Macromolecules, Vol.32, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0024-9297 (Print) 

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2811 - 2815 Synthesis and characterization of poly(dimethyl siloxane)-poly[alkyl(meth)acrylic acid] block copolymers
Lim KT, Webber SE, Johnston KP
2816 - 2825 Ethylene norbornene copolymerizations with titanium CpA catalysts
McKnight AL, Waymouth RM
2826 - 2829 End group analysis accounts for the low molecular weight observed in the 1,3-divinyltetramethyldisiloxane-Pt complex catalyzed hydrosilylation copolymerization of alpha,omega-dienes and 1,3-dihydridotetramethyldisiloxane
Sargent JR, Weber WP
2830 - 2837 Living anionic polymerization of phosphorus-bridged [1]ferrocenophanes: Synthesis and characterization of well-defined poly(ferrocenylphosphine) homopolymers and block copolymers
Peckham TJ, Massey JA, Honeyman CH, Manners I
2838 - 2844 Growth mechanism of poly(divinylbenzene) microspheres in precipitation polymerization
Downey JS, Frank RS, Li WH, Stover HDH
2845 - 2854 Study of a polymeric network by dynamic fluorescence quenching using a blob model
Vangani V, Duhamel J, Nemeth S, Jao TC
2855 - 2860 The degradation process observed during step annealing of 73/27 HBA/HNA copolyester
Kim YC, Economy J
2861 - 2864 Synthesis and structure in solution of poly[(-)-menthyl propiolate] as a new class of helical polyacetylene
Nakako H, Nomura R, Tabata M, Masuda T
2865 - 2871 Anionic polymerization of alkyl (meth)acrylates using metal-free initiators: Effect of ion pairing on initiation equilibria
Baskaran D, Chakrapani S, Sivaram S, Hogen-Esch TE, Muller AHE
2872 - 2875 Emulsion polymerization of n-butyl methacrylate by reverse atom transfer radical polymerization
Qiu J, Gaynor SG, Matyjaszewski K
2876 - 2882 Covalent conversion of cyclic onium salt end groups of poly(tetrahydrofuran) by bulky counteranions in the absence and presence of macrocyclic compounds
Oike H, Kobayashi F, Tezuka Y, Hashimoto S, Shiomi T
2883 - 2888 Capping of living polystyryl cations with ditolylethylene: Model reactions with dimeric cations
Canale PL, Faust R
2889 - 2895 Bacterial polyesters produced by Pseudomonas oleovorans containing nitrophenyl groups
Arostegui SM, Aponte MA, Diaz E, Schroder E
2896 - 2902 Enzymatic degradation of cross-linked dextrans
Franssen O, van Ooijen RD, de Boer D, Maes RAA, Hennink WE
2903 - 2909 Low-loss passive optical waveguides based on photosensitive poly(pentafluorostyrene-co-glycidyl methacrylate)
Pitois C, Vukmirovic S, Hult A, Wiesmann D, Robertsson M
2910 - 2919 Polyelectrolyte-catalyzed acetyl transfer reactions. Aminolysis of phenyl acetates by poly(ethylenimine): Catalytic, inhibition, and solvent effects and thermodynamic parameters
Arcelli A
2920 - 2924 Riboflavin triethanolamine as photoinitiator system of vinyl polymerization. A mechanistic study by laser flash photolysis
Bertolotti SG, Previtali CM, Rufs AM, Encinas MV
2925 - 2934 Molecular weight dependent fragmentation of selectively deuterated polystyrenes in ToF-SIMS
Vanden Eynde X, Reihs K, Bertrand P
2935 - 2940 Effect of the penultimate unit on radical stability and reactivity in free-radical polymerization
Coote ML, Davis TP, Radom L
2941 - 2947 Immobilization of the copper catalyst in atom transfer radical polymerization
Kickelbick G, Paik HJ, Matyjaszewski K
2948 - 2955 Kinetic analysis of controlled/"living" radical polymerizations by simulations. 1. The importance of diffusion-controlled reactions
Shipp DA, Matyjaszewski K
2956 - 2961 Fluorescence properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate) with naphthalene contents ranging from 0.01 to 100 mol %
Jones AS, Dickson TJ, Wilson BE, Duhamel J
2962 - 2966 SANS experiments on swollen mesomorphous networks
Zanna JJ, Mauzac M, Boue F
2967 - 2973 Self-assembled mesomorphic complexes of branched poly(ethylenimine) and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
Chen HL, Hsiao MS
