Langmuir, Vol.35, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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3231 - 3231 Application Call: Inaugural Langmuir Early Career Advisory Board
Winnik FM
3232 - 3247 Tuning the Properties of Charged Polymers at the Solid/Liquid Interface with Ions
Liu GM
3248 - 3255 Gas Adsorption at Metal Sites for Enhancing Gas Sensing Performance of ZnO@ZIF-71 Nanorod Arrays
Zhou TL, Sang YT, Sun YL, Wu CY, Wang XX, Tang X, Zhang T, Wang H, Xie CS, Zeng DW
3256 - 3264 Highly Responsive PEG/Gold Nanoparticle Thin-Film Humidity Sensor via Inkjet Printing Technology
Su CH, Chiu HL, Chen YC, Yesilmen M, Schulz F, Ketelsen B, Vossmeyer T, Liao YC
3265 - 3271 Microfluidic Devices Containing ZnO Nanorods with Tunable Surface Chemistry and Wetting-Independent Water Mobility
Hen M, Edri E, Guy O, Ayrahami D, Shpaisman H, Gerber D, Sukenik CN
3272 - 3283 Role of Different Receptor-Surface Binding Modes in the Morphological and Electrochemical Properties of Peptide-Nucleic-Acid-Based Sensing Platforms
Bartl JD, Scarbolo P, Brandalise D, Stutzmann M, Tornow M, Selmi L, Cattani-Scholz A
3284 - 3294 Preparation and Properties of Cryogel Based on Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-glycidyl methacrylate)
Wan BB, Li JY, Ma F, Yu N, Zhang WJ, Jiang LJ, Wei HS
3295 - 3301 Femtosecond Laser-Induced Underwater Superoleophobic Surfaces with Reversible pH-Responsive Wettability
Zhang JZ, Yong JL, Yang Q, Chen F, Hou X
3302 - 3307 Biomimetic Polyelectrolytes Based on Polymer Nanosheet Films and Their Proton Conduction Mechanism
Tsuksamoto M, Ebata K, Sakiyama H, Yamamoto S, Mitsuishi M, Miyashita T, Matsui J
3308 - 3318 Evolution of Cavitation Bubble in Tap Water by Continuous-Wave Laser Focused on a Metallic Surface
Kim N, Park H, Do H
3319 - 3326 AC Electrowetting Modulation of Low-Volatile Liquids Probed by XPS: Dipolar vs Ionic Screening
Gokturk PA, Ulgut B, Suzer S
3327 - 3336 Silicic Acid-Mediated Formation of Tannic Acid Nanocoatings
Weber F, Barrantes A, Tiainen H
3337 - 3345 Chiral Nanostructured Composite Films via Solvent-Tuned Self-Assembly and Their Enantioselective Performances
Chen KY, Jiao TF, Li J, Han DX, Wang R, Tian GJ, Peng QM
3346 - 3353 Effects of Cu(II) on the Formation and Orientation of an Arachidic Acid Langmuir-Blodgett Film
Capistran BA, Blanchard GJ
3354 - 3362 Chelating Surfaces for Oriented Human Serum Albumin Molecules
Tuccitto N, Messina GML, Li-Destri G, Wietecka A, Marletta G
3363 - 3371 Conjugation of an alpha-Helical Peptide to the Surface of Gold Nanoparticles
Wilder LM, Fies WA, Rabin C, Webb LJ, Crooke RM
3372 - 3382 PEG Bottle Brush Copolymers as Antimicrobial Mimics: Role of Entropic Templating in Membrane Lysis
Garle AL, Budhlall BM
3383 - 3390 Tunable Phospholipid Nanopatterns Mediated by Cholesterol with Sub-3 nm Domain Size
Lee CC, Lin CS, Tung SH
3391 - 3403 Set of Highly Stable Amine- and Carboxylate-Terminated Dendronized Au Nanoparticles with Dense Coating and Nontoxic Mixed-Dendronized Form
Ray AS, Ghann WE, Tsoi PS, Szychowski B, Dockery LT, Pak YJ, Li WJ, Kane MA, Swam P, Daniel MC
3404 - 3412 Controlled Deposition of Nanosize and Microsize Particles by Spin-Casting
Danglad-Flores J, Eftekhari K, Skirtach AG, Riegler H
3413 - 3420 Thermal Shock Synthesis of Metal Nanoclusters within On-the-Fly Graphene Particles
