Langmuir, Vol.36, No.33 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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9649 - 9657 Membrane Stability in the Presence of Methacrylate Esters
Yeh V, Goode A, Eastham G, Rambo RP, Inoue K, Doutch J, Bonev BB
9658 - 9667 Microwave Hydrothermally Synthesized Metal-Organic Framework-5 Derived C-doped ZnO with Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B
Wang YM, Ge SS, Cheng W, Hu ZJ, Shao Q, Wang XJ, Lin J, Dong MY, Wang JX, Guo ZH
9668 - 9674 Hierarchically Hollow and Porous NiO/NiCo2O4 Nanoprisms Encapsulated in Graphene Oxide for Lithium Storage
Wang YY, Wang Y, Lu LG, Zhang B, Wang CX, He B, Wei R, Xu DD, Hao QL, Liu B
9675 - 9684 Morphological and Wettability Properties of Thin Coating Films Produced from Technical Lignins
Borrega M, Paarnila S, Greca LG, Jaaskelainen AS, Ohra-aho T, Rojas OJ, Tamminen T
9685 - 9692 Electrowetting of Hydrofluoroether Liquid Droplet at a Gold Electrode/Water Interface: Significance of Lower Adhesion Energy and Static Friction Energy
Morooka T, Sagara T
9693 - 9700 Independent Size and Fluorescence Emission Determination of Individual Biological Nanoparticles Reveals that Lipophilic Dye Incorporation Does Not Scale with Particle Size
Joemetsa S, Joyce P, Lubart Q, Mapar M, Celauro E, Agnarsson B, Block S, Bally M, Esbjorner EK, Jeffries GDM, Hook F
9701 - 9708 In-Operando Detection of the Physical Property Changes of an Interfacial Electrolyte during the Li-Metal Electrode Reaction by Atomic Force Microscopy
Kitta M
9709 - 9718 Novel Two-Dimensional AgInS2/SnS2/RGO Dual Heterojunctions: High Spatial Charge and Toxicity Evaluation
Zhang MM, Li XY, Fan SY, Yin ZF, Li JN, Zeng LB, Tade MO, Liu SM
9719 - 9727 Synthesis of Ph-Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Degradation of Different Chromophoric Organic Pollutants in Aqueous Suspension under Visible Light
Warshagha MZA, Muneer M
9728 - 9737 Complex Pattern Formation in Solutions of Protein and Mixed Salts Using Dehydrating Sessile Droplets
Pathak B, Christy J, Sefiane K, Gozuacik D
9738 - 9746 Tuning Properties of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles by Surface Modification with Catecholate-type of Ligands
Lazic V, Zivkovic LS, Sredojevic D, Fernandes MM, Lanceros-Mendez S, Ahrenkiel SP, Nedeljkovic JM
9747 - 9755 Incorporation Behavior of Nonionic Emulsifiers inside Particles and Secondary Particle Nucleation during Emulsion Polymerization of Styrene
Kobayashi H, Suzuki T, Chaiyasat A, Okubo M
9756 - 9769 Effect of Kerogen Maturity, Water Content for Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Their Mixture Adsorption and Diffusion in Kerogen: A Computational Investigation
Sui HG, Zhang FY, Wang ZQ, Wang DS, Wang YD
9770 - 9779 Effects of Strain and Kinetics on the H2O2-Assisted Reconstruction of Ag-Au-Ag Nanorods
Hao H, Yang YL, Zou C, Chen W, Wen HH, Wang W, Yang Y
9780 - 9785 Snake Tracks in Polymer Land: Wavy Polymer Structures via Selective Solvent Vapor Annealing
Chiu YJ, Weng CC, Tseng HF, Hsu HH, Chen JT
9786 - 9799 Two Coexisting Membrane Structures Are Defined by Lateral and Transbilayer Interactions between Sphingomyelin and Cholesterol
Smith P, Quinn PJ, Lorenz CD
9800 - 9809 Mechanistic Investigation of a Self-Assembling Peptide against Escherichia coli
Chen CX, Li GR, Cui XJ, Chen JX, Yu QZ, Zong C, Zhao YR, Xu ML, Zhou SS, Xu H
9810 - 9817 Solvent-Dependent Self-Assemblies and Pyridine Modulation of a Porphyrin Molecule at Liquid/Solid Interfaces
