Langmuir, Vol.36, No.42 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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12435 - 12450 Polycation-Anionic Lipid Membrane Interactions
Kopec W, Zak A, Jamroz D, Nakahata R, Yusa SI, Gapsys V, Kepczynski M
12451 - 12459 First-Principles Prediction of Surface Wetting
Andersson MP, Hassenkam T, Matthiesen J, Nikolajsen LV, Okhrimenko DV, Dobberschutz S, Stipp SLS
12460 - 12472 Enrichment of Charged Monomers Explains Non-monotonic Polymer Volume Fraction Profiles of Multi-stimulus Responsive Copolymer Brushes
Johnson EC, Willott JD, Gresham IJ, Murdoch TJ, Humphreys BA, Prescott SW, Nelson A, de Vos WM, Webber GB, Wanless EJ
12473 - 12480 Active Assembly of Spheroidal Photocatalytic BiVO4 Microswimmers
Heckel S, Grauer J, Semmler M, Gemming T, Lowen H, Liebchen B, Simmchen J
12481 - 12493 Drying Kinetics and Particle Formation from Dilute Colloidal Suspensions in Aerosol Droplets
Archer J, Walker JS, Gregson FKA, Hardy DA, Reid JP
12494 - 12503 Solar Steam Generation and Desalination Using Ultra-Broadband Absorption in Plasmonic Alumina Nanowire Haze Structure-Graphene Oxide-Gold Nanoparticle Composite
Behera S, Kim C, Kim K
12504 - 12512 Comparative Studies of Light-Responsive Swimmers: Janus Nanorods versus Spherical Particles
Eichler-Volf A, Huang T, Luna FV, Alsaadawi Y, Stierle S, Cuniberti G, Steinhart M, Baraban L, Erbe A
12513 - 12520 Synthesis and Characterization of High-Performance Polymers Based on Perfluoropolyalkyl Ethers Using an Environmentally Friendly Solvent
Dong QB, Fu Y, Wang H, Bai RK, Bai W
12521 - 12531 Preparation and Drug Entrapment Properties of Asymmetric Liposomes Containing Cationic and Anionic Lipids
Li BC, London E
12532 - 12544 Interplay of the Assembly Conditions on Drug Transport Mechanisms in Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films
Bataglioli RA, Neto JBMR, Leao BS, Germiniani LGL, Taketa TB, Beppu MM
12545 - 12554 Characterizing an siRNA-Containing Lipid-Nanoparticle Prepared by a Microfluidic Reactor: Small-Angle X-ray Scattering and Cryotransmission Electron Microscopic Studies
Aburai K, Hatanaka K, Takano S, Fujii S, Sakurai K
12555 - 12562 Switchable Adhesion of E. coli to Thermosensitive Carbohydrate-Presenting Microgel Layers: A Single-Cell Force Spectroscopy Study
Wilms D, Schroer F, Paul TJ, Schmidt S
12563 - 12571 Destabilization of the Nematic Phase of Clay Nanosheet Suspensions by Polymer Adsorption
El Rifaii K, Wensink HH, Bizien T, Gabriel JCP, Michot L, Davidson P
12572 - 12579 Investigation of the Interfacial Electron Transfer Kinetics in Ferrocene-Terminated Oligophenyleneimine Self-Assembled Monolayers
Taherinia D
12580 - 12589 Molecular Investigation of Contact Line Movement in Electrowetted Nanodroplets
Chakraborty D, Pathak S, Chakraborty M
12590 - 12600 Scalable Chemical Synthesis Route to Manufacture pH-Responsive Janus CaCO3 Micromotors
Saad S, Kaur H, Natale G
12601 - 12606 Pickering Emulsion Transitions in 2,6-Lutidine Plus Water Critical Liquid Mixtures
Matsubara H, Chiguchi K, Law BM
12607 - 12619 Stability of Fluid Ultrathin Polymer Films in Contact with Solvent-Loaded Gels for Cultural Heritage
Castel A, Gutfreund P, Cabane B, Rharbi Y
12620 - 12631 Molecular Order of Topologically Variant Flexible Mesogens by C-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Reddy MG, Lobo NP, Ramanathan KV, Narasimhaswamy T
12632 - 12648 Kinetic Control of Oxygen Interstitial Interaction with TiO2(110) via the Surface Fermi Energy
Jeong H, Ertekin E, Seebauer EG
12649 - 12657 Biosurfaces Fabricated by Polymerization-Induced Surface Self-Assembly
Zhong W, Hou WM, Liu YZ, Liu L, Zhao HY
12658 - 12667 Tethering of the IgG1 Antibody to Amorphous Silica for Immunosensor Development: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Marti D, Ainsley J, Ahumada O, Aleman C, Torras J
12668 - 12677 Bactericidal Activity of TiO2 Nanotube Thin Films on Si by Photocatalytic Generation of Active Oxygen Species
Yamaguchi M, Abe H, Ma T, Tadaki D, Hirano-Iwata A, Kanetaka H, Watanabe Y, Niwano M
12678 - 12683 Polymer Brush-Induced Hollow Colloids via Diffusion-Controlled Silication
Tian L, Li B, Zhang QY, Wang YF
12684 - 12691 Fabrication of Asymmetric Phosphatidylserine-Containing Lipid Vesicles: A Study on the Effects of Size, Temperature, and Lipid Composition
Guo HY, Sun HY, Deng G, Xu J, Wu FG, Yu ZW
12692 - 12701 Formulation of Gelled Non-toxic Bicontinuous Microemulsions Stabilized by Highly Efficient Alkanoyl Methylglucamides
Peng K, Preisig N, Sottmann T, Stubenrauch C
12702 - 12711 Highly Porous Magnetic Janus Microparticles with Asymmetric Surface Topology
Al Nuumani R, Smoukov SK, Bolognesi G, Vladisavljevic GT
12712 - 12722 Capillary Imbibition of Binary Fluid Mixtures in Nanochannels
Chakrapani TH, den Otter WK
12723 - 12734 Chiral Templating of Polycarbonate Membranes by Pinene Using the Modified Atomic Layer Deposition Approach
Brozova L, Zazpe R, Otmar M, Prikryl J, Bulanek R, Zitka J, Krejcikova S, Izak P, Macak JM
12735 - 12744 Physicochemical Characterization of Liposomes That Mimic the Lipid Composition of Exosomes for Effective Intracellular Trafficking
Sakai-Kato K, Yoshida K, Takechi-Haraya Y, Izutsu K
12745 - 12754 Nanoscale Work Function Contrast Induced by Decanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111)
Tsvetanova M, Oldenkotte VJS, Bertolino MC, Gao YQ, Siekman MH, Huskens J, Zandvliet HJW, Sotthewes K
12755 - 12759 Dendritic Fibrous Nanosilica (DFNS) for RNA Extraction from Cells
Maity A, Sandra US, Kolthur-Seetharam U, Polshettiwar V
12760 - 12771 Nanosheet Synthesis of Mixed Co3O4/CuO via Combustion Method for Methanol Oxidation and Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Nazir R, Khalfani A, Abdelfattah O, Kumar A, Saad MAS, Ali S