Langmuir, Vol.33, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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2069 - 2075 Tuning the Hydration and Lubrication of the Embedded Load Bearing Hydrogel Fibers
Zhang R, Feng YG, Ma SH, Cai MR, Yang J, Yu B, Zhou F
2076 - 2086 Poly(glycidyl ether)-Based Monolayers on Gold Surfaces: Control of Grafting Density and Chain Conformation by Grafting Procedure, Surface Anchor, and Molecular Weight
Heinen S, Weinhart M
2087 - 2095 Palladium Electrodeposition onto Pt(100): Two-Layer Underpotential Deposition
Previdello BAF, Sibert E, Maret M, Soldo-Olivier Y
2096 - 2102 Multifunctional Thin Films and Coatings from Caffeic Acid and a Cross-Linking Diamine
Iacomino M, Paez JI, Avolio R, Carpentieri A, Panzella L, Falco G, Pizzo E, Errico ME, Napolitano A, del Campo A, d'Ischia M
2103 - 2108 Regioselective Molecularly Imprinted Reaction Field for [4+4] Photocyclodimerization of 2-Anthracenecarboxylic
Nakai S, Sunayama H, Kitayama Y, Nishijima M, Wada T, Inoue Y, Takeuchi T
2109 - 2121 Molecular Modeling and Adsorption Properties of Ordered Silica-Templated CMK Mesoporous Carbons
Jain SK, Pellenq RJM, Gubbins KE, Peng X
2122 - 2132 Nanomechanical Characterization of Micellar Surfactant Films via Atomic Force Microscopy at a Graphite Surface
Micklavzina BL, Zhang SW, He H, Longo ML
2133 - 2140 Regulation Mechanism of Salt Ions for Superlubricity of Hydrophilic Polymer Cross-Linked Networks on Ti(6)AI(4)V
Zhang CX, Liu YH, Liu ZF, Zhang HY, Cheng Q, Yang CB
2141 - 2147 Amorphous Ge/C Composite Sponges: Synthesis and Application in a High-Rate Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
Ma QY, Wang WW, Zeng PY, Fang Z
2148 - 2156 Direct Observation of the Outermost Surfaces of Mesoporous Silica Thin Films by High Resolution Ultralow Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy
Kobayashi M, Susuki K, Otsuji H, Sakuda Y, Asahina S, Kikuchi N, Kanazawa T, Kuroda Y, Wada H, Shimojima A, Kuroda K
2157 - 2168 Optically Reconfigurable Monolayer of Azobenzene Donor Molecules on Oxide Surfaces
McElhinny KM, Huang PS, Joo YH, Kanimozhi C, Lakkham A, Sakurai K, Evans PG, Gopalan P
2169 - 2176 Simplified Approach to Work Function Modulation in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Torasso N, Armaleo JM, Tagliazucchi M, Williams FJ
2177 - 2184 Unidirectional Wetting of Liquids on "Janus" Nanostructure Arrays under Various Media
Ge P, Wang SL, Liu WD, Wang TQ, Yu NZ, Ye SS, Shen HZ, Wu YX, Zhang JH, Yang B
2185 - 2193 Organic Monolayers by B(C6F5)(3)-Catalyzed Siloxanation of Oxidized Silicon Surfaces
Escorihuela J, Pujari SP, Zuilhof H
2194 - 2204 The Influence of Interfacial Effects on the Photophysics of Rhodamine 6G Thin Films on a Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Surface
Mullen M, Euler WB
2205 - 2214 Morphological Properties of Methacrylate-Based Polymer Monoliths: From Gel Porosity to Macroscopic Inhomogeneities
Mullner T, Zankel A, Holtzel A, Svec F, Tallarek U
2215 - 2221 Investigation of Donor Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts as New Visible Wavelength-Responsive Switching Elements for Lipid-Based Liquid Crystalline Systems
Jia SY, Du JD, Hawley A, Fong WK, Graham B, Boyd BJ
2222 - 2234 The Impact of Colloidal Surface-Anchoring on the Smectic A Phase
Puschel-Schlotthauer S, Turrion VM, Hall CK, Mazza MG, Schoen M
2235 - 2247 Morphology-Controlled Coating of Colloidal Particles with Silica: Influence of Particle Surface Functionalization
Dong X, Wu P, Hellmann GP, Wang CC, Schafer CG
2248 - 2256 Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Nanoparticle Protein Complexes: A Combined SAXS and SANS Study
Spinozzi F, Ceccone G, Moretti P, Campanella G, Ferrero C, Combet S, Ojeajimenez I, Ghigna P
2257 - 2262 Size Control of Silver-Core/Silica-Shell Nanoparticles Fabricated by Laser-Ablation-Assisted Chemical Reduction
Ermakov VA, Jimenez-Villar E, Filho JMDS, Yassitepe E, Mogili NVV, Iikawa F, Sa GF, Cesar CL, Marquest FC