Hou JF, Lei P, Meng T, Zhao FY, Xu HJ, Li XK, Deng K, Zeng QD
9818 - 9826 Gelation, Liquid Crystalline Behavior, and Ionic Conductivity of Nanocomposite lonogel Electrolytes Based On Attapulgite Nanorods
Zhang JX, Liu JH, Wang ZH, Hao S, Song HZ
9827 - 9842 Insights into the Microscale Coalescence Behavior of Surfactant-Stabilized Droplets Using a Microfluidic Hydrodynamic Trap
Narayan S, Makhnenko I, Moravec DB, Hauser BG, Dallas AJ, Dutcher CS
9843 - 9848 Evaporation-Crystallization Method to Promote Coalescence-Induced Jumping on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Han T, Choi Y, Kwon JT, Kim MH, Jo H
9849 - 9866 Efficiency Boosting of Surfactants with Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(alkyl glycidyl ether)s: A New Class of Amphiphilic Polymers
Schneider K, Verkoyen P, Krappel M, Gardiner C, Schweins R, Frey H, Sottmann T
9867 - 9877 Role of Charge in Lipid Vesicle Binding and Vesicle Surface Saturation by Gaduscidin-1 and Gaduscidin-2
Sandhu G, Booth V, Morrow MR
9878 - 9885 Carbohydrate- and Chain Length-Controlled Complexation of Carbon Nanotubes by Glycopolymers
Cantwell MA, Chan KK, Sun XL, Ao GY
9886 - 9893 Investigation of Interfacial Diffusion in PA/PP-g-MAH Laminates Using Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy
Buttler JR, Bechtold T, Pham T
9894 - 9899 Synthesis of Solution-Stable End-to-End Linked Gold Nanorod Dimers via pH-Dependent Surface Reconfiguration
Kar A, Thambi V, Paital D, Joshi G, Khatua S
9900 - 9908 Growth of Crystalline Bimetallic Metal-Organic Framework Films via Transmetalation
Brandt AJ, Shakya DM, Metavarayuth K, Dolgopolova E, Hensley L, Duke AS, Farzandh S, Stefik M, Shustova NB, Chen DA
9909 - 9915 Cooperation of Dimethyl and Diethyl Carbonates in Hexafluorophosphate Anion Intercalation into Graphite Electrode
Huang YH, Wang HY
9916 - 9925 Influence of Gravity on the Sliding Angle of Water Drops on Nanopillared Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Li H, Yan TY, Fichthorn KA
9926 - 9934 An Expanded State Diagram for the Directed Self-Assembly of Colloidal Suspensions in Toggled Fields
Kim H, Sau M, Furst EM
9935 - 9943 About a Membrane with Microfluidic Porous-Wall Channels of Cylindrical Shape for Droplet Formation
Linnartz CJ, Wolff HJM, Breisig HF, Alders M, Wessling M
9944 - 9951 Covalently Linked, Two-Dimensional Quantum Dot Assemblies
Ritchhart A, Monahan M, Mars J, Toney MF, De Yoreo JJ, Cossairt BM
9952 - 9959 Patterning a Superhydrophobic Area on a Facile Fabricated Superhydrophilic Layer Based on an Inkjet-Printed Water-Soluble Polymer Template
Sun JZ, Li Y, Liu GP, Chu FQ, Chen C, Zhang Y, Tian HS, Song YL
9960 - 9966 Surface Segregation of a Star-Shaped Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane in a Polymer Matrix
Yamamoto K, Kawaguchi D, Abe T, Komino T, Mamada M, Kabe T, Adachi C, Naka K, Tanaka K
9967 - 9976 Bimetallic Thin-Film Combination of Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Optical Fiber Cladding with the Polarizing Homodyne Balanced Detection Method and Biomedical Assay Application
Huong VT, Tran VV, Lee NY, Hoang DV, Trinh KTL, Phan TB, Tran NHT
9977 - 9984 Internalization Mechanisms of Pyridinium Sulfobetaine Polymers Evaluated by Induced Protic Perturbations on Cell Surfaces
Goda T, Hatano H, Yamamoto M, Miyahara Y, Morimoto N
9985 - 9985 Photophysics of J-Aggregating Porphyrin-Lipid Photosensitizers in Liposomes: Impact of Lipid Saturation (vol 36, pg 5385, 2020)
Charron DM, Yousefalizadeh G, Buzza HH, Rajora MA, Chen J, Stamplecoskie KG, Zheng G