Langmuir, Vol.36, No.26 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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7155 - 7157 Confronting Racism in Chemistry Journals
Burrows CJ, Huang JX, Wang S, Kim HJ, Meyer GJ, Schanze K, Lee TR, Lutkenhaus JL, Kaplan D, Jones C, Bertozzi C, Kiessling L, Mulcahy MB, Lindsley CW, Finn MG, Blum JD, Kamat P, Choi W, Snyder S, Aldrich CC, Rowan S, Liu B, Liotta D, Weiss PS, Zhang DQ, Ganesh KN, Atwater HA, Gooding JJ, Allen DT, Voigt CA, Sweedler J, Schepartz A, Rotello V, Lecommandoux S, Sturla SJ, Hammes-Schiffer S, Buriak J, Steed JW, Wu HW, Zimmerman J, Brooks B, Savage P, Tolman W, Hofmann TF, Brennecke JF, Holme TA, Merz KM, Scuseria G, Jorgensen W, Georg GI, Wang SM, Proteau P, Yates JR, Stang P, Walker GC, Hillmyer M, Taylor LS, Odom TW, Carreira E, Rossen K, Chirik P, Miller SJ, Shea JE, McCoy A, Zanni M, Hartland G, Scholes G, Loo JA, Milne J, Tegen SB, Kulp DT, Laskin J
7158 - 7180 Don't Forget Langmuir-Blodgett Films 2020: Interfacial Nanoarchitectonics with Molecules, Materials, and Living Objects
Ariga K
7181 - 7189 Development of a Negative-Biased Zwitterionic Polypeptide-Based Nanodrug Vehicle for pH-Triggered Cellular Uptake and Accelerated Drug Release
Trital A, Xue WL, Chen SF
7190 - 7199 Individual Roles of Peptides PGLa and Magainin 2 in Synergistic Membrane Poration
Ma WD, Sun SQ, Li WW, Zhang ZH, Lin Z, Xia Y, Yuan B, Yang K
7200 - 7209 Nanobubble-Assisted Nanopatterning Reveals the Existence of Liquid Quasi-Two-Dimensional Foams Pinned to a Water-Immersed Surface
Tarabkova H, Janda P
7210 - 7216 Nanoparticles Are Separated in a Different Pattern from Microparticles with Focused Flow Control
Shin K, Lee E, Hong JW
7217 - 7226 Expanding the Scope of Surface Grafted Polymers Using Electroinitiated Polymerization
Randall JD, Stanfield MK, Eyckens DJ, Pinson J, Henderson LC
7227 - 7235 Transport of Flexible, Oil-Soluble Diblock and BAB Triblock Copolymers to Oil/Water Interfaces
Davidson ML, Laufer L, Gottlieb M, Walker LM
7236 - 7245 Adaptive Wetting of Polydimethylsiloxane
Wong WSY, Hauer L, Naga A, Kaltbeitzel A, Baumli P, Berger R, D'Acunzi M, Vollmer D, Butt HJ
7246 - 7251 Energy Stored in Nanoscale Water Capillary Bridges between Patchy Surfaces
Tang BZ, Buldyrev SV, Xu LM, Giovambattista N
7252 - 7258 Highly Efficient Surface Modification of Layered Perovskite Nanosheets with a Phosphorus Coupling Reagent Making Use of Microchannels
Sugaya T, Guegan R, Idota N, Tsukahara T, Sugahara Y
7259 - 7267 The Effect of Cholesterol on Membrane Binding and Self-Assembly of Collagen Fibrils
Phan MD, Lee KY, Lee J, Satija SK, Shin K
7268 - 7276 Liposomes Entrapped in Biopolymer Hydrogels Can Spontaneously Release into the External Solution
Thompson BR, Zarket BC, Lauten EH, Amin S, Muthukrishnan S, Raghavan SR
7277 - 7288 Confinement-Mediated Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Fluids: Insights from Monte Carlo Simulations
Li JY, Rao Q, Xia YD, Hoepfner M, Deo MD
7289 - 7295 Open and Closed Layered Nanostructures with Sub-10 nm Periodicity Self-Assembled from Hydrophilic [60]Fullerene-Based Giant Surfactants
Ding PT, Yin XF, Wang QY, Kang XY, Wu M, Zhu K, Wang XL, Wang R, Xue G
7296 - 7308 Bubble Attachment to Cellulose and Silica Surfaces of Varied Surface Energies: Wetting Transition and Implications in Foam Forming
Ketola AE, Xiang WC, Hjelt T, Pajari H, Tammelin T, Rojas OJ, Ketoja JA
7309 - 7314 Rapid Characterization of Water Diffusion in Polymer Specimens Using a Droplet-Based Method
Tian YN, Du E, Abdelmola F, Qiang YH, Carlsson LA
7315 - 7324 Thick Free-Standing Metallic Inverse Opals Enabled by New Insights into the Fracture of Drying Particle Films
Jiang ZM, Hsain Z, Pikul JH
7325 - 7331 Self-Assembly of Mammalian-Cell Membranes on Bioelectronic Devices with Functional Transmembrane Proteins
Liu HY, Pappa AM, Pavia A, Pitsalidis C, Thiburce Q, Salleo A, Owens RM, Daniel S
