Langmuir, Vol.36, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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4231 - 4249 Practical MOF Nanoarchitectonics: New Strategies for Enhancing the Processability of MOFs for Practical Applications
Cheng P, Wang CH, Kaneti YV, Eguchi M, Lin JJ, Yamauchi Y, Na J
4250 - 4260 Structure of the Electrical Double Layer Revisited: Electrode Capacitance in Aqueous Solutions
Khademi M, Barz DPJ
4261 - 4271 H-Shaped Copolymer of Polyethylene and Poly(ethylene oxide) under Severe Confinement: Phase State and Dynamics
Elmahdy MM, Gournis D, Ladavos A, Spanos C, Floudas G
4272 - 4279 Increasing the Sensitivity of Electrochemical DNA Detection by a Micropillar-Structured Biosensing Surface
Movilli J, Kolkman RW, Rozzi A, Corradini R, Segerink LI, Huskens J
4280 - 4288 Silica-Supported Nitrogen-Enriched Porous Benzimidazole-Linked and Triazine-Based Polymers for the Adsorption of CO2
Maruthapandi M, Eswaran L, Cohen R, Perkas N, Luong JHT, Gedanken A
4289 - 4298 Sessile Liquid Features as Molds for Silicone Elastomers
Shimosaka T, McCarthy TJ
4299 - 4307 In Situ and Real-Time ATR-FTIR Temperature-Dependent Adsorption Kinetics Coupled with DFT Calculations of Dimethylarsinate and Arsenate on Hematite Nanoparticles
Soldoozy S, Trinh A, Kubicki JD, Al-Abadleh HA
4308 - 4316 Effect of a Cationic Surfactant on Droplet Wetting on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Aldhaleai A, Tsai PA
4317 - 4323 Phytochemical- and Cyclodextrin-Based Pickering Emulsions: Natural Potentiators of Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antibiofilm Activity
Leclercq L, Tessier J, Douyere G, Nardello-Rataj V, Schmitzer AR
4324 - 4331 Effects of Solution Flow on the Growth of Colloidal Crystals
Nozawa J, Uda S, Guo SX, Toyotama A, Yamanaka J, Niinomi H, Okada J
4332 - 4338 Phosphate-Silica Interactions in Diatom Biosilica and Synthetic Composites Studied by Rotational Echo Double Resonance (REDOR) NMR Spectroscopy
Kolbe F, Daus F, Geyer A, Brunner E
4339 - 4346 New Insights into the Role of Surface Nanobubbles in Bubble-Particle Detachment
Ding SH, Xing YW, Zheng X, Zhang YF, Cao YJ, Gui XH
4347 - 4356 Improved Characterization of Raft-Mimicking Phase-Separation Phenomena in Lipid Bilayers Using Laurdan Fluorescence with Log-Normal Multipeak Analysis
Puff N, Staneva G, Angelova MI, Seigneuret M
4357 - 4369 Mutual Sliding Motion of Wrapped Filaments for Biomedical and Engineering Applications
Li G, Pourdeyhimi B, Yarin AL
4370 - 4382 Porous Silica-Pillared MXenes with Controllable Interlayer Distances for Long-Life Na-Ion Batteries
Maughan PA, Seymour VR, Bernardo-Gavito R, Kelly DJ, Shao SQ, Tantisriyanurak S, Dawson R, Haigh SJ, Young RJ, Tapia-Ruiz N, Bimbo N
4383 - 4395 Vorticity-Aligned Droplet Bands in Sheared Immiscible Polymer Blends Induced by Solid Particles
Mao CY, Huang YJ, Quo YJ, Zhang JY, Kong MQ, Yang Q, Li GX
4396 - 4404 Catalytic Generation of Nitric Oxide from Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/Phosphobetainized Keratin Mats for a Vascular Tissue Engineering Scaffold
