Langmuir, Vol.35, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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5673 - 5683 Random Planar Orientation in Liquid-Crystalline Block Copolymers with Azobenzene Side Chains by Surface Segregation
Nagano S
5684 - 5692 Study on Controllable Assembly of Stearic Acid within Interlayer Spacing of Montmorillonite and Its Energy Storage Performance
Wu LM, Duan YT, Chen LN, Tang N, Li JH, Qian QH, Wang Q, Lv GC
5693 - 5701 Reaction Kinetics for the Covalent Functionalization of Two-Dimensional MoS2 by Aryl Diazonium Salts
Li DO, Chu XS, Wang QH
5702 - 5710 Nonequilibrium Steady States in Fluid Transport through Mesopores: Dynamic Mean Field Theory and Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
Rathi A, Kikkinides ES, Ford DM, Monson PA
5711 - 5718 Nanoscale Surface Properties of Organic Matter and Clay Minerals in Shale
Tian SC, Wang TY, Li GS, Sheng M, Zhang PP
5719 - 5727 Electrostatic Screening Length in Concentrated Salt Solutions
Gaddam P, Ducker W
5728 - 5736 Improving the Photostability of Ultrasmall Au Clusters via a Combined Strategy of Surface Engineering and Interfacial Modification
Weng B, Zhang JY, Shi ZF, Tang ZC, Zheng LS, Xu YJ
5737 - 5745 Ion-Specific and pH-Dependent Hydration of Mica-Electrolyte Interfaces
van Lin SR, Grotz KK, Siretanu I, Schwierz N, Mugele F
5746 - 5752 Application of the CLAYFF and the DREIDING Force Fields for Modeling of Alkylated Quartz Surfaces
Abramov A, Iglauer S
5753 - 5761 Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium Bridging of AOT to Mica at Constant Ionic Strength
Allen FJ, Truscott CL, Gutfreund P, Welbourn RJL, Clarke SM
5762 - 5769 Investigation of the Hydrophobic Nature of Metal Oxide Surfaces Created by Atomic Layer Deposition
Bae J, Samek IA, Stair PC, Snurr RQ
5770 - 5778 Conformation-Dependent Coordination of Carboxylic Acids with Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Studied by ATR-FTIR Spectral Deconvolution
Zhang XR, Chen L, Yuan L, Liu RX, Li DX, Liu XP, Ge GL
5779 - 5786 Preparation and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Hyperbranched Emulsifiers for Waterborne Coatings
Zhao P, Mecozzi F, Wessel S, Fieten B, Driesse M, Woudstra W, Busscher HJ, van der Mei HC, Loontjens TJA
5787 - 5792 Emergence of Compartments Formed from Unconventional Surfactants in Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries
Bartolec B, Leonetti G, Li JW, Smit W, Altay M, Santiago GM, Yan YC, Otto S
5793 - 5801 Diffusion Decoupling in Binary Colloidal Systems Observed with Contrast Variation Multispeckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy
Higler R, Frijns RAM, Sprakel J
5802 - 5808 Twisted Ribbon Aggregates in a Model Peptide System
Ruter A, Kuczera S, Pochan DJ, Olsson U
5809 - 5820 Mechanical Contact Spectroscopy: Characterizing Nanoscale Adhesive Contacts via Thermal Forces
Jonas A, Kochanczyk M, Ramirez AD, Speidel M, Florin EL
5821 - 5829 Secondary Structural Changes in Proteins as a Result of Electroadsorption at Aqueous-Organogel Interfaces
Booth SG, Felisilda BMB, de Eulate EA, Gustafsson OJR, Arooj M, Mancera RL, Dryfe RAW, Hackett MJ, Arrigan DWM
5830 - 5840 Benard-Marangoni Dendrites upon Evaporation of a Reactive ZnO Nanofluid Droplet: Effect of Substrate Chemistry
Wasik P, Seddon AM, Wu H, Briscoe WH
5841 - 5847 Functionalization of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles to Influence Hydrophobic Properties
Sanders S, Golden TD
5848 - 5854 Redox-Responsive Pickering Emulsions Based on Silica Nanoparticles and Electrochemical Active Fluorescent Molecules
Jiang QY, Sun N, Li QH, Si WM, Li J, Li AX, Gao ZL, Wang WW, Wang JR
5855 - 5863 Patterning of ZnO Quantum Dot and PMMA Hybrids with a Solvent-Assisted Technique
Lin YF, Lu K, Davis R
5864 - 5870 Continuous Gradient Nanoporous Film Enabled by Delayed Directional Diffusion of Solvent and Selective Swelling
Tan D, Li Q, Yang BS, Wang X, Hu SQ, Wang ZZ, Lei YF, Xue LJ
5871 - 5877 Facile Transfer of Reverse Micelles from the Organic to the Aqueous Phase for Mimicking Enzyme Catalysis and Imaging-Guided Cancer Therapy
Yao YC, Chen Y, Liu Y, Zhu YH, Liu YM, Zhang SY
5878 - 5889 Unraveling the Design Rules in Ultrashort Amyloid-Based Peptide Assemblies toward Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles
Jain R, Khandelwal G, Roy S
5890 - 5901 Crystallization and Dynamics of Water Confined in Model Mesoporous Silica Particles: Two Ice Nuclei and Two Fractions of Water
Yao Y, Fella V, Huang W, Zhang KAI, Landfester K, Butt HJ, Vogel M, Floudas G
5902 - 5910 Formation Mechanisms of Porous Particles from Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers inside an Oil-in-Water Emulsion Droplet upon Solvent Evaporation
Zheng LF, Wang Z, Yin YH, Jiang R, Li BH
5911 - 5920 Molecular Driving Forces in Peptide Adsorption to Metal Oxide Surfaces
Mao CM, Sampath J, Sprenger KG, Drobny G, Pfaendtner J
5921 - 5930 Fixed DNA Molecule Arrays for High-Throughput Single DNA-Protein Interaction Studies
Tutkus M, Rakickas T, Kopustas A, Ivanovaite S, Venckus O, Navikas V, Zaremba M, Manakova E, Valiokas R
5931 - 5936 Saccharides Create a Crowding Environment for Gene Expression in Cell-Free Systems
Bai LH, Guo XC, Zhang X, Yu WT, Yang DY
5937 - 5943 Sequential Photoactivation of Self-Assembled Monolayers to Direct Cell Adhesion and Migration
Bugga P, Mrksich M
5944 - 5956 Complex Behavior of Phosphatidylcholine-Phosphatidic Acid Bilayers and Monolayers: Effect of Acyl Chain Unsaturation
Kulig W, Korolainen H, Zatorska M, Kwolek U, Wydro P, Kepczynski M, Rog T
5957 - 5966 Antibacterial Copper-Hydroxyapatite Composite Coatings via Electrochemical Synthesis
Ghosh R, Swart O, Westgate S, Miller BL, Yates MZ
5967 - 5974 Bi-Gaussian Stratified Wetting Model on Rough Surfaces
Hu ST, Reddyhoff T, Puhan D, Vladescu SC, Huang WF, Shi X, Dini D, Peng ZK
5975 - 5986 Bottom-Up Approach to the Coarse-Grained Surface Model: Effective Solid-Fluid Potentials for Adsorption on Heterogeneous Surfaces
Shi KH, Santiso EE, Gubbins KE
5987 - 5996 Tuning the Wettability of a Thin Polymer Film by Gradually Changing the Geometry of Nanoscale Pore Edges
Lojkowski M, Walheim S, Jokubauskas P, Schimmel T, Swieszkowski W