7332 - 7344 Gold Nanorods as an Efficient Substrate for the Detection and Degradation of Pesticides
Bhavya MB, Manippady SR, Saxena M, Ramyaprabhu B, John NS, Geetha BR, Samal AK
7345 - 7355 Functionalized Mesoporous Silicas Direct Structural Polymorphism of Amyloid-beta Fibrils
Lucas MJ, Pan HS, Verbeke EJ, Webb LJ, Taylor DW, Keitz BK
7356 - 7364 Temperature-Switchable Surfactant-Free Microemulsion
Zhang YM, Chen XL, Zhu B, Zhou Y, Liu XF, Yang C
7365 - 7374 Electrochemical Reduction-Assisted In Situ Fabrication of a Graphene/Au Nanoparticles@polyoxometalate Nanohybrid Film: High-Performance Electrochemical Detection for Uric Acid
Bao YY, Li ZP, Wang HY, Li N, Pan QL, Li J, Zhao JG, Yang RH, Feng F
7375 - 7382 Lipid Phase Separation Induced by the Apolar Polyisoprenoid Squalane Demonstrates Its Role in Membrane Domain Formation in Archaeal Membranes
Salvador-Castell M, Deme B, Oger P, Peters J
7383 - 7391 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Condensation on Surfaces with Tunable Wettability
Ranathunga DTS, Shamir A, Dai XM, Nielsen SO
7392 - 7399 Structural and Morphological Transformation of Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks Accompanied by Controlled Preparation Using the Spray Method
Wang S, Ma JC, Zhai X, Zhang XM, Fan FQ, Wang TQ, Li YN, Zhang LY, Fu Y
7400 - 7407 Understanding Mono- and Bivalent Ion Selectivities of Nanoporous Graphene Using Ionic and Bi-ionic Potentials
Ghosh M, Madauss L, Schleberger M, Lebius H, Benyagoub A, Wood JA, Lammertink RGH
7408 - 7417 Wholly Visible-Light-Responsive Host-Guest Supramolecular Gels Based on Methoxy Azobenzene and beta-Cyclodextrin Dimers
Yan HC, Qiu Y, Wang J, Jiang Q, Wang H, Liao YG, Xie XL
7418 - 7426 Water-in-CO2 Microemulsions Stabilized by an Efficient Catanionic Surfactant
Sagisaka M, Saito T, Abe M, Yoshizawa A, Blesic M, Rogers SE, Alexander S, Guittard F, Hill C, Eastoe J
7427 - 7438 Mechanical and Self-Healing Behavior of Matrix-Free Polymer Nanocomposites Constructed via Grafted Graphene Nanosheets
Liu MH, Li S, Fang Y, Chen ZD, Alyas M, Liu J, Zeng XF, Zhang LQ
7439 - 7446 Large-Scale Formation of Fluorosurfactant-Doped Transparent Nanocomposite Films Showing Durable Antifogging, Oil-Repellent, and Self-healing Properties
Sato T, Dunderdale GJ, Hozumi A
7447 - 7455 Controllable Synthesis and Crystallization of Nanoporous TiO2 Deep-Submicrospheres and Nanospheres via an Organic Acid-Mediated Sol-Gel Process
Zhao T, Qian RF, Tang Y, Yang J, Dai YT, Lee WI, Pan JH
7456 - 7462 Rapid Micelle-Mediated Size-Controlled Fabrication of Calcium Sulfate Nanorods Using Silver Nanoparticles
Nakagawa T, Hinze WL, Takagai Y
7463 - 7473 Critical Pressure Asymmetry in the Enclosed Fluid Diode
Panter JR, Gizaw Y, Kusumaatmaja H
7474 - 7482 Unraveling the Mechanism of a Rising Three-Phase Contact Line along a Vertical Surface Using Many-Body Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Luo Z, Mehraeen S
7483 - 7493 Preparation and High Photocurrent Generation Enhancement of Self-Assembled Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Composite Dye Films
Liu XJ, He Y, Zhang GC, Wang R, Zhou JX, Zhang LX, Gu JM, Jiao TF
7494 - 7504 Preparation of a Si(111) Atomically Flat Substrate via Wet Etching and Evaluation as an AFM Substrate for Observations of Isolated Chains, Crystals, and Crystallization of Isotactic Poly(methyl methacrylate) at the Molecular Level
Sasahara Y, Miyake Y, Kumaki J
7505 - 7516 Mechanistic Aspects of Simultaneous Extraction of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles across Aqueous-Organic Interfaces by Surface Active Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Kaur R, Bakshi MS
7517 - 7527 Diffusion-Controlled Spontaneous Emulsification of Water-Soluble Oils via Micelle Swelling
Davis CR, Martinez CJ, Howarter JA, Erk KA
7528 - 7532 Confined Synthesis of Oriented Two-Dimensional Ni-3(hexaiminotriphenylene)(2) Films for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Liu XH, Yang YW, Liu XM, Hao Q, Wang LM, Sun B, Wu J, Wang D
