclopolymerizations of asymmetrically alpha,omega-disubstituted alkadiynes
Law CCW, Lam JWY, Dong YP, Tong H, Tang BZ
663 - 668 Synthesis of poly(2-substituted-1-propenylene)s from allylic arsonium ylides
Mondiere R, Goddard JP, Carrot G, Le Gall T, Mioskowski C
669 - 675 A processable green polymeric electrochromic
Sonmez G, Sonmez HB, Shen CKF, Jost RW, Rubin Y, Wudl F
676 - 686 Structural fine-tuning of (-donor-spacer-acceptor-spacer-)n type foldamers. Effect of spacer segment length, temperature, and metal-ion complexation on the folding process
Ghosh S, Ramakrishnan S
687 - 694 Microwave-assisted synthesis of 1,5-and 2,6-linked naphthylene-based ladder polymers
Nehls BS, Fuldner S, Preis E, Farrell T, Scherf U
695 - 701 Nitroxide-mediated living radical polymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate and the synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers
Bian K, Cunningham MF
702 - 708 Initiation efficiency in the synthesis of molecular brushes by grafting from via atom transfer radical polymerization
Sumerlin BS, Neugebauer D, Matyjaszewski K
709 - 715 Effects of catalyst and polymerization temperature on the in-situ polymerization of cyclic poly(butylene terephthalate) oligomers for composite applications
Tripathy AR, Elmoumni A, Winter HH, MacKnight WJ
716 - 721 Synthesis and photovoltaic characteristics of novel copolymers containing poly(phenylenevinylene) and triphenylamine moieties connected at 1,7 bay positions of perylene bisimide
Liu Y, Yang CH, Li YJ, Li YL, Wang S, Zhuang JP, Liu HB, Wang N, He XR, Li YF, Zhu DB
722 - 729 Ring-chain interconversion in high-performance polymer systems. 3. Cyclodepolymerization of poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) (Nomex) and entropically driven ring-opening polymerization of the macrocyclic oligomers so produced
Ben-Haida A, Hodge P, Colquhoun HM
730 - 735 Preparation of poly(silylene-p-phenylene)s containing a pendant fluorophor and their applications to PL imaging
Ohshita J, Uemura T, Kim DH, Kunai A, Kunugi Y, Kakimoto M
736 - 744 Hydrophobicity and sliding behavior of liquid droplets on the fluorinated latex films
Ha JW, Park IJ, Lee SB
745 - 751 Synthesis and characterization of luminescent polyfluorenes incorporating side-chain-tethered polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane units
Chou CH, Hsu SL, Dinakaran K, Chiu MY, Wei KH
752 - 760 Production of hyperbranched polystyrene by high-temperature polymerization
Campbell JD, Teymour F, Morbidelli M
761 - 769 PEG-based hybrid block copolymers containing alpha-helical coiled coil peptide sequences: Control of self-assembly and preliminary biological evaluation
Vandermeulen GWM, Tziatzios C, Duncan R, Klok HA
770 - 779 Heat capacity study of solution grown crystals of isotactic polystyrene
Xu H, Cebe P
780 - 787 Stretching helical semiflexible polymers
Varshney V, Carri GA
788 - 800 Epoxy nanocomposites with highly exfoliated clay: Mechanical properties and fracture mechanisms
Wang K, Chen L, Wu JS, Toh ML, He CB, Yee AF
801 - 811 Molecular interactions in and transport properties of densely cross-linked networks: A time-resolved FT-IR spectroscopy investigation of the epoxy/H2O system
Cotugno S, Mensitieri G, Musto P, Sanguigno L
812 - 817 Liquid/gas and liquid/liquid phase behavior of n-butane/1,4-polybutadiene versus n-butane/1,2-polybutadiene
Stryuk S, Wolf BA
818 - 831 Clay delamination in clay/poly(dicyclopentadiene) nanocomposites quantified by small angle neutron scattering and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
Yoonessi M, Toghiani H, Daulton TL, Lin JS, Pittman CU
832 - 838 Direct detection of high mobility around chain ends of poly(methyl methacrylate) by the spin-labeling
Miwa Y, Yamamoto K, Sakaguchi M, Sakai M, Makita S, Shimada S
839 - 843 Characterization of the interfacial interaction between polyacrylamide and silicon substrate by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Lu XL, Mi YL
844 - 850 Probing the surface T-g of monodisperse PS by local thermal analysis
Fischer H
851 - 860 Morphology and thermodynamic behavior of syndiotactic polypropylene-poly(ethylene-co-propylene) block polymers prepared by living olefin polymerization