2974 - 2982 Light scattering and viscoelasticity in aqueous mixtures of oppositely charged and hydrophobically modified polyelectrolytes
Tsianou M, Kjoniksen AL, Thuresson K, Nystrom B
2983 - 2988 Effect of coneutralization on internal aggregrate structure in ethylene-based ionomers
Grady BP
2989 - 2995 Effect of water on internal aggregate structure in zinc-neutralized ionomers
Welty A, Ooi S, Grady BP
2996 - 3005 Micellar solutions of associative triblock copolymers: Entropic attraction and gas-liquid transition
Pham QT, Russel WB, Thibeault JC, Lau W
3006 - 3016 Crystal Poisson's ratios of polyethylene and poly(vinylalcohol) estimated by X-ray diffraction using the ultradrawn films
Xu CY, Matsuo M
3017 - 3024 Local dynamics of cis-1,4-polybutadiene and cis-1,4-polyisoprene. A comparative study based on cooperative kinematics theory and NMR experiments
Sen TZ, Bahar I, Erman B, Laupretre F, Monnerie L
3025 - 3033 Solid-state NMR investigations of poly[(acrylonitrile)-rotaxa-(60-crown-20)]
Nagapudi K, Leisen J, Beckham HW, Gibson HW
3034 - 3044 Syntheses of oligophenylenevinylenes-polyisoprene diblock copolymers and their microphase separation
Li WJ, Wang HB, Yu LP, Morkved TL, Jaeger HM
3045 - 3050 Interfacial flow behavior of highly entangled polybutadiene solutions
Plucktaveesak N, Wang SQ, Halasa A
3051 - 3056 Measurement of interfacial width in a poly(styrene)/poly(2-vinylpyridine) homopolymer blend by spatially resolved inelastic electron scattering
Siangchaew K, Libera M
3057 - 3067 Crystallization and melting of model ethylene-butene copolymers
Crist B, Howard PR
3068 - 3079 Hydrogen-bond interactions between urethane-urethane and urethane-ester linkages in a liquid crystalline poly(ester-urethane)
Yen FS, Lin LL, Hong JL
3080 - 3092 Vibrational study of short-range order and structure of polyaniline bases and salts
Colomban P, Folch S, Gruger A
3093 - 3096 Phase behavior of blends of linear and branched polyethylenes on micron length scales via ultra-small-angle neutron scattering
Agamalian M, Alamo RG, Kim MH, Londono JD, Mandelkern L, Wignall GD
3097 - 3105 Effects of molecular structure of modifiers on the thermodynamics of phenolic blends: An entropic factor complementing PCAM
Wu HD, Chu PP, Ma CCM, Chang FC
3106 - 3113 Conditioning of fluorine-containing polyimides. 2. Effect of conditioning protocol at 8% volume dilation on gas-transport properties
Coleman MR, Koros WJ
3114 - 3117 XPS study of highly sulfonated polyaniline
Wei XL, Fahlman M, Epstein KJ
3118 - 3121 Hydrogen bonding in poly(maleic acid) upon charging: A solvent deuteron NMR and Fourier transform infrared study
de Groot J, Hollander JG, Leyte-Zuiderweg LH, de Bleijser J
3122 - 3135 Rotational and translational dynamics of rodlike polymers: A combined transient electric birefringence and dynamic light scattering study
Phalakornkul JK, Gast AP, Pecora R
3136 - 3145 Component dynamics of a miscible polymer blend: Polyisoprene and polyvinylethylene
Adams S, Adolf DB
3146 - 3149 Synthesis of a novel oligo(p-phenylene) ladder by sulfide and sulfonio groups
Haryono A, Miyatake K, Natori J, Tsuchida E
3150 - 3153 Liquid-crystalline polymer networks: Effect of cross-linking on the stability of macroscopic molecular orientation
Kurihara S, Sakamoto A, Nonaka T
3154 - 3156 Quantitative analysis of the staining of a polyisoprene-block-polystyrene
Ribbe AE, Bodycomb J, Hashimoto T
3157 - 3158 Synthesis of polymethylene block copolymers by the polyhomologation of organoboranes
Shea KJ, Staiger CL, Lee SY
3159 - 3162 Conjugated ladder polymers containing thienylene units
Forster M, Annan KO, Scherf U
3163 - 3166 Evidence of liquid crystal texture in slowly solidified films of polystyrene-block-polyisoprene diblock copolymers
Wang W, Hashimoto T
3167 - 3169 Solid-state polymerization of polycarbonates using supercritical CO2
Gross SM, Flowers D, Roberts G, Kiserow DJ, DeSimone JM
3170 - 3170 Solid state polymerization of polycarbonates using supercritical CO2 (vol 32, pg 3167, 1999)
Gross SM, Flowers D, Roberts G, Kiserow DJ, DeSimone JM