Yang Y, Ghildiyal P, Zachariah MR
3421 - 3431 Rational Synthesis of Porous Graphitic-like Carbon Nitride Nanotubes Codoped with Au and Pd as an Efficient Catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation
Eid K, Sliem MH, Al-Kandari H, Sharaf MA, Abdullah AM
3432 - 3444 Surfactant Structure-Dependent Interactions with Modified Starch Nanoparticles Probed by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Zhang Q, Kim D, Li L, Patel S, Duhamel J
3445 - 3454 Water-in-CO2 Microemulsions Stabilized by Fluorinated Cation-Anion Surfactant Pairs
Sagisaka M, Saito T, Yoshizawa A, Rogers SE, Guittard F, Hill C, Eastoe J, Blesic M
3455 - 3460 ac/dc Magnetic Fields for Enhanced Translation of Colloidal Microwheels
Disharoon D, Neeves KB, Marr DWM
3461 - 3469 Shape-Anisotropic Diblock Copolymer Particles with Varied Internal Structures
Ren M, Geng Z, Wang K, Yang Y, Tan ZP, Xu JO, Zhang LB, Zhang LX, Zhu JT
3470 - 3478 Design, Synthesis, and Application of a Difunctional Y-Shaped Surface-Tethered Photoinitiator
Zhang SX, Liu WY, Dong YS, Wei T, Wu ZQ, Chen H
3479 - 3489 Enzyme Immobilization in Polyelectrolyte Brushes: High Loading and Enhanced Activity Compared to Monolayers
del Castillo GFD, Koenig M, Muller M, Eichhorn KJ, Stamm M, Uhlmann P, Dahlin A
3490 - 3497 Batch-Scale Preparation of Reverse Janus Emulsions
Ge LL, Jin HM, Li X, Wei D, Guo R
3498 - 3506 Lipopolysaccharides Inhibit REG3A Self-Aggregation on Gold Nanoparticles: A Combined Study of Multivariate Analysis on Time-Resolved Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectra and Molecular Modeling
Han ZX, Ren X, Huang Q, Shi T, Lai YP, Zhao YL
3507 - 3512 Conformational Transitions of Phase-Separated Binary Molecules Assisted by Surface Dehalogenation
Zhu HL, Niu TC, Li A
3513 - 3523 Histidine-Rich Cell-Penetrating Peptide for Cancer Drug Delivery and Its Uptake Mechanism
Zhang L, Xu J, Wang F, Din Y, Wang T, Jin G, Martz M, Gui ZZ, Ouyang PK, Chen P
3524 - 3533 Quantitative Criterion to Predict Cell Adhesion by Identifying Dominant Interaction between Microorganisms and Abiotic Surfaces
Yuan H, Zhang XR, Jiang ZY, Chen XH, Zhang XX
3534 - 3544 Binding of SV40's Viral Capsid Protein VP1 to Its Glycosphingolipid Receptor GM1 Induces Negative Membrane Curvature: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kociurzynski R, Beck SD, Bouhon JB, Romer W, Knecht V
3545 - 3552 Investigating the Role of Specific Tear Film Lipids Connected to Dry Eye Syndrome: A Study on O-Acyl-omega-hydroxy Fatty Acids and Diesters
Bland HC, Moilanen JA, Ekholm FS, Paananen RO
3553 - 3561 Microrheology and Spatial Heterogeneity of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms Modulated by Hydrodynamic Shear and Biofilm-Degrading Enzymes
Hart JW, Waigh TA, Lu JR, Roberts IS
3562 - 3567 Bioinspired Hierarchical Surfaces Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser and Hydrothermal Method for Water Harvesting
Lu JL, Ngo CV, Singh SC, Yang JJ, Xin W, Yu Z, Guo CL
3568 - 3575 Characterizing the Membrane-Disruptive Behavior of Dodecylglycerol Using Supported Lipid Bilayers
Yoon BK, Jackman JA, Park S, Mokrzecka N, Cho NJ
3576 - 3584 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Effect of Carbon Space Lengths on the Antifouling Properties of Hydroxyalkyl Acrylamides
Liu YL, Zhang YX, Ren BP, Sun Y, He Y, Cheng F, Xu JX, Zheng J