Macromolecules, Vol.36, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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4669 - 4671 MALDI-TOF mass spectral characterization of covalently cationized polystyrene
Lin-Gibson S, Bencherif SA, Beers KL, Byrd HCM
4672 - 4674 Novel anionic thermally latent initiating systems: Controlled anionic polymerization of glycidyl phenyl ether with silylated nucleophiles/inorganic fluoride salts system
Hino T, Endo T
4675 - 4678 Direct synthesis and aqueous solution properties of well-defined cyclic sugar methacrylate polymers
Narain R, Armes SP
4679 - 4681 Synthesis of block copolymers of 2-and 4-vinylpyridine by RAFT polymerization
Convertine AJ, Sumerlin BS, Thomas DB, Lowe AB, McCormick CL
4682 - 4685 Persistence of the gyroid morphology at strong segregation in diblock copolymers
Davidock DA, Hillmyer MA, Lodge TP
4686 - 4688 Triple-layer superlattice in deuterium-labeled binary ultralong alkanes: A study by small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering
Zeng YB, Ungar G
4689 - 4691 Mechanical alpha-process in polyethylene
Men YF, Rieger J, Endeler HF, Lilge D
4692 - 4698 Vinyl chloride as a chain transfer agent in olefin polymerizations: Preparation of highly branched and end functional polyolefins
Gaynor SG
4699 - 4708 Importance of pi-stacking in photoreactivity of aryl benzobisoxazole and aryl benzobisthiazole compounds
So YH, Martin SJ, Bell B, Pfeiffer CD, Van Effen RM, Romain BL, Lefkowitz SM
4709 - 4718 Microstructure of maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene by high-resolution solution-state NMR and FTIR spectroscopy
Yang LQ, Zhang FR, Endo T, Hirotsu T
4719 - 4726 Synthesis of poly(propene-g-styrene) graft copolymers by metallocene catalyzed copolymerization of propene with allyl-terminated polystyrene macromonomer obtained via quasiliving atom transfer radical polymerization and the effect of the grafts on blending polypropene with polystyrene
Schulze U, Fonagy T, Komber H, Pompe G, Pionteck J, Ivan B
4727 - 4734 Isocyanate-free route to caprolactam-blocked oligomeric isocyanates via carbonylbiscaprolactam- (CBC-) mediated end group conversion
Maier S, Loontjens T, Scholtens B, Mulhaupt R
4735 - 4742 Free-radical polymerization of (R)-(-)-1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl(2-methacryloyloxyethyl)urea and chiral recognition ability
Lee YK, Nakashima Y, Onimura K, Tsutsumi H, Oishi T
4743 - 4749 L-lactide polymerization utilizing a hydroxy-functionalized 3,6-bis(2-pyridyl)pyridazine as supramolecular (Co)initiator: Construction of polymeric [2x2] grids
Hoogenboom R, Wouters D, Schubert US
4750 - 4755 Characterization of network structures in LTV-cured acrylic ester resin by pyrolysis-gas chromatography in the presence of organic alkali
Matsubara H, Yoshida A, Kondo Y, Tsuge S, Ohtani H
4756 - 4765 Chain-growth polycondensation for aromatic polyethers with low polydispersities: Living polymerization nature in polycondensation
Suzuki Y, Hiraoka S, Yokoyama A, Yokozawa T
4766 - 4771 One-pot synthesis and characterization of soluble poly(aryl ether-ketone)s having pendant carboxyl groups
Zolotukhin MG, Colquhoun HM, Sestiaa LG, Rueda DR, Flot D
4772 - 4778 Structural control of poly(methyl methacrylate)-g-poly(dimethylsiloxane) copolymers using controlled radical polymerization: Effect of the molecular structure on morphology and mechanical properties
Shinoda H, Matyjaszewski K, Okrasa L, Mierzwa M, Pakula T
4779 - 4785 Dispersion polymerization of MMA in supercritical CO2 in the presence of copolymers of perfluorooctylethylene methacrylate and poly(propylene glycol) methacrylate
Ding LH, Olesik SV
4786 - 4789 Synthesis and properties of ion-conducting poly(anthrylacetylene) derivatives
Karim SMA, Nomura R, Sanda F, Seki S, Watanabe M, Masuda T
4790 - 4801 Equilibrium melting temperature of isotactic polypropylene with high tacticity: 1. Determination by differential scanning calorimetry
Yamada K, Hikosaka M, Toda A, Yamazaki S, Tagashira K
4802 - 4812 Equilibrium melting temperature of isotactic polypropylene with high tacticity. 2. Determination by optical microscopy
Yamada K, Hikosaka M, Toda A, Yamazaki S, Tagashira K
4813 - 4826 Proton NMR characterization of room-temperature aging after modest thermal cycling in isotactic polypropylenes
VanderHart DL, Snyder CR
4827 - 4832 In-situ simultaneous small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering study of poly(ether ester) during cold drawing
Nogales A, Sics I, Ezquerra TA, Denchev Z, Calleja FJB, Hsiao BS
4833 - 4837 Quantitative determination of threading in rotaxanated polymers by diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy
