Macromolecules, Vol.37, No.19 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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7065 - 7068 Synthesis and aggregates of phenylene-ethynylene substituted polycyclic aromatic compounds
Cheng XH, Jester SS, Hoger S
7069 - 7071 Synthesis of poly(1,3-adamantane)s by cationic ring-opening polymerization of 1,3-dehydroadamantanes
Ishizone T, Matsuoka S, Sakai S, Harada W, Tajima H
7072 - 7074 Photoinduced polymerization from dimethylamino-terminated self-assembled monolayers on gold
Dyer DJ, Feng JX, Schmidt R, Wong VN, Zhao TF, Yagci Y
7075 - 7077 One-pot synthesis of gamma-cyclodextrin polyrotaxane: Trap of gamma-cyclodextrin by photodimerization of anthracene-capped pseudo-polyrotaxane
Okada M, Takashima Y, Harada A
7078 - 7080 Exploiting an imidazole-functionalized polyfluorene derivative as a chemosensory material
Zhou XH, Yan JC, Pei J
7081 - 7084 A new generation of highly branched polymers: hyperbranched, segmented poly(urethane urea) elastomers
Unal S, Yilgor I, Yilgor E, Sheth JP, Wilkes GL, Long TE
7085 - 7088 Network phases in ABC triblock copolymers
Epps TH, Cochran EW, Hardy CM, Bailey TS, Waletzko RS, Bates FS
7089 - 7096 Two novel fluorinated poly(arylene ether)s with pendant chromophores for second-order nonlinear optical application
Lu ZQ, Shao P, Li J, Hua JL, Qin JG, Qin AJ, Ye C
7097 - 7104 Photoactive thermoplastic elastomers of azobenzene-containing triblock copolymers prepared through atom transfer radical polymerization
Cui L, Tong X, Yan XH, Liu GJ, Zhao Y
7105 - 7108 One-step preparation and characterization of poly(propyleneimine) dendrimer-protected silver nanoclusters
Sun XP, Dong SJ, Wang EK
7109 - 7115 Shell cross-linked nanoparticles designed to target angiogenic blood vessels via alpha(v)beta(3) receptor-ligand interactions
Pan DJ, Turner JL, Wooley KL
7116 - 7122 A Zwitterionic ABC triblock copolymer that forms a "Trinity" of micellar aggregates in aqueous solution
Cai YL, Armes SP
7123 - 7131 A new route to organoboron polymers via highly selective polymer modification reactions
Qin Y, Cheng GL, Achara O, Parab K, Jakle F
7132 - 7139 Synthesis and characterization of tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II)-centered polystyrenes via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization
Zhou GC, Harruna II
7140 - 7145 A novel strategy to synthesize graft copolymers with controlled branch spacing length and defined grafting sites
You YZ, Hong CY, Wang WP, Wang PH, Lu WQ, Pan CY
7146 - 7155 Functionalization of poly(styryl)lithium with styrene oxide
Quirk RP, Hasegawa H, Gomochak DL, Wesdemiotis C, Wollyung K
7156 - 7162 Effects of steric repulsion on helical conformation of poly(N-propargylamides) with phenyl groups
Deng JP, Tabei J, Shiotsuki M, Sanda F, Masuda T
7163 - 7167 Synthesis and micellar behavior of amphiphilic polystyrene-poly[bis(methoxyethoxyethoxy)phosphazene] block copolymers
Allcock HR, Powell ES, Chang YY, Kim C
7168 - 7173 Synthesis and characterization of electropolymerized poly(2-amino-3-cyano-4-beta-naphthylthiophene)
Ekinci D, Tumer F, Demir U
7174 - 7180 Synthesis and characterization of PEG-based ether-anhydride terpolymers: Novel polymers for controlled drug delivery
Fu J, Fiegel J, Hanes J
7181 - 7187 Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation as emulsifiers of amphiphilic-ionizable aromatic methacrylate ABC triblock terpolymers
Kyriacou MS, Hadjiyannakou SC, Vamvakaki M, Patrickios CS
7188 - 7196 Molecular weight dependence of phase structures and transitions of mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers based on 2-vinylterephthalic acids
Ye C, Zhang HL, Huang Y, Chen EQ, Lu YL, Shen DY, Wan XH, Shen ZH, Cheng SZD, Zhou QF
7197 - 7202 Tuning wavelength: Synthesis and characterization of spiro-DPVF-containing polyfluorenes and applications in organic light-emitting diodes
Su HJ, Wu FI, Shu CF
7203 - 7213 Infrared spectroscopy studies of CH center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bondings and thermal behavior of biodegradable poly(hydroxyalkanoate)
