Langmuir, Vol.36, No.37 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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10895 - 10904 Preparation of a Three-Dimensional Porous Graphene Oxide-Kaolinite-Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composite for Efficient Adsorption and Removal of Ciprofloxacin
Huang XH, Tian J, Li YW, Yin XL, Wu W
10905 - 10915 Nucleation and Growth of PbBrF Crystals at the Liquid Mercury-Electrolyte Interface Studied by Operando X-ray Scattering
Festersen S, Runge B, Koops C, Bertram F, Ocko B, Deutsch M, Murphy BM, Magnussen OM
10916 - 10922 Omniphobic Etched Aluminum Surfaces with Anti-Icing Ability
Fenero M, Knez M, Saric I, Petravic M, Grande H, Palenzuela J
10923 - 10932 Interfacial Structure Control and Three-Dimensional X-ray Imaging of an Epoxy Monolith Bonding System with Surface Modification
Sakata N, Takeda Y, Kotera M, Suzuki Y, Matsumoto A
10933 - 10940 Microstructured SiOx/COP Stamps for Patterning TiO2 on Polymer Substrates via Microcontact Printing
Wu CT, Utsunomiya T, Ichii T, Sugimura H
10941 - 10951 Organized Hybrid Molecular Films from Natural Phospholipids and Synthetic Block Copolymers: A Physicochemical Investigation
Balestri A, Chiappisi L, Montis C, Micciulla S, Lonetti B, Berti D
10952 - 10959 Capillary Replacement in a Tube Prefilled with a Viscous Fluid
Andre J, Okumura K
10960 - 10969 Biomass-Derived, Water-Induced Self-Recoverable Composite Aerogels with Robust Superwettability for Water Treatment
Zhu J, Jiang JX, Jamil MI, Hou Y, Zhan XL, Chen FQ, Cheng DG, Zhang QH
10970 - 10978 In Situ Growth of Cationic Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) for Mixed Matrix Membranes with Enhanced Performances
Wang XY, Shi XS, Wang Y
10979 - 10988 Amphiphilic Nanogels: Fuzzy Spheres with a Pseudo-Periodic Internal Structure
Thunemann AF, Gruber A, Klinger D
10989 - 10995 Large-Scale DNA Nanoarrays with a Controllable Fluorescence Switch Constructed by RCA Simplified Origami
Zhang ZQ, Ma J, Zhang GD, Ding XY, Zhang RY, Zhou T, Wang XF, Wang F
10996 - 11004 Low Fouling Peptides with an All (D) Amino Acid Sequence Provide Enhanced Stability against Proteolytic Degradation While Maintaining Low Antifouling Properties
Beyer CD, Reback ML, Heinen N, Thavalingam S, Rosenhahn A, Metzler-Nolte N
11005 - 11014 A New Antibacterial N-Halamine Coating Based on Polydopamine
Nazi N, Humblot V, Debiemme-Chouvy C
11015 - 11027 Synthesis of 3D Dendritic Gold Nanostructures Assisted by a Templated Growth Process: Application to the Detection of Traces of Molecules
Bauer P, Mougin K, Faye D, Buch A, Ponthiaux P, Vignal V
11028 - 11033 Solution-State Long-Range Molecular Ordering in Poly(3-hexylthiophene)
Changez M, Anwar MF, Al Balushi R, Lee JS
11034 - 11043 Interfacial Electrofabrication of Freestanding Biopolymer Membranes with Distal Electrodes
Hu P, Rooholghodos SA, Pham L, Ly KL, Luo XL
11044 - 11053 Robust Superamphiphobic Coatings Based on Raspberry-like Hollow SnO2 Composites
Han XT, Peng JY, Jiang SH, Xiong J, Song Y, Gong X
11054 - 11060 Stress or Strain Does Not Impact Sorption in Stiff Mesoporous Materials
Bossert M, Grosman A, Trimaille I, Nous C, Rolley E
11061 - 11067 Encapsulation of Fragrance in Aqueous Emulsions by Delaminated Synthetic Hectorite
Mayr L, Breu J
11068 - 11078 Light-Caused Droplet Bouncing from a Cavity Trap-Assisted Superhydrophobic Surface
Li W, Lei YP, Chen R, Zhu X, Liao Q, Ye DD, Li DL
11079 - 11093 Influence of Charges on the Behavior of Polyelectrolyte Microgels Confined to Oil-Water Interfaces
Schmidt MM, Bochenek S, Gavrilov AA, Potemkin II, Richtering W
11094 - 11101 Assembly of Bimetallic PdAg Nanosheets and Their Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity toward Ethanol Oxidation
Yang M, Lao XZ, Sun J, Ma N, Wang SQ, Ye WN, Guo PZ
11102 - 11109 Study of Siloxane Adsorption on Hard Disk Media Surface
Fan A, Waltman R
11110 - 11116 In Situ and Real-Time Monitoring of Nanoparticle Formation in Microemulsion by Means of Dielectric Spectroscopy
Yu YQ, Khan MA, Chen Z
11117 - 11124 Preparation of Porous Carbon Materials Derived from Hyper-Cross-Linked Asphalt/Coal Tar and Their High Desulfurization Performance
Di T, Xia YX, Pei BY, Zhu TT, Zhao TS, Li TS, Li L
11125 - 11137 Discretized Motion of Surface Walker under a Nonuniform AC Magnetic Field
Yang YJ, Zhao YP
11138 - 11146 Evaluation of the In Vitro Stability of Stimuli-Sensitive Fatty Acid-Based Microparticles for the Treatment of Lung Cancer
Dalek P, Borowik T, Reczynska K, Pamula E, Chrzanowski W, Langner M
11147 - 11153 Multifunctional Polypropylene Separator via Cooperative Modification and Its Application in the Lithium-Sulfur Battery
Zeng LL, Zhang ZJ, Qiu WJ, Wei JK, Fang ZH, Deng QB, Guo W, Liu D, Xie ZZ, Qu DY, Tang HL, Li JS, Hu N
11154 - 11160 Impact of Surfactants on the Formation and Properties of Droplet Clusters
Fedorets AA, Shcherbakov DV, Dombrovsky LA, Bormashenko E, Nosonovsky M
11161 - 11168 UV Accelerated Assemblies Constructed Using Calixpyridinium in Aqueous Solution
Wang K, Wang MN, Wang QQ, Liu C, Du YH, Xing SY, Zhu BL
11169 - 11169 Motile Bacteria at Oil-Water Interfaces: Pseudomonas aeruginosa (vol 36, pg 6888, 2020)
Deng JY, Molaei M, Chisholm NG, Stebe KJ