Langmuir, Vol.34, No.43 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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12665 - 12679 Field-Assisted Contact Line Motion in Thin Films
Ghosh UU, DasGupta S
12680 - 12693 Successive Surface Reactions on Hydrophilic Silica for Modified Magnetic Nanoparticle Attachment Probed by Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Nonkumwong J, Erasquin UJ, Piecco KWS, Premadasa UI, Aboelenen AM, Tangonan A, Chen JX, Ingram D, Srisombat L, Cimatu KLA
12694 - 12701 Solid-State P-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Interlayer Hydroxide Surfaces of Kaolinite Probed with an Interlayer Triethylphosphine Oxide Monolayer
Machida S, Sohmiya M, Ide Y, Sugahara Y
12702 - 12712 Synthesis and Property of Copper-Impregnated alpha-MnO2 Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Mondal D, Paul BK, Das S, Bhattacharya D, Ghoshal D, Nandy P, Das K, Das S
12713 - 12722 Size-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Oxo-Hydroxo Titanium Sub-Nanoislets Grafted on Organically Modified Mesoporous Silica
Fang L, Albela B, Yang BT, Zheng YT, Wu P, He MY, Bonneviot L
12723 - 12729 Anomalous Friction between Agar Gels under Accelerated Motion
Shinomiya K, Mayama H, Nonomura Y
12730 - 12738 Investigating the Mechanistic and Structural Role of Lipid Hydrolysis in the Stabilization of Ammonia-Preserved Hevea Rubber Latex
Kumarn S, Churinthorn N, Nimpaiboon A, Sriring M, Ho CC, Takahara A, Sakdapipanich J
12739 - 12750 Study of Short-Chain Alcohol and Alcohol-Water Adsorption in MEL and MFI Zeolites
Gomez-Alvarez P, Noya EG, Lomba E, Valencia S, Pires J
12751 - 12758 Nanoscale Topographical Fluctuations: A Key Factor for Evaporative Colloidal Self-Assembly
Lohani D, Sarkar S
12759 - 12763 Crystallization of Poly(ethylene oxide) on the Surface of Aqueous Salt Solutions Studied by Grazing Incidence Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering
Busse K, Fuchs C, Hasan N, Pulst M, Kressler J
12764 - 12775 DLVO Interaction Energies for Hollow Particles: The Filling Matters
Shen CY, Bradford SA, Flury M, Huang YF, Wang Z, Li BG
12776 - 12786 Electrochemically Triggered Surface Deposition of Polyelectrolytes
Iqbal S, Zhan W
12787 - 12793 Re-entrant Cavities Enhance Resilience to the Cassie-to-Wenzel State Transition on Superhydrophobic Surfaces during Electrowetting
Roy R, Weibel JA, Garimella SV
12794 - 12801 Photoluminescence of Drying Droplets with Silicon Nanoparticles
Yusupov VI, Bagratashvili VN
12802 - 12808 Analysis of Adsorbed Layers of Benzyldimethyldodecylammonium Bromide on Silica Particles in Water Using the Sorbent Mass Variation Method
Jiang SS, Du N, Song SE, Hou WG
12809 - 12814 Pd Nanoparticles Confined in the Porous Graphene-like Carbon Nanosheets for Olefin Hydrogenation
Chen Z, Wang WX, Zhang YF, Liang Y, Cui ZM, Wang XK
12815 - 12826 Adsorption Thicknesses of Confined Pure and Mixing Fluids in Nanopores
Zhang KA, Jia N, Liu LR
12827 - 12833 Polymeric Nanocomplex Encapsulating Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Constant Size for Controllable Magnetic Field Reactivity
Chun SH, Shin SW, Amornkitbamrung L, Ahn SY, Yuk JS, Sim SJ, Luo D, Um SH
12834 - 12844 Secondary Particle Formation during the Nonaqueous Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanocrystals
Stolzenburg P, Hamisch B, Richter S, Huber K, Garnweitner G
12845 - 12852 Matrix-Free and Highly Efficient Room-Temperature Phosphorescence of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Dots
Gao YF, Han H, Lu WJ, Jiao Y, Liu Y, Gong XJ, Xian M, Shuang SM, Dong C
12853 - 12860 Structural Colored Balloon Composed of Temperature-Responsive Polymers Showing LCST Behavior
Higashiguchi K, Morita N, Matsuda K
12861 - 12869 Vapor Annealing and Colloid Lithography: An Effective Tool To Control Spatial Resolution of Surface Modification
Miliutina E, Guselnikova O, Marchuk V, Elashnikov R, Burtsev V, Postnikov P, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
12870 - 12881 The Significance of Graphene Oxide-Polyacrylamide Interactions on the Stability and Microstructure of Oil-in-Water Emulsions
Jahandideh H, Ganjeh-Anzabi P, Bryant SL, Trifkovic M
