Langmuir, Vol.37, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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603 - 604 Langmuir Hosts an ACS Connect Symposium in India
Joshi YM, Walker GC
605 - 615 Local and Long-Range Organization in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Wang YF, Parvis F, Hossain MI, Ma K, Jarosova R, Swain GM, Blanchard GJ
616 - 626 Quantitative Analysis of Attachment Time of Air Bubbles to Solid Surfaces in Water
Han S, Nguyen AV, Kim K, Park JK, You K
627 - 635 |Halogen Bonding in Bicomponent Monolayers: Self-Assembly of a Homologous Series of Iodinated Perfluoroalkanes with Bipyridine
Davidson JA, Sacchi M, Gorrec F, Clarke SM, Jenkins SJ
636 - 645 Direct Access to Bowl-Like Nanostructures with Block Copolymer Anisotropic Truncated Microspheres
Sun CH, Septani CM, Sun YS
646 - 654 Heterogeneous Ganglioside-Enriched Nanoclusters with Different Densities in Membrane Rafts Detected by a Peptidyl Molecular Probe
Matsubara T, IIjima K, Kojima T, Hirai M, Miyamoto E, Sato T
655 - 665 Dispersibility of Poly(vinyl acetate) Modified Silica Nanoparticles in Carbon Dioxide with Several Cosolvents
Sang Q, Zhao XY, Abdelfatah E, Bryant SL, Dong M
666 - 674 Nanoscale Hydration in Layered Manganese Oxides
Cheng W, Lindholm J, Holmboe M, Luong NT, Shchukarev A, Ilton ES, Hanna K, Boily JF
675 - 682 Forced Crowding of Colloids by Thermophoresis and Convection in a Custom Liquid Clusius-Dickel Microdevice
Light BS, Zepeda-Rosales M, Li YL, Safinya CR
683 - 692 Synergistic Effects of Alpha Olefin Sulfonate and Sodium Alginate on Inkjet Printing of Cotton/Polyamide Fabrics
Li C, Fang L, Fang KJ, Liu XM, An FF, Liang YC, Liu H, Zhang S, Qiao XR
693 - 702 Water Vapor Adsorption on CAU-10-X: Effect of Functional Groups on Adsorption Equilibrium and Mechanisms
Solovyeva MV, Shkatulov AI, Gordeeva LG, Fedorova EA, Krieger TA, Aristov YI
703 - 712 Electrokinetics of Concentrated Suspension of Soft Particles with pH-Regulated Volumetric Charges
Maurya SK, Gopmandal PP, De S, Ohshima H, Sarkar S
713 - 721 Amphipathic Peptide-Phospholipid Nanofibers: Phospholipid Specificity and Dependence on Concentration and Temperature
Ikeda K, Horiuchi A, Yoshino M, Shimizu C, Nakao H, Nakano M
722 - 733 Uncovering a Universal Molecular Mechanism of Salt Ion Adsorption at Solid/Water Interfaces
Misra RP, Blankschtein D
734 - 749 Time-Resolved Morphology and Kinetic Studies of Pulsed Laser Deposition-Grown Pt Layers on Sapphire at Different Growth Temperatures by in Situ Grazing Incidence Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Bauer S, Rodrigues A, Horak L, Nergis B, Jin XW, Schneider R, Groger R, Baumbach T, Holy V
750 - 758 Dual CO2 Responsiveness of an Oil-In-Water Emulsion by Using Sodium Oleate and Water-Soluble Tertiary Amines
Ma WJ, Dai SS, Zhu PY, Zhou R, Lu HS
759 - 768 Green Method for Fabrication of an Underwater Superoleophobic Phosphor-Copper Mesh and Transportation of Oily Liquids
Kong LH, Zhang PY
769 - 773 Design and Characteristics of an Optofluidic Phase Modulator Based on Dielectrowetting
Liang ZC, Ding WX, Zhao R, Huang YY, Kong MM, Chen T
774 - 784 Preferential Vapor Nucleation on Hierarchical Tapered Nanowire Bunches
Du BG, Cheng YQ, Yang SY, Xu W, Lan Z, Wen RF, Ma XH
785 - 792 Encapsulation of a Core-Shell Porous Fe3O4@Carbon Material with Reduced Graphene Oxide for Li+ Battery Anodes with Long Cyclability
Wu QC, Yu R, Zhou ZH, Liu HW, Jiang RL