7533 - 7544 Effect of Cationic Brush-Type Copolymers on the Colloidal Stability of GdPO4 Particles with Different Morphologies in Biological Aqueous Media
Klimkevicius V, Janulevicius M, Babiceva A, Drabavicius A, Katelnikovas A
7545 - 7552 Evaporation-Induced Crystallization of Surfactants in Sessile Multicomponent Droplets
Li YX, Salvator V, Wijshoff H, Versluis M, Lohse D
7553 - 7565 Effect of Surface Chemistry on the Glass-Transition Dynamics of Poly(phenyl methyl siloxane) Confined in Alumina Nanopores
Winkler R, Tu W, Laskowski L, Adrjanowicz K
7566 - 7572 Crystallization-Induced Network Formation of Tri- and Monopalmitin at the Middle-Chain Triglyceride Oil/Air Interface
Mishra K, Bergfreund J, Bertsch P, Fischer P, Windhab EJ
7573 - 7581 Impeded Molecular Reorganization by Polyethylene Glycol Conjugation Revealed by X-ray Reflectivity and Diffraction Measurements
Zhang P, Pham T, Liu C, Plata PL, Kalkowski J, Cheng G, Bu W, Lin BH, Liu Y
7582 - 7592 Competitive Adsorption of Lubricant Base Oil and Ionic Liquid Additives at Air/Liquid and Solid/Liquid Interfaces
Ngo D, He X, Luo HM, Qu J, Kim SH
7593 - 7601 Self-Assembled Vesicles Formed by Positional Isomers of Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate-Based Pseudogemini Surfactants
Hou ZW, Wu XL, Wu GP, Yang EL, Sun GN, Wu AL, Zheng LQ
7602 - 7608 Cubic-like PtCuRu Nanocrystals with High Activity and Stability for Methanol Electro-oxidation
Bai L, Li SJ, Fang L, Chen ZP, Li ZR
7609 - 7618 Hybrid-Supported Bilayers Formed with Mixed-Charge Surfactants on C-18-Functionalized Silica Surfaces
Zare M, Kitt JP, Harris JM
7619 - 7626 Compound Drop Shape Analysis with the Neumann Number
Li GL, Del Hierro GR, Di JZ, Zuo YY
7627 - 7633 Self-Assembly of Surfactin into Nanofibers with Hydrophilic Channels in Nonpolar Organic Media
Kanazawa S, Morimoto K, Tabata E, Okura A, Ikemoto Y, Yamamoto K, de Campo L, Akiba I
7634 - 7647 Denaturant-Mediated Modulation of the Formation and Drug Encapsulation Responses of Gold Nanoparticles
Pyne A, Nandi S, Ghosh M, Roy T, Dhara S, Sarkar N
7648 - 7657 Molecular Understanding of Ion Effect on Polyzwitterion Conformation in an Aqueous Environment
Xiang Y, Xu RG, Leng YS
7658 - 7668 Atomistic Simulations of Biofouling and Molecular Transfer of a Cross-linked Aromatic Polyamide Membrane for Desalination
Sajib MSJ, Wei Y, Mishra A, Zhang L, Nomura KI, Kalia RK, Vashishta P, Nakano A, Murad S, Wei T
7669 - 7680 Competitive Adsorption between a Polymer and Solvents onto Silica
Laurens J, Jolly J, Ovarlez G, Fay H, Chaussee T, Sotta P
7681 - 7690 Probing Biological Molecule Orientation and Polymer Surface Structure at the Polymer/Solution Interface In Situ
Lin T, Guo W, Guo RY, Chen Z
7691 - 7700 Strategies for Chalcogenide Thin Film Functionalization
Robert B, Martin M, Escalier R, Varga B, Mehdi A, Vigreux C, Gergely C
7701 - 7705 Micromotor That Carries Its Own Fuel Internally
Dong RY, Zhang YF, Lou K, Granick S
7706 - 7714 Bio-Inspired Passion Fruit-like Fe3O4@C Nanospheres Enabling High-Stability Magnetorheological Performances
Du ZW, Qiu Y, Niu TC, Wang WC, Ye XD, Wang J, Zhang WL, Choi HJ, Zeng HB
7715 - 7723 Preparation of a Solid Amine Microspherical Adsorbent with High CO2 Adsorption Capacity
Chen YG, Lin GR, Chen SX
7724 - 7740 Experimental Investigation on the Dynamics of On-Demand Ferrofluid Drop Formation under a Pulse-Width-Modulated Nonuniform Magnetic Field
Bijarchi MA, Shafii MB
7741 - 7746 Control of Lipid Bilayer Phases of Cell-Sized Liposomes by Surface-Engineered Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Nobeyama T, Shigyou K, Nakatsuji H, Sugiyama H, Komura N, Ando H, Hamada T, Murakami T
7747 - 7747 Self-Assembled Fluid Phase Floating Membranes with Tunable Water Interlayers (vol 35, pg 13735, 2019)
Clifton LA, Paracini N, Hughes AV, Lakey JH, Steinke NJ, Cooper JFK, Gavutis M, Skoda MWA