Ruokolainen J, Mezzenga R, Fredrickson GH, Kramer EJ, Hustad PD, Coates GW
861 - 866 Force spectroscopy on dendronized poly(p-phenylene)s: Revealing the chain elasticity and the interfacial interaction
Shi WQ, Wang ZQ, Cui SX, Zhang X, Bo ZS
867 - 872 Surface characteristics of polyfluorene films studied by polarization-dependent NEXAFS spectroscopy
Jung Y, Cho TY, Yoon DY, Frank CW, Luning J
873 - 879 Micellar aggregates of amylose-block-polystyrene rod-coil block copolymers in water and THF
Loos K, Boker A, Zettl H, Zhang AF, Krausch G, Muller AHE
880 - 887 Photophysics and solvent-induced aggregation of 2,7-carbazole-based conjugated polymers
Belletete M, Bouchard J, Leclerc M, Durocher G
888 - 898 Hyperbranched sulfonated polydiphenylamine as a novel self-doped conducting polymer and its pH response
Hua FJ, Ruckenstein E
899 - 903 Comicellization of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(acrylic acid) and poly(4-vinylpyridine) in ethanol
Zhang WQ, Shi LQ, Gao LC, An YL, Li GY, Wu K, Liu Z
904 - 908 Microcalorimetric investigation on aggregation and dissolution of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) chains in water
Ding YW, Ye XD, Zhang GZ
909 - 914 Conformational transition of tethered poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) chains in coronas of micelles and vesicles
Zhang WA, Zhou XC, Li H, Fang Y, Zhang GZ
915 - 924 Composition fluctuations, phase behavior, and complex formation in poly(vinyl methyl ether)/D2O investigated by small-angle neutron scattering
Nies E, Ramzi A, Berghmans H, Li T, Heenan RK, King SM
925 - 932 Photoluminescence and relaxation processes in MEH-PPV
Cossiello RF, Kowalski E, Rodrigues PC, Akcelrud L, Bloise AC, deAzevedo ER, Bonagamba TJ, Atvars TDZ
933 - 939 Self-assembly of alkali-soluble [60]fullerene containing poly(methacrylic acid) in aqueous solution
Ravi P, Dai S, Tan CH, Tam KC
940 - 947 Micelles of star block (PSPI)(8) and PSPI diblock copolymers (PS = polystyrene, PI = polyisoprene): Structure and kinetics of micellization
Mountrichas G, Mpiri M, Pispas S
948 - 960 Association in aqueous solutions of a thermoresponsive PVCL-g-C11EO42 copolymer
Kjoniksen AL, Laukkanen A, Galant C, Knudsen KD, Tenhu H, Nystrom B
961 - 970 Development of cocontinuous morphologies in initially heterogeneous thermosets blended with poly(methyl methacrylate)
Cabanelas JC, Serrano B, Baselga J
971 - 978 Microstructure of block copolymers near selective surfaces: Theoretical predictions and configurational-bias Monte Carlo simulation
Cao DP, Wu JZ
979 - 991 Effect of solvent and pH on the structure of PAMAM dendrimers
Maiti PK, Cagin T, Lin ST, Goddard WA
992 - 995 Thermal roughening and deroughening at polymer interfaces in electrophoretic deposition
Bentrem FW, Pandey RB
996 - 1006 Architecture and conformation of uncharged and charged hyperbranched polymers: Computer simulation and mean-field theory
Mulder T, Lyulin AV, van der Schoot P, Michels MAJ
1007 - 1020 Range-optimized theory of polyelectrolyte solutions: Basic theory and application to rod polymers
Donley JP, Heine DR, Wu DT
1021 - 1024 Synthesis of Amphiphilic (ABC)(n) multiarm star triblock terpolymers
Triftaridou AI, Vamvakaki M, Patrickios CS, Stavrouli N, Tsitsilianis C
1025 - 1027 Perturbed dipolar chains: A thermodynamic model for polar copolymers
Ghosh A, Blaesing J, Jog PK, Chapman WG
1028 - 1030 Comparison of tethering of linear and four-arm poly(ethylene oxide)
Huang HQ, Fulchiero EC, Penn LS
1031 - 1034 Novel inorganic-organic hybrid block copolymers as pore generators for nanoporous ultralow-dielectric-constant films
Ro HW, Kim KJ, Theato P, Gidley DW, Yoon DY
1035 - 1035 Interface between a liquid crystalline polymer and a flexible polymer (vol 35, pg 6446, 2002)
Li XF, Denn MM
1035 - 1035 SANS studies on spatial inhomogeneities of slide-ring gels (vol 37, pg 6177, 2004)
Karino T, Okumura Y, Ito K, Shibayama M
1035 - 1035 Interplay between smectic ordering and microphase separation in a series of side-group liquid-crystal block copolymers (vol 37, pg 4798, 2004)
Hamley IW, Castelletto V, Lu ZB, Imrie CT, Itoh T, Al-Hussein M