Langmuir, Vol.37, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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1623 - 1636 Lucas-Washburn Equation-Based Modeling of Capillary-Driven Flow in Porous Systems
Cai JC, Jin TX, Kou JS, Zou SM, Xiao JF, Meng QB
1637 - 1650 Probing Kinetics and Mechanism of Formation of Mixed Metallic Nanoparticles in a Polymer Membrane by Galvanic Replacement between Two Immiscible Metals: Case Study of Nickel/Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis
Gaidhani NG, Patra S, Chandwadkar HS, Sen D, Majumder C, Ramagiri SV, Bellare JR
1651 - 1661 Structural Effects of Gas Hydrate Antiagglomerant Molecules on Interfacial Interparticle Force Interactions
Hu SJ, Vo L, Monteiro D, Bodnar S, Prince P, Koh CA
1662 - 1673 Dramatic Slowing Down of Oil/Water/Silica Contact Line Dynamics Driven by Cationic Surfactant Adsorption on the Solid
Rondepierre G, De Soete F, Passade-Boupat N, Lequeux F, Talini L, Limat L, Verneuil E
1674 - 1681 Interaction of Bulk Nanobubbles (Ultrafine Bubbles) with a Solid Surface
Yasui K, Tuziuti T, Kanematsu W
1682 - 1696 Biological Stimuli-Induced Phase Transition of a Synthesized Block Copolymer: Preferential Interactions between PNIPAM-b-PNVCL and Heme Proteins
Kumar K, Umapathi R, Ramesh K, Hwang SK, Lim KT, Huh YS, Venkatesu P
1697 - 1706 Specific Anion Effects on Charged-Neutral Random Copolymers: Interplay between Different Anion-Polymer Interactions
Lian LL, Liu LD, Ding YW, Hua Z, Liu GM
1707 - 1713 Study of Specific Receptor Binding Mode Suggests a Possible Enzymatic Disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2
Cao YF, Ge J
1714 - 1724 Vesicle-Based Gel via Polyelectrolyte-Induced Adhesion: Structure, Rheology, and Response
Cao R, Kumar D, Dinsmore AD
1725 - 1742 Time Evolution and Effect of Dispersant on the Morphology and Viscosity of Water-In-Crude-Oil Emulsions
Muriel DF, Katz J
1743 - 1759 Robust Interfacial Tribofilms by Borate- and Polymer-Coated ZnO Nanoparticles Leading to Improved Wear Protection under a Boundary Lubrication Regime
Vyavhare K, Timmons RB, Erdemir A, Edwards BL, Aswath PB
1760 - 1767 High-Quality Carbon Nitride Quantum Dots on Photoluminescence: Effect of Carbon Sources
Zhao P, Jin B, Zhang QC, Peng RF
1768 - 1778 Numerical Calculation of Apparent Contact Angles on the Hierarchical Surface with Array Microstructures by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
Wang H, Chi GX, Li L, Gong SR, Zhu JL, Tian C, Wang YK, Wang ZL
1779 - 1787 Effect of a Superhydrophobic Surface Structure on Droplet Jumping Velocity
Wang K, Ma XH, Chen FF, Lan Z
1788 - 1798 Fine-Tuning Crystallization-Induced Gelation in Amphiphilic Double-Brush Polymers
Bej S, Dhayani A, Vemula P, Ramakrishnan S
1799 - 1810 Deviation from Equilibrium Thermodynamics of an Asphaltene Model Compound during Compression-Expansion Experiments at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces
Fajardo-Rojas F, Solano OAA, Samaniuk JR, Pradilla D
1811 - 1822 Magnetophoresis of Magnetic Pickering Emulsions Under Low Field Gradient: Macroscopic and Microscopic Motion
Tham FK, Ng WM, Leong SS, Yeap SP, Low SC, Lee HL, Lim J
1823 - 1837 Probing the Interaction of Bovine Serum Albumin with Copper Nanoclusters: Realization of Binding Pathway Different from Protein Corona
Akhuli A, Chakraborty D, Agrawal AK, Sarkar M
