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7575 - 7580 Living anionic polymerization of 1-(alkoxy)ethyl methacrylates and the preparation of well-defined poly(methacrylic acid)
Zhang HM, Ruckenstein E
7581 - 7587 Synthesis and characterization of a polymer-supported salen ligand for enantioselective epoxidation
Angelino MD, Laibinis PE
7588 - 7597 Olefin polymerization by (cyclopentadienyl)(aryloxy)titanium(IV) complexes-cocatalyst systems
Nomura K, Naga N, Miki M, Yanagi K
7598 - 7605 Stereospecific free radical polymerization of vinyl esters using fluoroalcohols as solvents
Yamada K, Nakano T, Okamoto Y
7606 - 7612 Synthesis, characterization and degradation of poly(silyl ester)s
Wang M, Weinberg JM, Wooley KL
7613 - 7617 Nitric oxide radical trapping analysis on vacuum-ultraviolet treated polymers
Wilken R, Hollander A, Behnisch J
7618 - 7626 Pulsed plasma polymerization of benzaldehyde for retention of the aldehyde functional group
Leich MA, Mackie NM, Williams KL, Fisher ER
7627 - 7635 Cationic polymerization of 1,3-pentadiene initiated by aluminum chloride : Determination of the various side reactions
Duchemin F, Bennevault-Celton V, Cheradame H, Merienne C, Macedo A
7636 - 7640 Micelle formation in the dilute solution mixtures of block-copolymers
Borovinskii AL, Khokhlov AR
7641 - 7650 Using surface active random copolymers to control the domain orientation in diblock copolymer thin films
Huang E, Russell TP, Harrison C, Chaikin PM, Register RA, Hawker CJ, Mays J
7651 - 7658 Two-component gelators and nucleating agents for polypropylene based upon supramolecular assembly
Bauer T, Thomann R, Mulhaupt R
7659 - 7667 Morphology of model graft copolymers with randomly placed trifunctional and tetrafunctional branch points
Xenidou M, Beyer FL, Hadjichristidis N, Gido SP, Tan NB
7668 - 7675 Evolution of microstructure in the liquid and crystal directions in a quenched block copolymer melt
Balsara NP, Garetz BA, Newstein MC, Bauer BJ, Prosa TJ
7676 - 7681 Main-chain nonlinear optical polymers with enhanced orientational stability
Dobler M, Weder C, Ahumada O, Neuenschwander P, Suter UW, Follonier S, Bosshard C, Gunter P
7682 - 7690 Molecular dynamics simulation of the nematic melt of a p-hydroxybenzoic acid 2-hydroxy-6-naphthoic acid liquid crystalline copolyester
Bharadwaj RK, Boyd RH
7691 - 7697 Shear history effects in associative thickener solutions
Vittadello ST, Biggs S
7698 - 7705 Ordered nonstoichiometric polymer gel-surfactant complexes in aqueous medium with high ionic strength
Mironov AV, Starodoubtsev SG, Khokhlov AR, Dembo AT, Yakunin AN
7706 - 7711 Morphology and molecular motion of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in polymer/oligomer gel
Xue G, Ji GD, Yan H, Guo MM
7712 - 7716 Dynamics of a polymer solution in a rigid matrix
Kloster C, Bica C, Lartigue C, Rochas C, Samios D, Geissler E
7717 - 7722 Contraction of a polyelectrolyte upon dilution. Light-scattering studies on a polycation in saltless water-acetone mixtures
Aseyev VO, Tenhu H, Klenin SI
7723 - 7727 Effect of hydrogen acceptors on pK(a) of phenolic resins : Link to dissolution inhibition
Yan ZL, Reiser A
7728 - 7735 Second virial coefficient and gyration-radius expansion factor of oligo- and polystyrenes near the Theta temperature. Solvent dependence
Yamada M, Yoshizaki T, Yamakawa H
7736 - 7745 Hydration in the various phases of the triblock copolymers EO13PO30EO13 (Pluronic L64) and EO6PO34EO6 (Pluronic L62), based on electron spin resonance spectra of cationic spin probes
Caragheorgheopol A, Schlick S
7746 - 7755 Self-assembly behavior of a diblock copolymer of poly(1,1-dihydroperfluorooctyl acrylate) and poly(vinyl acetate) in supercritical carbon dioxide
Zhou SQ, Chu B
7756 - 7763 Antinucleation effect of the polyethylene block on the polycaprolactone block in ABC triblock copolymers
Balsamo V, Muller AJ, Stadler R
7764 - 7769 Nonlinear optical (NLO) polymers. 3. NLO polyimide with dipole moments aligned transverse to the imide linkage
Tsutsumi N, Morishima M, Sakai W
7770 - 7775 Free volume and swelling dynamics of the poly[(2-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate]-l-polyisobutylene amphiphilic network by positron annihilation investigations
Suvegh K, Domjan A, Vanko G, Ivan B, Vertes A
7776 - 7783 Crystal structure of Valonia cellulose I beta
Finkenstadt VL, Millane RP
7784 - 7790 Density functional study of crystalline analogs of polycarbonates
Montanari B, Ballone P, Jones RO
7791 - 7799 Structure evolution of spherulitic crystallization in semicrystalline polymer films
Huang T, Rey AD, Kamal MR
7800 - 7805 On cellulation in polyethylene spherulites
