Langmuir, Vol.36, No.19 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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5085 - 5095 Sedimentation Kinetics of Magnetic Nanoparticle Clusters: Iron Oxide Nanospheres vs Nanorods
Ng WM, Katiyar A, Mathivanan V, Teng XJ, Leong S, Low S, Lim J
5096 - 5105 Precursor-Film-Mediated Thermocapillary Motion of Low-Surface-Tension Microdroplets
Teshima H, Misra S, Takahashi K, Mitra SK
5106 - 5111 Suppressing Evaporative Loss in Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) with Self-Suspended Perfluorinated Nanoparticles
Tian XC, Banerjee S, Gonzalez-Alfonzo I, Cademartiri L
5112 - 5117 PdAgCu Alloy Nanoparticles Integrated on Three-Dimensional Nanoporous CuO for Efficient Electrocatalytic Nitrogen Reduction under Ambient Conditions
Yang LT, Shaik F, Pang FJ, Zhang WQ
5118 - 5125 DNA Base Pair Stacking Crystallization of Gold Colloids
Lee J, Huh JH, Lee S
5126 - 5133 Trace Fe Incorporation into Ni-(oxy)hydroxide Stabilizes Ni3+ Sites for Anodic Oxygen Evolution: A Double Thin-Layer Study
Wu Y, Zhao MJ, Li F, Xie J, Li Y, He JB
5134 - 5144 Membrane Fluidity as a New Means to Selectively Target Cancer Cells with Fusogenic Lipid Carriers
Bompard J, Rosso A, Brizuela L, Mebarek S, Blum LJ, Trunfio-Sfarghiu AM, Lollo G, Granjon T, Girard-Egrot A, Maniti O
5145 - 5155 Revealing the Mode of Action of Halictine Antimicrobial Peptides: A Comprehensive Study with Model Membranes
Domingues TM, Perez KR, Riske KA
5156 - 5164 Charge and Electrical Double Layer Formation in a Nonpolar Solvent Using a Nonionic Surfactant
Khademi M, Cheng SSY, Barz DPJ
5165 - 5175 Effects of Halide Anions on the Solution Behavior of Double Hydrophilic Carboxy-Sulfobetaine Block Copolymers
Lim J, Matsuoka H, Saruwatari Y
5176 - 5185 Microcompression Method for Determining the Size-Dependent Elastic Properties of PMMA Microcapsules Containing n-Octadecane
Peng GJ, Sun YH, Dou GJ, Hu YH, Jiang WF, Zhang TH
5186 - 5191 Cyclic Micropipette Aspiration Reveals Viscoelastic Change of a Gelatin Microgel Prepared Inside a Lipid Droplet
Sakai A, Murayama Y, Yanagisawa M
5192 - 5197 Zr(IV) Coordination Chemistry for Cell-Repellent Alginate Coatings: The Effect of Surface Functional Groups
Jeong Y, Kim E, Han BS, Hong D, Kang SM
5198 - 5207 Role of Alcohol as a Cosurfactant at the Brine-Oil Interface under a Typical Reservoir Condition
Nan YL, Li WH, Jin ZH
5208 - 5218 Controlled Synthesis of Palladium Nanocubes as an Efficient Nanocatalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling and Reduction of p-Nitrophenol
Swain S, Bhavya MB, Kandathil V, Bhol P, Samal AK, Patil SA
5219 - 5226 Surface Adsorption and Bulk Properties of Surfactants in Quaternary-Ammonium-Salt-Type Amphiphilic Monomeric and Gemini Ionic Liquids
Kawai R, Yada S, Yoshimura T
5227 - 5235 A Bilayer Structure Composed of Mg vertical bar Co-MnO2 Deposited on a Co(OH)(2) Film to Realize Selective Oxygen Evolution from Chloride-Containing Water
Okada T, Abe H, Murakami A, Shimizu T, Fujii K, Wakabayashi T, Nakayama M
5236 - 5242 Ag(I)-Hived Fullerene Microcube as an Enhanced Catalytic Substrate for the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol and the Photodegradation of Orange G Dye
Liu RX, Hou Y, Jiang SJ, Nie B
5243 - 5250 Patterned Molecular Films of Alkanethiol and PLL-PEG on Gold-Silicate Interfaces: How to Add Functionalities while Retaining Effective Antifouling
Wu YF, Lian JX, Goncales VR, Pardehkhorram R, Tang WX, Tilley RD, Gooding JJ
5251 - 5261 Dopamine-Mediated Zwitterionic Polyelectrolyte-Coated Polypropylene Hernia Mesh with Synergistic Anti-inflammation Effects
Qiao YS, Li Y, Zhang Q, Wang Q, Gao J, Wang L
5262 - 5270 Dendritic Mesoporous Organosilica Nanoparticles: A pH-Triggered Autocatalytic Fenton Reaction System with Self-supplied H2O2 for Generation of High Levels of Reactive Oxygen Species
You CQ, Wu HS, Zhang R, Liu YQ, Ning LK, Gao ZG, Sun BW, Wang F
