Langmuir, Vol.32, No.44 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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11341 - 11352 Reversible Partitioning of Nanoparticles at an Oil-Water Interface
Hua XQ, Bevan MA, Frechette J
11353 - 11365 Effect of Ions on H-Bond Structure and Dynamics at the Quartz(101)-Water Interface
DelloStritto MJ, Kubicki JD, Sofo JO
11366 - 11374 Effect of Layer Charge on CO2 and H2O Intercalations in Swelling Clays
Rao Q, Leng YS
11375 - 11385 Mesoscopic Simulations of Adsorption and Association of PEO-PPO-PEO Triblock Copolymers on a Hydrophobic Surface: From Mushroom Hemisphere to Rectangle Brush
Song XY, Zhao SL, Fang SW, Ma YZ, Duan M
11386 - 11394 Vapor-Phase Carbenylation of Hard and Soft Material Interfaces
Li XZ, Ma WC, Shestopalov AA
11395 - 11404 Dielectric and Mechanical Investigations on the Hydrophilicity and Hydrophobicity of Polyethylene Oxide Modified on a Silicon Surface
Shang J, Hong KL, Wang T, Zhu D, Shen J
11405 - 11413 Octadecyl-viologen Photooxidation in Surface Films: Macroscopic Contraction of Langmuir Monolayer by UV Irradiation
Obrero-Perez JM, Martin-Romero MT, Perez-Morales M, Camacho L, Munoz E
11414 - 11421 Comparative Study of the Oxidation of NiAl(100) by Molecular Oxygen and Water Vapor Using Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Liu QQ, Qin HL, Boscoboinik JA, Zhou GW
11422 - 11431 Response to Extreme Temperatures of Mesoporous Silica MCM-41: Porous Structure Transformation Simulation and Modification of Gas Adsorption Properties
Zhang SL, Perez-Page M, Guan K, Yu E, Tringe J, Castro RHR, Faller R, Stroeve P
11432 - 11439 All-Printed Differential Temperature Sensor for the Compensation of Bending Effects
Ali S, Hassan A, Bae J, Lee CH, Kim J
11440 - 11447 Sequential Adsorption of Nanoparticulate Polymer Brushes as a Strategy To Control Adhesion and Friction
Riley JK, Tilton RD
11448 - 11455 Investigation of the Differential Capacitance of Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite as a Model Material of Graphene
Zou YQ, Walton AS, Kinloch IA, Dryfe RAW
11456 - 11464 Photochemistry of Carboxylate on TiO2(110) Studied with Synchrotron Radiation Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Sandell A, Ragazzon D, Schaefer A, Farstad MH, Borg A
11465 - 11473 Metal-Organic Framework-Polymer Composite as a Highly Efficient Sorbent for Sulfonamide Adsorption and Desorption: Effect of Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Site and Topology
Shih YH, Wang KY, Singco B, Lin CH, Huang HY
11474 - 11484 Self-Assembled Monolayers of Pseudo-C-2v-Symmetric, Low-Band-Gap Areneoxazolethiolates on Gold Surfaces
Partes C, Yildirim C, Schuster S, Kind M, Bats JW, Zharnikov M, Terfort A
11485 - 11491 Self-Assembly Behavior of Ultrahighly Charged Amphiphilic Polyelectrolyte on Solid Surfaces
Yang H, Duan HB, Wu X, Wang M, Chen T, Liu FH, Huang SZ, Zhang W, Chen G, Yu DF, Wang JB
11492 - 11505 Theoretical Investigations of CO2 and H-2 Sorption in Robust Molecular Porous Materials
Pham T, Forrest KA, Chen KJ, Kumar A, Zaworotko MJ, Space B
11506 - 11513 Confinement-Induced Supercriticality and Phase Equilibria of Hydrocarbons in Nanopores
Luo S, Lutkenhaus JL, Nasrabadi H
11514 - 11519 Spectroscopic Identification of the Au-C Bond Formation upon Electroreduction of an Aryl Diazonium Salt on Gold
Guo LM, Ma LP, Zhang YL, Cheng X, Xu Y, Wang J, Wang EK, Peng ZQ
11520 - 11524 A Microfluidic Method for Investigating Ion-Specific Bubble Coalescence in Salt Solutions
Wang JL, Tan SH, Nguyen AV, Evans GM, Nguyen NT
11525 - 11531 Molecular Transformation, Diffusion, and Assembling into Three-Dimensional Freestanding Tube Arrays via a Triphasic Reaction