12882 - 12888 Morphological Transitions of Water Channels Induced by Vertical Vibrations
Sartori P, Bonato L, Delfitto G, Pierno M, Mistura G, Semprebon C, Brinkmann M
12889 - 12896 Chemically Immobilized Antimicrobial Peptide on Polymer and Self-Assembled Monolayer Substrates
Xiao MY, Jasensky J, Gerszberg J, Chen JJ, Tian JY, Lin T, Lu TY, Lahann J, Chen Z
12897 - 12905 Amphiphilic Cellulose Nanocrystals for Enhanced Pickering Emulsion Stabilization
Tang CX, Spinney S, Shi ZQ, Tang JT, Peng BL, Luo JH, Tam KC
12906 - 12913 Interfacial Properties of Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Aggregates at Air/Water Interfaces
Davidson ML, Walker LM
12914 - 12923 Nanofilamentous Virus-Based Dynamic Hydrogels with Tunable Internal Structures, Injectability, Self-Healing, and Sugar Responsiveness at Physiological pH
Zhi XL, Zheng CX, Xiong J, Li JY, Zhao CX, Shi LQ, Zhang ZK
12924 - 12933 Self-Assembly and Chiral Recognition of Chiral Cationic Gemini Surfactants
Zhou LL, Yue JL, Fan YX, Wang YL
12934 - 12946 Attainment of Water and Oil Repellency for Engineering Thermoplastics without Long-Chain Perfluoroalkyls: Perfluoropolyether-Based Triblock Polyester Additives
Wei LY, Demir T, Grant A, Tsukruk V, Brown PJ, Luzinov I
12947 - 12956 Partitioning of Size-Mismatched Impurities to Grain Boundaries in 2d Solid Hard-Sphere Monolayers
Guo ZW, Kindt JT
12957 - 12967 Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Strength in Mixed-Enantiomers-Based Supramolecular Gel
Tomasson DA, Ghosh D, Krzisnik Z, Fasolin LH, Vicente AA, Martin AD, Thordarson P, Damodaran KK
12968 - 12973 Einstein's Viscosity Equation for Nanolubricated Friction
Breki A, Nosonovsky M
12974 - 12981 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Surface and Interfacial Tension of Graft Polymer Melts
Jacobs M, Liang H, Pugnet B, Dobrynin AV
12982 - 12989 Colloidal Stability of Apolar Nanoparticles: Role of Ligand Length
Monego D, Kister T, Kirkwood N, Mulvaney P, Widmer-Cooper A, Kraus T
12990 - 12999 UV-Responsive Behavior of Multistate and Multiscale Self-Assemblies Constructed by Gemini Surfactant 12-3-12 center dot 2Br(-) and trans-o-Methoxy-cinnamate
Tu Y, Ye ZC, Lian C, Shang YZ, Teng HN, Liu HL
13000 - 13005 Osmotic Shock-Triggered Assembly of Highly Charged, Nanoparticle-Supported Membranes
Chung PJ, Hwang HL, Dasbiswas K, Leong A, Lee KYC
13006 - 13013 Counterion-Induced Nanosheet-to-Nanofilament Transition of Lyotropic Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
Wang DL, Yan Q, Zhong F, Li YH, Fu M, Meng LP, Huang YJ, Li LB
13014 - 13024 Chemically Resistant Perfluoroalkoxy Nanoparticle-Packed Porous Substrates and Their Use in Colorimetric Sensor Arrays
Patil VS, Lee MG, Yung J, Lee JS, Lim SH, Yi GR
13025 - 13034 Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Highly Ordered, Two-Dimensional Assemblies of Metal Nanoparticles Confined at the Air/Water Interface
Masuda S, Mielke S, Arnadei F, Yamamoto A, Wang PP, Taniguchi T, Yoshikawa K, Tamada K, Tanaka M
13035 - 13040 Polyelectrolyte Composite Membranes Containing Electrospun Ion-Exchange Nanofibers: Effect of Nanofiber Surface Charges on Ionic Transport
Seino F, Konosu Y, Ashizawa M, Kakihana Y, Higa M, Matsumoto H
13041 - 13046 Ion Irradiation-Enhanced Raman Scattering on Nanoporous Copper
Hu ZY, Wang J, Li R, Xu C, Liu XJ, Wang YG, Fu EG, Lu ZP
13047 - 13056 pH and Temperature Dual-Responsive Plasmonic Switches of Gold Nanoparticle Monolayer Film for Multiple Anticounterfeiting
Liu BQ, Lu XF, Qiao Z, Song LP, Cheng Q, Zhang JW, Zhang AF, Huang YJ, Chen T
13057 - 13064 Influence of the SPR Experimental Conditions on the G-Quadruplex DNA Recognition by Porphyrin Derivatives
Prado E, Bonnat L, Bonnet H, Lavergne T, Van der Heyden A, Pratviel G, Dejeu J, Defrancq E
13065 - 13076 Theoretical Study on Molten Alkali Carbonate Interfaces
Gutierrez A, Garroni S, Souentie S, Cuesta-Lopez S, Yakoumis I, Aparicio S
13077 - 13077 Biomedical Platform Development of a Chlorophyll-Based Extract for Topic Photodynamic Therapy: Mechanical and Spectroscopic Properties (vol 34, pg 8230, 2018)
Campanholi KDS, Braga G, da Silva JB, da Rocha NL, de Francisco LMB, de Oliveira EL, Bruschi ML, de Castro-Hoshino LV, Sato F, Hioka N, Caetano W