Langmuir, Vol.36, No.45 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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13371 - 13382 Acidity of SiO2-Supported Metal Oxides in the Presence of H2O Using the Adsorption Equilibrium Infrared Spectroscopy Method: 1. Adsorption and Coadsorption of NH3 and H2O on SiO2
Couble J, Buniazet Z, Loridant S, Bianchi D
13383 - 13395 Acidity of SiO2-Supported Metal Oxides in the Presence of H2O Using the AEIR Method: 2. Adsorption and Coadsorption of NH3 and H2O on TiO2/SiO2 Catalysts
Buniazet Z, Couble J, Maury S, Cabiac A, Loridant S, Bianchi D
13396 - 13407 Antiwetting and Antifouling Performances of Different Lubricant-Infused Slippery Surfaces
Cao YY, Jana S, Tan XL, Bowen L, Zhu YF, Dawson J, Han R, Exton J, Liu HZ, McHale G, Jakubovics NS, Chen JJ
13408 - 13414 Light-Triggered Rheological Changes in a System of Cationic Wormlike Micelles Formulated with a Photoacid Generator
Jora MZ, Sabadini E, Raghavan SR
13415 - 13425 In-Depth Investigation of Copper Surface Chemistry Modification by Ultrashort Pulsed Direct Laser Interference Patterning
Muller DW, Holtsch A, Losslein S, Pauly C, Spengler C, Grandthyll S, Jacobs K, Mucklich F, Muller F
13426 - 13438 Fluorine-Free Transparent Superhydrophobic Nanocomposite Coatings from Mesoporous Silica
Janowicz NJ, Li HT, Heale FL, Parkin IP, Papakonstantinou I, Tiwari MK, Carmalt CJ
13439 - 13447 Structural Changes in Films of Pulmonary Surfactant Induced by Surfactant Vesicles
Andreev K, Martynowycz MW, Kuzmenko I, Bu W, Hall SB, Gidalevitz D
13448 - 13456 Probing the Electrolyte Transfer in Ultrathin Polypyrrole Films by In Situ X-ray Reflectivity and Electrochemistry
Lakner PH, Brinker M, Seitz C, Jacobse L, Vonk V, Lippmann M, Volkov S, Huber P, Keller TF
13457 - 13468 Ion-Specific Adsorption on Bare Gold (Au) Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solutions: Double-Layer Structure and Surface Potentials
Li ZJ, Ruiz VG, Kanduc M, Dzubiella J
13469 - 13476 Metal-Free White Light-Emitting Fluorescent Material Based on Simple Pillar[5]arene-tripodal Amide System and Theoretical Insights on Its Assembly and Fluorescent Properties
Yang HL, Li ZH, Liu PP, Sun XW, Wang ZH, Yao H, Zhang YM, Wei TB, Lin Q
13477 - 13484 Insight into the Lubrication Behavior of Phospholipids Pre-adsorbed on Silica Surfaces at Different Adsorption Temperatures
Feng SF, Liu YH, Li JJ, Wang HD, Wen SZ
13485 - 13497 Analysis of Capillary Flow in a Parallel Microchannel-Based Wick Structure with Circular and Noncircular Geometries
13498 - 13508 Experimental Investigation of Water Droplet Impact on the Electrospun Superhydrophobic Cylindrical Glass: Contact Time, Maximum Spreading Factor, and Splash Threshold
Borjak SK, Rafee R, Valipour MS
13509 - 13515 Photolipid Bilayer Permeability is Controlled by Transient Pore Formation
Pritzl SD, Urban P, Prasselsperger A, Konrad DB, Frank JA, Trauner D, Lohmuller T
13516 - 13526 High-Temperature Behavior of Early Life Membrane Models
Misuraca L, Calio A, Grillo I, Grelard A, Oger PM, Peters J, Deme B
13527 - 13534 Power Law Behavior in Protein Desorption Kinetics Originating from Sequential Binding and Unbinding
Armstrong MJ, Rodriguez JB, Dahl P, Salamon P, Hess H, Katira P
13535 - 13544 Influence of Free Fatty Acids on Lipid Membrane-Nisin Interaction
Saitta F, Motta P, Barbiroli A, Signorelli M, La Rosa C, Janaszewska A, Klajnert-Maculewicz B, Fessas D