5271 - 5279 Controllable Preparation of Monodisperse Mesoporous Silica from Microspheres to Microcapsules and Catalytic Loading of Au Nanoparticles
Yan PY, Zhang XC, Wang XM, Zhang X
5280 - 5286 Characterization and Water-Proton Longitudinal Relaxivities of Liposome-Type Radical Nanoparticles Prepared via a Supramolecular Approach
Shiraishi R, Matsumoto S, Fuchi Y, Naganuma T, Yoshihara D, Usui K, Yamada K, Karasawa S
5287 - 5295 Effect of Solvent-Derived Highly Luminescent Multicolor Carbon Dots for White-Light-Emitting Diodes and Water Detection
Kumari R, Sahu SK
5296 - 5302 Leafhopper Wing-Inspired Broadband Omnidirectional Antireflective Embroidered Ball-Like Structure Arrays Using a Nonlithography-Based Methodology
Lei CW, Chen RY, Yang HT
5303 - 5311 Heteroaggregation between Charged and Neutral Particles
Trefalt G, Cao TC, Sugimoto T, Borkovec M
5312 - 5323 Wetting Dynamics of a Water Droplet on Micropillar Surfaces with Radially Varying Pitches
Kumar M, Bhardwaj R, Sahu KC
5324 - 5335 Physicochemical Characterization of Daptomycin Interaction with Negatively Charged Lipid Membranes
Juhaniewicz-Debinska J, Dziubak D, Sek S
5336 - 5348 Molecular Dynamics Study of Bubble Nucleation on a Substrate with Nonuniform Wettability
Chen YJ, Chen BN, Yu B, Tao WQ, Zou Y
5349 - 5358 Anti-Biofouling Properties of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Submicron Topographies on Elastomeric Surfaces
Siddiquie RY, Gaddam A, Agrawal A, Dimov SS, Joshi SS
5359 - 5368 Pt Deposits on Bi/Pt NP Catalyst for Formic Acid Oxidation: Catalytic Enhancement and Longer Lifetime
Lee H, Sohn Y, Rhee CK
5369 - 5376 Preparation of CaF2 Microspheres with Nanopetals for Water Vapor Adsorption
Yang N, Zhang LL, Yan CH, Wang X, Wang NW, Chen DL, Wang SH, Zhu WD
5377 - 5384 Flow-Induced Micellar Morphological Transformation in Microfluidic Chips under Nonequilibrium State: From Aggregates to Spherical Micelles
Tan ZP, Lan W, Hou ZY, Wang K, Li YC, Xu JP, Luo XB, Zhang LB, Zhu JT
5385 - 5393 Photophysics of J-Aggregating Porphyrin-Lipid Photosensitizers in Liposomes: Impact of Lipid Saturation
Charron DM, Yousefalizadeh G, Buzza HH, Rajora MA, Chen J, Stamplecoskie KG, Zheng G
5394 - 5399 Coalescence Dynamics of Particle-Laden Bubbles
Wang H, Brito-Parada PR
5400 - 5407 Modified Voronoi Analysis of Spontaneous Formation of Interfacial Droplets on Immersed Oil-Solid Substrates
Zhang R, Mei RA, Botto L, Yang ZQ
5408 - 5416 Possible Charge-Transfer-Induced Conductivity Enhancement in TiO2 Microtubes Decorated with Perovskite CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals
Gomez CM, Pan S, Braga HM, de Oliveira LS, Dalpian GM, Biesold-McGee GV, Lin ZQ, Santos SF, Souza JA
5417 - 5427 Self-Assembly Properties of Solution Processable, Electroactive Alkoxy, and Alkylthienylene Derivatives of Fused Benzoacridines: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study
Jaroch T, Maranda-Niedbala A, Krzyzewska K, Kotwica K, Bujak P, Skorka L, Zagorska M, Pron A, Nowakowski R
5428 - 5434 Structure and Function Analysis of DNA Monolayers Created from Self-Assembling DNA-Dendron Conjugates
Warner CN, Hunter ZD, Carte DD, Skidmore TJ, Vint ES, Day BS
5435 - 5443 Mechanical Coupling of Puller and Pusher Active Microswimmers Influences Motility
Singh AV, Kishore V, Santomauro G, Yasa O, Bill J, Sitti M
5444 - 5453 Self-Enhancement of Coalescence-Induced Droplet Jumping on Superhydrophobic Surfaces with an Asymmetric V-Groove
Lu DQ, Zhao MR, Zhang HL, Yong Y, Zheng YL
5454 - 5465 Annexin V Drives Stabilization of Damaged Asymmetric Phospholipid Bilayers
Robinson J, Berselli GB, Ryadnov MG, Keyes TE
5466 - 5473 Numerical Simulation of Supercooled Water Droplets Impacting Ice with Rapid Crystal Growth Taken into Consideration
Wang TB, Ai LQ, Zhou YS, Chen M
5474 - 5482 Controlling Microarray Feature Spreading and Response Stability on Porous Silicon Platforms by Using Alkene-Terminal Ionic Liquids and UV Hydrosilylation
Trivedi S, Ravula S, Baker GA, Pandey S, Bright FV