Sato H, Murakami R, Padermshoke A, Hirose F, Senda K, Noda I, Ozaki Y
7214 - 7222 Morphology and mechanical properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes reinforced nylon-6 composites
Liu TX, Phang IY, Shen L, Chow SY, Zhang WD
7223 - 7230 Strain-induced changes of free volume measured by positron lifetime spectroscopy in ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
Monge MA, Diaz JA, Pareja R
7231 - 7239 Design of mechanically robust high-T-g polymers: Mechanical properties of glassy poly(ester carbonate)s with cyclohexylene rings in the backbone
Li XY, Yee AF
7240 - 7249 Inimer graft-copolymerized poly(vinylidene fluoride) for the preparation of arborescent copolymers and "surface-active" copolymer membranes
Zhai GQ, Kang ET, Neoh KG
7250 - 7257 Epoxy-layered silicate nanocomposites and their gas permeation properties
Osman MA, Mittal V, Morbidelli M, Suter UW
7258 - 7264 Crystal structure and morphology of poly(11-undecalactone) solution-grown single crystals
Kim E, Uyama H, Doi Y, Ha CS, Iwata T
7265 - 7277 Probing the melting behavior of a homogeneous ethylene/1-hexene copolymer by small-angle light scattering
Li Y, Akpalu YA
7278 - 7284 Equilibrium control of crystal thickness and melting point through block copolymerization
Lee LBW, Register RA
7285 - 7289 Swelling behavior of polyelectrolyte multilayers in saturated water vapor
Wong JE, Rehfeldt F, Hanni P, Tanaka M, Klitzing RV
7290 - 7300 Effect of the microstructure of polydiene block on order-disorder transition in diblock copolymers containing polystyrene block or poly(vinylcyclohexane) block
Han CD, Choi S, Lim KM, Hahn SF
7301 - 7307 Morphology development of ultrathin symmetric diblock copolymer film via solvent vapor treatment
Xuan Y, Peng J, Cui L, Wang HF, Li BY, Han YC
7308 - 7315 Structures formed in spin-cast films of polystyrene blends with poly(butyl methacrylate) isomers
Raczkowska J, Bernasik A, Budkowski A, Sajewicz K, Penc B, Lekki J, Lekka M, Rysz J, Kowalski K, Czuba P
7316 - 7324 Welding colloidal crystals with carbon dioxide
Abramowitz H, Shah PS, Green PF, Johnston KP
7325 - 7330 Supramolecular nanofiber formation of macrocyclic dendrimer
Jang WD, Aida T
7331 - 7337 Salt-triggered peptide folding and consequent self-assembly into hydrogels with tunable modulus
Ozbas B, Kretsinger J, Rajagopal K, Schneider JP, Pochan DJ
7338 - 7350 Preparing relaxed systems of amorphous polymers by multiscale simulation: Application to cellulose
Queyroy S, Neyertz S, Brown D, Muller-Plathe F
7351 - 7357 Molecular tectonics. Disruption of self-association in melts derived from hydrogen-bonded solids
Boils D, Perron MT, Monchamp F, Duval H, Maris T, Wuest JD
7358 - 7363 In-situ investigation of liquid-liquid phase separation in polycarbonate/carbon dioxide system
Hatanaka M, Saito H
7364 - 7370 Cylindrical self-assembly and flow alignment of comb-shaped supramolecules of electrically conducting polyaniline
Tiitu M, Volk N, Torkkeli M, Serimaa R, ten Brinke G, Ikkala O
7371 - 7380 Interfaces in diblocks: A study of miktoarm star copolymers
Grason GM, Kamien RD
7381 - 7392 Monte Carlo simulations of amphiphilic co-dendrimers in dilute solution
Connolly R, Timoshenko EG, Kuznetsov YA
7393 - 7400 Molecular dynamics simulations on crystallization of polyethylene copolymer with precisely controlled branching
Zhang XB, Li ZS, Yang H, Sun CC
7401 - 7417 Thermodynamics of polymer blends organized by balanced block copolymer surfactants studied by mean-field theories and scattering
Reynolds BJ, Ruegg ML, Balsara NP, Radke CJ, Shaffer TD, Lin MY, Shull KR, Lohse DJ
7418 - 7420 PHB lamellar single crystals: Origin of the splintered texture
Marchessault RH, Kawada J
7421 - 7423 Gradient mixed brushes: "Grafting to" approach
Ionov L, Sidorenko A, Stamm M, Minko S, Zdyrko B, Klep V, Luzinov I
7424 - 7424 Polyurethanes via microemulsion polymerization. (vol 37, pg 5841, 2004)
Texter J, Ziemer P