Langmuir, Vol.36, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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2155 - 2169 Perylene Bisimide Derivative-Based Fluorescent Film Sensors: From Sensory Materials to Device Fabrication
Liu Q, Liu TH, Fang Y
2170 - 2183 Silicone-Based Fouling-Release Coatings for Marine Antifouling
Hu P, Xie QY, Ma CF, Zhang GZ
2184 - 2190 Adsorption Properties of Methane, Ethane, and Hexane on Mesoporous Organic Polymers Prepared by the Flash Freezing Method
Koyama R, Tsunoda F, Ichinose I, Kanoh H
2191 - 2198 Primary and Secondary Hydration Forces between Interdigitated Membranes Composed of Bolaform Microbial Glucolipids
Baccile N, Cristiglio V
2199 - 2208 Selective Photocatalytic Oxidation of Thioanisole on DUT-67(Zr) Mediated by Surface Coordination
Liu YY, Zou JH, Guo BB, Ren YH, Wang ZT, Song YJ, Yu Y, Wu L
2209 - 2222 One-Step Electrochemically Prepared Graphene/Polyaniline Conductive Filter Membrane for Permeation Enhancement by Fouling Mitigation
Li BJ, Sun D, Li BB, Tang WJ, Ren P, Yu JT, Zhang JH
2223 - 2230 Ultrafine alpha-CoOOH Nanorods Activated with Iron for Exceptional Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Shamraiz U, Badshah A, Raza B
2231 - 2239 Simultaneous Detection and Photocatalysis Performed on a 3D Graphene/ZnO Hybrid Platform
Messina MM, Coustet ME, Ubogui J, Ruiz R, Saccone FD, Clam PCD, Ibanez FJ
2240 - 2246 Simulation of Subnanometer Contrast in Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy of Hydrophilic Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers in Water
Hu XL, Yang QP, Ye T, Martini A
2247 - 2254 Liquid-Repellent Films Comprising Octamethylsilsesquioxane Selected Based on Three-Dimensional Solubility Parameters
Murase M, Ohta R, Iseki T
2255 - 2263 Two-Dimensional Layered Ultrathin Carbon/TiO2 Nanosheet Composites for Superior Pseudocapacitive Lithium Storage
Li YT, Chen MS, Cheng JF, Fu WW, Hu YJ, Liu BH, Zhang M, Shen ZR
2264 - 2270 Formation and Stability of Bulk Nanobubbles by Vibration
Fang Z, Wang XY, Zhou LM, Zhang LJ, Hu J
2271 - 2277 Elimination of Unreacted Acrylate Double Bonds in the Polymer Networks of Microparticles Synthesized via Flow Lithography
Moon HJ, Ku M, Roh Y, Lee HJ, Yang J, Bong KW
2278 - 2290 Cationic Imidazolium Polythiophenes: Effects of Imidazolium-Methylation on Solution Concentration-Driven Aggregation and Surface Free Energy of Films Processed from Solvents with Different Polarity
Dominguez SE, Vuolle A, Cangiotti M, Fattori A, Aaritalo T, Damlin P, Ottaviani MF, Kvarnstrom C
2291 - 2299 Super-Resolution Imaging of Self-Assembled Nanocarriers Using Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis for Cluster Extraction
Davis JL, Zhang Y, Yi SJ, Du FF, Song KH, Scott EA, Sun C, Zhang HF
2300 - 2306 Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study of High Fat Fish Oil-In-Water Emulsion Stabilized with Sodium Caseinate and Phosphatidylcholine
Yesiltas B, Torkkeli M, Almasy L, Dudas Z, Garcia-Moreno PJ, Sorensen ADM, Jacobsen C, Knaapila M
2307 - 2321 Aqueous Lyotropic Mesophase Behavior of Gemini Dicarboxylate Surfactants Swollen with n-Decane
Baez-Cotto CM, Jackson GL, Mahanthappa MK
2322 - 2329 Buckling Effect of Sole Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Nanoparticles Adsorbed at the Water/Oil Interface
Song P, Mao XH, Ren YX, Zeng HB, Lu QY
2330 - 2338 Polymer Free Volume Effects on Protein Dynamics in Polystyrene Revealed by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Moringo NA, Shen H, Tauzin LJ, Wang WX, Landes CF
2339 - 2348 How Dissociation of Carboxylic Acid Groups in a Weak Polyelectrolyte Brush Depend on Their Distance from the Substrate
Ehtiati K, Moghaddam SZ, Daugaard AE, Thormann E
2349 - 2356 Lipid-Stabilized Double Emulsions Generated in Planar Microfluidic Devices
Kong LL, Levin A, Toprakcioglu Z, Xu YF, Gang HZ, Ye RQ, Mu BZ, Knowles TPJ
2357 - 2367 Phase Inversions Observed in Thermoresponsive Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Surface Functionalized Colloidal Silica
Bjorkegren S, Dias MCAF, Lundahl K, Nordstierna L, Palmqvist A
2368 - 2374 Redox and pH Dual-Responsive Emulsion Using Ferrocenecarboxylic Acid and N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine
Zhu PY, Liu DF, Dai SS, Wang BG, Lu HS, Huang ZY
2375 - 2382 Generation and Evolution of Nanobubbles on Heated Nanoparticles: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Pu JH, Sun J, Wang W, Wang HS
2383 - 2395 Zwitterionic Polymer Micelles with Dual Conjugation of Doxorubicin and Curcumin: Synergistically Enhanced Efficacy against Multidrug-Resistant Tumor Cells
Zhao GF, Sun Y, Dong XY
2396 - 2402 Environmentally Friendly Marine Antifouling Coating Based on a Synergistic Strategy
Xie CH, Guo HS, Zhao WQ, Zhang L
2403 - 2418 Multivalent Patchy Colloids for Quantitative 3D Self-Assembly Studies
Kamp M, de Nijs B, van der Linden MN, de Feijter I, Lefferts MJ, Aloi A, Griffiths J, Baumberg JJ, Voets IK, van Blaaderen A
2419 - 2426 Electrospinning of a Near Gel Resin To Produce Cross-Linked Fibrous Matrices
Gurave PM, Singh S, Yadav A, Nandan B, Srivastava RK
2427 - 2438 Multiresponsive Microgels with Phase-Separated Nanodomains and Self-Regulating Properties via Incorporation of Anthraquinone Moieties
Zhu ZM, Fu H, Dong SN, Ji WM, Du BY, Nie JJ
2439 - 2448 Computational Study of Differences between Antifreeze Activity of Type-III Antifreeze Protein from Ocean Pout and Its Mutant
Kumari S, Muthachikavil AV, Tiwari JK, Punnathanam SN
2449 - 2458 Effect of Wetting Transition during Multiphase Displacement in Porous Media
Wang ZZ, Pereira JM, Gan YX
2459 - 2473 Antagonist Effects of L-Phenylalanine and the Enantiomeric Mixture Containing D-Phenylalanine on Phospholipid Vesicle Membrane
Nandi S, Pyne A, Ghosh M, Banerjee P, Ghosh B, Sarkar N
2474 - 2481 Orthogonal Adsorption of Carbon Dots and DNA on Nanoceria
Li CM, Zhang JY, Jiang H, Wang XM, Liu JW
2482 - 2491 Surface Energies and Structure of Salt-Brine Interfaces
Rimsza JM, Kuhlman KL