Li PF, Wang YF, Jin XX, Dou J, Han X, Wan XZ, Yuan J, Shen J
4405 - 4415 Magnetite Hydrosols with Positive and Negative Surface Charge of Nanoparticles: Stability and Effect on the Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster
Mikhaylov VI, Kryuchkova AV, Sitnikov PA, Koval LA, Zemskaya NV, Krivoshapkina EF, Krivoshapkin PV
4416 - 4431 Grafting Silicone at Room Temperature-a Transparent, Scratch-resistant Nonstick Molecular Coating
Teisala H, Baumli P, Weber SAL, Vollmer D, Butt HJ
4432 - 4438 Using GISAXS to Detect Correlations between the Locations of Gold Particles Electrodeposited from an Aqueous Solution
Moehl GE, Bartlett PN, Hector AL
4439 - 4446 Antifouling Polymer Brushes via Oxygen-Tolerant Surface-Initiated PET-RAFT
Kuzmyn AR, Nguyen AT, Teunissen LW, Zuilhof H, Baggerman J
4447 - 4453 Enhancement of Meniscus Pump by Multiple Particles
Nakamura H, Delafosse V, Dietze GF, Yoshikawa HN, Zoueshtiagh F, Mu LZ, Tsukahara T, Ueno I
4454 - 4464 Self-Assembly Hydrothermal Synthesis of Silverton-Type Polyoxometalate-Based Photocatalysts for Enhanced Degradation
Dong HM, Li WH, Ou YQ, Gao D, Yang YB, Zhang YH, Xiao P
4465 - 4476 A New Measuring System for the Determination of the Ice Adhesion Strength on Smooth Surfaces
Hohne S, Hoch C, Bohm C, Winkler R, Bittrich E, Uhlmann P
4477 - 4495 Tailored Hydrothermal Synthesis of Specific Facet-Dominated TiO2 Nanocrystals from Lepidocrocite-Type Layered Titanate Nanosheets: Systematical Investigation and Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance
Xu LF, Fang HJ, Li S, Zhu JB, Pan CL, Pan YS, Feng Q
4496 - 4502 Antiadhesive Properties of Oil-Infused Gels against the Universal Adhesiveness of Polydopamine
Hones R, Lee Y, Urata C, Lee H, Hozumi A
4503 - 4510 Real-Time QCM-D Monitoring of the Adsorption-Desorption of Expansin on Lignin
Cui M, Duan YH, Ma YY, Al-Shwafy KWA, Liu YD, Zhao XD, Huang RL, Qi W, He ZH, Su RX
4511 - 4518 Multiple Roles of Polyethylenimine during Synthesis of 10 nm Thick Continuous Silver Nanoshells
Maw SS, Watanabe S, Miyahara MT
4519 - 4531 Tuning of Shells in Trilaminar Core@Shell Nanocomposites in Controlling Electromagnetic Interference through Switching of the Shielding Mechanism
Manna K, Srivastava SK
4532 - 4539 Improvement of Sensing Properties for Copper Phthalocyanine Sensors Based on Polymer Nanofibers Scaffolds
Wang L, Wang LJ, Yang GC, Xie Q, Zhong S, Su X, Hou YH, Zhang B
4540 - 4547 Langmuir-Scheaffer Technique as a Method for Controlled Alignment of 1D Materials
Bodik M, Maxian O, Hagara J, Nadazdy P, Jergel M, Majkova E, Siffalovic P
4548 - 4555 Assembly of Short-Chain Amphiphilic Homopolymers into Well-Defined Particles
Swan S, Egemole FO, Nguyen ST, Kim JH
4556 - 4562 Chemical Tagging of Membrane Proteins Enables Oriented Binding on Solid Surfaces
Heifler O, Carmeli C, Carmeli I
4563 - 4563 Comment on "Amoebae Assemble Synthetic Spherical Particles To Form Reproducible Constructs"
Duckert C
4564 - 4564 Reply to Comment on "Amoebae Assemble Synthetic Spherical Particles To Form Reproducible Constructs"
Bian P, Steinitz-Kannan M, McCarthy TJ