Zhao TJ, Beckham HW, Gibson HW
4838 - 4843 Deformation and relaxation of polymers studied by ultrarapid scanning FT-IR spectrometry
Pellerin C, Prud'homme RE, Pezolet M, Weinstock BA, Griffiths PR
4844 - 4850 Polyolefin miscibility: Solid-state NMR investigation of phase behavior in saturated hydrocarbon blends
Wolak J, Jia X, Gracz H, Stejskal EO, White JL, Wachowicz M, Jurga S
4851 - 4861 Dissolution of symmetric diblock copolymers with neutral solvents, a selective solvent, a nonsolvent, and mixtures of a solvent and nonsolvent monitored by FT-IR imaging
Miller-Chou BA, Koenig JL
4862 - 4867 Shear-induced smectic ordering as a precursor of crystallization in isotactic polypropylene
Li LB, de Jeu WH
4868 - 4873 Gel-to-solid transition in polyethylene from the viewpoint of the crystallization process
Pakhomov P, Khizhnyak S, Reuter H, Lechner M, Tshmel A
4874 - 4879 In situ FTIR studies on the cold-crystallization process and multiple melting behavior of isotactic polystyrene
Duan YX, Zhang JM, Shen DY, Yan SK
4880 - 4890 SAXS studies of polymer melting: Models for surface melting, sequential melting, and stack melting
Crist B
4891 - 4897 Rheological characterization of flow and crystallization behavior of microbial synthesized poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate)
Zhu ZY, Dakwa P, Tapadia P, Whitehouse RS, Wang SQ
4898 - 4906 Anisotropic crystallization in polypropylene induced by deformation of a nucleating agent network
Nogales A, Mitchell GRR, Vaughan AS
4907 - 4915 Hierarchical surface topography in block copolymer thin films induced by residual solvent
Lee SH, Kang HM, Kim YS, Char K
4916 - 4923 Photodeformation behavior of photodynamic polymers bearing azobenzene moieties in their main and/or side chain
Keum CD, Ikawa T, Tsuchimori M, Watanabe O
4924 - 4931 Equilibrium and dynamic properties of surface gels formed by rigid-rod polypeptide poly(gamma-n-hexyl-alpha,L-glutamate)
Kitaev V, Kumacheva E
4932 - 4936 Morphological changes in composite-based organic light-emitting diodes
Hansel H, Muller DC, Gross M, Meerholz K, Krausch G
4937 - 4943 Anomalous surface relaxation process in polystyrene ultrathin films
Akabori K, Tanaka K, Kajiyama T, Takahara A
4944 - 4953 Probing poly(n-butyl-methaerylate) latex film via diffusion of hydrophilic and hydrophobic dye molecules
Veniaminov A, Eckert T, Sillescu H, Bartsch E
4954 - 4959 Chemical structure and local segmental dynamics in 1,2-polybutadiene
Roland CM, Casalini R, Santangelo P, Sekula M, Ziolo J, Paluch M
4960 - 4966 Water-swellable hydrophobic porous copolymers based on divinylbenzene and methyl acrylate: Preparation and water-swelling behavior
Wei J, Bai XY, Yan J
4967 - 4975 Composition-dependent rheology of aqueous systems of amphiphilic sodium poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonates) in the presence of a hydrophobically modified cationic cellulose ether
Liu RCW, Morishima Y, Winnik FM
4976 - 4982 Development of poly(imide-b-amic acid) multiblock copolymer thin film
Kuriyama K, Shimizu S, Eguchi K, Russell TP
4983 - 4988 Association phenomena of poly(acrylic acid)-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine)b-poly(acrylic acid) triblock polyampholyte in aqueous solutions: From transient network to compact micelles
Sfika V, Tsitsilianis C
4989 - 4994 Conductivities and spectroscopic studies of polymer electrolytes based on linear polyurethane and hybrid and copolymer of linear and hyperbranched polyurethanes
Hong L, Shi LY, Tang XZ
4995 - 5001 Effect of charged segment length on physicochemical properties of core-shell type polyion complex micelles from block ionomers
Harada A, Kataoka K
5002 - 5007 Fluorescence recovery after two-photon bleaching for the study of dye diffusion in polymer systems
Van Keuren E, Schrof W
5008 - 5012 Basis for the preparative fractionation of a statistical copolymer (SAN) with respect to either chain length or chemical composition
Loske S, Schneider A, Wolf BA
5013 - 5019 Reptation dynamics of asymmetric diblock copolymer melts via the dynamic random phase approximation
Mochrie SGJ
5020 - 5031 Effect of molecular shape on rheological properties in molecular dynamics simulation of star, H, comb, and linear polymer melts
Jabbarzadeh A, Atkinson JD, Tanner RI
5032 - 5038 A general method for calculating bending moduli and spontaneous curvature of polymer brushes in terms of local density functional theory
Stoyanov SD, Paunov VN, Kuhn H, Rehage H
5039 - 5042 Ionization characteristics of polyelectrolyte complex gels: Analysis based on their swelling behaviors
Sakiyama T, Tsutsui T, Masuda E, Imamura K, Nakanishi K