2263 - 2274 Evidence of Structure-Performance Relation for Surfactants Used as Antiagglomerants for Hydrate Management
Bui T, Phan A, Monteiro D, Lan Q, Ceglio M, Acosta E, Krishnamurthy P, StrioloD A
2275 - 2282 One-Step Synthesis of Hollow Dimpled Polystyrene Microparticles by Dispersion Polymerization
Park SH, Kim J, Lee WE, Byun DJ, Kim MH
2283 - 2295 A New DelPhi Feature for Modeling Electrostatic Potential around Proteins: Role of Bound Ions and Implications for Zeta-Potential
Chakravorty A, Jia Z, Li L, Alexove E
2296 - 2305 pH-Responsive Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticles in Combination with a Conventional Zwitterionic Surfactant
Liu KH, Jiang JZ, Cui ZG, Binks BP
2306 - 2317 Photoswitching of Azobenzene-Based Reverse Micelles above and at Subzero Temperatures As Studied by NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Filipova L, Kohagen M, Stacko P, Muchova E, Slavicek P, Klan P
2318 - 2324 Nanofiltration Membrane with a Mussel-Inspired Interlayer for Improved Permeation Performance
Yang X, Du Y, Zhang X, He A, Xu ZK
2325 - 2339 Determination of the Exact Particle Radius Distribution for Silica Nanoparticles via Capillary Electrophoresis and Modeling the Electrophoretic Mobility with a Modified Analytic Approximation
Fichtner A, Jalil A, Pyell U
2340 - 2352 Composition and Stability of Plasma Polymer Films Exhibiting Vertical Chemical Gradients
Rupper P, Vandenbossche M, Bernard L, Hegemann D, Heuberger M
2353 - 2361 Interaction Mechanisms between Air Bubble and Molybdenite Surface: Impact of Solution Salinity and Polymer Adsorption
Xie L, Wang JY, Yuan DW, Shi C, Cui X, Zhang H, Liu Q, Liu QX, Zeng HB
2362 - 2369 alpha-Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Nanorods Synthesis: A Method for Nanoparticle Preparation by Mesocrystallization
Chen QS, Jia CY, Li Y, Xu J, Guan BH, Yates MZ
2370 - 2377 Phase Behavior of Aqueous Suspension of Laponite: New Insights with Microscopic Evidence
Jatav S, Joshi YM
2378 - 2386 Effects of Surface Charges on the Bactericide Activity of CdTe/ZnS Quantum Dots: A Cell Membrane Disruption Perspective
Lai L, Li SJ, Feng J, Mei P, Ren ZH, Chang YL, Liu Y
2387 - 2395 Nonlinear Effects in Multicomponent Supramolecular Hydrogels
Draper ER, Wallace M, Schweins R, Poole RJ, Adams DJ
2396 - 2401 Load-Induced Frictional Transition at a Well-Defined Alkane Loop Surface
Shundo A, Hori K, Tezuka Y, Yamamoto T, Tanaka K
2402 - 2410 Strong Microcapsules with Permeable Porous Shells Made through Phase Separation in Double Emulsions
Loiseau E, Niedermair F, Albrecht G, Frey M, Hauser A, Ruhs PA, Studart AR
2411 - 2419 Adsorption of Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid-Based Surfactants on Imogolite Clays
Bonini M, Gabbani A, Del Buffa S, Ridi F, Baglioni P, Bordes R, Holmberg K
2420 - 2426 Robust Alginate-Catechol@Polydopamine Free-Standing Membranes Obtained from the Water/Air Interface
Ponzio F, Le Houerou V, Zafeiratos S, Gauthier C, Gamier T, Jierry L, Ball V
2427 - 2432 Birefringent Pattern Formation in Photoinactive Liquid Crystalline Polymer Films Based on a Photoalignment Technique with Top Coating of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives via H-Bonds
Kawatsuki N, Fujii R, Fujioka Y, Minami S, Kondo M
2433 - 2443 Effects of Mechanical Properties of Lipid Bilayers on the Entry of Cell Penetrating Peptides into Single Vesicles
Islam MZ, Sharmin S, Levadnyy V, Shibly SU, Yamazaki M
2444 - 2453 Nanoroughness Strongly Impacts Lipid Mobility in Supported Membranes
Blachon F, Harb F, Munteanu B, Piednoir A, Fulcrand R, Charitat T, Fragneto G, Pierre-Louis O, Tinland B, Rieu JP
2454 - 2459 Protection of Photosynthetic Algae against Ultraviolet Radiation by One-Step CeO2 Shellization
Duan PQ, Huang TT, Xiong W, Shu L, Yang YL, Shao CY, Xu XR, Ma WM, Tang RK
2460 - 2471 Zwitterionic Polyhydroxybutyrate Electrospun Fibrous Membranes with a Compromise of Bioinert Control and Tissue-Cell Growth
Venault A, Subarja A, Chang Y
2472 - 2476 Direction Dependence of Adhesion Force for Droplets on Rough Substrates
Chen S, Zhang B, Gao XY, Liu ZP, Zhang XR