el Maaty MIA, Bassett DC, Olley RH, Jaaskelainen P
7806 - 7813 Ionic naphthalene thermotropic copolyesters : Divalent salts and tensile mechanical properties
Xue Y, Hara M, Yoon HN
7814 - 7819 XPS study on surface segregation in poly(ethylene-iso/terephthalate)-perfluoropolyether block copolymers
Bottino FA, Di Pasquale G, Pollicino A, Pilati F, Toselli M, Tonelli C
7820 - 7828 Study of the polymer morphology in urethane elastomers by solid state H-2 NMR and small angle X-ray scattering
Clayden NJ, Nijs C, Eeckhaut G
7829 - 7834 A thermodynamic study on molecular motion of the peroxide ends of isolated single polymer chains tethered to the surface of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) in vacuo
Sakaguchi M, Yamamoto K, Shimada S
7835 - 7844 Measurement of diffusion coefficients of oligomeric penetrants in rubbery polymer matrixes
Griffiths MC, Strauch J, Monteiro MJ, Gilbert RG
7845 - 7850 Reversible surface properties of glass plate and capillary tube grafted by photopolymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide
Liang L, Feng XD, Liu J, Rieke PC, Fryxell GE
7851 - 7864 Organization of dispersions of a linear diblock copolymer of polystyrene and poly(ethylene oxide) at the air-water interface
Dewhurst PF, Lovell MR, Jones JL, Richards RW, Webster JRP
7865 - 7870 Enhancing plastic yielding in polyestercarbonate glasses by 1,4-cyclohexylene linkage addition
Liu JW, Yee AF
7871 - 7876 Self-diffusion of asymmetric diblock copolymers with a spherical domain structure
Yokoyama H, Kramer EJ
7877 - 7885 Neutron reflectivity of adsorbed water-soluble block copolymers at the air/water interface : The effects of composition and molecular weight
An SW, Thomas RK, Baines FL, Billingham NC, Armes SP, Penfold J
7886 - 7894 Thermodynamics of mixing for statistical copolymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins
Reichart GC, Graessley WM, Register RA, Lohse DJ
7895 - 7914 A molecular theory for fast flows of entangled polymers
Mead DW, Larson RG, Doi M
7915 - 7920 On the solubility of gas molecules in glassy polymers and the nonequilibrium approach
Boudouris D, Panayiotou C
7921 - 7933 Monte Carlo simulations of a single polyelectrolyte in solution : Activity coefficients of the simple ions and application to viscosity measurements
Ullner M, Staikos G, Theodorou DN
7934 - 7943 Atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of polydisperse linear polyethylene melts
Harmandaris VA, Mavrantzas VG, Theodorou DN
7944 - 7952 Molecular dynamics of atactic polypropylene melts
Antoniadis SJ, Samara CT, Theodorou DN
7953 - 7959 Counterion-condensation-induced collapse of highly charged polyelectrolytes
Schiessel H, Pincus P
7960 - 7961 Comments on the paper "dynamic processes of optically induced birefringence of azo compounds in amorphous polymers below T-g" by O.-K. Song, C. H. Wang, and M. A. Pauley (Macromolecules 1997, 30, 6913)
Natansohn A, Rochon P
7962 - 7965 Small-angle neutron scattering studies on the phase behavior of binary polymer blends driven by photoisomerization
Urakawa O, Yano O, Qui TC
7966 - 7969 Metal-free carbanion salts for the living anionic polymerization of alkyl (methyl) acrylates
Banerjee P, Mayes AM
7970 - 7972 Anhydride-containing polysulfones derived from a novel A(2)X-type monomer
MacKinnon SM, Wang ZY
7973 - 7975 Rheo-dielectric behavior of oligostyrene and polyisoprene
Matsumiya Y, Watanabe H, Inoue T, Osaki K, Yao ML
7976 - 7979 Use of diaryliodonium/phosphine radical-chain chemistry for visible photoinitiation of cationic polymerizations. Trimethyl phosphite as a co-initiator of the ring-opening polymerization of cyclohexene oxide
Muneer R, Nalli TW
7980 - 7984 Chiral side-chain liquid-crystalline polymeric properties of starch
Waigh TA, Perry P, Riekel C, Gidley MJ, Donald AM
7985 - 7987 Polymeric organosilicon systems. 28. Preparation and properties of novel sigma-pi conjugated polymers with alternating disilanylene and 2,5-diethynylenesilole units in the backbone
Ohshita J, Mimura N, Arase H, Nodono M, Kunai A, Komaguchi K, Shiotani M, Ishikawa M
7988 - 7991 Anomalous cyclodimerization of 3-phenyl-3-(phthalimidomethyl)oxetane via monomer isomerization and consecutive cation transfer
Kanoh S, Nishimura T, Ando K, Senda H, Ogawa H, Motoi M, Tanaka T
7992 - 7995 Time-resolved EPR : A novel method for studying living chains
Karatekin E, O'Shaughnessy B, Turro NJ
7996 - 7998 A novel reactive polymer having 2-azetidinone-structure on the main chain : Development of its convenient synthetic method based on [2+2]cycloaddition of bisketene with bisimine
Sudo A, Endo T