13545 - 13554 Pickering Emulsions of Fluorinated TiO2: A New Route for Intensification of Photocatalytic Degradation of Nitrobenzene
Fessi N, Nsib MF, Chevalier Y, Guillard C, Dappozze F, Houas A, Palmisano L, Parrino F
13555 - 13562 Oriented-Redox Induced Uniform MnO2 Coating on Ni3S2 Nanorod Arrays as a Stable Anode for Enhanced Performances of Lithium Ion Battery
Jiang MM, Fan XM, Wang ZH, Yang ZH, Huang C, Zhang WX
13563 - 13574 Condensation Frosting on Micropillar Surfaces - Effect of Microscale Roughness on Ice Propagation
Shen YC, Zou HY, Wang S
13575 - 13582 Solvent Effect on Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Chlorophylls a on Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide
Ramakrishna TRB, Mathesh M, Liu Z, Zhang CM, Du AJ, Liu JQ, Barrow CJ, Chen M, Biggs MJ, Yang WR
13583 - 13590 Glassy Porphyrin/C-60 Composites: Morphological Engineering of C-60 Fullerene with Liquefied Porphyrins
Morisue M, Saito G, Sasada D, Umeyama T, Imahori H, Mitamura K, Masunaga H, Hoshino T, Sakurai S, Sasaki S
13591 - 13600 Understanding CO2/CH4 Separation in Pristine and Defective 2D MOF CuBDC Nanosheets via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
Kallo MT, Lennox MJ
13601 - 13612 Surface Lattice Resonances in Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle Arrays: Impact of Lattice Period, Structural Disorder, and Refractive Index on Resonance Quality
Ponomareva E, Volk K, Mulvaney P, Karg M
13613 - 13620 Interfacial Diffusion of Hydrated Ion on Graphene Surface: A Molecular Simulation Study
Zhu HJ, Xu YX, Yan YS, Xu JB, Yang C
13621 - 13632 Charge Calibration Standard for Atomic Force Microscope Tips in Liquids
Li L, Steinmetz NF, Eppell SJ, Zypman FR
13633 - 13641 Determination of Dynamic Interfacial Tension during the Generation of Tiny Droplets in the Liquid-Liquid Jetting Flow Regime
Cui YJ, Li YK, Wang K, Deng J, Luo GS
13642 - 13648 Rupture of Liquid Bridges on Porous Tips: Competing Mechanisms of Spontaneous Imbibition and Stretching
Suo S, Gan YX
13649 - 13655 Davydov Split Aggregates of Cyanine Dyes on Self-Assembled Nanotubes
Reddy NR, Rhodes S, Ma YP, Fang JY
13656 - 13662 Polypeptide Nanoparticles with pH-Sheddable PEGylation for Improved Drug Delivery
Gao ZL, Zhang ZH, Guo JM, Hao JC, Zhang PY, Cui JW
13663 - 13669 Effect of Oleamine on Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals
Pan H, Li X, Zhang X, Liu JM, Chen XJ, Zhang H, Huang AP, Xiao ZS
13670 - 13681 Growth of Multilayers of Ionic Liquids on Au(111) Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy in Ultrahigh Vacuum
Meusel M, Lexow M, Gezmis A, Bayer A, Maier F, Steinruck HP
13682 - 13688 Inhibiting Ostwald Ripening by Scaffolding Droplets
Zhang HG, Chen S, Zhang B, Zhang XR
13689 - 13697 Friction and Adhesion of Microparticle Suspensions on Repellent Surfaces
Raj MK, Misra S, Mitra SK
13698 - 13707 Assembly of Ultralight Dual Network Graphene Aerogel with Applications for Selective Oil Absorption
Dai CL, Sun W, Xu ZZ, Liu JW, Chen J, Zhu ZX, Li L, Zeng HB
13708 - 13715 Stronger Adsorption of Phosphorothioate DNA Oligonucleotides on Graphene Oxide by van der Waals Forces
Huang ZC, Zhao Y, Liu BW, Guan SK, Liu JW
13716 - 13724 Failure and Recovery of Droplet Nucleation and Growth on Damaged Nanostructures: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Tang GH, Niu D, Guo L, Xu JL
13725 - 13734 Molecular Dynamics Study of Bubble Nucleation on an Ideally Smooth Substrate
Chen YJ, Chen XJ, Yu B, Zou Y, Tao WQ