Ji T, Chen L, Mu LW, Zhu JH
11532 - 11539 Molecular Scale Description of Anion Competition on Amine-Functionalized Surfaces
Rock W, Oruc ME, Ellis RJ, Uysal A
11540 - 11550 Adsorption Behavior of I-3(-) and I- Ions at a Nanoporous NiO/Acetonitrile Interface Studied by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Bonomo M, Dini D, Marrani AG
11551 - 11559 Kinetics of the Change in Droplet Size during Nanoemulsion Formation
Gupta A, Narsimhan V, Hatton TA, Doyle PS
11560 - 11572 DPPTE Thiolipid Self-Assembled Monolayer: A Critical Assay
Lettieri R, Di Giorgio F, Colella A, Magnusson R, Bjorefors F, Placidi E, Palleschi A, Venanzi M, Gatto E
11573 - 11579 Enzymatic Activities of Polycatalytic Complexes with Nonprocessive Cellulases Immobilized on the Surface of Magnetic Nanoparticles
Kamat RK, Zhang YT, Anuganti M, Ma WF, Noshadi I, Fu HL, Ekatan S, Parnas R, Wang CC, Kumar CV, Lin Y
11580 - 11590 Modeling the Formation of Alkali Aluminosilicate Gels at the Mesoscale Using Coarse-Grained Monte Carlo
Yang KR, White CE
11591 - 11599 Cosolvents as Liquid Surfactants for Boron Nitride Nanosheet (BNNS) Dispersions
Habib T, Devarajan DS, Khabaz F, Parviz D, Achee TC, Khare R, Green MJ
11600 - 11605 Imprinting Dimples on Narrowly Dispersed Polymeric Spheres by Heterocoagulation between Hard Polymer Particles and Soft Oil Droplets
Kadowaki K, Ishii H, Nagao D, Konno M
11606 - 11614 Controlling the Formation and Structure of Nanoparticle Superlattices through Surface Ligand Behavior
Cordeiro MAL, Leite ER, Stach EA
11615 - 11622 Molecular Weight Dependence of Synthetic Glycopolymers on Flocculation and Dewatering of Fine Particles
Lu H, Xiang L, Cui X, Liu J, Wang YN, Narain R, Zeng HB
11623 - 11630 The Template Determines Whether Chemically Identical Nanoparticle Scaffolds Show Elastic Recovery or Plastic Failure
Suresh K, Patil S, Rajamohanan PR, Kurnaraswamy G
11631 - 11638 Silver Nanodisk Monolayers with Surface Coverage Gradients for Use as Optical Rulers and Protractors
Mahmoud MA
11639 - 11645 Synthesis of Bi2S3-Au Dumbbell Heteronanostructures with Enhanced Photocatalytic and Photoresponse Properties
Li BY, Zhang YH, Du RF, Gan L, Yu XL
11646 - 11654 Reactive Diazonium-Modified Silica Fillers for High-Performance Polymers
Sandomierski M, Strzemiecka B, Chehimi MM, Voelkel A
11655 - 11663 "Staying Out" Rather than "Cracking in": Asymmetric Membrane Insertion of 12:0 Lysophosphocholine
Fan HY, Das D, Heerklotz H
11664 - 11671 Two-Component Self-Assemblies: Investigation of a Synergy between Bisurea Stickers
Ressouche E, Pensec S, Isare B, Jestin J, Bouteiller L
11672 - 11680 Modulation of Oxygen Content in Graphene Surfaces Using Temperature-Programmed Reductive Annealing: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Electrochemical Study
Marciano O, Gonen S, Levy N, Teblum E, Yemini R, Nessim GD, Ruthstein S, Elbaz L
11681 - 11689 Transport and Organization of Cholesterol in a Planar Solid-Supported Lipid Bilayer Depend on the Phospholipid Flip-Flop Rate
Yu T, Zhou GN, Hu X, Ye SJ
11690 - 11697 A Thermodynamic Description of the Adsorption of Simple Water Soluble Peptoids to Silica
Calkins AL, Yin J, Rangel JL, Landry MR, Fuller AA, Stokes GY
11698 - 11705 Probing Silica-Biomolecule Interactions by Solid-State NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Bruckner SI, Donets S, Dianat A, Bobeth M, Gutierrez R, Cuniberti G, Brunner E
11706 - 11716 Polarizability-Induced Vibrational Shifts for Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Surfaces: Xe as a Surface Probe of Hexadecanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers and Hexane Films on Au(111)
Henkie JR, Rowntree PA