1838 - 1842 Optical Hot Spot Generation by the Plasmonic Coupling of Au Nanoparticles in the Nanospaces of Mesoporous Titanium(IV) Oxide
Akita A, Fujishima M, Tada H
1843 - 1849 Temporal Changes in Interparticle Interactions Drive the Formation of Transiently Stable Nanoparticle Precipitates
Rao A, Roy S, Pillai PP
1850 - 1860 Contact Angle Relaxation on Amorphous, Mixed-Phase (Anatase plus Rutile), and Anatase TiO2 Films and Its Mechanism
Son Y, Lee MK, Park YC
1861 - 1873 Liposome Fusion Mediated by Hydrophobic Magnetic Nanoparticles Stabilized with Oleic Acid and Modulated by an External Magnetic Field
Villanueva ME, Giudice F, Ambroggio E, Vico RV
1874 - 1881 Printable Organic Electronic Materials for Precisely Positioned Cell Attachment
Horowitz JA, Zhong XY, DePalma SJ, Rashidi MRW, Baker BM, Lahann J, Forrest SR
1882 - 1893 Lipid Membrane Interaction of Peptide/DNA Complexes Designed for Gene Delivery
Yilmaz N, Kodama Y, Numata K
1894 - 1901 Highly Efficient Ir-CoOx Hybrid Nanostructures for the Selective Hydrogenation of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol
Yu HB, Zhao JH, Wu CZ, Yan B, Zhao SL, Yin HF, Zhou SH
1902 - 1912 Temperature-Dependent Nanomechanical Properties of Adsorbed Poly-NIPAm Microgel Particles Immersed in Water
Li G, Varga I, Kardos A, Dobryden I, Claesson PM
1913 - 1924 Effect of Concentration, Chain Length, Hydrophobicity, and an External Electric Field on the Growth of Mixed Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Bhadra P, Siu SWI
1925 - 1931 New Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst Based on the Cobalt-Containing Polyoxometalate-Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Nanomaterial
Shahsavarifar S, Masteri-Farahani M, Ganjali MR
1932 - 1940 Large-Area Fabrication of Vertical Silicon Nanotube Arrays via Toroidal Micelle Self-Assembly
Prochukhan N, Selkirk A, Lundy R, Giraud EC, Ghoshal T, Downing C, Morris MA
1941 - 1947 Vapor Deposition of Transparent Antifogging Polymeric Nanocoatings
Yilmaz K, Gursoy M, Karaman M
1948 - 1953 Directional Droplet Transport Mediated by Circular Groove Arrays. Part II: Theory of Effect
Liu C, Legchenkova I, Han LB, Ge WN, Lv CJ, Feng SL, Bormashenko E, Liu YH
1954 - 1960 Engineering of Exciton-Plasmon Coupling Using 2D-WS2 Nanosheets for 1000-Fold Fluorescence Enhancement in Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission Platforms
Rai B, Sarma PV, Srinivasan V, Shaijumon MM, Ramamurthy SS
1961 - 1969 Bulk and Interfacial Contributions to Stabilization of Cyclodextrin-Based Emulsions Mediated by Bacterial Cellulose
Hou J, Chu CL, Xu HN, Zhang LF
1970 - 1982 Electrolyte/Dye/TiO2 Interfacial Structures of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Revealed by In Situ Neutron Reflectometry with Contrast Matching
Deng K, Cole JM, Cooper JFK, Webster JRP, Haynes R, Al Bahri OK, Steinke NJ, Guan SL, Stan L, Zhan XZ, Zhu T, Nye DW, Stenning GBG
1983 - 1990 CO2 and Temperature Control over Nanoaggregates in Surfactant-Free Microemulsion
Zhou Y, He S, Li HH, Zhang YM
1991 - 2000 Application of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy to Investigate a Nano-Bio Interface
Barbir R, Pem B, Kalcec N, Kastner S, Podlesnaia K, Csaki A, Fritzsche W, Vrcek IV
2001 - 2010 N-, P-, and O-Tridoped Carbon Hollow Nanospheres with Openings in the Shell Surfaces: A Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst toward the ORR
Li YN, Han J, Xu ZL, Zhao RF, Wang Y, Guo R