793 - 801 Effect of TDI-Assisted Hydrophobic Surface Modification of Microcrystalline Cellulose on the Tensile Fracture of MCC/PLA Composite, and Estimation of the Degree of Substitution by Linear Regression
Olonisakin K, Li R, Zhang XX, Xiao FC, Gao J, Yang WB
802 - 809 Carbon Spacer Strategy: Control the Photoswitching Behavior of Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts
Xiong CY, Xue GD, Mao LJ, Gu LH, He C, Zheng YH, Wang DS
810 - 819 Lipase-Immobilized Cellulosic Capsules with Water Absorbency for Enhanced Pickering Interfacial Biocatalysis
He X, Binks BP, Hu JG, Gates I, Lu QY
820 - 826 Hydrostatic Pressure-Regulated Cellular Calcium Responses
Fukuchi M, Oyama K, Mizuno H, Miyagawa A, Koumoto K, Fukuhara G
827 - 840 Synergistic Interactions of Plant Protein Microgels and Cellulose Nanocrystals at the Interface and Their Inhibition of the Gastric Digestion of Pickering Emulsions
Zhang SN, Murray BS, Suriyachay N, Holmes M, Ettelaie R, Sarkar A
841 - 851 Further Step toward a Comprehensive Understanding of the Effect of Surfactant Additions on Altering the Impact Dynamics of Water Droplets
Esmaeili AR, Mir N, Mohammadi R
852 - 857 Demetalation of Surface Porphyrins at the Solid-Liquid Interface
Fernandez CC, Franke M, Steinruck HP, Lytken O, Williams FJ
858 - 866 Diffusion, Interactions, and Disparate Kinetic Trapping of Water-Hydrocarbon Mixtures in Nanoporous Solids
Erfani A, Szutkowski K, Aichele CP, White JL
867 - 873 Adsorption of P103 Nanoaggregates on Graphene Oxide Nanosheets: Role of Electrostatic Forces in Improving Nanosheet Dispersion
Patil R, Ray D, Aswal VK, Bussy C, Bahadur P, Tiwari S
874 - 881 Mechanistic Insights into Nanobubble Merging Studied Using In Situ Liquid-Phase Electron Microscopy
Nag S, Tomo Y, Takahashi K, Kohno M
882 - 893 Construction of a Superhydrophobic Sodium Alginate Aerogel for Efficient Oil Absorption and Emulsion Separation
Yang YS, Chen XP, Li YM, Yin ZC, Bao MT
894 - 907 Selective Bonding Effect of Heterologous Oxygen Vacancies in Z-Scheme Cu2O/SrFe0.5Ta0.5O3 Heterojunctions for Constructing Efficient Interfacial Charge-Transfer Channels and Enhancing Photocatalytic NO Removal Performances
Cui ET, Hou GH, Chen XH, Xie MH, Zhang F, Deng YX, Wu YQ, Yang XL
908 - 917 Capillary Bridges on Liquid-Infused Surfaces
Shek ACM, Semprebon C, Panter JR, Kusumaatmaja H
918 - 927 Formation Mechanism of Multipurpose Silica Nanocapsules
Graham M, Shchukin D
928 - 938 Centrifugal Detachment of Compound Droplets from Fibers
Holweger HJ, Jamali M, Tafreshi HV
939 - 948 Controllable Self-Assembly of SERS Hotspots in Liquid Environment
Zhang D, Tang LS, Chen J, Tang ZX, Liang P, Huang YY, Cao MH, Zou MQ, Ni DJ, Chen JL, Yu Z, Jin SZ
949 - 956 Rare-Earth Eu3+/Gold Nanocluster Ensemble-Based Fluorescent Photoinduced Electron Transfer Sensor for Biomarker Dipicolinic Acid Detection
Xiu LF, Huang KY, Zhu CT, Zhang Q, Peng HP, Xia XH, Chen W, Deng HH
957 - 968 Synthesis and Shape-Selective Catalytic Application of Ordered Cubic Ia(3)over-bard Supermicroporous Materials Templated by Rosin-Derived Quaternary Ammonium Salt with a Hydroxyl Radical in the Headgroup
Wu SY, Yi YF, Liao SL, Si HY, Yang YL, Fan GR, Wang P
969 - 977 Improved Stability and Targeted Cytotoxicity of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Palmitate for Anticancer Therapy
Chen XR, Liu BB, Tong RL, Ding SP, Wu J, Lei QF, Fang WJ
978 - 982 Construction of Ultrathin Layer-by-Layer Films of Oligothiophene Derivatives on an Electrode
Urino H, Kodaira A, Takahashi H, Pac C, Fujii S, Kanaizuka K, Moriyama H